Where to Get Alcohol Delivery Services in Singapore 2022

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Just because we are still at phase 3 limited to a group of 8 doesn’t mean we can’t kick back, relax, and partake in some merrymaking with friends and family! For sure, going out and drinking is a huge risk and something we’d all like to avoid if we can, but what if you can do all of that fun stuff in the comfort of your own home?

Thanks to the many alcohol delivery services available, you can drink til tipsy or mabuk, that is if you are above the legal drinking age limit of 18 years old! Check out the list below to find out all of the Best Alcohol Delivery in Singapore and how you can take advantage of getting your favorite alcoholic beverages delivered straight to your doorstep.

Top 10 Best Alcohol Delivery Services in Singapore

If you’re looking for the best alcohol sites in Singapore – the ones that offer reliable delivery, consistent quality, and overall, brand authenticity – then look no further than the top 10 best alcohol sites in Singapore here.

Alcohol Delivery SG – 1 Hour Alcohol Delivery

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Image Credit: Alcohol Delivery SG

If you’re planning something big and need a solution for the alcohol you want to serve, then there’s no better place to go than Alcohol Delivery SG. Specializing in parties and other big events, Alcohol Delivery SG has made a name for itself for being a reliable and competent service. Plus, you can count on the same dedication even if you’re drinking solo. They do special brand requests, too, in case you’re thirsty for something off-beat.

Alcohol Delivery SG also offers additional event services, so they won’t just cover your alcohol, they’ll take care of themes, bartending, gifting, catering, entertainment, and more. If you’re planning a party or any kinds of event, Alcohol Delivery SG is a one-stop solution that’s reliable and experienced. Here’s what their customers have to say:

“Good and reliable service from them. Definitely worth a try if you want a chill out drink at the comfort of your home after 2230.”

About Alcohol Delivery SG

Website: https://www.alcoholdelivery.com.sg/
Address: 53 Ubi Ave 1, #01-20, Singapore 408934
Delivery Hours:
DAILY, 12:00 NN – 3:00 AM
9244 5533

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Alcohaul SG – Cheap Alcohol Delivery in Singapore

Alcohaul SG is the Top 10 Best Alcohol Whoesale Sites in Singapore, Alcohol Delivery near me,best alcohol delivery singapore,24 hour alcohol delivery,alcohol wholesale singapore,cheapest alcohol delivery singapore,same day alcohol delivery singapore,alcohol delivery singapore promo code,1 hour alcohol delivery singapore,
Image Credit: Alcohaul SG

Another corporate-oriented alcohol delivery service, Alcohaul SG is a popular choice for company events. Offering bulk discounts and plenty of big-order perks, Alcohaul SG also offers something different from what you’d usually find in bars. This liquor store distributes all kinds of alcoholic beverages, so there’s bound to be something exciting on the drinks menu with Alcohaul SG. Such as the Korean one shot soju (6 flavors pack at $48 only).

Alcohaul also does supply deals with local businesses, so if you’re a business owner looking for a reliable supplier for all your alcoholic beverage needs, Alcohaul SG could be a great opportunity.

About Alcohaul SG

Website: https://alcohaul.sg/
: #01-20, BLK, 53 Ubi Ave 1, Singapore 408934
Delivery Hours:
+65 6240 6822
DAILY, 12:00 NN – 10:30 PM

Paneco Singapore – FREE next day delivery

Paneco Singapore is 24hr alcohol delivery in Singapore, Alcohol Delivery near me,best alcohol delivery singapore,24 hour alcohol delivery,alcohol wholesale singapore,cheapest alcohol delivery singapore,same day alcohol delivery singapore,alcohol delivery singapore promo code,1 hour alcohol delivery singapore,
Image Credit: Paneco Singapore

Paneco is an international brand that’s known around the world for their high-quality alcohol delivery services, and they’ve been operating in Singapore for a while now. They accept orders any time – literally anytime, any day of the week, any week of any month of the year, including holidays – and they even offer express delivery within two hours, but that costs extra.

One of the best things about Paneco is apart from their top-notch delivery service and wide array of alcoholic beverages to choose from, they also have the most affordable price list, especially for major brands, so if you’re not too picky on what you drink, Paneco is where the best deals can be found, the Martell Cordon Bleu 700ml w/ Gift Box is priced at $215.00.

Here’s what customers have to say:

“Excellent value for money and great customer experience. Received delivery the next day and all wines were safely packed in very nice looking packaging. Will recommend to anyone in search for great wines and spirits.”

About Paneco

Website: https://www.paneco.com.sg/
Address: 3 Temasek Ave, Singapore 039190
Delivery Hours: Accepts Orders 24/7
+65 6817 9598

Alleyjar Singapore

Alleyjar Singapore is the best Alcohol Delivery & Online Liquor Store, Alcohol Delivery near me,best alcohol delivery singapore,24 hour alcohol delivery,alcohol wholesale singapore,cheapest alcohol delivery singapore,same day alcohol delivery singapore,alcohol delivery singapore promo code,1 hour alcohol delivery singapore,
Image Credit: Alleyjar Singapore

Alleyjar may not be the most popular alcohol delivery site on this list, but it’s definitely a perennial favorite of individuals and businesses in Singapore who’ve come to rely on their wide selection of alcoholic beverages. Alleyjar Singapore has everything – all kinds and brands of beer, brandy, gin, liqueur, and so much more.

Furthermore Alleyjar Singapore is the best place for when you’re looking for something to drink that’s a little off-the-beaten-path, especially since they have a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, from Western staples, to more exotic Asian drinks, and even to herbal health tonics and the likes. We adore the Japanese Whisky selections including Hakushu and The Chita.

Here’s what Alleyjar’s customers have to say about their services:

“Ordered on 2nd Nov and received on 4th Nov. Fast and efficient delivery. Seller wrapped the bottles in many layers of bubble wrap. Bottles arrived without damage. Much cheaper than retail after using shopee coins and credit card discounts. Used the Martell bottles for Guo Da Li.”

About Alleyjar Singapore

Website: https://www.alleyjar.com/
10 Admiralty Street, #01-17 Northlink Building, 757695
Delivery Hours:
Next Day Delivery
+65 9711 0020

Wine To Share – Best Place to Get Wine in Singapore

Wine To Share is The 10 Best Alcohol Wine Delivery Services In Singapore
Image Credit: Wine To Share

If you’re looking for a top-notch wine delivery service, Wine To Share has you covered. With a wide selection of wines and spirits, Wine To Share caters to anybody who’s looking for a more refined drinking experience. This wine store also specializes in the finest wines from South Africa, distributing some of the highest-end wines according to the South African Wine Index.

Join their wine appreciation (via Zoom) and tasting rooms to learn all about wines. Free delivery above $250.

If you’re a fan of local Singaporean wines, Wine To Share also checks local wineries for signature wines to add to their collection.

About Wine to Share

Website: https://winetoshare.com/
12 Kallang Sector, Singapore 349281
Delivery Hours:
+65 9118 8130

Temple Cellars – Lift Your Spirits Here

Temple Cellars is top 10 Alcohol Delivery Sites In Singapore For Your House Parties
Image Credit: Temple Cellars

Reliable, efficient, and of the highest standards of quality, Temple Cellars is a very popular alcohol delivery site that specializes in delivering your favorite alcoholic beverages to you in pristine state, with the highest quality control standards that goes above and beyond. At Temple Cellars, alcohol is more than just their product – it’s their craft, their specialty. Their staff is knowledgeable and experienced, and with the high-end brands they have available, their expertise comes in handy for selecting the best alcohols for you to enjoy.

Temple Cellars, unlike most other options on this list, caters to Singapore’s more exclusive clientele. With posh products and price tags to match, Temple Cellars won’t have the widest selection of drinks available, but their curated selection will always guarantee the highest quality you can find on the island.

About Temple Cellars

Website: https://www.templecellars.com/
Address: 81 Clemenceau Ave, #01-12, Singapore 239917
Delivery Hours:

Prime Liquor

Prime Liquor is a place in Singapore to get Alcohol Delivery fast within 45minutes
Image Credit: Prime Liquor

If you’re planning a last minute party – private, corporate, or otherwise – dealing with Prime Liquor is a surefire way to eliminate the headache and hassle that usually comes with host territory. Apart from delivering alcohol to customers all around Singapore, Prime Liquor also offers extensive party planning services so you can get the booze you want and everything else in a neat package.

With a wide selection of beverage brands – ranging from American and European brands to the best Asia has to offer – Prime Liquor offers speed and reliability when it comes to delivering alcohol to your doorstep. Rapid delivery is at the core of Prime Liquor’s service standards, and are known to make deliveries in under an hour.

Here’s what customers have to say:

“Outstanding service! Bought 4 cocktails but had recurring flavours and after asking about it, Jay brought up the topic of exchange for new flavours without prompting and extra charge, making another trip to deliver the new bottles and picking up that previously delivered. Thank you and much appreciated!”

About Prime Liquor

Website: https://www.primeliquor.sg/
380 Jalan Besar, #16-01 Singapore 209000 Singapore
Delivery Hours:
(+65) 8133 3943

Mabuk Monkey

Mabuk Monkey is a liquor store to Alcohol delivery to your doorstep in Singapore
Image Credit: Mabuk Monkey

Mabuk Monkey caters to all kinds of clients in Singapore – from friends looking to catch up over a case of their favorite local brews, to wedding celebrations and corporate parties – and they’re quickly becoming a preferred platform for alcohol delivery. Their biggest draw: 1 hour delivery – something only much bigger operations tend to manage, but Mabuk Monkey is pulling off. Their alcohol menu is also always changing – with new and old drinks popping up every now and again in addition to their staples and best-sellers.

A favorite of small groups of friends and fun, casual gatherings, Mabuk Monkey feels more like “that one friend that always brings booze” instead of a dedicated alcohol delivery service. Fun yet professional, speedy and reliable, Mabuk Monkey offers a wide selection of alcoholic beverages.

About Mabuk Monkey

Website: http://www.mabukmonkey.com/
Address: Online
Delivery Hours:
TUE – SUN, 6:00 PM to 12:00 MN
6294 1714


Cellarbration is an Alcohol gift delivery Singapore Online
Image Credit: Cellarbration

With multiple branches across Singapore and one of the biggest alcohol selections available, Cellarbration has amassed such a huge and dedicated customer base since they first opened shop in 2012. Dedicated to their craft, Cellarbration offers full-fledged customer experiences complete with all kinds of exciting events, deals, promos, sales, and services.

If you’re looking for an alcohol delivery site that offers a wide variety of products and services for all of your celebratory needs, Cellarbration is the place to go. We like the Topo Chico Hard Seltzer Strawberry Guava (4 cans at $15.60) that is refreshing and aromatic. This liquor delivery store has everything you need to get lively – from beers, wines, liquors, mixers, and more.

Here’s what customers have to say.

“First time here with a recommendation from a friend. Staff were very kind and knowledgeable to introduce the type of alcohol available. Rain was pouring like crazy when we first arrived and worsen when we’re about to exit and another staff very kindly lend us an umbrella and also guided my husband to pick me up at lobby instead of the main entrance. They sell wine, soju, beer, moscato and not forgetting aviation gin as well.”

About Cellarbration

Website: https://www.cellarbration.com.sg/
Delivery Hours:
DAILY, 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
6222 9191

Asher SG

Asher SG is the cheapest place to buy alcohol in Singapore
Image Credit: Asher SG

Specializing in wholesale delivery, Asher SG is one of the largest alcohol retailers in Singapore. Catering to a very colorful and varied clientele, Asher serves everyone from solo drinkers to small parties to large corporate events. This liquor store also offers a great selection of local alcoholic beverage brands, but they specialize in beers, spirits, and wines. For instance the Johnnie Walker Blue Label 750ml is priced at $219.63 (before GST). They also offer specialty collections that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

Here’s what their customers have to say:

“Absolutely amazing service and staff. So, so helpful and went above and beyond to ensure my gift found its way to my friend. Super responsive and could not recommend them more. Will continue to use them and recommend them to all.”

About Asher SG

Website: https://www.asherbws.com/
22 New Industrial Road #05-13 PRIMAX, Singapore 536208
Delivery Hours:
DAILY, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
6848 8555

Where is the cheapest place to buy alcohol in Singapore?

We highly recommend responsible drinking as it’s easy to let ourselves loose and drink more (and more). Enjoy the alcohol and always be in control. Whether you’re looking for a specific drink for yourself, planning a small get-together with friends or family, celebrating a special occasion, or getting ready for something really big, you can always count on Singapore’s best alcohol sites to have you covered.

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