Where to Buy Wine Cooler & Chiller in Singapore 2021

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Since the start of the quarantine, going to bars for some wining and dining has been pretty much off-limits. Almost everyone is staying at home – ordering in, cooking their own food, and cracking open a beer or two – but that doesn’t have to mean you can’t enjoy the finer things in life. Whether you’re stuck at home or not, you can still enjoy a fine wine by investing in a solid wine chiller so you can store your bottles properly and be ready to enjoy your favorite beverages whenever you want.

Why Get a Wine Cooler/Chiller?

There are plenty of benefits to getting a wine cooler or chiller for your home. Here are just a few noteworthy mentions:

Eco-Friendly Cooling

Unlike traditional refrigerators – which are also more expensive to buy than a wine cooler – that use compressor-based cooling technology, most wine coolers today use thermoelectric cooling. It’s not only quieter and more modern, but it also uses up less energy making it environmentally friendly (and easy on your electric bill, too).

Cheaper than a Wine Cellar

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to have a good place to keep your wine. Wine cellars typically cost around $300 or even $600 per square foot to install – meaning a big one can cost over a $100,000. For a more affordable medium, a wine chiller is a great alternative that can save you money and space down the line.

Designed for Wine, Good for Other Beverages

While a wine chiller offers the ideal temperature and environment to store wine, you can also store other types of beverages, making it as versatile as it is functional. Or if you are just looking for a minibar fridge.

Top 5 Best Wine Cooler & Chiller in Singapore

KADEKA KS54TL Signature 54 Bottle Wine Chiller – Best High End Wine Fridge

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When it comes to high-end appliances, KADEKA is a brand that needs no introduction. One of Singapore’s leading distributors of premium refrigerated showcase pieces, KADEKA and its Wine Chillers are among the best money can buy. If you’re looking for a solid wine chiller with the best technology and build quality at premium prices, look no further than the KADEKA KS54TL Signature 54 Bottle Wine Chiller.

One of the more premium options on this list, the KADEKA KS54TL Signature 54 Bottle Wine Chiller is a solid investment that can last you a lifetime. With a full, rimless glass door frame and interior LED lighting (red, blue, and red & blue cycle) so you can peek into your wine collection with ease, this wine cooler also makes a great display option to help you showcase your bottles as a proper centerpiece. For the best wine storage options, this chiller also provides an exterior control panel with an LED display to help you optimize temperature in either degrees Centigrade or Fahrenheit.

In terms of aesthetics, the KADEKA KS54TL Signature 54 Bottle Wine Chiller offers a stylish design with a black cabinet that contrasts perfectly with the white cabinet door and the lightly-tinted blue glass window. However, the glass isn’t just for show – its triple-layered anti-UV protection makes sure your bottles are safe and cool no matter where you decide to place your chiller.

Inside, the KADEKA KS54TL Signature 54 Bottle Wine Chiller is set-up intuitively with six shelves made of sliding plates with stoppers, and a single wire shelf to distinguish your favorite, signature bottles. This chiller also comes equipped with a charcoal filter, programmable temperature settings, an interior fan, and a locking system to keep your collection safe and sound.

Buy the KADEKA KS54TL Signature 54 Bottle Wine Chiller now at

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FARFALLA FWC-41EC Digital Control Wine Cooler – Best Small Tall Wine Chiller Singapore

FARFALLA FWC-41EC Digital Control Wine Cooler is top 5 Best Wine Coolers in Singapore, this slim line wine chiller fridge easy holds 12 bottles, How do I choose a wine chiller?,Do wine chillers work?,Is a wine fridge worth it?, used wine fridge for sale,best small wine chiller singapore

Designed with class and sophistication in mind, the FARFALLA FWC-41EC is a solid wine cooler that uses modern technology to help keep your wine bottles in perfect condition. With a 40L capacity, this wine cooler can accommodate up to 12 bottles of your best wine – making it perfect for both commercial and personal use. The dimension is (W)280mm x (D)570mm x (H)695mm.

The FARFALLA FWC-41EC Digital Control Wine Cooler uses a thermoelectric cooling system for the best cooling performance, especially when used in tandem with the cooler’s digital temperature control system that lets you adjust the temperature anywhere between 12 and 18 degrees Centigrade. Built to the highest standards in wine storage, this wine cooler boasts under 70% relative humidity – the ideal humidity level for storing wine.

In terms of build quality, the FARFALL FWC-41EC Digital Control Wine Cooler holds its own even among more expensive brands with top-notch materials in sleek, premium finish. It comes with black, in-color shelves that can be easily used as a showcase centerpiece thanks to the large glass door. Inside, this wine cooler sports six flat wooden racks – spaced in such a way to highlight each bottle – while the 2-layer glass panel on the door offers ample protection from outside elements.

Otherwise check out the demo unit at Farfalla showroom at 293 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159940.

Buy the FARFALLA FWC-41EC Digital Control Wine Cooler at

AEROGAZ AZ-12C 12 Bottle Wine Chiller – Best Budget Wine Chiller Singapore

AEROGAZ AZ-12C 12 Bottle Wine Chiller is Best Small Wine Chiller Singapore, 5 Best Wine Chillers in Singapore, Thermoelectric wine cooler Singapore,Are dual zone wine coolers worth it?, Which wine chiller is best?, How much does a wine chiller cost?

Combining innovative design with high-spec engineering, while providing lower-cost offerings at the same time, AEROGAZ has made a name for itself as a provider for advanced appliances built for the modern home. If you’re looking for a little more subtle – but no less reliable or consistent – then take a look at the AEROGAZ AZ-12C Wine Chiller.

With a 12 bottle capacity and a small form factor, the AEROGAZ AZ-12C Wine Chiller is a great option for those who want a humble, yet effective solution for storing their wine in a cool, dry environment. It comes with an internal light, too, so it can work just as well as a showcase piece, with the reversible door adding versatility and style for any occasion. Powered by thermoelectric refrigeration further improved with wind cooling and an adjustable thermostat (min. temp of 13 degress), the AEROGAZ AZ-12C comes with everything a budding wine connoisseur needs to get their wine collection started, or as a perfect low-cost method to expand their existing one.

One of the best things about the AEROGAZ AZ-12C Wine Chiller is its superior operation. With extremely low noise emissions less than 30dB, and specially designed to emit zero vibrations, this wine chiller is as low-key as it gets, thanks to the implementation of modern tech.

The AEROGAZ AZ-12C is also one of the more affordable options out there thanks to its small form factor, and it’s highly power-efficient, too, so you’re getting energy savings and better environmentally-friendly performance at the same time.

Removable racks make it easy to wash.

Buy the AEROGAZ AZ-12C 12 Bottle Wine Cooler at

VALENTI VAW-47S 47 Bottles Wine Chiller

VALENTI VAW-47S 47 Bottles Wine Chiller, Which wine chiller is best?,How do I choose a wine chiller?,How much does it cost to run a small wine fridge?,Electrical Requirements & Running Cost of a Wine Fridge

With a total volumetric capacity of 120L, the VALENTI VAW-47S Wine Chiller is an excellent, large-form wine cooler that can comfortably accommodate up to 47 bottles of wine and other beverages. With a frost-free cooling system supplemented by wind power, this wine chiller is designed to give ideal conditions for storing wine. Your bottles can rest comfortable on any of its three full wooden shelves (equipped with stoppers) while the Low-E Glass Door design lets you peak into your wine collection without risking exposure or damage due to external conditions.

In terms of interfacing, the VALENTINA VAW-47S 47 Bottle Wine Chiller offers a superb touch interface that lets you precisely monitor and adjust the temperature, thanks to the bright LED temperature display. With a temperature range between 7 and 18 degrees Centigrade, this wine chiller is a versatile cooling solution for your beverages.

One thing to note about the VALENTI VAW-47S Wine Chiller is that it does use compressor-based cooling, so you’re not going to get any of the thermoelectric cooling benefits on this one. That said, the efficient cooling and regulation system still manages to provide a top-notch wine storing environment, and the implementation of compressor-based technology also means this wine chiller is available at more affordable prices.

Buy the VALENTI VAW-47S 47 Bottle Wine Chiller at

MAYER MMWC28MAG-WD 28 Bottle Wooden Rack Wine Cooler

MAYER MMWC28MAG-WD 28 Bottle Wooden Rack Wine Cooler is the 5 Best Wine Chillers in Singapore, Wine Cabinets,Where do you put wine chillers?,Top 10 Places to Put a Wine Cooler,Is wine cooler same as fridge?

Sleek and dapper, but available at an even more attractive budget price tag, the Mayer MMWC28MAG-WD 28 Bottle Wooden Rack Wine Cooler is a great choice for those who want premium flair and quality, without having to shell out high-end cash.

With a total capacity of 88L (enough to house up to 28 bottles of wine), the Mayer MMWC28MAG-WD looks and works great. Its wooden racks add plenty of premium furnish to this low-cost wine chiller alternative, and its wide temperature range also makes it one of the most versatile options on this list with a range of 5 to 18 degrees Centigrade.

However, to make it available at this price, Mayer opted for compressor-based cooling instead of thermoelectric, so keep than in mind before you buy!

Buy the MAYER MMWC28MAG-WD 28 Bottle Wine Cooler at

Which Wine Chiller is Best in Singapore?

Whether you’re looking to start your very own wine collection, expand your current one, or just have a dedicated place in your home to store bottles of your favorite alcoholic beverage, getting a wine chiller and cooler is a great way to add class and sophistication to your home. For whatever purpose or budget, we hope this list helped you find the best wine cooler and chiller for you.

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