Where to Buy Vintage Clothing in Singapore 2021

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As modern fashion constantly change, there’s no doubt that vintage will never go out of style! The chic and classy vibes it gives adds up to the overall confidence while wearing the outfit.

Vintage clothing shops are quite a challenge to find in the middle of this prevailing contemporary fashion. Stir not! We have searched the island to help you find the best shops to buy vintage apparel right just in town.

Take a look at these awesome shops with different vintage clothing to offer. Be it classic shirts, polos, and sweaters, they got what you desire to complete your IG feed! Check out these stores and pop out your eyes with their curated selection of vintage clothing.

Top 10 Vintage Shops to Buy Old-but-Gold Outfits to Rack Up your Style

Loop Garms

Loop Garms is a shop to Buy Vintage Clothing in Singapore, Wearable Stories/Vintage/Select Clothing Store, find rare Nike sneakers, grails from '90s streetwear brands or cool band tees, vintage fashion store
Image Source: Loop Garms via Facebook

Hallmarking its extensive collection of vintage tees, you can live up to various famous musicians and well-known names from the past! Their shirts are not only ordinary shirts as each one of them has a story to tell.

You can check out their Instagram and be amazed by apiece shirts available backed with a great history! Not to mention that they are all affordable, you can indeed dress up without hurting your wallet!

Having it said, vintage clothes are all made of quality materials. Plus, the designs are rare to find, so if you love being unique, getting a vintage tee from Loop Garms surely worth every buck! Also, Loom Garms is doing worldwide shipping. Here’s a collection of vintage tees that can certainly reach you wherever part of the world you are!

What Customers Say…

Affordable vintage clothing with good vibes and awesome staff whom you could discuss the zombie apocalypse with. An awesome place to hang as well once you purchase your apparel.” – Megah Laksana

Location: 635 Veerasamy Rd, #01-148, Singapore 200635

Facebook, Instagram

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BEST PLACES TO GET CHEAP VINTAGE CLOTHES ONLINE, Vintagewknd is a shop in singapore to curating unique, vintage clothing and trendy, modern apparel, Where can I buy vintage clothes in Singapore?
Image Source: @vintagewknd via Instagram

If you want a more hippie look, vintagewknd is what you all need! Their collection can truly stun you with its wide assortment even from your favorite childhood tv show!

Being classy and chic is what they promise as they bring reworked pieces to add to your wardrobe! Besides, they also feature their mystery bags which draw up some of their signature reworked items from head to toe! Just a perfect gift to your friends who love indie-looking clothes!

Transform your style with some of their amazing works and be astonished by how you wear them! Don’t skip their Easter sale and get up to 70% off on their selected items! You go, girl! Oh, by the way, take a look at their corset collection and get one that catches your eyes, sure you’ll never regret purchasing one!

Location: First Center #08-08, 50 Serangoon North Ave 4, Singapore 555856

Facebook, Instagram

Death Threads

Where can I buy vintage clothes in Singapore?, Death Threads is a place you can buy vintage clothes in Singapore, vintage 90s clothes and shoes in singapore death threads, Death threads t-shirt, Men's Fashion, Clothes, Tops
Image Source: @deaththreadsvtg via Instagram

Poppin up on the island with a wavering collection of vintage apparel from the ’80s and ’90s, Death Threads is quite a worthwhile shop! Truth is, it always takes a good eye to catch a good value shirt from the past. However old it is, it’s always the story that counts and makes it more valuable.

If you’re a vintage shirt connoisseur, you really should not skip Death Threads! Each shirt edition is something to be excited about! I mean who’s not, right? But anyway, as the owner himself Deon, loves collecting such shirts so it’s surely expected to see original vintage tees in the shop!

So, better check out their Instagram account to be updated with the launching of this month’s edition of gems! Be sure to go early as crowds are also crazy to line up just to get some memorabilia from Death Threads.

Facebook, Instagram

Dustbunny Vintage

Dustbunny Vintage is the The Ultimate Vintage Shopping Guide in Singapore, Snug clothing store selling vintage dresses, shoes & accessories, plus in-house creations. Where to score the best vintage fashion in Singapore, Excellent condition and authentic vintage
Image Source: @dustbunny_label

As ’50s women’s fashion is seemingly admired by its bell-shaped dresses even at this time, Dustbunny Vintage has made its way in catering you with some ‘50’s fashion – reminding us all how lovely and undying its rage!

Be it checkered, laces, denim, or florals, they all got what you need to relive the past! Besides, they also feature their collection of vintage bags for a more classic look. Some vintage accessories are also in the house to complete your style!

Just a little reminder to book an appointment first before heading to their physical store as they strictly comply with the health protocols during these times. Their schedule is from Mondays to Saturdays except for Sunday.

What Customers Say…

“Thank you for the wonderful service rendered to my female guest. She was really satisfied, and I have to say that you are really knowledgeable in vintage clothings!” – Yihao Yang

Location: 2-A Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089110

Phone: (+65) 6222 0116

Facebook, Instagram

Thrifty Kitschy Pickers SG

Thrifty Kitschy Pickers SG is top 10 Online Thrift Stores For Affordable Vintage in Singapore, Looking for new retro pieces, New Season Nostalgia: 11 Retro Style Trends to add to your collection? Check out these vintage shops here in Singapore for a more sustainable wardrobe.
Image Source: @thrifteyseconds via Instagram

If you’re looking for some vintage tee loots that cost you not more than $50, you may want to pick a day to visit Thrifty Kitschy Pickers SG! Another worthy classic thrift shop that one shouldn’t miss!

Aside from having rings of all designs, some of the tees are truly made of good quality no matter how old they are! Thrifty Kitschy Pickers SG also has collections of toys, dolls and other super retro stuff. How nifty right?

Address: 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, #04-27, WCEGA Plaza, Singapore 658064

By Appointment only


Dayglow Vintage

Dayglow Vintage is the top 10 Vintage Shops In Singapore To Score Old-school Apparel, Vintage Clothing - Retro & Vintage-Style Clothes, Vintage clothing men's, Singapore-based ladies indie fashion label specialising in ready-to-wear
Image Source: @dayglowvintage via Instagram

Highlighting their handmade collection of vintage dresses, Dayglow Vintage kicks off their vintage collection that everyone may desire to have. Their curated range of bohotops and square bodice sleeved will surely blow you away!

Aside from extraordinary cheongsums (qipao), you can find fabulous quirky dresses from the Dayglow Vintage that are beautifully made in excellent quality!

With Lilian, the head seamstress helming the designs, be ready to be taken back to a time of elegance and greatness.

What Customers Say…

Love my Mdm Swee top! Thanks for the good quality fabric and great fit! Oh, and of course the great service too!” – Cherie Fan

Phone: (+65) 9770 4026

Facebook, Instagram

Déjà Vu Vintage

Déjà Vu Vintage is best Vintage clothing women's, What are the best vintage clothing websites?, Choose from many of our vintage dresses from casual, quirky day dresses to stunning cocktail that are stylish, one-of-a-kind and superb precious!, Where can I buy vintage style clothes?, Where can I buy cute vintage clothes online?,Beyond Retro: Vintage Clothing & Accessories
Image Source: @deja_vu_vintage via Instagram

Collecting each vintage piece from the other side of the world, Deja Vu Vintage hallmarks its curated vintage selection! Inspired by some of your Korean drama favorites, they also got some pieces from the well-known brands to let you re-enact some of them (check out their Instagram account to check!)

From the vintage dress to jewelry and bags, Deja Vu Vintage got your back! Though some of the pieces might be priced above what you expect from getting old-time apparel, they can be worthy of your every buck. Besides, each piece of clothing is surely authentic so their price is also reasonable.

As some regulars say, if you’re up for trendy vintage outfits, running into Deja Vu Vintage will never disappoint you and that’s quite a fact! Also, each piece available at their store is only one as they carefully selected what they offer.

What Customers Say…

“Gorgeous clothes and jewelry, always find some nice things when I’m in here! Always friendly service, and their vintage is the authentic stuff! I can never walk out empty handed!” – Melissa Ho

Location: 9 Raffles Blvd, #01-70, Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596

Phone: (+65) 6338 8013

Dark Horse Vintage

Dark Horse Vintage is top 10 retro Shops in Singapore For A Good Bargain, What are the best vintage clothing websites?, retro clothes For Ladies' and Men's, for 1940s 1950s 1960s cheongsum, qipao, Where can I buy vintage clothes in Singapore?, How do I get cheap vintage clothes?
Image Source: @darkhorsevintage via Instagram

Aside from being one of the leading vintage stores with accessories, cheongsum, shoes and apparel, Dark Horse Vintage also plays up their vintage collection with masks and one-pieces.

Familiar with the style of 40s? This made in Singapore brand got some hangin’ on their racks. Boost your style with some vintage tee from Dark Horse Vintage! You can never go wrong in styling up old-fashion with some buckle print wine-tone plaid scarf also available at their store. 1960s sundresses and draped cheongsams are also in the line! Sure you’ll be in love with their collection.

As each design is limited, hustle and get one that you desire!

Instagram, Website

Baju Mama Vintage

Baju Mama Vintage is top 10 Vintage Shops In Singapore To Score Old-school Apparel, How do I get cheap vintage clothes?, Shop vintage clothing & retro style, Baju Mama Vintage hosts a collection of restored vintage clothes and accessories, handpicked for all shapes and sizes. and its all from Singapore.
Image Source: bajumamavintage via Instagram

Hey ladies! Want to enhance your fashion sense? You may want to consider this vintage clothing shop that is crazy over all things vintage! If other vintage clothing stores merely focus with tees, Baju Mama diverge by offering reworked creations to upgrade classic accessories for ladies!

Baju Mama stands for “mum’s clothes” in Malay, but the stuff here is not just suitable for our mothers. We surely adore our mothers’ fashion sense with their floral blouses straight from the ’70s, and we also appreciate the beautiful flower brooches for the latest dress style.

Whether you want to look vogue or minimalist, they got you covered! Aside from those, great deals and discounts are available from time to time – definitely a good catch!

Check out their Instagram account and gape at their curated selection of a whole new level of vintage apparel! Conversely, you can also visit their website to place your orders comfortably!

Website, Instagram

First We Thrift

First We Thrift is the best place to score the best vintage fashion in Singapore, all-inclusive eco-friendly thrift market that allows youth to sell stuff, handmade, Preloved and Brand New clothes/bags/shoes at this flea market
Image Source:@firstwethrift

A collaboration between Invade and the National Youth Council, you can find various bucket hats and classic caps aside from their vintage collection of tees and polo shirts in this flea market. First We Thrift also lets you claim first dibs on vintage blouses or curated bags to complete your retro look!

Just like other vintage shops, what makes it worth it to buy a piece from this flea market is simply because of the prominent brands of what they sell! Imagine getting a classic polo by Ralph Lauren? Just wow!

Their pricing is also a big plus for those who don’t want to spend a lot while trying to dress up! You can always count on this vintage clothing space for gorgeous button shirts, fleece jackets or repurposed flight & tote bags! While you are here, do visit the Makers’ Market for crafts and design goods.

Location: 2 Orchard Link, #01-02, *SCAPE, Singapore 237978

Saturdays & Sundays | 12pm – 8pm


Shop for old-school street apparel to unbridle your archaic style

Never underestimate how these vintage wears can offer, the older the clothing, the more it’s worth it to have! Live up the past and restore old-style fashion.

After all, getting dressed is not all about following the trend, you can never go wrong with trying old-school style. I hope this list of vintage shop help you find the perfect store to get worthy apparel from the past!

Upgrade your style with a classic piece and strike a fiery pose to add to your IG feed. Sure, you’ll find a home with these kinds of clothing!

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