Where to Buy Space Saving Furniture in Singapore 2022

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Have you been scrolling through social media and been aiming for ways to improve your shoebox apartment?

You can find many ideas and designs online, but you have been hooked on sleek and multi-purpose furniture. Or have you seen videos of a table, bed, or chair being turned into something else?

Looking through your home, you noticed several movables that you haven’t been using for a long time. Such furniture had been taking up space, yet it just sits there, collecting dust.


Whether you are someone who only wants to spice up your room or looking through brochures to start on with your new tiny unit, having space-saving furniture is the way to go today!

Such trending pieces are known for being modern and stylish – yet, functional. Of course, you wouldn’t want to spend some money on something that serves no purpose for your lifestyle.

Even if you have a big or small floor space, everything needs to be helpful.

Singapore is the smallest country in Southeast Asia, considering our population and land area, having a small living space has become rather typical.

With this, space-saving furniture is the solution you need to have everything fit your home, office, or premises.

Why Should You Invest in Space-Saving Furniture?

For years, we have been enjoying having a piece of furniture that only serves a single purpose. We buy a table to eat at, a chair to sit in, and a bed to sleep in. Everything else is in your place, quickly filling up space. As a result, there are no more rooms for new things, and you could always feel crowded.

If you want to have less clutter, then space-saving furniture might be the thing that you need. As everything is functional, you would need less furniture as you may get three in one.

Moreover, it also becomes easier to clean. You don’t need to go over multiple things to finish cleaning up. With less furniture, less dust could accumulate within your surroundings.

Through this, it gives you enough comfort to enjoy your room, home, or office. You become more productive and efficient as you can quickly move around and do tasks.

Most importantly, it saves you money. Instead of choosing bigger floor spaces, you can get a smaller one and opt to invest in space-saving furniture.

You won’t need a bigger space as you will have everything fit as things become multi-functional. Moreover, you can also spend money by only buying a single one and use it for several purposes. Instead of paying for a price of three, you only spend on one.

With all these advantages and privileges you get from space-saving furniture, here are some suggestions to own the best one you can have:

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Top Space Saving Furniture Store in Singapore to Maximise Space

1. Ewins – Convertible Furniture for Small Spaces

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Maximise your home living space
Photo Credit: Ewins

Ewins – Space Saving Furniture Singapore

Since 1967, Ewins delivers only top-quality furniture and architectural materials in Singapore. The company offers various space-saving products you can use around the home.

From your bathroom, kitchen, façade, and baby room, Ewins got everything you need. The reason behind this is their mission to give the most comprehensive solutions for your spaces.

If you aspire to have multiple space-saving furniture around your home or office, Ewins can deliver all the products you have in mind with satisfaction.

You may select a wall bed turned into a table, a convertible desk into a bed, or a cabinet used as a table for your bedroom.

Erwins also has pull-out tables and movable shelves for your kitchen and living room. All you have to do is browse their vast collection and select the design and color of your choice.


Address: 24 Sin Ming Lane #01-98/99 Midview City Singapore 573970 (by appointment only)

Phone: +65 6659 0080

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2. Spaceman – Multifunctional furniture for small spaces

Spaceman is the best Multifunctional furniture for small spaces, Wall beds, hidden beds, sofa beds - space saving furniture to buy in singapore small apartments, Spaceman extendable table
Photo Credit: Spaceman Facebook

Spaceman – Space Saving Furniture Singapore

With over 10 years of experience, Spaceman established its name and got featured in various outlets such as The Business Times and Channel News Asia.

It is a local furniture store in Singapore that exclusively specializes in offering space-saving furniture.

It provides a solution to Singapore, being one of the most densely populated cities, by offering various products such as Hidden Wall Bed, Spaceman extendable table, multi-function tables, compact kitchen, and even sofa beds.

They offer you the best by consulting you first with your ideas and goals. Their experts will then suggest the most suitable materials and products that fit the criterion you were able to establish.

Before they start the production, Spaceman will produce a 3D visual to picture the final product for your home.

This way, you’ll be able to visualize the item first and not be disappointed when your items get delivered.

Lastly, their factory is located in Italy. With this, it is guaranteed that the quality and design of your furniture meets European standards.

You can get your modern, sleek, and efficient furniture in Spaceman. All you need to do is book an appointment to visit their store. Here is a review of a satisfied client of Spaceman:

“Due to Covid, our time spent at home has increased. We wanted to find a way to maximize our space. After a long search, we found Spaceman has the best range in terms of quality, function but importantly the overall look. The staff are friendly and very patient given we had loads of questions to make sure what we were buying was going to be what we needed. Would recommend to others due to our positive experience”

– Corey B


Address: 65 McNair Rd, Singapore 328546 (by appointment)

Phone: +65 3158 5472

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3. IKEA – Furniture For Small Spaces

IKEA is a place to find Clever furniture for small spaces, cheap budget furniture, Space saving dining table Singapore, Cheap Small Space Furniture & Room Ideas Under $100, IKEA furniture for small spaces
Photo Credit: Ikea

Ikea – Space Saving Furniture Singapore

Wherever you are and whatever you need, IKEA is the go-to store for anyone with a furniture need. As a world-renowned brand, this company has all that you need, like beds, tables, cabinets, chairs, and even accessories.

As cliché as it may sound, when we talk about high-quality furniture, IKEA products would always come to mind.

The company also offers well-loved designs that serve as an inspiration to other furniture companies. Good thing the store is made available in Singapore!

All you have to do is visit their outlets or order online and have ikea space-saving furniture delivered to your home.

Ikea started in 1943. Aside from offering space-saving furniture, they are also campaigning for sustainable and eco-friendly furniture for every home, business, or company.

You may want to check out their catalog to see their newest ikea space-saving furniture and get inspiration for your own space. Also, don’t forget to check their website to avail their special offers and promo to save more!


Address: IKEA Alexandra | IKEA Tampines | IKEA Jurong

4. HipVan – Convertible furniture for small spaces

HipVan is a place to find Convertible furniture for small spaces, Cool convertible furniture, Transformable dining table for small spaces, Space saving table Singapore
Photo Credit: HipVan Facebook

HipVan – Space Saving Furniture Singapore

Being a local business founded in Singapore, Hip Van knows and understands the issues most Singaporean homeowners experience.

One of which is paying a high price, only to receive a low-quality product. The main reason for choosing space-saving furniture is to utilise furniture and get a greater amount of living space.

However, when you purchase a low-quality item, the furniture could easily be damaged and broken – especially those convertible ones.

HipVan aspires to bring top-quality home furnishings to everyone by offering space saving dining tables at an affordable price.

Whenever we hear the word affordable and cheap, rip-off brands would always come to mind. However, this case is not the same for HipVan.

The company only offers designer furniture made with the best and long-lasting materials. They do this by directly buying from manufacturers and avoiding non-essential detail to focus on quality.

Achieve your minimalist and sleek-looking furnishings with HipVan! Aside from the items you can buy from stores, you can also choose a custom-made one.

Thus, you can buy a piece of space-saving furniture with a stylish design for a much affordable price. This review was given by one of their previous customers:

“This is my first time buying from HipVan and the experience is pleasant. The product quality is good and the communication with the service staff was prompt and productive. And I also like some of the HipVan designs. Will shop again :)” – June Y.


HipVan Experience Store: 3 Temasek Blvd, #02-728/729/730 Tower 3 East Wing, Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983

Phone: +65 6291 1725

5. HWB Concept Pte Ltd – Bedroom Furniture for Small Spaces

HWB Concept Pte Ltd is best living room furniture for small spaces, very small living room ideas, modular furniture for small spaces, bedroom furniture for small spaces
Photo Credit: HWB Concept Pte Ltd Facebook

HWB Concept Pte Ltd – Space Saving Furniture Singapore

Are you looking for space-saving bed experts in Singapore? We must admit it. Beds take too much space in our room.

Looking at an empty room, we thought we had so much space left for everything we needed.

However, by simply installing and putting a bed, you realize no more room for your cabinet or table. What is worse is we only get to utilize it at night when we go to sleep.

HWB Concept Pte Ltd is a brand known for being the hidden bed expert in the country. They started the company in 2009 and were able to cater to more than 500 clients nationwide.

You may opt to have your hidden bed fold down vertically or horizontally, depending on your chosen design. You can also select the perfect size based on your preference as they offer wide-ranged and customized bed sizes.

Most importantly, the company only uses strong metal frames, so you do not need to worry whether it would collapse. It is ensured that it can support heavy weight and could even withstand people jumping on the bed.

With its lifetime warranty, there is no need to worry about it having been repaired or replaced.

You may want to visit their Youtube account to see some of their stylish and modern-looking beds. It would also help you understand how this hidden bed works.

Here is a review of their client who enjoys their hidden wall bed for years:

“I installed the hidden wall bed since 2014 and still in good and perfect condition. Ronnie is very helpful, giving suggestions. Sure will go back and install if need.” – Sherida A.


Address: 140 Upper Bukit Timah Road #01-09. Beauty World Plaza., Singapore 588176

Phone: +65 6467 1101

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6. Originals

Originals is Best Furniture shop for Small Spaces, What furniture should I buy for a small bedroom?,
How do you maximize space in a small bedroom?, Small Bedroom Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space
Photo Credit: Originals

Originals – Space Saving Furniture Singapore

From the name itself, Originals is the place to purchase one-of-a-kind and top-quality pieces you can have for your space.

They have various themed collections wherein their items are sourced out from different parts of the world. With this, you would own functional and unique pieces and showstopping furniture that is worth the second look.

Aside from its vast collection, this company is also driven to protect the environment. They are a massive believer that everything that surrounds your space must be unique.

Originals build furnishings using sustainable and recycled materials. The company also chooses to use eco-friendly materials and avoid chemicals that harm the environment.

With this, you are not only purchasing for the beautification of your home but also nature.

Here is why Originals is well-loved by its customers:

“We had an amazing experience shopping at Originals. The range and advice from the team was incredible. The Indian range is so breath-taking. I cannot recommend them highly enough, can’t wait to get back there soon. Thanks again!” – Chris M.


Address: 1 Bukit Batok Street 22, #05-02/03, Singapore 659592

Phone: +65 6471 9918

7. Leda System

Leda System is top 10 Best Stores for Apartment Furniture - Top Small-Space, Furniture for Apartments & Small Spaces HDB 1 room 2 room, Clever furniture for small spaces
Photo Credit: Leda System

Leda System – Space Saving Furniture Singapore

Are you looking for a bed that can easily be converted into a study desk, shelves, and table? The search is over thanks to Leda System’s best-selling Hiddenbed!

You can choose between their bed system with a 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 integrated mechanism. Most importantly, there is no hassle to remove objects on top of the table to convert them to bed.

With this, items can remain on top despite using the bed to sleep.

Leda System aspires to create one-stop space-saving furniture in Singapore. They specialize in offering various bed systems such as the Hiddenbed and Murphy Bed.

However, if you need help with renovation projects, this company can help you design a spacious environment for your room, home, or office.

Through their renovation services, Leda System provides customized space-saving furnishings. Thus, there is no more struggle to fit the furniture that fits your space and liking.

From your ceilings, items, and beds, Leda System can offer everything that you need.


Address: Bedok Industrial Park E, #03-2044 BLK 3012, Singapore 489978

Phone: +65 8339 4185

8. Space-Saving Furniture Systems Pte Ltd – Best Hidden Beds

Space-Saving Furniture Systems Pte Ltd - Best Hidden Beds, What is a hidden bed in the wall called?, Are Wall Beds dangerous?, Is a wall bed worth it?, Hidden bed with desk Singapore
Photo Credit: Space-Saving Furniture Systems Pte Ltd Facebook

Space-Saving Furniture Systems Pte Ltd – Space Saving Furniture Singapore

Foldable and convertible beds are now in demand in Singapore! Having floor space shrunk in various flats in the country, these custom-made furnishings are here to provide comfort in our small areas.

Avoid feeling cramped by choosing smart and multi-purpose items from Space-Saving Furniture Systems Pte Ltd.

From the name itself, this company provides more space with their various product ranges. They offer a wall bed, Murphy bed, folding bed, hidden bed, and even custom-made furnishings and cabinets.

These products are imported from the United Kingdom and only use the patented technology. As a result, you can only have the best and superior quality products.

The most exciting part is that you can customize your wall beds’ features by adding a few shelves and cupboards depending on your preferred style.


Address: 865 Mountbatten Rd, Singapore 437844

Phone: +65 6346 4568

9. Comfort Design

Where to Buy Space Saving Furniture in Singapore, Comfort Design is 10 Best Places To Buy Space Saving Furniture In Singapore , Space saving furniture in Singapore perfect for small spaces, Space-saving furniture in Singapore for small homes
Photo Credit: Comfort Design

Comfort Design – Space Saving Furniture Singapore

Comfort Design offers an outstanding space-saving furniture technology exclusively available in Singapore.

This Space Saving Solutions Company has over 40 years of experience and continues to innovate and develop itself in the home furniture industry.

As a trailblazing company, it offers automated beds, consoles, tables, and even desks.

With its high-tech products, the company seeks to save space yet promote a smarter lifestyle. Moreover, Comfort Design also prioritizes safety, durability, convenience, and design.

The products they offer are user-friendly and are safe for children, the elderly and the disabled. Due to their ability to make fabulous products, Comfort Design is well liked not only by the residential and homeowners! Instead, they also cater to the needs of hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, and schools.

Thus, if you are looking for space-saving furniture, Comfort Design could surely offer you smart and automated solutions!


Address: 110 Eunos Ave 7, Comfort Design Building Singapore 409573

Phone: +65 6747 4809

10. Bed and Basics

Bed and Basics is top 10 Best Space-Saving Furniture For Bedrooms In Singapore, Space saving table Singapore, console to dining table singapore, wall mounted bed singapore, wall mounted bed with sofa, storage space below bed
Photo Credit: Bed and Basics

Bed and Basics – Space Saving Furniture Singapore

Your bed could be more than what you expect it to be! Its name says it all.

A bed is not only limited to sleeping or resting on. Instead, it is now transformed into a unique and functional space saving bed that also provides a large underbed storage space.

Bed and Basics is a local retailer in Singapore that specializes in innovative furniture.

The store offers free delivery over $150 and 100 days returns. Keep in mind that Bed and Basics not only focus on functionality but also on style. They have a wide range of selection to score elegant and sleek multi use items that will definitely fit a room’s theme.


Phone: +65 6631 8500

Why is space-saving important in Singapore?

What shape dining table takes up the least space?

A round dining table takes up the least amount of space and is a popular choice for smaller spaces as this table has no corners.

Moreover a circular table also offers more room to seat everyone, making it ideal for parties or gatherings.

Space Saving Furniture Singapore

Space-saving is now a concept in demand to continue a healthy and uninterrupted lifestyle despite limited space.

Due to the continuous increase in population in Singapore, there is a growing need for more space. However, apartments now offer lesser and lesser space.

As a result, space-saving furniture gains popularity to maximize the limited space we have while not interrupting comfort within our rooms at home.

The furniture is specifically designed to offer the best use of the space that you have. They are designed smaller and provide more than just a single purpose. They are currently used in apartments, condos, homes, and even offices.

Space-saving furniture is now vital and will continue to be important in the upcoming years. If you aim to buy one, select from the best shops in Singapore enumerated in this article.

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