Where to Buy Reusable Masks in Singapore 2021

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With the global COVID-19 pandemic still raging around the world, it’s important to keep ourselves safe and well-protected. While social distancing is the best way to quell the spread of the novel coronavirus, those of us who need to be on the frontlines – whether it’s for work, school, social, economic, or even political reasons – need to keep ourselves safe. Unfortunately, in this global pandemic, high-quality protective gear is hard to come by. However, thanks to the quality and convenience of online shopping, everyone can access the things they need to survive. If you want to know where to buy reusable masks in Singapore, then check our top picks below.

Over the past few months, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Shopee Singapore has helped give people access to proper protective gear. Hundreds of thousands of masks, face shields, gloves, and other anti-viral equipment have been sold on Shopee and delivered to the hundreds of thousands of people who need it. There are a lot of options available on Shopee today, but not every product is made equal.

Top Reusable Masks Singapore

To help you find the right reusable mask for you and your friends and family, we’ve reviewed the top contenders to come up with this curated list of the best reusable masks available on Shopee SG.

Medical Grade Fabric Mask 2.1 from The Phase Co

Best-Selling Reusable Mask

Comfortable and breathable medical-grade protection

reusable mask singapore online

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  • High water resistance
  • Breathable, medical-grade fabric
  • Elastic fit and adjustable wire
  • Built-in filter pocket


  • Wire may be dislodged during washing
  • More expensive than generic fabric masks

The Medical-Grade Fabric Mask 2.1 from The Phase Co is currently one of the best-selling reusable face masks on Shopee SG. A great mix of comfort and protection, with a stellar price-to-performance ratio, this reusable mask is great for everyday use. It features a two-layer design for extra protection without sacrificing comfort and breathability.

Its outer layer is made of medical-grade fabric that’s water-repellent and treated with antibacterial and antifungal nanosilver technology. This kind of fabric is the same type they use in hospital scrubs, so if it’s good enough for our medical personnel on the frontlines, then it should be good enough for dependable, everyday protection.

The inner layer of this mask is made of Dri Fit fabric, known for its light, comfortable feel, and high breathability. The moisture-absorbent inner layer keeps your face cool and comfortable, and the quick-drying technology behind Dri Fit makes it great for prolonged use. This inner layer also comes with a wire slot designed for easy replacement of nose bridge wires.

The Medical-Grade Fabric Mask 2.1 is durable enough to be completely washable and reusable. Every order of this reusable mask also comes with spare nose bridge wires, as the manufacturers do admit that the wires tend to come off during washing if you forget them in their slot.

Product Specifications

Available Size/s: 1 (Toddler), 2 (Pre-School), 3 (Adult), 4 (Adult XL)

Color/s: Azure Blue, Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Grey, Maroon, Slate, Light Slate, Teal

Material: Medical-grade Fabric, Dri-Fit Fabric

Features: Water Repellent, Adjustable Nose Bridge Wire, Built-in Filter Pocket, Built-in Nose Clip Slot, Elastic Ear Bands

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High-Quality Cloth Cotton Mask from Bellasima

Best Budget Reusable Mask

High-quality, low-price comfort for everyday use

where to buy reusable mask singapore

Check price out


  • Protects against dust and water droplets
  • Very comfortable and breathable
  • Good quality, neat stitching
  • Great price point


  • Not as much protection

Simple and cost-effective, the High-Quality Cloth Cotton Mask from Bellasima offers standard protection against the elements at an incredibly budget-friendly price. Anti-dust and anti-droplet protection make this face mask an effective choice for protection against allergens as well as bacteria that are transmissible through droplets.

Built with two layers of light, breathable cotton fabric, this reusable mask offers plenty of durability and shape-retaining tensile strength without compromising comfort and ease-of-use. It features superb stitching so you don’t have to worry about regular wear and tear, and is available at one of the lowest price points for a reusable face mask.

Due to its cotton fabric composition, the face mask can be washed and reused without any loss of much loss of quality or protection. With multiple available sizes and elastic ear bands, this mask can provide a comfortable fit for adults and kids of all ages.

Product Specifications

Available Size/s: Kids 1 (Age 3-7), Kids 2 (Age 6-10), Kids 3 (Age 7-12), Adult Standard

Color/s: Black, Red, Dark Brown, Pink, Army Green, Navy Blue, Taupe, Grey, Kids Green, Kids Fuschia, Kids Blue, Kids Orange

Material: Cotton Fabric, Elastic Ear Band

Features: Anti-dust, Water Repellent

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KN95 Sports Mask with Filtered Respirator from Efflemoura

Best Filtered Reusable Mask

Breathable, heavy-duty protection with built-in KN95 filtration

kn95 mask singapore

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  • Five layers of built-in protection
  • Durable and shape-retaining
  • Adjustable fit with velcro straps
  • Built-in bilateral breathing valve


  • More expensive than generic fabric masks
  • Filters need to be replaced regularly

For those looking for something a little more heavy-duty, this Activated Carbon Protective Face Mask features KN95-rated filtration for the best protection against coronavirus. It’s five-layer design filters out all kinds of dust, pollutants, bacteria, and other harmful substances.

The KN95 Sports Mask also features a bilateral condensation breathing valve that reduces condensation within the face mask, improving both comfort and breathability. It’s also outfitted with an adjustable strap and elastic ear bands, allowing for a more secure, snug fit. Thanks to its high levels of comfort, breathability, and security, this face mask is a great choice for maintaining protection even while performing physical activities such as exercising, running, biking, and more.

Product Specifications

Available Size/s: Universal Fit

Color/s: Black

Material: Mesh, Diving Fabric

Features: Five Layer Protection, Bilateral Condensation Breathing Valve, Standard KN95 Filtration, Activated Carbon Filters, High Tensile Strength, Anti-dust, Anti-pollutant

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Breathable Anti-Dust Face Mask for Children from Patozon

Best Reusable Mask for Kids

Fun designs to encourage kids’ health and protection

kids reusable mask singapore

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  • Available in packs of 3
  • Breathable and shape-retaining
  • Comfortable fit for kids of all ages
  • Unique designs promote protection for children


  • May be difficult to fit infants and larger kids

In dangerous times like these, it’s important to encourage our children to practice the best safety measures. With the Breathable Anti-Dust Face Mask for Children, kids will be more incentivized to wear their protective face masks thanks to the fun, unique designs and comfortable fit.

Designed specifically for children, these face masks provide a very comfortable fit for kids of all ages, and features plenty of breathability for all-day use. It’s also very lightweight so kids won’t have any trouble keeping it on.

Available in packs of three pieces, the Breathable Anti-Dust Face Mask for Children is a great choice for providing young ones with protective gear without compromising their comfort, whether it’s at school, at home, or during play.

Product Specifications

Available Size/s: One Size Fits All

Color/s: 8 Sets of 3 Unique Designs

Material: Ice Silk Cotton

Features: Anti-dust, Anti-allergen, Anti-pollution, Water Repellent, High Tensile Strength, Breathable Cotton Fabric, Comfortable Breathing

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Protective Face Mask with Breath Valve for Kids from Merbao

Best Reusable Mask for Infants

Clean, safe, and breathable with zero compromises for your baby’s health

baby reusable mask singapore

Check it out


  • CE Certified Safe for Kids
  • Comfortable and breathable with built-in breathing valve
  • Bacteria-proof filtration
  • Available in packs of 2


  • Lightweight material, not the most durable

When you have to take your baby to the doctor, it’s important to ensure that he or she is properly protected. With this protective face mask designed specifically for infants and toddlers, you can rest assured that your child is safe. Certified for kid safety, and extremely breathable thanks to the built-in breathing valve, this face mask offers plenty of protection and comfort for even the fussiest of children. It also comes with bacteria-proof filtration and PM 2.5 filters.

One downside of this product is that, because of its lightweight design and maximum comfort and breathability, it’s not the most durable of face masks. Take extra care when washing these face masks to avoid accidental tearing.

Product Specifications

Available Size/s: Kids 1 (Age 0-3), Kids 2 (Age 3-8)

Color/s: Dozens of Kid-Friendly Designs, Random Depending on Availability

Material: Non-woven Cotton Fabric

Features: Breathing Valve, Built-in PM 2.5 Filter, Three-layer Protection, Adjustable Elastic Ear Band, Anti-bacterial, Anti-dust, Water Repellent

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ShieldMask+ Premium Reusable Face Mask

Best Premium Reusable Mask

High-quality features and protection at a premium price

Check it out


  • Breathable, comfortable Coolmax Core technology
  • Four layers of built-in protection
  • Adjustable strap for proper fit


  • Expensive

The ShieldMask+ may be one of the more expensive options for reusable face masks, but it comes with plenty of features and high-quality materials to keep it a great value option for those looking for a more premium, polished product.

With four layers of protection, the ShieldMask+ does what every other reusable face mask does, but a little better. Its outer layer repels moisture, and keeps out dust, with a rigid form-factor to maintain the strength of the face mask. Its two inner layers are composed of surgical-grade filters for additional protection against harmful substances. Finally, its inner layer is made of soft bamboo fabric with antibacterial properties to provide a combination of comfort, breathability, and protection.

ShieldMask+ is also exceptionally comfortable and breathable thanks to the implementation of Coolmax Core technology, a high-performance fabric designed to be lightweight and durable while absorbing and dispersing moisture to keep the interior fresh and cool.

Product Specifications

Available Size/s: Adult Size, Kids Size (Age 2-9)

Color/s: Black

Material: Coolmax Core Fabric, Moisture-wicking Fabric, Protective Film, Elastic Strap

Features: Adjustable Elastic Strap, Four-layer Protection, Coolmax Core Technology, Anti-bacterial, Anti-dust, Water Repellent

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Buying Reusable Mask Online in Singapore

Most reusable face masks are a dime-a-dozen, but we prepared this list specifically to weed out faulty and lower-quality products and help you find the best, most comfortable, most reliable, and most affordable reusable face masks that you can buy in Singapore. We’ve curated this list to find the best options for reusable facial protection to fit any budget, every need, and every use-case. We hope you found what you were looking for and achieved true buyer satisfaction.


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