Where to Buy Ready Made Curtains in Singapore 2021

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Aside from other decors to spice up your homes, we should not forget to add up some gorgeous-looking curtains to make your house more charming. Besides, curtains play an essential part in every house and office, right?

While some curtain shops are offering bespoke drapery to meet your preferred styles and lengths, we can actually buy off-the-shelf curtains online! We have curated a list of online stores on Lazada and Shopee to help you find some curtains that will fit your house design.

Take a lot at these stores and check out the curtains that your eyes can catch! Whether you want a blackout type to jacquard sheer ones, sure you can’t go empty-handed with these shops!

Top 10 Online Stores to Buy Ready Made Curtains in Singapore

Blackout Window Curtain – Riteng Store

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As privacy indeed matters, you may want to consider getting a blackout curtain from Riteng Store! This one-stop local home décor shop makes it easier for you to shop for your home décor needs – from the living room to your very own bedroom!

Featuring its wide assortment of blackout curtains of different exquisite colors, you can surely check out the ones of your well-liked color! Not to mention that each curtain is priced reasonably, you’ll indeed not resist ordering window shutters at this store.

Aside from those things, they are also offering free shipping deliveries to make your shopping more expedient! Despite being ready-made, each curtain is made from good quality materials that you can use on the long run!

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Cheap and Good Curtains – Feng Qi

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Other than getting a standard curtain with simple color and style which can sometimes be too dim for your room, getting a pastoral tulle curtain might be what you’re looking for. Search no more! Feng Qi offers great designs that you may want to play with while designing your home!

Do you want a simple curtain to fit in your minimalist room? They got your back! Featuring their laced tulle curtain, your room will keep its style and look more dashingly elegant. Not to mention that these curtains are inexpensive, you’ll surely be buying a lot of styles to have a change from time to time!

Just be reminded that these curtains are from overseas so shipping may take a week or beyond. Anyhow, don’t be fretful as waiting that long will definitely be worth it!

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Doorway Curtain – Moonbeam

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Inspired by the Japanese culture, Moonbeam features its doorway curtain to help you hide undesirable parts of your home – especially your kitchen. Aside from it, they also have some shower curtains available to make your bathrooms look more lovely. Besides, it can prevent water from splashing all over the room!

On top of that, this shop also provides a warranty policy for your peace of mind! Also, the materials of their products are made of good quality polyester fiber to make use of the curtain fully!

Plus, they are offering some discounts and promotions to let you save some bucks! Their standard delivery only costs you $0.99 so you can save more. Check out their shop and look at the curtain design that they can offer to meet your needs and help you beautify your home more.

Blackout Curtain – Elkabesthome.SG

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Some of you may be searching for a minimalist curtain to suit your home style. Well, no need to keep searching and check out Elka Store on Shopee! Regardless of being an overseas shop, their products are truly made from quality fabrics to make use of them long-term!

Who needs to keep on ordering bespoke curtains when you can get one just a click away? Save time and save some bucks, choose your preferred style and check them out conveniently!

Whether you’re up for rod pocket, grommet top, or tape for hook, they have available stocks to cater to your needs! You can also hand wash or machine wash these curtains without any worries about their quality. More curtain styles are also available, just scroll down their curtain sort and check out the ones you like!

Blackout Curtains/ Printed Curtains – Topfinel.SG

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Can’t decide between full blackout or thin tulle curtain? Why not stay in the middle? It will never be too dim or bright in your room again! On the hunt for these items? Fret not. Topfinel.sg heard you right!

They do not just offer semi-blackout curtains but also other curtain types to meet every customer’s demand. You can check out their Shopee store and browse for their wonderful collection of curtains ready for shipment.

They can provide you with the right processing methods and altering its length all just for free! Just notify them of your concern and they will have it delivered to you! Though they are an overseas store, they still strive to deliver your orders as soon as possible to make you feel valued on every purchase!

European-Style Curtain – Taobao

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Other than being a leading online variety store on Lazada, Taobao highlights its collection of luxury window shutters to make your home look fancier! But, the good thing is, you don’t need to pay a lot to buy such curtains. Aside from having a wide assortment of curtains, they are truly cheap and affordable!

If you’re into luxury home styles to leave your guests a big wow effect just by looking at your house interior, don’t forget to add this European minimalist curtain style! It’s floor-length and light-shielding to refrain you from turning on the lights in the morning.

Aside from the style of the European curtain, Taobao has other curtains that you may like to hang in your lovely homes. Check out these curtains and have them delivered to you hassle-free!

Ready Made Waffle curtain – Febzwell International Trading

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Being a verified Lazada Store, Febzwell International Trading has truly pride itself in providing high-quality and cheap ready-made draperies to make your home more lively and comfortable!

Aside from lovely flower and embroidered curtain styles, we cannot hush up the refreshing feeling of the full-colored curtain! Besides, it can easily complement your interior without needing to put in a lot of home decorations.

Sometimes, we can find simple style curtains more interesting to keep the home vibe that you desire! Still, whatever curtain style and type you put in your windows, we all want to use it fully. Other than basic curtain styles, Febzwell also has other types of window shutters that you may want to check out!

Blackout Curtain – Eurotex

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Tired of altering these floor-length curtains for your small curtains? No need to fuss. Eurotex got what you all need! Their verified flagship store on Lazada will truly take your worries away in finding the perfect curtain.

These curtains are indeed top-hole for your bedroom. No need to keep covering your eyes to avoid direct sunlight, these blackout curtains can help in blocking the sun for 100%. Besides, all of their curtains are guaranteed authentic and made from quality materials to make sure that you’ll be getting your money’s worth!

Plus, it features a 3-way hanging style to fit in your window type! You can browse by their store online and take a glimpse of the available curtains they have to suit your style!

Window Curtain – Gyro Home

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If you love curtains with different patterns to make your room more lovely, you may want to consider getting them at Gyro Home! This curtain shop is really a hidden gem that you shouldn’t miss!

Aside from having ready-made and nicely looking curtains, they are truly very keen on the details to give you a fascinating design to match your room! Besides, the size is never too short or long to hang into your windows.

Whether you want a curtain of darker or dazzling one, simple or patterned style, mid-length or floor-length, this curtain store haven can be your go-to shop to buy the curtains that you like!

Window Curtain – Hozada

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Amid these most common types of fabric curtains, who wouldn’t love to have blinds drape, right? If I’m to ask, I would personally love to have such a curtain style for its uniqueness and simplicity.

Well if you’re like me who’s into blinds, I’m very glad to find Hozada store on Lazada! Not to mention that these curtains are self-adhesive, you can easily hang this on your window without needing to drill for a curtain rod.

Despite being made of fabric, they can indeed filter the lights out and provide privacy! Having it said, you can clean these drop curtains without any difficulty! Also, these blinds are easy to install which is very convenient and simple.

Where to Get Reasonably Priced Curtains for 4 / 5 Room HDB

As curtains are not that hard to find even on our tiny island, we mostly look for our preferred styles and end up costing us a lot for a tailored drapery. Well, it’s time to save some bucks and switch to store-bought curtains and transform your homes for a more astonishing look!

It sometimes needs the perfect store to buy what you truly need. Besides, all of the shops on the list have a wide assortment of curtain styles to meet your desires. I hope reading this blog will help you find the shop where you can get the curtain of your dreams without having it customized. Shop now!

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