Where to Buy Pretty Active Wear in Singapore 2022

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So you’ve found the perfect gym or bought amazing home gym equipment and everything is set for you to start your fitness journey.

But before anything, make sure that you have the right set of clothes to make yourself be in the zone while working out. I mean you wouldn’t want to work out in your pajamas, would you?

Spice up your outfits to Singapore Gyms with the following activewear items.


What is considered active wear?

Activewear refers to clothing that is designed for physical activities. This could include items like running gear, cycling clothes, or workout clothes.

It is important to be aware of the types of activities you plan on engaging in when selecting active wear and make sure the clothing you choose are comfortable while you are exercising.

Some basic elements that are usually included in activewear are moisture-wicking properties, breathability, UPF protection (sun blocking), and resistance to sweat and heat retention.

Pretty Active Wear in Singapore for Comfy Workouts

Here are a few suggestions on some of the best and comfortable activewear that you will find online.

1. Basic Bicycle Shorts

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Basic Bicycle Shorts – Active Wear Singapore

Make spin class more fun and comfortable by wearing the right gear. This bicycle shorts made from 90% cotton and 10% spandex feels soft and comfy when worn.

A perfectly fit bicycle shorts are breathable and allow you to pedal without feeling restricted.

With regular shorts, chances are your sweat is absorbed and soak your skin and cause your legs to chaff and produce rashes while cycling.

The special fabric used in making cycling shorts such as this one allows your skin to breathe and keeps the moisture of from your skin.

Do you wear anything under bike shorts?

No, do not wear your underwear beneath the bike shorts, the bike shorts provide a layer of protection between your nether regions and the bike saddle.

Wearing underwear will remove this protection and defeat the purpose of you wearing a bike shorts.

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2. DeFacto Knitted Sweat Shirt

DeFacto Knitted Sweat Shirt is sustainable activewear Singapore

DeFacto Knitted Sweat Shirt – Active Wear Singapore

Keep your body dry and cool whether you are running or doing warm-ups in the gym.

This olive-colored sweatshirt is made from a combination of cotton and polyester that makes it light and breathable for everyday use. It is a good outfit to go to if you are in a casual or in an athletic kind of mood.

You can wear this knitted sweater to pair with your favorite jeans or leggings. You can actually wear this from the gym then go and do your errands like stopping by a bank or grocery store.

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3. Cropped Sleeveless Top Active Wear

 Cropped Sleeveless Top Active Wear is a popular activewear singapore

Cropped Sleeveless Top Active Wear – Active Wear Singapore

Workout without a hassle when you wear these cropped sleeveless top made from breathable cotton and spandex.

It gives you a gentle and irresistibly smooth feel as you stretch, move, and breathe. This sportswear has a removable padding which makes it a much more comfortable cropped top on regular days.

The cropped length and tight fit body-hugging feel make it comfortable to wear even for a long time. It is suitable to wear on both indoor and outdoor activities, It is also easy to match with your favorite track pants or high-waisted jeans.

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4. Cotton On Jogger Shorts

gym apparel Singapore

Cotton On Jogger Shorts – Active Wear Singapore

Perform your absolute best while doing your workout in this jogger shorts from Cotton On. It is made from polyblend fabrics that will keep you comfortable all day long. This fast-drying fabric is shaped into a loose-fitting airy cut that helps make it more breathable.

The elasticized waistband has a self-tie fastening to help you adjust this mid-rise shorts. It is strongly stitched and lined perfectly to make it sturdier and not become easily worn out.

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5. Gym Tank Top Singlet for Men

sustainable activewear Singapore Work Up A Sweat And Feel Good In These gym tank tops

Gym Tank Top Singlet for Men – Active Wear Singapore

Look your absolute best while at the gym with these printed cotton tank top for men. The cotton fabric allows you to sweat it out in the gym without feeling wet and icky. This top is available in black and white colors and in medium to double extra large sizes.

This tank top can be worn during both indoor and outdoor workouts and is super comfy especially when the summer season comes. The wide armholes are also designed to let you move your arms freely and with less restriction.

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6. VIQ Hyper Cropped Tights

activewear singapore

VIQ Hyper Cropped Tights – Active Wear Singapore

These high-waisted abstract printed cropped tights are perfect for your next gym session, running marathon, or yoga class. It is perfectly fit to hug your legs and freely move with you while you workout. The printed design adds a colorful character to your athleisure outfit.

Perfect for the fitness enthusiast, these pants are suitable for your day to day lunges and squats, running, and weightlifting. Its lightweight feels allows you to go all out in doing your workouts. Workout feeling fashionable and comfortable with these cropped tights.

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7. Women’s Active wear Set

gym apparel Singapore

Women’s Active wear Set – Active Wear Singapore

Attend yoga classes in style with these colorful activewear sets. It is made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex.

These materials make this activewear elastic and comfortable to joy, do yoga, and even just for regular exercises. It also allows you to show your fun and quirky side by choosing vibrant colors for fitness clothes.

Its quick-drying and breathable material wicks sweat and feel smooth against the skin. Its elasticity allows the clothes to be suitable for different body types.

The high-waisted leggings and sports bra top give you a more fashionable take on wearing activewear.

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8. Under Armour Printed Short Sleeve Tee

sustainable activewear Singapore

Under Armour Printed Short Sleeve Tee – Active Wear Singapore

Get the best shirt to wear for your training with this printed short sleeve-training shirt from Under Armour.

It has HeatGear technology that aids in regulating your body temperature while sweating it out. It keeps you cool and dry during training sessions.

The athletic fit and lightweight feel of the shirt is also highly-absorbent without clingingly wet on your skin.

These types of shirts let you sweat excessively without heading to the showers or leaving the gym fully drenched in sweat.

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9. Racerback Sports Bra

Racerback Sports Bra is a well liked activewear singapore

Racerback Sports Bra – Active Wear Singapore

Wearing a traditional bra might cause discomfort while working out.

Get this best selling racerback sports bra to give your breast more support and avoid breast pain while doing physical activities. These are already a good alternative to regular bras.

Sports bras rarely leave skin marks and are easier to slip on and take off. This particular sports bra has adjustable straps which makes it easier to become comfortable with.

It is perfect to use for all types of sports and training. These sports bras are also fast drying and keep sweat and moisture away from your skin.

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10. LNDR Horizon Track Pants

LNDR Horizon Track Pants is best gym apparel Singapore, 10 Stylish Activewear Brands For Women In Singapore

LNDR Horizon Track Pants – Active Wear Singapore

Warm- up your leg muscles with these side stripe panel track pants. These sweatpants can help you sweat a bit more and therefore helps you with a bit of calorie burning. It also helps wick sweat and moisture away giving you a much more comfortable and dry feeling after hitting the gym.

These pants are also a good alternative if you want to keep your legs warm during the cold season. It is a good substitute if you cannot find your pajamas in your closet. You will also save a few bucks on outfits because track pants are currently a trendy piece when it comes to trendy streetwear.

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11. Men’s Boxing Training Shorts

sustainable activewear Singapore

Men’s Boxing Training Shorts – Active Wear Singapore

Get this training short that are suitable for lifting, martial arts training, and even wrestling. This ultimate fighting short is made from polyester and spandex. This type of fabric is proven to be comfortable, breathable, and lightweight.

Perfect for the gym and everyday workout wear, these shorts has slim-fit tailoring and matches the contours of your body. It is a fast-drying short is available in red, blue, black, white, and gray colors. Getting a good pair of gym shorts is simple. These comfortable fit training shorts is definitely suitable for you.

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12. Contrast Mesh Hoodie

activewear singapore

Contrast Mesh Hoodie – Active Wear Singapore

Make your favorite activewear more fashion forwards with this mesh hoodie. Break free from wearing a boring and basic hoodie that gives supreme breathable comfort. Pairing these hoodies with a bright sports bra or tank top underneath will give you a sheer amount of sexiness while in activewear.

This is a great way to cover and protect yourself up on hot days. The lightweight mesh helps vent out heat and aids in regulating your body temperature. It also gives a bit of protection from direct exposure to the sun.

13. Crop Twist Tank Top

gym apparel Singapore

Crop Twist Tank Top – Active Wear Singapore

Stylized your go to gym workout tank top with this twisted front crop tank top. This crew neck polyester top. It adds a bit of cuteness and sexiness on your sports attire and not to mention, a comfy and breathable feeling. The front twist detail gives you a slim silhouette.

This tank top is perfectly suited with your trusted tights or leggings and a good set of trainers. It is also a good outfit for yoga, pilates or spin class. Layering this with a cool office blazer saves you with the hassle of bringing extra gym clothes at work.

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Where to Buy the Best Activewear in Singapore

Which brands are best for activewear in Singapore?

  • Lululemon
  • Adidas
  • Under Armour
  • Nike
  • Decathlon
  • Athleta
  • Gymshark
  • Vuori
  • Fitta Active
  • Anya Active
  • Fabletics
  • Alo Yoga
  • Cariuma
  • Perk by Kate
  • Beyond Yoga
  • Outdoor Voices
  • Public Rec
  • Onzie
  • Sweaty Betty

Activewear in Singapore

It may be tempting to rely on older clothes when you hit the gym or start home workouts but bear in mind that the correct fabric, fit, and size has a huge impact on comfortability when working out.

Even if activewear is meant to make you look casual, it is still important to have the right fabrics that are not too tight and not too loose. A perfectly fit gym clothes allows you to perform your workouts better and give you a boost of confidence.

In choosing activewear one must have a variety of sports shoes, shorts, tops, sports bra, and pants. Some of these items can actually be reliable sportswear.

These are only some of the best examples of pieces that you can stock up on to upgrade your athleisure wardrobe. Investing in good quality clothes will be a good investment for your fitness journey.


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