Where To Buy Plus Size Clothes In Singapore 2022

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I love shopping, whether it is by visiting stores or by sitting in the comfort of my sofa and clicking the ‘Buy’ button.

I literally shop until I drop, and so, I have a fair enough idea about all the different types of clothes that are available, including plus size clothes.

In all my time shopping for various kinds of plus size clothes, I have had the opportunity to try out some of the most amazing and comfortable types of clothes.

While plus size clothes were considered not a go-to option, the outlook has finally changed. Today, you can find some of the most gorgeous pieces of plus size clothes.

Everything from oversized t-shirts to jeans looks uber cool and is super comfortable. If you are into plus size clothes like me, you are in the right place.

I have brought to you some of the best plus size clothes in Singapore that you can try out for a comfortable and relaxed look. These clothes also add a stunning touch to your entire look and make you look magnificent. Continue reading to find out some of the best plus size clothes that you can get in Singapore.

What is the best kind of dress for plus size women in Singapore?

What size is considered plus size?

UK Sizes that are 16 and above are considered as plus size in Singapore.

If you are looking for a plus size dress to compliment, enhance, and accentuate your figure, there is no better option than a gorgeous A-line dress.

You must go for A-line dresses that are made using fabrics such as rayon, cotton, denim, and polyester. Going for these fabric options can ensure all your curves are beautifully accentuated. Avoid going for silk and satin.

Top 8 Plus Size Clothes in Singapore for Big Size LadiesBest Deal
Korean Cotton Loose Tshirt$9.38
Printed Basic Tee$11.99
Plus Size Pleated Summer Maxi Dress$13.60
Plus Size Two Piece Summer Wear$25.90
Printed Lounge Set$6.95
T-shirt Style Midi Dress$11.96
Casual Sleeveless Plus Size Midi Dress$10.50
Basic Plus Size Printed Shirt Dress$8.27
Which plus size clothes are the best to buy in Singapore?

1. Korean Cotton Loose Tshirt

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Plus size clothes have another level of fanbase all over the world. Not everyone likes to opt for tight and slim fit outfits, there are people who love to slay in loose clothing.

You can do the same in this plus size t-shirt! For summers, this t-shirt is a big yes because of some beneficial reasons such as its material, color, and comfortability.

It’s in a blend of cotton and polyester material that is great for T-shirts because of their wear and tear-resistant nature.

This t-shirt feels soft and comfortable and is suitable for brunch or movie looks. You can choose from three amazing colors so get yours right away!

Key Features:

  • Good to go for casual wear
  • Comfortable and breathable material
  • Resistant to stretches and tear
  • Available in different colors

Get it at

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2. Printed Basic Tee

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Curvy girls listen up, I personally love loose fits as I prioritize comfort over being fashionable. Here is another beautiful piece of T-shirt for women.

Pair this white short sleeve t-shirt with light blue trousers/jeans to create a funky and casual look. In summers, light colors are highly preferred and if you are also looking for the same with good quality material, then choose this.

This large size tee is in cotton fabric which keeps you cool and comfortable all day. For all the college-going girls, it is a must-have! Also, it is very much affordable!

Key Features:

  • Made using cotton fabric that is known for its absorbing and breathability 
  • The perfect option for daily wear
  • Affordable price
  • Gives a perfectly chic look

Get it at

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3. Plus Size Pleated Summer Maxi Dress

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Plus size is a must-have! Now you do not have to only go for slim fit looks if you aren’t ready for it. Plus size and the loose outfit is going to solve your problem always!

Add this A-line dress, which has a beautiful pleated bottom look, to your wardrobe right away. This can actually solve many of your problems.

This one is a sleeveless, long neck A-line dress that is available in solid colors and can be worn at different events.

It is a great beachwear if you are not planning to swim or do any other water activity. It is airy, comfortable, loose, and suitable for Sunday brunch.

You can style this with statement earrings and normal flats for an elegant yet smart and stylish look. You get three different colors and different sizes to choose from.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for different casual and party wears
  • A-line dress with flared pleated bottom for a unique appearance
  • Best For summers to feel comfortable
  • Various sizes and colors available

Get it at

4. Plus Size Two Piece Summer Wear

10 Plus-Size Clothing Stores In Singapore For Ladies To Get Nice looking clothes, Plus Size Two Piece Summer Wear, clothes for fat arms, Plus Size Women 2pcs Summer Set Fashion tshirt + Casual Cropped Pants Full Cotton Floral Embroidered Sets

 If you are looking for a complete set of loose clothes that can be used as a statement outfit for a specific occasion then buy this beautiful set.

All the specifications about this set are amazing. Starting with the material, it is of good quality cotton that is known for its soft texture. Both pants and shirt top are loose and look stylish.

About the design, you get floral embroidery which just makes the whole set look elegant and soothing.

Pair these with comfortable slippers for a casual and cute look.

Key Features:

  • Good quality cotton fabric
  • Loose fit for far better comfortable
  • Looks cute and feels good
  • Floral embroidery makes it look elegant 

Get it at

5. Printed Lounge Set

Buy Women's PLUS SIZE Clothing Online, Printed Lounge Set, Fabulous plus-size clothing in Singapore with sizes up to UK 30, Size M-XXL Korean style ladies pajamas milk silk pajamas home wear pajamas

Loungewear is supposed to be comfortable but choosing beautiful prints and colors is your choice. Not every time you get a chance to wear cute prints in your professional life, so why not wear them in your pajamas!

This set of loose shirts and shorts is something you should get for yourself. It has cartoon prints which you will just fall in love with and is made with thin milk silk material to keep it simple and comfortable to a great extent.

It is available in different sizes, colors, and prints, so choose your favorite one before it goes out of stock.

Key Features:

  • Milk silk fabric for absolute comfort 
  • Pair of loose shirt and shorts
  • Different cartoon prints
  • Amazing night suit option for you 

Get it at

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6. T-shirt Style Midi Dress

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Are you planning for a vacation recently? Well, if yes, then pack some of the best options for all the comfortable stuff you might require!

Travelling is all about exploring and feeling relaxed, and this cannot be done in tight clothes. You must get this midi dress which is in a t-shirt style. It is loose, comfortable, classy, and stylish altogether.

It is easy to carry and style this one while pairing it with sneakers or flats. The off-shoulder look just adds a pinch of fashion sense to it and makes it an outfit of the day. Grab it and flaunt it your way!

Key Features:

  • Suitable for outings
  • Polyester material in a solid color
  • Can be styled in multiple ways
  • Loose and baggy midi dress

Get it at

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7. Casual Sleeveless Plus Size Midi Dress

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Not all the beach parties require you to wear clothes that are too revealing. You can choose loose dresses, skirts, and others.

To keep it simple for you, you can also choose a comfortable maxi dress. This gorgeous maxi dress is a good to-go option if you want to keep it simple but vibrant with some bohemian accessories.

Accessorize this dress with some colorful earrings and necklaces to achieve a party look on the beachside. Maxi dresses are also one of the best options for pregnant ladies.

They keep you comfortable and happy all day!

Key Features:

  • Maxi dress great for multiple occasions
  • Solid colors can be styled with colorful accessories
  • The best option for pregnant ladies
  • Looks gorgeous and classy

Get it at

8. Basic Plus Size Printed Shirt Dress

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Loose T-shirt cum dress! Isn’t that an amazing option? Have a look at this brilliant piece of clothing that is a great option for people who love dresses.

This one is a short dress type long t-shirt which can be worn like a dress or with tights or pants under it. It gives you a baggy and comfortable look which is great for night outs and even day outs if you don’t want to go for something fancy. 

Key Features:

  • A dress in t-shirt style
  • Amazing option for all dress lovers
  • Can be styled as per your choice
  • Gives a simple and comfortable baggy look

Get it at

Where to Buy Plus Size Clothes in Singapore?

Did the items in this list make you an instant fan of plus size clothes? I am a huge fan and an ardent lover of plus size clothes.

If you are new to this way of styling, you may find it confusing to style these clothes right. However, trust me when I say that wearing and styling plus size clothes are super easy. Plus size clothes make you look super stunning and chic.

In this guide, I have put together some of the best plus size clothes in Singapore that you can try out. The clothes in this list are super easy to style and will accentuate your looks and enhance your beauty. So, what are you waiting for? Catch up to this cozy and comfortable trend by getting these plus size clothes today!

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