Where to Buy Nintendo Switch in Singapore 2021

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Before the rise of games in smartphones and tablets, chances are you have owned or used a gaming console. Whether it is a portable or home video game consoles, these were a massive hit during its time.

Although the PlayStation and the Xbox were always in the spotlight for many, there are a handful of people (including me) who prefers a Nintendo gaming console in their home.

Nintendo at that time was known for its unique and extraordinary gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Wii, 3DS and Gameboy Advance. However, in today’s market, handheld gaming consoles became rare.

But Nintendo rises above all with the release of Nintendo Switch. The Switch merges the awesome features from the Nintendo Wii U, Wii, and 3DS. It has both handheld mode and TV mode. Such features mean that you can use it either as a portable device or plug and play on your favorite home television.

Its controllers both sides of the Switch can be detached and used as separate controllers, allowing you to have up to 2 players.

Where to Buy Nintendo Switch

Also, like every other gaming consoles, you have a huge library of games to choose from. Nintendo Switch comes in two versions which are the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite (a handheld-focused gaming console).

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Is it still worth buying a Nintendo Switch in 2021?

Definitely! There is no better time than right now to get yourself a Nintendo Switch. The portable gaming console has only gotten better and better each year since its launch back in 2017. They’ve upgraded the hardware, they’ve released all kinds of accessories, and the available game library for the Nintendo Switch is larger now than ever before. Plus, with the release of the Nintendo Switch V2, you’re getting an even better device than it ever was when it first launched.

How Much is a Nintendo Switch Gen 2 Singapore

Now the question would be, how much does Nintendo Switch Gen 2 cost in Singapore?

The latest Nintendo switch costs $479 and is available in both online and physical stores in Singapore. With updated hardware, improved specs and amazing colours, we think it is definitely worth the price.

Well, there are many options but Singapore is facing a huge shortage now. Each and every time when we discover a promo, we will update the top choice below. This week, Amazon SG sells the cheapest and the best.

(Nintendo Switch Prices are updated for August 2021)

Comes with Local warranty by Maxsoft.

Check it out – Price: Below $500

nintendo switch gen 2 singapore price

Our recommendation: Cheapest Price from Amazon SG

Check it out – Price: Below $500

(You have to come back to revisit this link time to time as sellers put up FIRE SALE time to time)

Review by buyer:

Bought this game for my daughters since they wanted to play animal crossing. Got it at a good price of sgd499 before it suddenly increased to sgd649 within a few days..Subahanallah, a good sgd150 diff! Could buy me 2 to 3 games! Probably increased due to a spike in popularity. Wanted to buy the Animal Crossing Limited Edition console but that was way above budget at sgd700+ or so..Some places are selling for almost sgd900..madness! Anyway the console is the Asian region and it is really good. Just make sure you don’t get addicted.

nintendo switch singapore best price

Top 5 Nintendo Switch Sellers in Singapore

Today, I’ll be showing you five of my favorite online stores from Lazada Singapore and Amazon Singapore. In addition to that, I’ll also be sharing with you some of my recommended games from those stores to go along with your kit.

So, Let’s begin!

1. Qisahn

Qisahn is a local online store found in Lazada Singapore, they have products specifically for console gaming. They are also a premium retailer for Nintendo Switch and an authorized dealer for PlayStation and Xbox. They have available Nintendo Switch in both grey and neon colors and Nintendo Switch Lite in their three available colors (turquoise, grey, yellow).

Qisahn Singapore

Qisahn also bundles the switch and lite with a 1-year Singapore Warranty. Having a warranty is especially important because, in case of any defects or problems you may find on the device, the warranty covers it.

They also have a nice selection of games at a good price such as Yoshi’s Crafted World, Super Mario Party, Pokemon Sword and Shield and more!

What I like about this store is that they are not just selling the device, but also cool Nintendo Switch accessories such as casing, screen protectors and extra controllers. But out of all the Switch accessories that I found in that shop, the Poke Ball Plus is the most interesting and fun.

Why Qisahn?

The question is, what is the store’s rating? This is important as it determines if the store is legit and reliable or not. I’m going to explain to you briefly what’s this all about.

In Shopee, their ratings are divided into three which are Positive Seller Rating, Ship on Time, and Chat Response Rate. You can check these ratings on their main store page.

Primarily, we always look at Positive Seller Rating as it is an average rating of all reviews they receive from their customers. So, the higher the rating, the reliable and legit the store is.

So Qisahn as of April 2021 has a Positive Seller Rating of 4.9 out of 5 (from 19.8k buyers) which is already an excellent indication of great services.

If Qisahn ran out of stock, check out other Shopee sellers HERE.

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2. Amazon.sg – Attractive Prices from Different sellers

Moving on to Amazon Singapore. Although it is a vast online store to buy electronics, it is a nice option. Amazon Singapore offers at least two versions from two sellers.

One is from Amazon Prime and one from Reddoor. However, the price from the Reddoor is somehow overpriced at around S$761.91 as opposed to S$459 on Amazon Prime.

a. Nintendo Switch Console

Nintendo Switch Console  singapore
Nintendo Switch Console

Both also have around 4-5-star rating indicates that it is reliable and legit. So, if you want to purchase from Amazon itself, go for it.

However, there are more great options we can look at in the following stores below.

Check the prices on:


3. Qoo10 – Nintendo from China Tencent $509 SGD!

Gen 2 with extended battery life! They listed their products on Qoo10 Singapore. They also have a huge selling of gaming consoles like Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox. In terms of Nintendo Switch, they offer the first and second generation of it and it does come in two types of bundles which are with a 1-year local warranty or not. I’d recommend the version with the local warranty as always.

2nd Generation Nintendo Switch with a 1-year warranty:

2nd Generation Nintendo Switch with a 1-year warranty

Check price on Qoo10.sg

If not, read here to Buy Nintendo Switch from Japan!

Nintendo Switch Lite Console

Nintendo Switch Lite Console
Price: S$379.00

On the other hand, the store also offers the Nintendo Switch Lite Console. It does come with four colors this time. These are the usual teal, yellow, grey plus a special ‘Pokemon edition colors’ one.

This korean store has games and accessories for Nintendo Switch too. These games like Super Bomberman R, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, and The Witcher 3, and more are available. Accessories though are also there like the Joy-Con Controllers and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers.

4. GameBusted

GameBusted is one of the coolest Nintendo switch retailers in Lazada Singapore. Although they may not have a big selection of games, they make up for what they bundle on their Nintendo Switch packages.

Where to Buy Nintendo Switch in Singapore

Taken from one of their products here, they offer a Nintendo Switch plus 5 free games, 1 casing, and pouch. This is awesome for the value as they give you a kit for you to get started.

They also offer a Nintendo Switch Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee Edition bundle where it includes the switch itself, the Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee! game, 1 Pokeball accessory, 1 Nintendo Switch Pokemon Shield Game, 1 Nyko Charge Base, 1 Case and more.

GameBusted also got great choices for accessories that you can purchase with your Nintendo Switch such as the Joy-Con Wheel, Hard pouch, Pro Controller, Hori Playstand, and more.

Where to Buy Nintendo Switch in Singapore 2020

As of April 2021, GameBusted has a good Positive Seller Rating of 5.0 (18k ratings). This is a really awesome online game store to buy if you wanted a much wider option of Nintendo Switch bundles and accessories than the previous stores mentioned above.

5. Shopitree on Shopee

The seller is one of Shopee Singapore’s Nintendo switch retailers. This is somehow a small store that offers quite a handful of Nintendo products.

However not that much compared to the other shops we talked about. They do offer bundles too with their Nintendo Switch like this 2nd generation console bundle plus 5 gifts (screen protector, Joy-Con Silicon cover, Joy-Con Analog Thumb grip, Soft Carry Pouch, and Storage Case for four-game cards)

They also have Nintendo Switch Lite (same turquoise, grey, yellow and Pokemon colors) are available too with a screen protector bundled to it. In terms of the warranty, they do have a 3-month shop warranty included with the Switch’s bundle. A good feature to add although some have a 1-year warranty.

Buy Nintendo Switch in Singapore from Shopitree on Shopee, shopitree discount code,qisahn shopee,qisahn shopee ps5
shopee gamebusted
nintendo switch local warranty vs maxsoft
nintendo switch warranty singapore
maxsoft shopee
nintendo switch refurbished singapore

And, this seller does have some games in hand too such as Super Robot Wars, Mario Tennis Aces, Fire Emblem and more. Although to be noted that they have a few games available, unlike the rest of the shops. They also have a few accessories, one of them caught my attention is the Nintendo Switch Cooler.

As of April 2020, Shopitree has an excellent Positive Seller Rating on Shopee. The store has the highest rating out of all the stores mentioned above. Although they have a few Nintendo switch products on hand, they do make up for their status as a legit and reliable shop. It is worth looking at.

Should I get a Nintendo Switch or Lite?

If you value portability above all else, then the Nintendo Switch Lite is the obvious choice – it’s smaller, lighter, and designed to be much more compact as a handheld console. However, if you’d rather have versatility – the option to play tabletop or with a big-screen TV – then the Nintendo Switch is the better option. Plus, on the original Switch, you get access to the entire library of games.

Why is Nintendo Switch so expensive?

Is it still worth buying a Nintendo Switch in 2021, How much does Nintendo switch cost in Singapore?
How much is Nintendo switch in Singapore?,How much does Nintendo switch cost in Malaysia?,How much should a Nintendo switch cost?
Is it still worth buying a Nintendo Switch in 2021?

The Nintendo Switch was a market mover – the first powerful portable gaming console of its kind that could run AAA titles with ease. Its unique design, powerful performance, and superb convenience as a gaming platform keeps demand for the Nintendo Switch high, and supply struggling to catch up, that’s why you’ll often find the Nintendo Switch at marked-up prices, particularly in U.S. retailers.

Will Nintendo Switch prices drop?

Despite slowly aging components and performance benchmarks, the Nintendo Switch is still so highly in-demand that we might not see an official price drop on the Nintendo Switch, at least until we have news of an upcoming new model. Even when the V2 released with slight improvements to the console, the original Switch stayed at MSRP until it phased out completely, so we might need an actual successor.

Where can I get a free Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch prices are still high nearly four years after launch, but there are alternative ways to get your hands on one of the best-selling portable gaming consoles of all-time. If you’re feeling lucky, you can take part in all kinds of giveaways and sweepstakes with a Nintendo Switch up for grabs, like on YouTube or other platforms.

Where to Buy Nintendo Switch 2021 in Singapore

So, there you have it! The five stores I would recommend to you if you are looking to purchasing your first Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite. Most of them even offer great freebies and warranty bundled with your device which is great. These stores also have a good selection of Nintendo Switch games and accessories to choose from. Kindly take note of the huge surge in prices since demand high supply low.

If you already bought your Nintendo Switch, please let me know what’s your first impressions and experience with it.

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