Where to Buy Nespresso Products in Singapore

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Many of us have become dependent on coffee to become a fully functional human being for the day. Nespresso has made us enjoy our espresso and cappuccino without lining up in coffee shops to feed our coffee drinking habit. Having this machine whether in our own kitchen or office pantry allows us to have a fresh and luxurious cup of coffee anytime. The coffee capsules are in many different blends and grade strengths to enjoy.

We searched some of our trusted online shopping platforms where you can get the most affordable and quality Nespresso machines and capsules to cater your caffeine needs.

Best Nespresso Machines in Singapore

#1 – Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine

Choosing the right machine to serve you coffee is a serious decision, after all a cup of coffee can either make or break your day. That is why Nespresso made their trusted coffee machines simple to use. There is now no need to pressure yourself in creating an account and sign up to become a Nespresso member in order to get that machine.

The Creatista machine is one of the most luxurious looking machine in their line. Its sleek and industrial design is comparable to other high-end fully functional coffee machine you see in your favorite café. Its built-in milk steamer allows you to froth your own milk and create a more personalized latte art.

where to buy nespresso machines

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 #2 – De Longhi ENV135GYAE Coffee and Espresso Machine Bundle 

When Nespresso decided to go bigger, the Vertuo Line came out in the market. This machine is now available to accommodate 5 cup sizes. A unique barcode under the coffee pods makes the machine know which type of pod was placed and blend it perfectly according to its size and flavor profile.

As a power seller qoostore sources most of their products in the US, and with almost 5,000 fellows this store is one of the trusted sellers of authentic Nespresso machines and capsules that would suit your needs.

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#3 – Nespresso Essenza Mini

Get the smallest Nespresso machine at Firdhouse Electronics Pte Ltd. The Nespresso Essenza Mini has a slim compact design that would suit small nooks in your kitchen and pantry. Do not underestimate the size though because it can still create both espresso and lungo, and accommodate different grand crus coffee capsules.

You can have your machine with 2 years warranty from Firdhouse and a discount of up to $10 if you purchase your Nespresso machine from them now. They also sell other appliances that would be useful for your home.

where to buy nespresso machines

#4 – Nespresso Inissia

If you want to go into the world of Nespresso machines, the Nespresso Inissia is a recommended one. It is light and is available in different colors that could add a pop of character to your kitchen. Even if it weighs less than 3 kilograms, it has the capacity to give you a hearty warm drink in just 25 seconds.

The 2 shops below give a range of coffee machines, but if you are looking for this specific Nespresso machine you can order it at a 25% discount and receive 14 pieces of capsules for free to let you test and a enjoy your purchase right away. The stores also sells other kinds of Nespresso machine such as the Essenza and Creatista.

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#5 – Nespresso Pixie

Need to make your coffee in a jiffy? This Nespresso Pixie is one of the most affordable and fast selling among this coffee machine line. It prides itself as a smart coffee machine by having a water level sensor that allows you to know when the machine is running out of water. The cup holder can be adjusted into different sizes and a handle that makes is more portable.

It ergonomic design makes it a suitable appliance for every part of the house. SG Cheap Electronics offers this product in flexible installment plans from trusted card companies. If you purchase from them you can have get up to 12 months of warranty.

nespresso singapore accessories

#6 – Nespresso Lattissima

If you are someone who enjoys coffee with milk, the Nespresso Lattissima is perfectly suited for your taste. You can have free flowing lattes and cappuccinos at home with this machine that comes with a milk carafe that is detachable and can be kept in the fridge. It also have a an automatic switch off function after 9 minutes of inactivity. This specific feature makes most Nespresso machine energy efficient.

The below online stores are offering this amazing machine together with other top of the line Nespresso coffee makers in their store. If you choose to order in the store a complementary gift of 14 different coffee capsules will be included in your package.

where to buy nespresso capsule

Best Nespresso Capsules in Singapore

Pod Labs

podlabs coffee singapore

Make the most out of your espresso machines with these original Nespresso capsules from these local guys who aim is to allow consumers the chance to enjoy high quality traditional Singaporean “Kopi-O” and “Teh-O” from the comfort of their home or office.

Some of the flavors available are Thai Tea, Teh O, Kopi O, Arabica. No matter what kind of coffee you are in for the day whether something roasted with a hint of chocolate or something roasted with a woody hint there is a grand cru capsule for you.

These cups can also be recycled and exchanged with new ones. If you are in the mood for trying out different range of Nespresso coffee capsules you can get it out at Shopee.

Korea Farm

This collaboration between two of the biggest players in the coffee industry is a product that would save you a few bucks and much time lining up for your favorite coffee drinks. These Starbucks At Home Nespresso Capsule are specifically crafted espresso shots that you can enjoy at the comfort of your own home.

nespresso Singapore

These are capsules are available at koreafarm.sg. Even if the store sells a variety of authentic food and beverages from South Korea, their capsule coffee has been a bestseller with almost 1500 sales and a 4.8/5 rating. You can purchase the Starbucks At Home coffee capsules in pike place, Colombia, café Verona, blonde, Sumatra and house blend flavors.

Don Francisco’s

Enjoy a luxurious and rich espresso from Don Francisco’s espresso capsules that are compatible with most of Nespresso’s trusted machines. You can enjoy this coffee, that has been around for four generations, in four different of blends and roasts.

These 100% Arabica coffee beans are available in Clasico, Nuevo Mundo, Old Havana and Organico. These coffee capsules are a perfect alternative if you want to try something different from the original Nespresso Grand Crus coffee capsules.

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top capsule on amazon singapore

Experience pure and fully blended notes of hazelnut, roasted cereals and coffee sourced from Central and South America with Lavazza Espresso capsules. This Italian company has committed into giving only the best and quality coffee at home for over 120 years.

Roasting coffee beans from different parts of the world made Lavazza’s coffee distinct and memorable. With flavor notes that ranges from cocoa, fruity and woody notes, you can enjoy these Italian blends in five different intensity level and flavors.

Singapore Coffee Service

Want to take a break from coffee? You might want to check Singapore Coffee Service store to see other popular Nespresso pods that you can use in your Nespresso machine that is not caffeine fueled. One of the best selling alternative is Podista Chocolate series. Its rich and flavorful chocolate is available in flavors such as mint, hazelnut, and caramel.

These chocolate shots can also be added to your coffee cup to get a more personalized mocha flavor. Enjoy a soothing warm chocolate drink with these chocolate pods. Singapore Coffee Service also offers other products that are compatible with your Nespresso machine.

nespresso capsules Singapore


Take a chance and try these Copassio coffee capsules from Australia. It gives you the thick aromatic coffee, creamy chocolate and caramel. You can now enjoy Australia’s flat white using your personal coffee machine at home. The coffee flavors named after the country famous streets and landmarks will give you a dose of feels to enjoy in the land down under.

Anneezellecoffee customers are able to enjoy these coffee due to their fast delivery and great customer service. They sometimes give out samples of other products or give complimentary lotus biscuits for their wonderful cup of coffee.

which nespresso should i buy

Why get a Nespresso machine?

Still contemplating whether you’ll hop right onto the Nespresso madness? Not yet sure if owning a coffee machine is worth it? Nespresso machines gives you the convenience of getting your espresso and its user-friendly one button interface makes serving coffee take less of your time in the morning. It is also much more ergonomic and compact in design compared to a full-blown espresso machine. Nepresso machines makes coffee enthusiasts enjoy a range of coffee products without sacrificing much on the budget.

You can now have the luxury of enjoying café-quality coffees at the comfort of your home. These Nespresso machines and coffee capsules are now more accessible and can now be enjoyed without the burden of paying for a monthly subscription. It changes the way how people start their day with a coffee right after getting out the bed. Get your new coffee companion from these trusted online shopping platforms now.

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