Where to Buy Face Shields in Singapore 2021

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While most people may be confident in using their face masks and practicing social distancing, these measures alone may not be enough for the new strain of Covid-19. Due to what is known about the nature of the novel coronavirus – how it can spread through the eyes, nose, and mouth in the form droplets, how it can survive on surfaces for extended periods of time, and how it can be transmitted through coughs, sneezes, tears, etc. – it becomes apparent that additional protection is needed to counter this viral threat.

While face masks alone may not be enough to keep you safe and healthy during this pandemic, combining them with other protective gear such as face shields may do the trick. Face masks will protect your nose and mouth from inhaling toxins and particles, and face shields will keep your eyes safe from droplets and viral splash. But where can you even buy a face shield in Singapore?

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Buying Face Shield Online in Singapore

To help you find the best protective face shield to fit your size, your needs, and your budget, we’ve curated this list of the best face shields you can buy on Shopee SG.

Protective Face Shield from Liweike

Best-Selling Face Shield

Functional face shield for all-day, everyday protection

face shield singapore

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  • Sturdy, impact-resistant PET material
  • Does not restrict visibility
  • Great price point


  • May have trouble fitting larger heads

It’s not going to win any awards for beauty or style, but when it comes to effective full facial protection, the Liweike Protective Face Shield is tough to beat. Currently one of the best-selling face shields on Shopee, this piece of protective equipment is tough and durable, with rated resistances to various elements and conditions.

Made from high-quality PET Plastic, this protective face shield comes with anti-fume and anti-dust protection. Its face shield comes with anti-fog treatment to increase visibility and reduce the risk of clouded vision. Thanks to its PET material composition, the face shield is also highly resistant to impact and can protect the user even from chemical exposure.

One thing to note about the Liweike Protective Face Shield is that while it does have an adjustable strap, it’s not always going to give you the most comfortable head, especially if you have a larger or smaller than average head size. However, at this price point, it’s a solid purchase and even if it doesn’t fit perfectly, it will still provide plenty of protection and won’t set you back too much.

Product Specifications

Available Size/s: One size, adjustable

Material: PET Plastic

Style: Head-mounted

Features: Anti-fog, Anti-fume, Anti-droplet, Anti-dust, Direct Splash Protection, Impact Resistant

Check out this face shield here

Kids Cartoon Face Shield from Office2

Best Face Shield for Kids

Kid safety and protection made fun

where to buy face shield singapore

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  • Fun, kid-friendly designs
  • Adjustable for a comfortable fit
  • Washable and reusable


  • Only suitable for younger, smaller children

One thing we adults can never take too seriously is the health, safety, and well-being of our children and young ones. Unfortunately, it might be hard to get younger kids to take their own protection seriously, but the Kids Cartoon Face Shield from Office2 should be able to help with that.

Featuring the same standard materials as most face shields, especially with its high-quality and durable PET plastic composition, the Kids Cartoon Face Shield will provide your child with protection from dust, fumes, droplets, and all forms of splash. However, these face shields do set themselves apart by offering some unique features.

The Kids Cartoon Face Shield is equipped with a sponge layer attached to the forehead to protect your child’s skin and prevent chafing and discomfort. It’s also CE Certified for safety so you can rest assured that it’s safe and clean for your children to wear and use. It comes with an adjustable strap, and even though it only comes in one size, it should be able to comfortably fit kids of all ages. To add some fun and child-like enjoyment into the mix, these face shields are available in a variety of designs, featuring cute animals and beloved cartoon characters.

Product Specifications

Available Size/s: One size, adjustable

Color/s: Little Bear, Little Pig, Bunny, Red Bunny, Green Bunny, Big Bear, Donald Duck, Doraemon, Minnie Mouse, Tiger, Sheep

Material: PET Plastic, Sponge

Features: Anti-fog, Anti-saliva, Anti-dust, Anti-droplet, Impact Resistant, CE Certified

Check out this face shield here

Full Face Shield for Kids

Best Face Shield for Infants

Child-safe quality for uncompromising protection

children face shield singapore

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  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Child-friendly design
  • Full face protection for infants and toddlers
  • Adjustable for proper fitting


  • Lighter ABS plastic not as durable

The Full Face Shield for Children from Jushgg is designed specifically for infants, toddlers, and smaller kids to provide them with all-around protection from the elements, without compromising their comfort and happiness. Unlike other face shields that are made of heavy-duty PET plastic, these child-safe baby-sized face shields are made with a more lightweight but slightly less rigid ABS plastic. With lighter, more flexible materials, these face shields provide more comfort to your little one, while still providing all the protection they need against dust, fog, and potentially infectious saliva splatter.

While other face shields provide minimalis designs suitable for work, school, and any number of social environments, these face shields come with cute caricature designs based on popular animals and cartoon characters. To provide extra comfort for even the fussiest children, the headband on this face shield has a thick, soft sponge attachment to prevent chafing and protect your child’s skin.

Designed specifically for little children, these face shields provide a snug yet comfortable fit to ensure that it stays securely on your baby’s head while keeping them comfortable and relaxed. For the next time you have to go outdoors with your little one, make sure they have the protection they need with the Full Face Shield for Children, from Jushgg.

Product Specifications

Available Size/s: One size, adjustable

Color/s: Random, Depending on Availability

Material: ABS Plastic

Features: Anti-fog, full facial protection, waterproof, dust-proof, high visibility

Check out this face shield here

Outdoor Protective Cap Safety Face Shield from Warm Station

Best Face Shield with Cap

All-around protection in a convenient, stylish form

outdoor face shield singapore

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  • Comfortable to wear, designed for outdoors
  • Full, all-around protection
  • All-in-one headgear for endemic protection


  • Non-adjustable size

When it comes to all-around protection, you can’t go wrong with this Outdoor Protective Cap with a built-in Face Shield from Warm Station. Designed for maximum comfort and convenience, this face shield comes attached to a fisherman-style outdoors cap for easy, worry-free wear.

Since it’s attached seamlessly to the ends of the cap, users can rest assured that the face shield will rest securely and snugly on their person without having to worry about loose-fitting straps or low-tensile shielding. The Face Shield is wide enough to cover not just the face, eyes, nose, and mouth areas, but also extends to the ears and the neck, to ensure maximum protection against potentially harmful substances such as dust, fumes, and droplets.

This outdoors cap with an attached face shield comes in three colors – black, khaki, and navy – for maximum safety without compromising personal style. Not only does this design provide more protection against the ongoing pandemic, but it also offers protection against the sun making it the ideal choice for extended periods spent outdoors.

Product Specifications

Available Size/s: One size (57 cm circumference)

Color/s: Black, Navy, Khaki

Material: Polyester PVE

Features: Outdoor Cap Style Anti-fog, full facial protection, waterproof, dust-proof, high visibility

Get this face shield here.

Hard Outdoor Visor with Face Shield from Lequinz

Best Premium Face Shield

Heavy-duty, durable face protection for extended use

face shield singapore online

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  • Great for prolonged use
  • Adjustable strap to fit all sizes
  • Strong, high-quality build and materials


  • Heavier than other options

This Hard Outdoor Visor with Face Shield from Lequinz is the best option for those looking for a more durable, heavy-duty face shield. The Hard Visor allows users better control over the face shield angle and placement while providing a more snug and comfortable fit for all head sizes.

The face shield itself is made of hard PET plastic to provide impact resistance as well as protection from harmful substances.

Product Specifications

Available Size/s: One size, adjustable

Color/s: Black, Silver, Gold

Material: PVC (Visor), PET (Face Shield)

Features: Anti-fog, Anti-droplet, Impact resistance, Anti-dust, Adjustable Strap

Check out this face shield here.

Glasses-Mounted Face Shield from Boming

Best Face Shield For Bulk Orders

Great value face shields for the whole family

where to buy face shield

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  • Unique, glasses-mounted design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Available in packs of 10
  • Great price point


  • Lighter ABS plastic not as durable

If you’re looking to buy face shields for a lot of people – whether it’s for your family, your employees, for donation drives, or even for your own personal use, one of the best bulk options available is this glasses-mounted face shield from Boming.

Although originally designed for protection against oil-splatter, the unique glasses-mounted style makes this face shield comfortable, convenient, and easy to use. It’s made from durable ABS plastic that’s lightweight, but specially treated to withstand even harsh chemical exposure, including hot oil splatter from cooking.

Available in packs of 10 and at low, wholesale pricing, these glasses-mounted face shields are a great option for providing reliable protection for everyone in your family or household, as well as to keep your employees safe and healthy throughout the pandemic.

Product Specifications

Available Size/s: One size, adjustable

Color/s: Gray

Material: ABS Plastic

Features: Splash Proof, Anti-fog, Anti-droplet, Anti-dust

Check out this face shield for primary school

Face Shields Singapore Prices

There you have it for our list of the best face shields you can buy on Shopee Singapore. Protection cost less than SGD 5 usually!

Whether you decided on more modest and basic features, or chose to splurge on the best protection you can get your hands on, we’re confident that the items curated in this list will deliver the best value for your money to fit your specific needs at the price point that you choose.


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