Where to Buy Cheap Original Adidas Shoes in Singapore 2021

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The Adidas brand is one that’s known throughout the world and loved by professionals and enthusiasts alike for their superb quality and advanced fitness technology. Whether it’s for running, weightlifting, casual wear, and all kinds of competitive sports, there’s an Adidas shoe out there for just about everybody.

While Adidas is most popular in Germany and several parts of Europe, the people of Singapore have also grown to trust Adidas for the high performance and unique style that the brand offers. While there’s plenty of places in Singapore where you can get your hands on some of the latest Adidas products, we’ve taken the liberty of listing down the best places you can get authentic and high-quality Adidas shoes cheaply and conveniently.

In this guide, we’ll be pointing you towards the Best Adidas Outlets in Singapore. However, since we understand it may be difficult (not to mention risky) to go out and about to find the perfect Adidas shoes for you, we’ve also included the best places to buy Adidas shoes online.

Buy Adidas Shoes Singapore Online

Here are the best places where you can buy Adidas shoes in Singapore.

Official Adidas Outlet Online

adidas singapore

Image from Adidas SG

Adidas Outlet Stores are the best option for anyone looking to buy authentic Adidas shoes at lower prices than retail. However, for those who don’t have the means to get to their factory outlet of choice due to growing concerns over COVID-19, one of the best options would be to visit the Adidas Outlet Online, where you can purchase authentic Adidas shoes at factory outlet prices, all from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Of course, you won’t be getting the lowest prices and best deals possible, but for the safest shopping experience possible, you can’t go wrong with Adidas Outlet Online.

Get Adidas Shoes on Shopee Singapore

Since we’re looking for the best and most convenient ways to buy Adidas shoes, it should be no surprise that Shopee SG is the top alternative in this list. Shopee has been doing some great business thanks to the growing popularity of eCommerce platforms, especially with the onset of COVID-19.

Right now, you can get almost anything on Shopee – from clothes to cat food to industrial supplies – and that includes genuine Adidas footwear.

However, since there are a number of fakes and cheap knock-offs circulating everywhere on the internet (Shopee included), here’s a list of some of the most trusted Adidas sellers on Shopee SG where you can buy authentic, high-quality Adidas shoes at great prices.

Sports-Zone Official Store

adidas stores singapore
Image from Sports-Zone Official Store

One of the best places to shop for Adidas shoes in Singapore is Sports Zone. Sports Zone has been around for years and is one of the premier sporting goods retailers in all of Singapore. While it may be difficult to get yourself to the Sports Zone retail store at One Stadium Place, fortunately, Sports Zone also sells online via Shopee.

The Sports-Zone Official Store on Shopee houses a very wide variety of Adidas shoes and sneakers. Whether you’re looking for the latest shoes for running, or basketball, football, or even for casual use, Sports- Zone is bound to have the model you’re looking for.

Their latest arrivals include the extremely popular Adidas Superstar, the Adidas Ultraboost, the Adidas FX Flux, and more.

Visit the store now.

Sneaks Alert

where to buy adidas shoes singapore

More oriented towards the sneaker connoisseur than the typical sports enthusiast, Sneaks Alert offers a wide selection of Adidas-brand sneakers, including the brand’s most popular designer shoes.

While you most likely won’t find the best sports-performance shoes on Sneaks Alert, you will be able to get your hands on the trendiest styles and designs from Adidas, including the much-hyped Adidas Superstar Holographic, and even rarer sneakers like the vintage, but classic, Adidas Stan Smith.

Visit the store now!

Sneaker Clinic

adidas stores offline singapore

With an impressive selection of sneakers, Sneaker Clinic is another trusted Shopee seller that deals in authentic Adidas shoes. Their selection mixes trendy and sporty to provide some of the most sought-after shoes from Adidas.

Sneaker Clinic currently stocks popular sneakers like the Adidas Ultraboost series, the Adidas Yeezy 500, and multiple variations of the Adidas Yeezy Boost. They also stock trendier and harder-to-find shoes like the Adidas Continental, the Adidas Consortium series, and more.

Visit the store now!

Check Out Trusted Sellers on Amazon

If you’re not convinced by the sellers on Shopee SG and want to buy from a platform with a bit of a track record, then Amazon Singapore should be your next stop. Amazon is an international platform where hundreds of thousands of sellers from around the world participate in global eCommerce. For the most trusted sellers on Amazon for Adidas-brand footwear, here are our top recommendations.

Amazon Official SG/US

When you visit Amazon.SG, you not only have access to Amazon’s official Singapore store but also their official US store. While technically you also have access to Amazon International, recent policies and quality-control standards currently make the international store a less-attractive option. However, if you still want a wide selection and guaranteed quality, you can’t go wrong with Amazon Official.

To choose which vendors to show, simply go on Amazon.sg and select Amazon SG and Amazon US from the Sellers section of the search filters.

Check it out here!

Kicks Worldwide

Another great Amazon seller (and overall one of the best sneaker sellers on the internet) is Kicks Worldwide. They’re partnered up with some of the biggest brands so they can offer a great selection at quite possibly the best prices, so they’re worth checking out.

Get The Best Deals on Zalora

zalora adidas singapore
Image from Zalora SG

Zalora SG is a great place for fashionable footwear. Plus, since Zalora is officially partnered with Adidas sportswear, you can get definitely get a wide selection of authentic Adidas shoes on the online platform, and at great prices, too.

Some of the shoes currently available on Zalora SG include the super-trendy and very popular

Adidas Superstar and Adidas Yeezy. Since they’re primarily a fashion brand instead of a sporting goods brand, Zalora most likely won’t stock more sports-oriented performance footwear, but you will be able to find more designer shoes and casual footwear on the platform.

Right now, you can get some of the latest designs on Zalora SG, such as the Adidas Sleek, the Adidas Tensaur Kid, and the Adidas Continental. They also have a limited supply of performance footwear, including the Ultraboost 19 and Ultraboost 20.

Visit These Singapore Adidas Outlets For The Best Prices Offline

While getting Adidas shoes online is a bit more convenient, going to a physical retail store to buy them comes with plenty of perks, too. For one thing, you’ll be able to try on the sneakers before you buy them, so you can make sure that you’re getting the best size and fit for your feet. Buying them at a retail or outlet store also means you won’t have to wait for unpredictable delivery services to bring them to you – you can even walk out of the store with your brand-new shoes on your feet if you want to.

In that regard, if you’d much rather get your shoes at a brick-and-mortar establishment instead of online, here are some of the best Adidas outlets and retail stores where you can get the best deals in Singapore.

IMM Mall – Adidas Outlet Store in the West

imm mall adidas singapore
Image from CapitaLand

The International Merchandising Mart (IMM) is one of the best places to shop, and since they have one of the biggest and most well-stocked Adidas outlets in Singapore, they’re also your best bet if you’re looking to buy a new pair of authentic Adidas shoes.

The Adidas Outlet Store can be located on the 2nd Floor – #02-14 to 16 of IMM in Jurong East, Singapore, or visit the IMM website to get directions.

Novena Square – Adidas Outlet Store in Central

One of the favorite shopping destinations in Singapore, Novena Square is home to many brand outlet stores, including Adidas. Another great thing about Novena Square is that they’re well-known as a place to get the best prices on all kinds of products.

adidas singapore novena square
Image by Aloysius Yap on Google (2017)

Novena Square is located along Thomson Road, Singapore. The Adidas Outlet Store can be located on the 2nd Floor – #02-30 to 32.

Changi City Point – Adidas Outlet Store in the East

If you’re looking for something a little closer to the East Side, then Changi City Point is your go-to for the best deals on the latest products. Since its where most sporting brands have their factory outlet, you won’t have any trouble finding great prices on Adidas shoes in Changi City Point.

changi city point adidas
Image by May Heng on Google (2019)

Changi City Point is located in Changi Business Park 1, and the Adidas Outlet Store is easily accessible on the ground floor – #1 – 04/05.

Checking out to compare the best prices for Adidas Shoes in Singapore

There you have it for our list of the best places to buy Adidas shoes in Singapore – both online and offline. If you’re looking for the widest selections, the best prices, and guaranteed authenticity on the latest and greatest shoes from Adidas, then we hope that you found what you were looking for in this guide. If you have any comments or suggestions – or if you think we missed your favorite outlet store – let us know!

Make sure to check back with us soon for the latest guides and the best deals on your favourite products.


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