Where can I buy stationery in Singapore 2021?

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Whether you’re a hobbyist into crafts, a professional artist or writer, or a commercial enterprise, there’s always something you need from a stationery shop. Unfortunately, with the on-going pandemic and the urgent recommendation to stay home, you might not be able or willing to pay a visit to your local book or art store.

Fortunately, there are plenty of stationery supplies services in Singapore that now offer online shopping options with island-wide delivery. No matter where you are in Singapore, these online stationery stores are a great place to get all of your stationery needs – whether it’s for your hobbies, your work, or any and all of your business needs.

Top 10 Best Online Stationery Stores for Home Use & Office Use

With easy-to-use digital catalogs that you can peruse from the comfort of your own home, and safe, convenient delivery options, online shopping is the way to go in this new normal. Here are the Top 10 Best Online Stationery Stores in Singapore, so you can get your hands on your stationery supply needs right now.

The Stationery Shop

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Image from The Stationery Shop

Starteded in 1993, The Stationery Stop is a mainstay of commercial stationery needs in Singapore. For nearly three decades, The Stationery Shop has provided Singapore’s offices with the office tools and supplies they need to take on the growing demands of local and global commerce.

The Stationery Shop caters primarily to the needs of offices and businesses in Singapore, so their catalog is filled with everything you need to run an office. Copier paper, pens, printable labels, memo pads, tape – you name it, The Stationery Shop has it.

If you’re more into arts and crafts than any commercial use of stationery, The Stationery Shop also offers a solid variety of art supplies. Plus, their office accessories can be used to great effect elsewhere, so if you’re looking to get your home organized and well-equipped, this online stationery store is the place to shop.

A4 paper cost $4.71 per ream (min. 50 reams per order).

About The Stationery Shop

Website: https://thestationeryshop.com.sg/
Address: 1003 Bukit Merah Central, #04-19 INNO Centre, Singapore 159836
Contact Details: +65 6299 3757
Operating Hours: Monday – Thursday: 9am–4pm; Friday – Saturday: Closed

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Overjoyed is best Stationery stores in Singapore for the paper and pen junkie, back-to-school essentials for students, Stationery stores in Singapore for students to buy school stuff, our favourite stationery stores in Singapore
Image from Overjoyed

If The Stationery Stop is the top online destination for office stationery, overjoyed is the best for those looking to get fun and creative. On the opposite end of the stationery spectrum, Overjoyed offers a wide variety of stationery materials – from markers and fountain pens, to notebooks, stickers, paint, colored paper, and more – designed for creative use.

That said, Overjoyed still offers a range of multi-purpose stationery supplies. So, if you need to pick up some paper, pens, or other supplies for your office or your business, you’re likely to find them here. You’re not going to get as much variety as you would with a dedicated office stationery workshop, but there’s plenty of office staples (pun intended) to be found amidst the wide selection of arts and crafts supplies available at Overjoyed. Here’s what their customers have to say:

“Amazing selections of watercolor & hand lettering materials, from a special denim, beige and black watercolor selection of watercolor paper to pretty paint pan sets. Found everything I ever need, and I am indeed overjoyed from shopping here.”

About Overjoyed

Website: https://www.overjoyed.xyz/home
Address: 2 Handy Road, B1-11, The Cathay, Singapore, Singapore 229233
Contact Details: +65 6466 4366
Operating Hours: Everyday from 10AM to 9PM

One Dollar Only Online Store

One Dollar Only Online Store is top 10 Stationery Shops In Singapore, Cheap Wholesale Stationery & Gift Online,
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Image from One Dollar Only

As the name implies, One Dollar Only Online Store has a wide variety of stationery supplies, crafting materials, school supplies, office supplies and more – all for the price of a Singapore Dollar. Of course, they have items that cost more than a dollar – like the $2 customizable items – but for the most part, this online stationery store stays true to its name.

At One Dollar Only Online Store, you’ll find all kinds of stationery products. Their line includes general stationery like pens and papers in numerous styles and varieties. For artistic types, this store is also a great place to shop for art supplies: they have a dedicated section for all kinds of arts and DIY crafts. They have a bunch of corporate/commercial-oriented stationery products available, too, but in that regard think of them more as a bookstore for cute office implements instead of a dedicated office supplies store.

Enjoy their 25th Anniversary Celebration this year with free gifts, free inhouse design templates or even free printing. T&C apply.

Here’s what their customers have to say:

“GREAT service and products! Steve and his team went out of their way to give us the most value for our budget within a short time-frame. We received positive feedback about the quality and look of the post-it pads and pouches we ordered. We will definitely get customized products from them again!”

About One Dollar Only Online Store

Website: https://onedollaronly.com.sg/
Address: Woodlands Horizon, 31 Woodlands Close, #03-16, Singapore 737855
Contact Details: +65 6747 4447
Operating Hours: No-WalkIn (Appointment Only)

NBC Stationery & Gifts

NBC Stationery & Gifts is 10 Best Stationery Shops in Singapore, Online Exclusive for Pentel X In bloom, Pentel X In bloom Collection,nbc stationery singapore online,nbc stationery hiring,nbc stationery membership
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Image from NBC Stationery & Gifts

NBC Stationery & Gifts might not cater to the needs of Singapore’s businesses, but for students, hobbyists, and crafts enthusiasts, there’s no better place to shop. Their catalog of products include a wide variety of cute stationery items, making them the perfect place to add something unique and high-quality to your scrapbooking.

According to their website, most of the products available at NBC are Made in Taiwan. Thanks to their high industrial standards, customers are always raving about the quality and workmanship of the stationery supplies offered at NBC Stationery & Gifts. Here’s what their customers have to say:

“Their purchasers are doing great work. Things are unique and of high quality. Very happy to buy these Made in Taiwan stuffs and the mask is made in Singapore!”

About NBC Stationery & Gifts

Website: https://www.nbcstationeryandgifts.com/
Address: Retail stores at Bugis Junction, Raffles City, Jurong Jem, Kinokuniya Ngee Ann City, Isetan Shaw House
Contact Details: +65 6270 7735

Office Mate

Office Mate is a place to buy cheap notebooks in Singapore, 10 Stationery Shops In Singapore,office equipment, printer cartridge, paper products, desktop supplies, filing products,stationery shop online singapore,stationery world,stationery shop orchard,evergreen stationery,stationery wholesale singapore
Image from Office Mate

Office Mate Stationery is a top office supplies provider in Singapore. Their website could use a face lift, but when it comes to convenient office supplies in Singapore, Office Mate has proven itself to be reliable and consistent online stationery store. You won’t find any arts and crafts here – Office Mate is strictly business.

Their catalog includes all kinds of office supplies – ink, paper, folders, you name it. If you need a place to keep your office well-supplied with cards, envelopes, calendars, pens, and more, Office Mate Stationery has you covered. Plus, their price points are cheaper than most places, so it’s a great option for when you want to cut down on office costs. Here’s what their customers say:

“This place has a lot of good stuff, and staff is helpful. I found cards, pens, tape, envelopes, calendars, etc. here, and all pretty nice stuff, not too expensive. I would recommend this shop if you need stationery and office supplies, they will make it easy for you to get what you need.”

About Office Mate Pte Ltd

Website: http://officemate.com.sg/
Address: The Central at Clarke Quay, 6 Eu Tong Sen St, #02-70, Singapore 059817
Contact Details: +65 6536 2456


Smiggle is best 10 Stationery Shops In Singapore to buy online, office equipment, printer cartridge, paper products, desktop supplies, filing products,stationery supplier singapore,japanese stationery singapore,stationery shop near me
Image from Smiggle

Based in Australia, Smiggle is a stationery chain that offers a wide range of stationery supplies. Their specialty: anything and everything your kid needs to express themselves and get creative, both at home and at school. Catering primarily to students and younger kids, Smiggle is the premiere online stationery for all kinds of school supplies and arts & crafts materials.

One of the best things about Smiggle is their wide variety of deferred payment options, so you can get your kids the best tools and supplies to help them unleash their creativity and be equipped for the demands of the classroom right now without having to worry about the cost. Here’s what customers have to say:

“Smiggle tops children’s school supplies, toys, and accessories. Designs are bursting with colours, cute creatures, kiddie concepts and nice youthful touches. Always a go to place for getting gifts for my nephews and nieces. There is always new designs, themes and products.”

About Smiggle

Website: http://www.smiggle.sg/
Address: Various Outlets


PaperMarket is top 10 online Stationery Shops in Singapore, Best Online Craft Kits, Gifts & Stationery Store,papermarket reddit,papermark singapore,papermarket instagram,papermarket workshop,paper shop singapore,online craft store singapore,art paper singapore,paper market price
Image from Paper Market

With virtually no products designed for business or commercial use, PaperMarket is more of specialty online stationery store with a comprehensive selection of art materials and supplies. Here, you’ll find everything you need to get creative – from beautifully designed notebooks, to hundreds of stickers for every occasion, different kinds of tools, pads, and more. Plus, it’s the best place to go if you’re looking for a DIY Craft Kit that comes with everything you need to come up with your crafts.

PaperMarket is loved and celebrated all across Singapore, thanks in no small part to the robust online platform they’ve developed for their customers. The website is a fully-functional online store, complete with delivery options, membership and rewards, and the latest updates on PaperMarket-hosted workshops and events for the artistically-inclined. Here’s what their customers have to say:

“A paradise for those who seek to design creative handmade cards and scrapbooks. Wide variety of paper-crafting supplies, which include tools, adhesives and stickers.”

About PaperMarket

Website: https://papermarket.com.sg/
Address: Great World City, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #01-120 Singapore 237994
Contact Details: +65 6235 6811

Elephant & Coral

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Image from Elephant & Coral

If you’re looking for something a little more refined – sophisticated and classy the moment you step into their store (both online and brick-and-mortar) – then Elephant & Coral is the online stationery store for you.

Elephant & Coral specializes in the luxurious: it’s the best store in Singapore to buy fine pens like Namiki, Montegrappa, Visconti, among others. They also offer bespoke stationery services that include finely crafted engraved stationery ideal for the elite – whether it’s for luxurious personal endeavors or to display your prominence in the world of business. Here’s what customers have to say:

“Amazing shopping experience. They sell vintage pens, high end pens, desk accessories, and the most recent merchandise. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this store to anyone looking for high end writing implements.”

About Elephant & Coral

Website: https://elephant-coral.com/
Address: 333A Orchard Road, #03-03 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238897
Contact Details: +65 6736 1322
Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday: 11am-8pm; Sunday: 11am-7pm


Left-handesign is the best Eco-friendly & Sustainable Stationery in Singapore,stationary for home use, stationary for office use, plantable seed paper singapore,left-handed singapore,left design,left-handed design,left hand design,seed paper ireland,seed paper printing singapore,sustainable cards
Image from Left-handesign

Built on a mission to save the world through sustainable development and socially responsible business practices, Left-handesign is all about plantable stationery. If you don’t know what plantable means, it means exactly what it sounds like: stationery supplies that you can plant to grow something.

From cards, to pencils, to notebooks, and more, Left-handesign specializes in all kinds of plantable stationery supplies that can be put in a pot and grown into whatever kind of plant. Their pens, pencils, and even cards and tags all come with a specific variety of seeds that, when planted, can actually grow into a full-fledged plant.

The idea behind Left-handesign is that once the stationery has been used – i.e. when used as a gift or when it’s served its purpose – all users have to do put it in some soil and let it grow into a basil or tomato plant. This makes every Left-handesign product a zero waste option that leaves a positive impact on the environment.

About Left-handesign

Website: https://left-handesign.com/
Address: Online
Contact Details: +65 9028 4011
Operating Hours: Website Accessible 24/7

Hua Kee Paper Products

Hua Kee SG is 10 best online shops for stationery addicts in 2021 2022, Inchiostro and Paper,boon lay stationery ubi,
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Image from Hua Kee Paper Products

When it comes to office stationery, few do it better or more reliably than Hua Kee Singapore. Apart from their wide range of stationery supplies and services, Hua Kee also boasts top-rated customer service and fast delivery options, all founded on a 40-year history of catering to Singapore’s offices.

Hua Kee specializes primarily in office stationery wholesale, so if you’re a big company or if you want to save on office supplies by buying bulk every time, then Hua Kee SG will offer the best blend of convenience and affordability.

About Hua Kee SG

Website: https://huakee.com.sg/
Address: 20 Shaw Rd, Ching Shine Industrial Building #01-02 Singapore 367956
Contact Details: +65 6281 1011
Operating Hours: Mondays – Fridays 9am-5.30pm; Saturdays 9am-1pm

Where can I buy stationery in Singapore?

Whether it’s for school, business, or personal use, we hope you found the ideal choice for you in our list of the top online stationery stores in Singapore.

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