What to buy for babies in Singapore 2022

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Parents would always want what’s best for their babies. With so many baby products available on the market, it might be hard to choose which ones are safe and healthy to use for your little ones.

The constant research on which materials or chemicals that may be hazardous for babies also rapidly changes making it harder to have a peace of mind when shopping for baby products.

Searching online for these products might get a little overwhelming sometimes, so here are the two most important tips in choosing a product safe enough for your babies. Here’s a list of the what to buy your babies.

What do I need to buy before baby comes?

Standard Labels

Products that have undergone various screening and regulation from different agencies would definitely have labels.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires baby products manufacturers to list all product ingredients to ensure that the product is generally safe.

Parents may check these labels to identify if a product has an allergic component to their babies or not.

Chemicals to Avoid

To ensure your child’s safety, parents must familiarize themselves with various chemicals that may be harmful to babies.

Some examples are BPA plastic, this chemical is most commonly used in products to make it strong and impact resistant. Studies show that long term exposure to BPA may lead to liver and kidney illnesses, infertility and cancer.

On the other hand phthalates are industrial chemicals used in softening hard plastics making them more flexible. Exposure to this chemical were linked to birth defects, asthma and higher risks of cancer. Other chemicals to look out for are pesticides and heavy metals.

22 of the Best Baby Things to Buy in Singapore

22 Best Baby Things in SingaporeBest Deal
Breathable Baby Sling Wrap$24
Electric Baby Bouncer$94.90
Activity Gear Baby Playpen $69
Manduca Cotton Ergonomic Carrier$25.30
Adjustable Baby Seat$19.10
Indoor Play Fences$178.40
Portable Diaper Changing Pad$11.80
Electric Rocking Chair$44.00
Multifunctional Music Walker$33.30
Disney Baby Carrier$38.98
Multifunctional Stroller$47.20
Dependable High Chair $29.90
Digital Thermometer for Babies and Adults$6.30 – $8.70
Teething Mittens$2.47
Bath Rinse Cup$3.30
Finger Toothbrush $4.95
Baby Soothing Towel$6.50
Adjustable Bath Visor$1.04
Non-slip Bathtub Mat$9.30
Animal Silicone Teether$5.30
Pacifier Feeder$1.35
Anti-slip Crawling Kneepads$4.50
Which baby item is the best to buy in Singapore?

1. Breathable Baby Sling Wrap

baby list to buy in Singapore, Breathable Baby Sling Wrap is a Baby Checklist: Baby Essentials, Are baby slings safe for newborns?, Can babies overheat in a sling?

Breathable Baby Sling Wrap – What to buy for babies in Singapore

This high-quality baby sling wrap is perfect for your next beach or pool getaway with your baby. It is made from lightweight, durable mesh fabric making it absorb less water, do not get heavy when wet and dries easily within minutes. This also makes it a breathable carrier during hot weather.

This breathable sling wrap can be worn in 4 different carrying positions: chest way, kangaroo style, back carry and cross arm carry. Another great feature of this sling wrap is that the waist belt and shoulder belt is adjustable which makes it suitable for babies up to 36 months of age.

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2. Electric Baby Bouncer

Electric Baby Bouncer is a baby products to buy, What age can you put a baby in a bouncer?,Is bouncer safe for newborn?,Is it OK if baby falls asleep in bouncer?, Best Baby Bouncers 2021 - Baby Bouncer Seats and Swings

Electric Baby Bouncer – What to buy for babies in Singapore

One of the best things in the market today is this electric baby bouncer that can help lull your kid to sleep in using the 5 different swing speeds. It can be set in 15-, 30- and 60-minute intervals. You can also set it to start and stop according to your preference.

Aside from the 12-built-in lullaby, you can connect your phones using Bluetooth and play your babies favorite song or a pre-recorded story time. The 360o swivel seat is certainly safe to use because it is designed with a five-point harness that is secure and supports your baby’s developing spine.

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3. Activity Gear Baby Playpen

Activity Gear Baby Playpen is baby things singapore, Products You Need to Buy When Having a Baby

Activity Gear Baby Playpen – What to buy for babies in Singapore

Encourage sensory development with this play pen that is designed with colorful character design. It comes with 5 plush toys that you can hang on the play set or you can leave it for your crawling baby to play with. It is made from high quality cloth materials which makes it a safe playpen for your baby

This playpen is easy to fold durable frames and makes it easy to bring and place in different areas in your house, be it the baby room or living room. It makes watching out for your kids while you do other things achievable.

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4. Manduca Cotton Ergonomic Carrier

Keep your baby close and warm with this carrier that is perfect for outdoor use, especially if there is no temporary place that you could put your baby down when they fall asleep. It is made from cotton that is comfortable to touch and safe for your baby’s skin. It has carefully stitched sides and curves keeps the carrier sturdy and durable.

Baby list to buy in Singapore, Newborn checklist, Baby Must-Haves (and Don't-Needs) for Your Registry

The 120 meters waistband is adjustable and the buckle that makes it stable can bear over 20 kilograms. The comfy straps keep your baby’s weight evenly distributed avoiding you from having strained and painful shoulders. This carrier can be used up to 36 month and is available in several colors and patterns.

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5. Adjustable Baby Seat

Baby car seats can be too expensive especially when you have to replace them every time your baby grows. This adjustable baby seat comes with a booster seat that you can remove when your baby becomes a bit older. It is suitable for babies under 5 years old.

The 5-point safety belt and cushioned sides helps keep your baby safe and snug during long car rides. The buckles also make the baby seat easy to install in cars. The slim and lightweight design does not take too much space giving you more room on your back seat.

It is made from high quality, thickened fabric that is breathable and comfortable at the same time.

Baby products to buy

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6. Indoor Play Fences

Make your child’s play area safer and more interesting with this indoor play fence that you can set up in your home. These fences are a great way to make your child’s play area more controlled. You can also put in a small bassinet or mattress and transform it to a nap time area.

Baby things Singapore

These fences are perfect if your house does not have that much space for a baby room and play area. The fences come in different vibrant colors making it appealing to your child’s eyes. The door of the fence has a few gears and knob mechanisms that help your child develop their motor skills.

It is made from odorless, BPA free and phthalate free materials making it safe for your baby to use and play.

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7. Portable Diaper Changing Pad

Another perfect outdoor buddy is this portable diaper changing pad that is made from high quality oxford cloth material. It is easy to fold and close using the snaps and is very convenient for outdoor use. It easily fits any handbag or diaper bag, or you can use the hand strap and hang it on your strollers.

Baby list to buy in Singapore

It has 2 side pockets that can fit a few of your items such as your phones and keys or even the extra diapers and baby wipes you need to bring with you and your baby. This diaper changing pad prevents you from putting your baby down in dirty surfaces.

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8. Electric Rocking Chair

Another useful gear to help your baby fall asleep is this electric rocking chair that gives soothing vibration and comfortable music. The soft high-quality fabric bassinet has a 3-point seat belt that provides security and prevents your baby from slipping of the chair. Its backrest support is suitable for your baby’s spine.

Baby products to buy

It also has a removable toy rack and removable washable seat cover. It is easy to keep clean, easy to install and easy to disassemble. This electric rocking chair is suitable for babies up to 2 years of age. It is a good way to let your babies learn how to sleep on their own.

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9. Multifunctional Music Walker

Help your baby walk upright with this music walker that has two different wheels that are safe and stable. The front wheel has a concave-convex surface that gives a better grip. The soft rubber rear wheel enhances the friction with the floor making it shock proof and non-slip.

Baby things Singapore

There are different play panels installed to help encourage your child development. It has 4 kinds of musical instruments that your baby can paly to sing along, play music and sound effects. The spinning gears, rattle and drawing board help develop motor skills. The triangle structure and adjustable height assist proper walking posture.

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10. Disney Baby Carrier

Walk comfortably while holding your child close to you in this Disney ergonomic carrier. It is durably sewn and water resistant and can carry babies up to 48 months old. The fabric is made from high quality breathable and non-fading which makes it perfect even for long term use.

Baby list to buy in Singapore

An H-shaped bridge is strapped at the back to prevent the straps from falling of your shoulders. This carrier comes with pockets which fits some of your needed carry-on items such as phones and keys.

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11. Multifunctional Stroller

Make you travel with your baby more convenient from birth to toddler age with this multi-functional stroller that can be assembled in sleep mode, push mode and car seat mode. The handle can be adjusted in 6 different levels to accommodate different height moms and caregivers.

Baby products to buy

The wheels have shock absorbers, have a good grip, an anti-skid technology and wheel locks that prevents accidents from happening. The canopy can also be adjusted to fit different weather situations. This stroller is truly a good investment for your outdoor baby gear.

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12. Dependable High Chair

Introduce proper attentive eating habits with your child by using this highchair that can be used by babies up to 36 months. It encourages correct seating position during mealtime with its adjustable chair height and footrest. The five-point safety belt and the dishwasher friendly tray secures that your baby is protected from accidents and harmful bacteria.

 baby things singapore

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13. Digital Thermometer for Babies and Adults

Equipped with advanced medical infrared technology, this digital thermometer is certainly safe and reliable. It has a built-in laser pointer for that precise, non-contact infrared measurement.

baby list to buy in Singapore

The thermometer can display temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. This device can store at least 32 temperature measurements for easy temperature monitoring.

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14. Teething Mittens

Keep teething babies from scratching themselves and develop thumb blisters with these teething mittens. The food grade soft and natural silicone on top of the mitten has teething textures to help relieve sore gums, and provide pleasing texture when they bite, chew and suck.

Teething Mittens is top baby products to buy, Are teething mittens any good?, When can you use teething mittens?

It has an adjustable Velcro strap preventing it to fall off from your baby’s hand. Baby mittens can be used from 3 months onwards and is ideal for babies who cannot hold a teether yet.

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15. Bath Rinse Cup

Bath time can be stressful especially if the baby is learning to be acquainted with water. This cup helps you rinse your baby’s hair without the water getting into their eyes and nose.

baby things singapore, Bath Rinse Cup is top The 22 Best Newborn Baby Gifts of 2021 2022

Rinse the soap away with ease for a tear-free bath time.

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16. Finger Toothbrush

Train and develop your babies’ good oral hygiene with this finger toothbrush. Made with latex free and BPA free silicone, this toothbrush is designed to massage gums and clean little teeth.

baby list to buy in Singapore

It is also dishwasher safe and is suitable for babies 6 months and above. The flexible material also makes it easier to fit an adult index finger for easier and thorough oral care.

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17. Baby Soothing Towel

If you are having a hard time calming your baby, you might want to try this plush soothing towel. With its incredible softness and cute appearance might ease your baby’s mood. The cute animal design and soft material may bring a sense of security and help them sleep quickly.

baby products to buy

It can easily be detached and cleaned with its hook and loop feature. It is available in, dog, rabbit and elephant designs.

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18. Adjustable Bath Visor

Make bath time a fun and enjoyable experience with this adjustable bath visor that can help block water from entering through your baby’s eyes, nose, ears and mouth. This visor also helps reduce the risk of your child developing water phobia and dry drowning.

 baby things singapore

It has adjustable fasteners for your child’s comfortability and may cater to your child growing head size. This visor is very easy to clean, you can just wash it off with water and air dry for next use.

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19. Non-slip Bathtub Mat

This Bathtub mat can fit in sinks, baby bathtub and adult tub, making it one of the best portable bathing products to bring with you during family vacation and out of town trips. This floating cushion is slip resistant and is wonderful, easy and safe way to bathe your newborns.

baby list to buy in Singapore

It is perfectly designed to protect and support your baby’s head and spine to keep both aligned in perfect positioning and prevents the head from being misshaped.

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20. Animal Silicone Teether

Made from premium quality food grade silicone that is 100% safe and certified non-toxic, free from BPA, phthalate, cadmium and lead; this soft and adorably cute teethers will surely capture your child’s attention and will help soothe their gums.

baby products to buy

This dishwasher and freezer safe toy is portable making it easier to pack strollers and diaper bags and take it anywhere.

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21. Pacifier Feeder

Training and familiarizing your child with solid fruits and vegetables has never been easier with these pacifier feeders. No need to run around with the spoon or messy eating sessions with this item. This feeder is BPA and latex free making it safe for babies to nibble and munch on.

 baby things singapore

Simply place a small piece of fruit or vegetable and your baby can chew, suck and taste the food with only small, digestive pieces coming through which helps reduce the risk of choking. This feeder might be the best way to helps reduce the risk of choking. This feeder might be the best way to introduce your babies to solid food as he or she goes through the teething process.

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22. Anti-slip Crawling Kneepads

Avoid bruise and injury during your child’s crawling phase with these anti slip knee pads. The premium soft material is breathable and comfortable to wear. These kneepads are easy to wash, machine washable and dryer safe.

baby list to buy in Singapore

It can also double as knee and elbow warmer during the cold season. The knee pads are the perfect item to help you child build confidence when crawling and even when they start learning to walk.

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Where to find the best products for your baby

Baby products are made to make parents’ lives easier without sacrificing their child’s safety. These items are some of the few suggestions that can make your baby comfortable and enjoy their growing up phase.

Most of these baby items are helpful in making parents properly care for their child. These are made in order to make parents move freely and for babies to slowly learn how to not be hooked on their parents all the time.

It is important for parents to know which baby items have a great feature that may stand the test of time and will not be a complete waste of money. Investing in good baby items this 2021 will surely save you a few bucks this decade.

They may not remember it in time, but it is certainly a great feeling for parents knowing that they have given their best to their babies while growing up.

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