Trending Snacks in Singapore 2021

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Singaporeans love snacks, and snacking out is like a part of everyday hobbies. When we watch movies and bond with family and friends, it’s best to have our favorite snacks with us to enjoy. Some snacks are good to bring out in school or the office, and some are perfect after workouts. Let’s be honest, kids love snacks, and adults love it, too. Why are Singaporeans obsessed with food if we don’t love eating right? If you are looking for more snacks to munch, here are tons of the best snacks in Singapore that you can try.

Some of the popular snacks in Singapore can’t be found in NTUC, Giant or Cold Storage and can only be bought on our favorite online shopping sites. Singapore’s snacks are unique, and most of us love these snacks with really different flavors and tastes. We have put together some of the popular snacks in Singapore that you can find and try. These foods we commonly search for are those we enjoyed in our childhood, and we look for them even now so kids today will enjoy them, too.

What are the Types of Snacks to Buy?

Traditional Snacks

These kinds of snacks are those that are well-known in Singapore or in a specific country. Most of these snacks are what adults today enjoy when they are still kids.

Healthy Snacks

For Singaporeans working out or having a diet, there are alternative meal snacks you can now buy. The most common healthy snacks are protein or energy bars, and some are made with all-natural ingredients.


We usually eat snacks when watching movies or on road trips, and picnics. Our favorites are definitely chips. Most chips are made with potatoes and are covered with different flavors like cheese, barbecue, mala or salted egg. Here are our favorite potato chips in Singapore!


Another snack that most kids enjoy is sweets like biscuits and gummies. Most of these snacks have the fruity flavor or sweet cookie bits that kids love.

Where to Buy Trending Snacks in Singapore?

In Singapore, or even around the world, we love eating snacks if we feel a little hungry. We can look at or buy different snacks in stores or online that we will surely enjoy. When you wish to satisfy your cravings and taste buds, it’s good to have a snack with you that is inexpensive and easily bought anywhere or on online shopping sites. Some stores are selling traditional snacks that most adults are searching for in Singapore since these might be your favorites when you are younger. Stores like Biscuit King, Munch Munch, Shopee, Lazada, or Amazon.

Most online shopping sites let you order snacks in bulk, in boxes, or in kilograms. These sites usually sell healthy snacks, chips, traditional snacks, snacks for kids, energy bars, and many more.

10 Must-Try Snacks in SingaporeBest Prices (SGD)

Amazin’ Graze Dark Chocolate Brownie Chips


COMBOS Buffalo Blue Cheese Pretzel Baked Snacks, 6.3-Ounce Bag (Pack of 6)


Bestore Scallops Original/Hot & Spicy/Garlic Flavor


Glico Pocky Cookies and Cream Biscuit Stick, 40g


Welch’s Fruit Snacks, Fruit Punch & Island Fruits Variety Pack, (Pack of 40)

$33.00 for 90

Aroma Chips Black Summer Truffle Chips (Original)


IRVINS Salted Egg Fish Skin, 230g (Big) (Halal)


Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Biscuit, Cheddar Cheese


Tai Sun Peanut Crackers

$1.30 for 150g

MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal Protein Bars, Peanut Butter Pretzel, 100g


Which are the Popular & Trending Snacks in Singapore?

10 Trendy Snacks in Singapore

1. Amazin’ Graze Dark Chocolate Brownie Chips

Amazin’ Graze Dark Chocolate Brownie Chips, 140g is the top 10 Popular Snacks in Singapore, 25 Super Shiok new year cny, hari raya Snacks All Singaporeans Need ASAP

Indulge in goodness and happiness in a snap. Get brownie chips with a rich taste of layers of cocoa baked with almond flakes, chia seeds, and coconut shreds. Amazin’ Graze Dark Chocolate Brownie Chips are made with all-natural ingredients, and you will never worry about eating chocolates anymore. The brownies have no added refined sugar and are suitable for vegetarians. Guaranteed fresh and healthy, and also perfect for snacking. This dark chocolate brownie chip is also good to enjoy with milk, as toppings, or as it is.

Get this at

2. COMBOS Buffalo Blue Cheese Pretzel Baked Snacks, 6.3-Ounce Bag (Pack of 6)

COMBOS Buffalo Blue Cheese Pretzel Baked Snacks, 6.3-Ounce Bag (Pack of 6) is the best selling snack in Singapore

Have you tried this new flavor from Combos? The Combos Buffalo Blue Cheese Pretzel is a must-taste baked pretzel snack that comes in a pack of six. This crunchy snack has a spicy buffalo blue cheese filling that you will definitely enjoy. Additionally, it is a great snack to share with your family and friends. This is also perfect while watching movies, enjoying picnics, or road trips.

Get this at

3. Bestore Scallops Original/Hot & Spicy/Garlic Flavor

Bestore Scallops Original/Hot & Spicy/Garlic Flavor is the top 10 snacks in Singapore this year, individually vacuum packed to ensure freshness, 良品铺子虾夷扇贝鲜香原味

The best seller snack is here, and we really love this flavourful and tasty Bestore Scallops. This snack comes in three different flavors, original, hot and spicy, and garlic flavor. All of its flavors go well in scallops, and it is best to enjoy picnics at parks or just snacking out while watching your favorite movies. Singaporeans love its taste, and they admire how fresh it is when they eat it. The original flavor is what every scallops lover really enjoys, while the spicy one is really spicy but tastes really delicious. This one always sold out for the garlic flavor because the strong garlic taste suits well in scallops.

Never miss out on trying these best-seller scallop snacks!

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4. Glico Pocky Cookies and Cream Biscuit Stick, 40g

Glico Pocky Cookies and Cream Biscuit Stick, 40g is the Best 10 Trending snacks in Singapore

Cookies and cream are most people’s favorite flavor, and Pocky is one of the best-selling snacks loved by kids and adults. Glico Pocky Cookies and Cream Biscuit Snack have creamy and delicious satisfying flavors of mixed cookies and cream. These Pocky biscuits perfectly combine the yummy milk and chewy cookie, and it balances the sweet taste. A new twist of biscuit is a must-try and satisfies your taste buds with real cookie bits in every bite.

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5. Welch’s Fruit Snacks, Fruit Punch & Island Fruits Variety PackWelch’s Fruit Snacks, Fruit Punch & Island Fruits Variety Pack is top 10 healthy snacks from Singapore to bring home, Trending snacks in Singapore

Get fruity and colorful with the delicious fruit snacks from Welch’s. Taste the flavors of fruit punch and island fruits with a pack of 40 fruit snacks. This fruit snack’s first ingredient is its real delicious fruits, an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and E. Moreover, it is a good snack for kids going to school, the office, and more. This Welch’s fruit snack is gluten-free, fat-free, and no preservatives. The entire family will surely love this healthy fruit snack.

Get this at

6. Aroma Chips Black Summer Truffle Chips (Original)

Aroma Chips Black Summer Truffle Chips (Original) is the top 10 snacks in Singapore, finest Black Summer Truffles harvested from the Italian suburbs, sprinkle real black truffles to made the crisps as flavorful and tasty as possible

From the manufacturer in Singapore, it is time to indulge and arouse your taste buds with the crunchiness of the best-seller Aroma Chips Black Summer Truffle. This signature potato chip has a delectable aroma that is very irresistible, and you keep on wanting to eat more. Moreover, it is thick, ridge-cut, and crunchy, made with the finest natural ingredients like olives, and tossed with bits of black truffles and parsley. These truffle chips are known to be the strongest chips since you can feel them in every bite. Each piece will never let you down, and each bit has the taste of real goodness.

Savor the taste and aroma, and enjoy it as your snacks at the comfort of your home.

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7. IRVINS Salted Egg Fish Skin, 230g (Big) (Halal)

IRVINS Salted Egg Fish Skin, 230g (Big) (Halal) is the best snack to eat while hungry and dont want to eat rice. IRVINS SG is Dangerously Addictive Salted Egg Snacks, dory fish skin, salmon fish skin, fresh salted egg yolk

Are you a fan of a salted egg? Now, you can try a snack with salted egg flavor! Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skin comes with 230 grams of chips for you to share and enjoy. The dish skin is made with fresh and premium Dory skin from the Asia Pacific region. What makes it more tasty and crunchy is its potato chips are fresh and thinly sliced and fried until golden crisp. The chips are intensely coated with rich salted egg yolk curry leaves. Really an addictive snack for everyone to enjoy.

Get this at

8. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Biscuit, Cheddar Cheese, 187g

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Biscuit, Cheddar Cheese, 187g is the Top 10 Snacks You Should Buy The Next Time You're In Singapore, snack at home during covid 19 quarantine, best snacks to get while in hotel quarantine in Singapore, order online delivery

Hello to a snack baked with real cheese and no artificial flavors and preservatives. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Biscuit has many exciting flavors, but this cheddar one is a favorite! This snack is made with whole grain and pretzel with zero grams of trans fat. The entire family will definitely enjoy this snack, or you may share it with your friends. Furthermore, you can expect its real goodness in every bit, and its colors are matched with plants for a natural effect. This smiling snack can be served and enjoyed at parties, seasoned mix snacks, or peanut butter and celery logs. Kids will love this because of its rich cheesy flavor. Who doesn’t like a snack that smiles back?

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9. Tai Sun Peanut Crackers

Tai Sun Peanut Cracker is the top 10 Best Childhood Snacks in Singapore, peanuts, cashews, pistachios, groundnuts and almonds, crunchy fried peanuts with spices

Peanuts for snacks and parties? For all snack-lovers, this Tai Sun Peanut Crackers is a perfect snack for everyone! These crackers are fresh with a crunch in every bite. The crackling sounds will be your proof of its crunchiness. Additionally, these peanut crackers are cholesterol-free and trans-fat-free.

Get this at

10. MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal Protein Bars, Peanut Butter Pretzel, 100g

MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal Protein Bars, Peanut Butter Pretzel, 100g

Living fit and healthy? Of course, you still need a snack even when you’re on a diet or working out. Protein bars are a great alternative and replacement for your meals. If you’re looking for one, a perfect choice is this MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal Protein Bars. These 30g bars help support energy, and it is rich with Vitamins A and C, plus zinc, to maintain a healthy body. What’s good about these power-packed protein bars is it builds energy that your body demands. This snack also helps your daily workout and enhances your performance like a training fuel to your body.

Get a box of 9 bars at

What Trending Snacks to Buy in Singapore?

We have tons of great snack recommendations for you, but these are the top snacks we have found so far that are the best-selling and most loved by many Singaporeans. The flavors are what make these snacks unique in Singapore. The most common flavors people love here are some crackers that are a bit spicy, also a flavor like salted egg and fish. Sometimes, we look for the snacks we enjoy from our childhood, and these traditional snacks from Singapore are also a must-buy for souvenirs or take home.

If you are a Singaporean and are searching for new snacks to try, the snacks mentioned above are the top-selling snacks with great taste and good reviews. If you are a foreigner searching for the best snack and food souvenirs to buy or take home with you, these are also our best recommendations for you that you and your family will definitely love and enjoy. It’s good to try something new and something different in your taste buds.

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