Top Physiotherapy Clinics in Singapore 2021

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Maintaining mobility can be challenging – especially for those who have experienced injuries from the past or those who keep on throbbing chronic pains. Fret no more! Physiotherapy can help you ease all the discomfort that you’ve been trying to endure.

From different kinds of therapy to fitted exercises to aid particular concerns about your overall well-being, there are solutions to help you overcome all the pain.

We have searched the island as to where to get the best physical treatments to reduce your body’s troubles. Besides, having it checked with health professionals is safer than dealing with it yourself.

Check out these Physiotherapy Clinics in Singapore to treat the pains and aches to benefit your health and overall well-being.

Top 10 Physiotherapy Clinics in Town To Treat Muscle Pain

Core Concepts – Physiotherapy Clinic in Singapore

Core Concepts – Physiotherapy Clinic in Singapore is Top Physiotherapy Clinics in Singapore
Image credit: Core Concepts

Frankly speaking, even hunching over a computer or other devices for a long time can cause body pains that can sometimes be unbearable – that’s quite a fact. Before letting this happen, scheduling a physical as early as possible is essential.

Core Concept specializes in these kinds of pain, especially those who strain too much from work. Not including exercise in daily lives are the most who experience these kinds of situations. Remove all the discomfort and bring back the mobility you need!

Besides featuring their qualified and registered physios, Core Concepts also presents the well-trained wellness instructors. Having four different outlets, island wide makes it easier for you to attend the therapy session after work! Not to mention extended hours in some of their locations – indeed an expedient!

Aside from having such effective treatments, they also provide an exceptional experience with friendly therapists to assist you until the end of each session. Here is one of the feedbacks from the clients:

“Really good physio , and The massage guy is really a magician! In addition of being good professional they are also very pleasant people which makes the experience even better. Thank you !” – Marie Bénédicte A.

Core Concepts

Various locations

The Physio Studio Singapore

The Physio Studio Singapore is Top 10 must-visit Physiotherapy Clinics in Town
Image credit: The Physio Studio Singapore

Meeting your mobility needs, The Physio Studio strives to offer remarkably tailored treatments that effectively remove all the body pains that keep on aching. Whether you’re dealing with sports injury or musculoskeletal pain, therapists in Physio Studio are well-trained enough to perform treatments with your concern!

Besides, after every session is guaranteed, you’ll understand your situation and attain professional advice to avoid further damage. After all, instructions from the experts are for your own good!

Previous clients really valued the services that they have experience at The Physio Studio, here is one of the feedbacks from their previous client:

“Every session with Vernetta really helps!!! She is very through and provides excellent advice on what I should do!!! Really appreciate the physio studio!!!” – Rouxin L.

The Physio Studio, 101 Irrawaddy Rd, #10-10 Medical Centre, Royal Square, Singapore 329565

Phone: (+65) 9820 2723

Singapore Physio

Singapore Physio is Your Trusted Physiotherapists in Singapore
Image credit: Singapore Physio

We are indeed lucky to have this Asia’s Physio Clinic! As a therapy seeking individual, having some research bout accommodation is a must – of course, we all want a service deserving of our every buck.

Here is Singapore Physio, Australian-style physical therapy is their name. Not to mention the most experienced therapist they have, no wonder this clinic offers world-class treatments with most of your body pains.

Besides those, they also feature their well-maintained amenities combining traditional and technology to give the best treatments you need. New patient? They got some exclusive discount just for you!

Clients love how focused and amiable the therapists are. Unsurprisingly recommending this place for effective and excellent services they provide! Here is one of the feedbacks from the clients:

“Physios are friendly, attentive, knowledgeable! Effective treatments, especially liked the recovery system machine. Very helpful clinic staff. Was recommended to come here, definitely highly recommended!!” – Mamabear

Singapore Physio, 282 River Valley Rd, Singapore 238323

Phone: (+65) 6887 4190

BMJ Physiotherapy

BMJ Physiotherapy
Image credit: BMJ Physiotherapy

When looking for physical therapy, considering the budget is definitely a must. Amid these expensive physio clinics, BMJ is indeed one to beat! This affordable Physiotherapy clinic offers high-quality services.

Aside from those, having several outlets nationwide makes it easier for you to attend your treatment session – offering you ultimate convenience. Focusing with bones, muscles, and joints treatment, BMJ can provide you with exceptional healing with its professional and AHPC registered therapists!

Besides, having an online appointment makes it easier for you! Get expert advice while staying at home. Also, they guarantee you visible results after a week – get to see the difference and relief from them.

Most clients prove how effective their treatments are. Wishing to have known BMJ earlier. Here is one of the feedbacks from the client:

“Having nursed a bad back for many years, I’ve seen my fair share of Physio therapists. But seeing Darek yielded the best results. Week after week I was able to become better through his expertise and instructions. Learnt many new tricks to relief my neck pains. Wish I had been recommended to him earlier.” – Gavin C.

BMJ Physiotherapy, Various locations


FHYSIO is 10 Best Physiotherapy Clinics In Singapore, How much does physiotherapy cost in Singapore?,What is physiotherapy Singapore?,Which type of physiotherapist is best?,What is a good physiotherapist?
Image credit: FHYSIO

FHYSIO is a physiotherapy clinic started by leading physiotherapist, Shaun Toh. On top of their physiotherapy services, they offer alternative treatments like personalized massage therapy as well. If you are interested in learning the unique art of massage, you can also attend their popular sports massage and myofascial release courses. For those who enjoy rehab from the comfort of their home, FHYSIO also sells fitness and recovery equipment designed by their own physiotherapist. Without a doubt, FHYSIO is the perfect place to help you get back to doing what you love and to make you feel better.

Here is one goggle review from a satisfied customer:

Through the personalized sports massage, my constant stiff shoulder and neck is no longer stiff. The ROM has improved ever since I visited Fhysio. Shaun is very attentive and professional. Very thankful for their services and professionalism.

Lee Leng Tan

FHYSIO, Delfi Orchard 402 Orchard Rd, #02-01/02 Singapore 238876

Physiofocus – Physiotherapy Clinic & Rehab

Physiofocus – Physiotherapy Clinic & Rehab is Top Physiotherapy Clinics in Singapore
Image credit: Physiofocus

Promising the highest quality of service with effective outcomes, Physiofocus delivers you international and award-winning physical therapy services! Operating as early as ’95, this clinic clearly proves how to make everything works for the best of your wellness.

Addressing root causes of pains is their name. No frills! They wanted to avoid any further pains at all costs! From common conditions to the rarest ones, they have the qualified therapist to attend your treatment session.

Whatever pain you have, whether the recurring or a new one, Physios combine pro-active and hands-on approach to get the best results your body needs. Besides, having an in-depth understanding of your current situation can help avoid the possible causes of pains.

Clients keep on leaving positive reviews about how great Physiofocus are in addressing body pain concerns. Here is one of the feedbacks from them:

“Fantastic service from Nicola (physiotherapist) and her friendly team today! Very knowledgeable. Excellent results! Couldn’t recommend highly enough! :-)” – Jessica N.

Physiofocus, Forum Office Tower, 583 Orchard Road, #07-01, Singapore 238884

Phone: (+65) 6734 8151

Physio Asia Therapy Centre Pte Ltd

Physio Asia Therapy Centre Pte Ltd is the Best Physio Clinic & Physiotherapist
Image credit: Physio Asia Therapy Centre Pte Ltd

Despite not starting too soon, Physio Asia’s relentless drive helps people experience excellent physical therapy live! Hallmarking its 3-step approach method their treatments, Physio Asia has been awarded certifications about quality class and service class!

They have been keeping to use modern technologies and non-surgical methods for a quick and effective recovery from any of your body pain concern. Whether you’re an outpatient or preferred a home-based therapy, Physio Asia makes sure to assist you the best that they could for your convenience.

Clients love the services that they provide, making them loyal clients for over the years! Their professionalism and care with every patient simply proves how they deserve all the awards they got. Here is one of the feedbacks from their regular client:

“The therapists here are very professional and caring. Love the way the director Monika communicates with the patients. Thank you for taking care of me for the many years.” – Michelle T.

Physio Asia Therapy Centre, 360 Orchard Road #05-02 International Building, Singapore 238869

Phone: (+65) 6736 4142

Heal360 Physioclinic

Heal360 Physioclinic Physiotherapy Singapore - Reduce Your Pain Effectively
Image credit: Heal360 Physioclinic

Believing in the heart and head therapists, Heal360 are known to have versatile physios to attend to your physical issues and bring back your well-being to let you live the most of your lives with a smile!

Besides focusing on providing you with effective treatments, Heal360 promises continuous healing towards a better life. Professional therapists make sure to let you understand your condition while learning the holistic approach that they use.

On top of that, Heal360 features its signature program! Having your one on one session with the best-experienced physiotherapist to get the result that you desire!

Clients are praising the therapist she encountered in heal360, feeling her relieved after sessions. Here is her feedback after visiting the clinic.

“Came to heal360 with shoulder, lower back and leg pain. My physiotherapist is Ann. She is friendly, helpful and professional. The stretches and strengthening exercises she taught me after every sessions was very helpful in relieving the pain. Thanks for being helpful on every visit!” – Jamie K.

Heal 360, 46 Tras St, Chinatown Complex, Singapore 078985

Phone: (+65) 6224 4178

Physio and Sole Clinic

Physio and Sole Clinic Personalised Rehab Programme & Plan By Expert Physiotherapists For Your Recovery.
Image credit: Physio and Sole Clinic

While chronic pain management can be challenging, Physio and Sole Clinic welcome anyone to treat all kinds of body pain conditions. This local clinic for physical therapist features well-trained, qualified physios to deliver high-quality services!

Not to mention having homegrown consultants, no wonder you can get a comfortable experience while healing! Besides, they are also focusing on helping you get the best and quickest recovery for your overall well-being.

Being a customer-focused physio clinic, they unsurprisingly gathered praises from their previous clients, proving how effective their services are. Also, having affordable treatment packages is a major plus!

Having said that, satisfied clients keep on recommending this place to get physical therapy. Here is one of the feedback from one of the clients, explaining why Physio and Sole is a must-visit Physiotherapy with several locations:

“I really like the service and the care that the staff of The Sole Clinic gave me. They are focus on the customer’s satisfaction and healing, and they are really affordable considering that they are a well known clinic in Singapore. I am really grateful on how you treated my injuries and it would be my thanks giving to refer you to my friends.” – Kevin G.

Physio and Sole Clinic, Various locations

Rapid Physiotherapy Singapore

Rapid Physiotherapy Singapore is Best Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic in Singapore
Image credit: Rapid Physiotherapy Singapore

While having several outlets are for the best convenience, Rapid Physiocare offers more than that! Known as a leading clinic in modern physiotherapy, they provide cultured and tailored treatments to heal the body pains you keep on aching.

Aside from those, Rapid Physiotherapy offers swift recovery with the best use of knowledge from qualified professionals and proven methods to give effective outcomes.

Progress is monitored, and get discharged as early as one week! Take care of your well-being as early as you can, live your life to the fullest without any body aches. Get expert advice from the best therapists.

Most clients prove how remarkable Rapid Physio’s treatments are by leaving positive reviews. Here is one of the feedback from their clients, showing how fast the recovery is:

“had a great experience at Rapid Physio TP! My physio Mathew was so patient, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. I felt improvement every week and am finally discharged! Thank you Rapid Physio!” – Tess C.

Rapid Physiotherapy

Various locations

Heartland Rehab

Heartland Rehab clinic in Singapore that provides physiotherapy and rehabilitative exercises for its patients
Image credit: Heartland Rehab

Bringing back your pre-injury life, Heartland focuses on providing impressive outcomes using their conventional methods and while enjoying world-class facilities to help you recover fast and safely.

Other than that, they also highlight its dedicated expert specialist, diagnosing your concerns and helping you prevent them in the future. Besides, they’ll take their time to assist you in understanding your current situations. Plus, you’ll get some real advice to take care of your well-being more!

Take your first step in booking an appointment with Heartland and see major positive difference after a couple of sessions!

Treatments include:

  • Blood Flow Restriction Therapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Dry Needling
  • Electrical Stimulation Therapy
  • Aerobic Exercise
  • Manual Techniques
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Taping
  • Ultrasound Therapy

Clients love how they achieve their desired treatments with the help of therapists from Heartland Rehab. Look at this feedback from one of their patients:

“Prior to this photo my right hand could only reach up to my waist level and it starts to hurt. But after just one session with Timothy Lye, this is the result of the second day! Amazing work!” – Wen Ye L.

Heartland Rehab, 11 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-4454, Singapore 150011

Phone: (+65) 9424 7154

The Top 10 Clinics for the Best Physiotherapy in Singapore

Finding the best Physiotherapy Clinics that can accommodate your body pain situation is quite a challenge. Well, not no more! Check out these clinics and determine which one is suitable for you!

All of them are unique and provide exceptional service in physical therapy. You may also want to consider your budget plan before booking an appointment. Take care of your body more, let the expert help you – surely you’ll be able to perform to your best potential.

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