Top Pet Grooming Salons in Singapore 2022

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Having a furry friend is certainly one of those joys in life that has no other alternatives.

However, our pets do get dirty in such a way that it becomes impossible for many of us to make them look as adorable as they deserve.

For your convenience we have listed the Top Pet Grooming Salons in Singapore. The list is arranged according to zones to help you find the right one closest to your home.

Some of these salons offer unique and effective solutions and products to common problems related to matted fur, uneven claws and many other issues. Also bring your dogs to these cafes for a good time out.

Top 10 Pet Grooming Salons in Singapore


1. My Pet Image – Pet Groomer in Singapore

My Pet Image is Top 10 Pet Grooming Salons in Singapore
Image Credit: My Pet Image

Located in a beautiful, lovely residential area of sunny Singapore, My Pet Image offers standard services include pet grooming, pet spa, pet taxi, pet boarding and pet cremation that are priced affordably.

This salon also offers color dye that would make your pet stand out with perfectly coiffed and dyed fur. You can choose a color of your liking, though sky blue and pink seems to be the latest trend.

Your pet will be in the best of care while in the salon.

Customers happily recommend this place and one user mentioned

“Definitely the best, the staff was very friendly and the results are perfect, and the waiting time is short too, highly recommend!”

Services offered to: Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters & even guinea pigs

Address: Block 925 Yishun Central 1, #01-223/225, Singapore 760925

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 11AM-6PM, Sat – Sun 10AM-6PM

Telephone: +65 6758 8675


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2. Takara Pets – Pet Grooming Singapore

Takara Pets is one of the pet grooming salons in Singapore offer full grooming for your dogs
Image Credit: Takara Pets

Designed in a homely concept, Takara Pets allow owners and their precious furkids to interact and spend time together.

Takara represents “treasure” in Japanese, meaning all pets are precious friends and family to their owners, and also to the groomers at Takara. And trust them, your pets will be well taken care of.

Takara Pets is also one of the places where you can get your pet parrots groomed as well. They have several packages that you can choose based on your needs.

All praises from the pet owners who use their services. A pet owner reviewed and said

“Highly recommended…they are very friendly…have all the answer that i asked…thanks Takara Pets”

Services offered to : Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs & parrots

Address: 785E Woodlands Rise, #01-10, Singapore 735785

Opening hours: Mon – Sat 11AM-6PM (Closed on Wed)

Telephone: +65 9646 4141

Website –

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3. Ohana Singapaws – Your friendly neighbourhood grooming salon

Ohana Singpaws is The 10 Options for the Best Dog Grooming in Singapore. What is the going rate for dog grooming?
Image Credit: Ohana Singapaws

Ohana Singapaws have a list of very essential services ranging from grooming to pet boarding. They completely take care of your pets and give the right kind of pampering for every type of fur friends.

How often should you take your dog to the groomer?

Dogs should be groomed at least once a month in order to keep them looking their best and reduce the chances of skin problems occuring.

Regular grooming also helps remove their excess hair, which can make your pet more comfortable in Singapore’s hot weather conditions or during instances of extreme shedding.

A satisfied customer cheerfully noted

“The hair cut was excellent and well down, groomer communicates with the dog and that is wonderful!! Reasonable price and very generous too! 100% recommended”

Services offered to : Dogs and cats

Address: 326 Woodland Street 32, #01-121A, Singapore 730326

Opening hours: Mon – Sat 11.30AM-8.30PM, Sun 3PM-8.30PM (Closed on Tue)

Telephone: +65 8298 3378

Website –

4. Pawcious Style – Grooming and Spa Services for dogs

Pawcious Style is 10 Best Places For Pet Grooming In Singapore To Pamper
Image Credit: Pawcious Style

Pawcious Style is most sought after for its dental related services for dogs.

Apart from getting your furry friends silky furcoats and treated nails, they also take care of them when you are not around through their boarding services.

If you want your pet to indulge in more wellness services, take benefit of their spa options.

The spas are truly unique and the products used can be chosen by the pet owner. Trimming and clipping services are also available. Care is taken for different breeds to match their needs.

Services offered to: Dogs

Address: 403 Sembawang Road Singapore, Singapore 758384

Opening hours: Mon – Sun 10.30AM-6PM

Telephone: (+65) 8893 5642

Website –


5. Pawpy Kisses – Online pet shop in Singapore with leading pet grooming services

Pawpy Kisses 10 Dog Groomers In Singapore To Make Sure You Give Your pet Only The Best
Image Credit: Pawpy Kisses

This is one of the most recommended places in the Central area. The nanotechnology spa and the Japanese Ayurveda sessions are the most popular ones.

The customers are very happy with the service and are generous with praises. They even sell a variety of products that you can use at home for bathing and brushing your furkids.

The lovely smell makes the products appealing to all.

They even have special products for itchy and flea related problems. One loyal follower noted

“We’ve been trying out several pet grooming services around central Singapore and our Ah Wang was happy with none of them until we finally found this outfit tucked in a quiet corner. Ah Wang smelt like heaven.

Most importantly, she was definitely not traumatised at all, unlike the previous sessions which she absolutely hated. They offer competitive pricing and timely festive promotion. This is definitely my stop for my pet supplies and grooming services.”

Services offered to: Dogs and cats

Address: 238 Balestier Road, #01-01/02/03, Singapore 239701

Opening hours: Mon – Sun 10AM-6PM (Closed on Wed)

Telephone: +65 9060 6501

Website –

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6. The Wicked Wag Pet Salon & Hotel – Dog Grooming

The Wicked Wag Pet Salon & Hotel Guide To The Best Pet Grooming Services In SingaporeGrooming is also very much about maintaining your dog’s hygiene, health and happiness.
Image Credit: The Wicked Wag Pet Salon & Hotel

As you walk in you will get the vibe of a hipster café.

They not only do cats and dogs but also rabbits and guinea pigs. It is aesthetically designed so the experience is pleasant for the pet owner as well.

They even have a daycare and hotel facility for your pet pals.

The chirpy décor will not intimidate your pet when you take them for the first time.

One loyal customer who is extremely happy with the services wrote

“We have been visiting The Wicked Wag monthly for almost a year now! We love the amazing customer service – how perfectly groomed our furkid is and how happy she is after every session! People there are super friendly! Will highly recommend this place! :)”

Services offered to: Dogs (mainly), cats & rabbits

Address: 77 Indus Road, #01-511, Singapore 160077

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 10AM-5PM

Telephone: (+65) 9776 4316



7. Bubly Petz – Humane Pet Grooming & Kinder Pet Supplies

Bubly Petz is 10 pet grooming salons that'll treat your pets like the royalty that they are
Image Credit: Bubly Petz

If you are environmentally conscious, then this salon can offer you incredible eco-friendly products which are cruelty free and sustainable.

You can buy peppermint toothpastes and flavored body washes starting at $ 33 for your furkid. A loyal customer sums up beautifully about this place.

“Great and unique store selling humane pet products. Was able to pick up some vegan doggie treats for my pet!”

Services offered to: Dogs & Cats

Address: 266 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427520

Opening hours: Sun – Wed 10AM-7PM, Fri 12PM-9PM (Closed on Sat & Thu)

Telephone: 6348 6872

Website –

8. Pet Loft – Pet Groomer in Singapore

Pet Loft is Best 10 Affordable Dog Grooming Services in Singapore
Image Credit: Pet Loft

Are you nervous about your pet’s first grooming session, well, you have it covered here.

These people understand that it is not easy for your fur friends and the staff is very patient and gets the job done without any hassle.

Your pooch will be looking forward to the next visit.

A very happy customer is full of praise and appreciation for the services.

“I was introduced to Pet Loft by my friend, because i got tired of having my dog return from grooming bruised and cut. I sent my dog in for a spa session and full grooming. The staffs gave me a tour of the place, and also sat down to discuss with me about how my dog’s fur should be cut to look the best.

3 hours later, my dog came out looking so good!!! He has never looked so good after grooming. These people know what makes a dog look good and not just shave them down!

Pet Loft even made a video of my dog enjoying the spa! I told them that my dog is getting old and just recovered from a herb issue – they took a picture of him for me! My dog has never been so relaxed during a grooming session before.

This is now my new go-to place for grooming!”

Services offered to: Dogs

Address: 371 Upper Paya Lebar Road, #01-02 Yi Kai Court, Singapore 534969

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 10.30AM-7PM, Sat – Sun 9.30AM-7PM

Telephone: +65 6487 4669

Website –


9. June’s Pet House

June’s Pet House is The 10 Best Pet Groomers in Singapore dog grooming singapore with transport
Image Credit: June’s Pet House

Located at the heart of the Western side of the island, this grooming service is dedicated to Poodles. The services are very affordable, starting at $15 for a specially designed procedure for feet.

The spa services are unparalleled and are favorite among owners. The décor is pleasing and comforting which makes the place all the more endearing.

Once you visit you will have to keep coming back.

The customers are very fond of the place and in the words of a pet owner

“Very nice place, open concept. Using quality products for the furkids. My dog loves it there whenever she goes for grooming with June. I can always have a peace of mind that my dog is well taken care of and came home pretty. Thank you June and her team! Keep up the good job.”

Services offered to : Dogs

Address: 5 Eng Kong Terrace, Singapore 598977

Opening hours: Tue – Sun 10AM-6PM (Closed on Mon)

Telephone: +65 8444 5777

Website –

10. Le’ Fur Pet Grooming Salon

Le’ Fur Pet Grooming Salon
Image Credit: Le’ Fur Pet Grooming Salon

Does your dog stink, or did you find ticks on it? Or has it become too flurry to its liking? Le’ Fur Pet Grooming Salon may just be the right place for you.

Aiming to promote the health and well being of your fur kid, they make sure that both you and your pet is refreshed at the end of the day.

There is an open concept area where you can keep a watch on as your fur friend goes through the grooming process.

You can also choose the type of services ranging from basic to specific options designed for your furry friend.

Services offered to: Dogs

Address: Blk 249 Jurong East St 24 #01-102 Singapore, Singapore 600249

Opening hours: Wed – Mon 10AM-6PM (Closed on Tue)

Telephone: +65 9145 5054

Website –

Pet Grooming Singapore

How much does it cost to groom a dog?

Dog & Cat Grooming ServiceCost
Full Groom (small dogs eg. Maltese, Shih Tzu)From $30
Full Groom (Large dogs eg. German Shepherd, Labrador)From $55
Bathing Only (small dogs eg. Maltese, Shih Tzu)From $15
Bathing Only (Large dogs eg. German Shepherd, Labrador)From $30
Grooming for Cats (Eg. Birmans, Maine Coons)From $60
Dog & Cat Grooming Price List in Singapore

Most pets require grooming every one or two months. A full groom usually include ear cleaning, nail clipping, a fur trim and a bath.

What does basic grooming include?

Grooming for a dog generally includes brushing their coat regularly, trimming their nails, and cleaning their ears.

While some breeds of dogs may require more attention than others, all dogs should begroomed on a regular basis to ensure that they are clean and healthy.

  • Shaving of paw pads
  • Plucking of inner ear fur
  • Shaving of anal fur
  • Shaving of the underbelly
  • Nails clipping and filing
  • Clearing of anal glands
  • Deep cleaning of ears
  • A bubble bath

Mobile Pet Groomers Available, too

As an anxious pet parent or in case your furry friend suffers from separation anxiety, take the advantage of Shaggy Wagon, who would send groomers to your home. Services cost from $40 upwards.

If you see your little pooch in disheveled mess or with a disastrous mud-bathed condition, please bring them to the nearest pet grooming salon.

Under expert and tailored care, they will be ready and pretty for their next insta shot in no time.

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