Top Beaches in Singapore 2022 for Locals and Tourists

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The end of northern monsoon is coming near – the loveliest time of the year on the island. You might be looking for something to do outdoors in Singapore during these times amid the covid-19 travel restrictions.

Fret no more! Even though it’s hard to live in this new normal, you shouldn’t let this be a burden to you.

Let yourself enjoy a little while, never miss this wonderful season of the year – of course, you should still be in line with the health protocols. At the end of the day, it’s always important to take care of yourselves.

Going back to doing something that includes the sand, sea and sun, it is indeed all about beaches! Whether you want your skin to be tanned or merely to breath in some fresh air, visiting a beach can surely help you unwind!

We did a little digging as to where is the Best Beach to go in Sunny Singapore:

10 Famous Beaches in Singapore that Locals Will Go

1. Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach 10 Famous Beaches in Singapore, Is entry to Sentosa free?, Can you swim in Singapore beaches?
Image Source: @whitecarbonn

Got no idea which beach to go to in Singapore? You may want to seriously place Siloso Beach as your first choice!

Looking at this breathtaking view, this sandy beach at Sentosa is indeed the ideal one not to be missed. Besides, the beach is accessible to everyone and easy to locate – head to VivoCity, hop on the Sentosa Express, alight at the Beach station, and start donning your swim suits.

Entry to Sentosa is free – whether is by Sentosa Express or via Car!

Also, this sandy beach is remarkably known with thumping events and parties! Surely you can’t be bored during your time here! Want to stay in?

A hotel at the beachfront got you covered! Hungry? Grab lunch at one of the beach clubs – offering tasty treats and cool drinks.

Most visitors are loving to spend their time on a later afternoon, waiting for the sundown while listening to the waves’ humming sound. Heaven.

Here is one of the visitor’s review during his stay at the beach:

“I love to go to this place mostly in the late afternoon. Just before sunset n watch the day turns into night with the gentle sound of the waves pounding the shore. Looking up the skies n gaze upon the dark skies with twinkling stars.” – Mazran A.

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2. Tanjong Beach

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Image Source: @remusa22

This hidden gem in Sentosa’s south coast shouldn’t be missed! Add Tanjong Beach as one of your weekend getaway. Renowned as an artificial wonder, this arch-shaped beach is about to amuse you with its fantastic view and sparkling white sands.

Plus, Tanjong beach club organizes some activities and games to light up your day at the beach! Up for a night party? Tanjong also lines up beach parties every two weeks – make sure to dig deeper about this schedule not to miss this event.

While some are enjoying these activities, you may also want to consider other facilities available – be it pools, cabins, hammocks, or even bike rentals, this is indeed a great destination to be!

Tanjong is loved by many with the parties that they are being held. No wonder people keep coming back to this place whenever they need to breathe. Here is one of the visitor’s testimony after having such a pleasurable time at the location:

“always a good day at the Beach! volleyball and a fresh air! I love the sentosa island and will always go there to get some sun and play volleyball and etc! its a few places to check it out and its a lot of fresh air! beach is free of charge but if you want to jump at someones pool then You will have to pay! see you next weekend!” – John J.

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3. Changi Beach

Changi Beach is The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches of Singapore, What is the most beautiful beach in Singapore?,How many beaches are in Singapore?,Are there any natural beaches in Singapore?,Is Palawan or Siloso beach better?,Quiet beaches in Singapore,
Image Source: @expatgilly

If you’re looking for a recreational place, this is indeed one of the famous places to be! Whether you’re up for jogging, exercising, biking, or even just sightseeing, this place can delightfully give you the relaxation you needed for a while.

On top of that, going to this place let you see flying planes settling down to land at the Changi airport. Most of the tourist are visiting this place to see these aircraft. Also, if you want to have a picnic, there is an available barbeque here!

These activities make this beach gather a lot of good reviews. Here is a review from one of the visitors, proving how incredible this place can be:

It’s beautiful Beach and park. There are 2 playgrounds (one is for little children, other is for elder children). You can rent a bike and family stile bike. Around are many restaurants with tasty food for meal.” – Natalia K.

4. Punggol Beach

Punggol Beach is The 10 Most decent Beaches of Singapore
Image Source:

As one of the undiscovered places situated on main land Singapore, the Punggol Beach can be the most serene place you’ll ever see! Most people are visiting this shore for photoshoots, especially for sunsets. Big rocks add up to the overall fantastic view.

Whether you want to unwind in a deserted place where you can steer clear of the crowd or are searching for a place to reflect, then you should head to this amazing place! Getting in here is also easy – get on the mrt, get off at the Punggol station and ride bus no. 84 all the way.

Residents are loving this place as they wait for the sunset, here are some of the visitors reviews in this place:

If you need a moment away from the hustle bustle then must visit this place. But try coming after 5pm otherwise it’s hot to handle.” – Rahul G.

It is a nice place for a natural environment! Beach is clean and safe to swim!” – Huy T.

5. Lazarus Island

Lazarus Island is 10 White Sand Beaches In Singapore That You Need To Check Out
Image Source: @chloe_bayz

A nice place to loosen up from a busy city secretly lies in the island known as Lazarus. If you want to flee from the scruffy urban noises, this is a great place to be!

Featuring turquoise beach water, white pine sand, and serene view, it will indeed be the best escape you’ll ever experience! All you gotta do is to book and board a ferry boat from south marina pier. Find ferry tickets here.

In fact, this place is one of the destinations recommended for newly-wed couples to celebrate their honeymoon! Great cabanas and dining place featuring Singaporean cuisine makes this place a good catch!

Besides those wonderful descriptions, Lazarus Island has been gathering many compliments about visitors’ experiences with the place. Here is one of them:

“Good for walking or for a day lazing on the Beach! Yes you need to bring all you need and bring back garbage just like in most of the world when visiting an remote beach :)” – Niclas S.

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6. Pasir Ris Beach

Pasir Ris Beach is a beach where you can swim in Singapore, do take note of jelly fish occasionally.
Image Source: @erhanerdogar

Nothing can beat the refreshing air the far East can give. Located on the Island’s very east, lies the scenic Pasir Ris Beach. You can enjoy a breathtaking sight with your family here, with planes overhead occasionally! Besides, this is also a great location to have a picnic under the trees.

On top of that, there are a lot of activities you can do during your stay here! Whether you want to go cycling or breath in a refreshing calm wind from the beach, this is indeed an incredible place to be!

Just a friendly tip in going to this beach, taking bus no. 403 is the best route to come to this place. Not to mention the playground amenities, your children can also enjoy their stay here. A genuinely ultimate vacay for your next weekend!

People love the tranquil vibe in this mangrove forest. Here is one of the reviews from the tourist after visiting the place:

An idyllic and rustic park in the east corner of Singapore. The Beach itself is not the best but you can feel nature embrace you in this park.” – Agus W.

7. Palawan Beach

Are there beaches in Singapore Palawan Beach is a beach in Singapore. As Singapore is surrounded by the sea, there are still places demarcated as beaches to keep Singaporeans beach go-ers sane. Is Singapore Beach man-made? most of singapore shore line is reclaimed land, so beaches are actually man made.
Image Source: @davidbong21

Located at the heart of Sentosa Island, this low key beach should be next in line for a relaxed outing! You’ll get to enjoy the blue-green water and lying under dangling palm trees – bet you’ll have your best time here!

Not to mention the rope bridge and lighthouse in the area, never forget to waterproof your camera and strike that pose for your IG feed.

For families, if your kids are bored playing beach volleyball and building sandcastles, you may head down to HydroDash, Singapore’s very first floating aqua park! Spend an hour bouncing and climbing around the obstacles. Get exclusive $20 deals here.

Palawan beach are most loved with the facilities and available activities that they can do with their families. Here is one of the tourists’ review after a visit, proving how magnificent this place can be:

“Very nice Beach. Clean and ideal for family gathering but limited to the safe distancing guidelines. You can swim here now and enjoy the sun sand and sea. Sun tan and do near normal stuff. Bars and restaurants are open and you can get refreshments easily.” – sAAziz S.

8. Sembawang Park

Sembawang Park is a good place to Suntan in Singapore. remember to apply your sun screens, How many beaches are in Singapore? there are many beaches in singapore, but some you can play with sand some you can't,
Image Source: @ronniengkc

A peaceful place to loosen up, Sembawang Park is a beautiful place to be! Overseeing the port of Johor, this is no wonder, one of the best parks to visit for your weekend vacay!

Also, you can enjoy watching some water sports activities that are mostly done on this beach. If you like to swim with a view of this breathtaking place, there are also near resorts in the area.

There are a lot of possible leisure activities that you can do in this place! You just need to board bus no. 882 and take off at Sembawang road end terminal, and you’re already here!

Most tourists are in love with this beach from dusk till dawn, enjoying the serene vibe it gives with the sea’s calm breeze. Here is one of the feedbacks after a visit from this incredible place:

A natural breach. Great place for family & friends get together. You can jog around the park, fishing or barbecue. A place to relax with nice n peaceful scenery.” – Annie L.

9. East Coast Park

East Coast Park A and C may be the best. Do play with water but dont swim too far out, What is the best beach in Singapore?
Image Source: @heartlandsnaps

If you’re looking for a relaxing place to visit on the weekend, East Coast Park can provide you an exceptional beach experience! This seemingly endless coastline of Singapore is indeed made for any age! No wonder some people loved this place every single bit.

If you’re into extreme water sports like cable skiing, you can definitely find your thing here! Not to mention the bistros and the famous East Coast Market right around the corner, this place is undoubtedly a favorite beach of every Singaporean!

Wander along this beautiful beach and indulge yourself with the recreational activities you love. Whatever it is, it is doubtless that you, your family and friends will have memorable times here! Cycle here to enjoy the breeze as you wind through the park.

People love the facilities this beach can offer. No wonder they keep on leaving good feedback. Here is one of them:

One of gems of Singapore. It’s one of safest beach for kids. Ample activity for all ages. Decent eating options. And sufficient and clean restrooms. Well lit and ample parking spaces. Fishing allowed at many spots.” – Abhishek S.

10. Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin has 2 camp sites and you just need to bring your own tent and food. Voila, Where can I go on the beach in Singapore?
Image Source: @myfootprintz

There is nothing better than living simply in a village. The serenity it gives is surely worthy of your time! For those who want to escape from reality, Pulau Ubin is the best getaway!

The man-made boardwalk at Chek Jawa is one of the touristy to-go spots on this island. Instead of the usual sandy beach, you can stroll above the mangrove and lagoon observing wildlife without disturbing them.

Not to mention the authentic seafood dishes to try, Pulau Ubin is certainly one of the best offshore islands to visit.

This is a sunny island suitable to visit all year round! You also don’t want to miss going to a souvenir shop and buy some mementos. Just giving you a heads up, to arrive at Pulau Ubin, you are required to take a bumboat for 10 minutes from Changi Village to arrive in this breathtaking place.

Singaporeans love to go cycling on this island during the weekends. Here is one of the tourist reviews after taking a glimpse of this fantastic place:

“Definitely a good place for nature lover or an escape from our daily reinforce concrete jungle. I would recommend to rent a bicycle there. Go to the west part and enjoy walking on the new broadways and visit the viewing tower, very relaxing!!!” – Mel L.

Where to Find the Best Beach in Singapore?

Does Singapore have good beaches?

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There are many good beaches in Singapore, some popular beaches that visitors recommend include Sentosa Island’s Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach.

Whether you’re a fan of sandy shores or clear waters, there’s sure to be a beautiful spot near where you live. So whether you are craving sunbathing by the pool or soaking up some Vitamin D on the sand – Singapore has got everything covered!

Are there any beaches in Singapore that are good for swimming?

There are many beaches in Singapore that are good for swimming, but a few of our favorites include Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach in Sentosa. Both of these beaches offer beautiful scenery and calm waters ideal for swimming.

Beach Singapore

Here are some of the best blissful beaches on the island. All you gotta do is pack up your needs and choose a good weather day to loosen up for a few hours.

While Singapore’s beaches are not so comparable to those at Bali or Phuket, they are still beautiful and inviting in our opinion.

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