Where Can I Buy Art Supplies in Singapore 2022?

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Some may say artists are born and not made. In reality, artists are actually both inborn and developed – especially those who want to pursue arts. So, if you’re into crafts and artistry, art shops are indeed your holy grail. We couldn’t agree more!

Professional artists or not, the satisfying feeling that art could give is undoubtedly soothing and relaxing. Besides, adding up arts to your hobby will help you become a better version of yourself, letting you feel accomplished while boosting your confidence.

For those passionate about artworks and seeking the best art store with all your art and crafts needs, you’ve come to the right page! We have searched and explored the internet to provide you with the top art supplies stores in town!

If you have no time to visit physical shops, no need to fuss, these art supplies stores also have websites where you can check out the materials needed and have them delivered to you! Pretty convenient, right?

Top 10 Online Shops to buy Art Supplies For Home Crafts


Overjoyed is the Top Art Supply Stores Online in Singapore,Where can I buy art supplies online Singapore?
Image Source: Overjoyed

Hallmarking over a hundred well-known art brands, Overjoyed can be your art sanctuary – that’s entirely for sure. Having it said, you’ll surely not waste any of your time browsing their website in finding materials for your current artistries.

From coloring materials to woodcrafts and papercrafts, indulge your eyes with their wide assortment of available art supplies! Besides, they offer free shipping worldwide for a minimum purchase of SGD120! What more not to like in here?

On top of that, there are many discounts and exclusive benefits when signing up as an Overjoyed member! Plus, browsing each category’s inspiration can help you find a new art hobby! If you wanted to check out their physical store, you could go to The Cathay and let your eyes be filled with pleasure with their art supplies.

Overjoyed, 2 Handy Road, B1-11 The Cathay, Singapore, Singapore 229233

Phone: (+65) 6466 4366

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Krafers’ Paradise

Krafers' Paradise is Affordable Craft Stores In Singapore For Scrapbooking And Kid's Craft,Where can I buy art supplies in Singapore?,What is the best art supply store?
Image Source: Krafers’ Paradise

As being the sole merchant of Montana Spray Cans in town, Krafers’ Paradise takes pride in being one of the leading art supplies over the past years! Krafers’ also promises to provide first-class art materials only from the best brands.

Whether you’re looking for sculpting stuff or stationery for your office needs, going to Krafers’ will never be a mistake! Besides, the prices are pretty much competitive and reasonable.

Apart from having a vast collection of art materials, Krafers’ set up a program to support the local artists – giving life to Singapore’s culture and folks. Plus, they’ll be able to be part of international festivals to represent the country! Such an overwhelming opportunity.

Customer Feedback…

Previous art patrons are enjoying the Krafers’ huge collection of arts and crafts materials. Here is Sherman’s review after visiting the art shop:

“Full of art stuffs selections. Back to get some art and craft materials and some special diy craft works!”

Krafers’ Paradise, 180 Kitchener Rd, City Square Mall,#04-19/20/21, Singapore 208539

Phone: (+65) 6884 9986

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Sagacity Art and Crafts Pte Ltd

Sagacity Art and Crafts Pte Ltd is the top Craft stores in Singapore for art supplies for your next DIY project,What is the best art supply store?,Affordable Craft Stores In Singapore
Image Source: Sagacity Art and Crafts Pte Ltd

Serving Singapore with utmost passion for over 40 years, Sagacity Arts & Crafts Pte Ltd understands everyone’s art needs better. Aside from having a lot of art supplies, their huge collection of inventory is cheaper than any other art shops!

Not to mention having friendly staff to assist you, you’ll definitely be going to get your money’s worth. Though their physical store is closed for any walk-ins, you can shop at their Shopee or on Carousell, whatever is more convenient for you!

You can find art tools, DIY merchandise to unleash your creativity, and even educational toys for your little ones! Check out everything you need and have it shipped to your door. Bet you’ll never find such affordable art materials than Sagacity can give.

Customer Feedback…

Customers were delighted with the art materials they bought while getting courteous service from the staff. Here are some feedback from Dan and Pranav, proving how Sagacity is worth your time and money:

“Sells value for money art and craft stuffs.”

“Good range of reasonably priced arts and crafts supplies, and staff is very helpful”

Sagacity Arts & Crafts Pte Ltd, (+65) 6294 6509

Straits Art Co Pte Ltd

Straits Art Co Pte Ltd is the 10 Best Craft Stores In Singapore For All Your DIY Needs
Image Source: Straits Art Co Pte Ltd

Featuring well-known art brands from Rembrandt, ColorPro, Van Gogh, Old Holland, and Schmincke, Straits Art Co Pte Ltd ensures to provide you with the best of the best. Serving you since the ’40s, we are indeed lucky to have Straits in town!

Aside from those, Straits attempts to take away any gap from pro to aspiring artist, letting you feel welcomed in artistry. Plus, Straits offers product lessons thru videos, written or vocal, to help you find the right and remarkable brands to use in your current art project.

Currently, Straits are expanding their teachings by providing watercolor workshops to motivate art pro wannabe. Well, who knows right? With passion and perseverance, nothing is impossible.

Customer Feedback…

Besides having a wide variety of art materials available, thus knowing that this art shop is family-owned – bet you’ll have your best time in shopping with their staff and owners. Here is what Simon say after buying from Straits:

“This is a great art supply store. It is a family business, it has a lot of stock and the staff were genuine, helpful and friendly. The prices really cheap and they have a lot of interesting stuff.”

Straits Art Co Pte Ltd, 420 North Bridge Road #01-27 North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727

Phone: (+65) 6338 1710

Art Friend

Art Friend is the Best Craft Stores in Singapore for DIY Supplies
Image Source: Art Friend

Despite having fewer art brands available online, you can still visit Art Friend on four outlets island wide! Plus, being an international art supplier makes them stand out from any other art shop! From brushes to inks and sprays, Art friend can be your go-to shop when it comes to this stuff!

Having said that brands are fewer than what their physical store can offer, we believe visiting their place can be more convenient for you – that applies if you’re into different kinds of brands. However, if you’d like to use only one brand, looking at the available brands on their website will still do you any better.

Not to mention that they offer delivery worldwide, sure they got the best deals when it comes to art materials!

Locations & Contacts

Umistrong – Affordable Online Craft Stores in Singapore

Umistrong is a place to buy Must-Have Art Supplies for Beginners
Image Source: Umistrong

Besides providing a vast range of art materials, Umistrong offers more than what you think – from art galleries and studios to art classes. Bet Umistrong is truly one to beat!

Plus, having various retail stores makes it more favorable to shop your desired art brands. Whether you’re just starting to build your artistry skills, Umistrong got your back. They provide excellent products and exceptional services, especially if you don’t have any hunch about art materials.

Interested in publishing your artwork? Umistrong can help you let the world see your creativity! On top of that, events are organized to present your artworks in their gallery. Sounds fun, right?

Customer Feedback…

Customers love how vast their choices are when it comes to art materials. Besides, being a novice is not a big deal as the staff will help you find the perfect materials for your fine art. Here’s a review from Shynn, attesting Umistrong deserve a positive feedback:

“They have an array of art materials which is really great for beginners like us to shop there as there’s art teacher around to make your shopping experience alil better as they are always around to guide you ! (:” – Shynn TAY

Locations & Contacts

Sesco Art & Crafts Pte Ltd – Best Place for Handicraft Suitable for Children of All Ages

Sesco Art & Crafts Pte Ltd is the best place to buy art supplies,wide selection of fabric paints and DIY painting kits,Where can I buy drawing materials?
Image Source: Sesco Art & Crafts Pte Ltd

When talking about art stuff, Sesco Art & Crafts is definitely not just your ordinary art shop! Stop the search and browse their available brands – sure you’ll not have any regrets.

Besides, being one of the pioneer arts and crafts suppliers to schools island wide makes them shine comprehensively! If you’re on the hunt for international brands, Sesco is indeed your go-to art supplies shop. Since they are offering deliveries, there’s nothing to be worried about.

Haven’t registered on their website? Well, this is your chance, and enjoy exclusive promotions! Never miss an opportunity of shopping for art stuff at the best and trusted art supplies shop.

Customer Feedback…

Aside from knowing that they provide a wide range of art materials, they really redeemed their name when providing enough stocks. Priyan is pleased for buying what is he looking for, here’s a feedback from him:

“I really needed brush pen luckily I went there if not I could have waste my time searching everywhere”

Sesco Art & Crafts, 3025 Ubi Rd 3, #02-129, Kampong Ubi Industrial Estate, Singapore 408653

Phone: (+65) 6747 8219

Spotlight – Bargains Galore

Spotlight – Bargains Galore is The Best Places to Buy Art Supplies in Singapore
Image Source: Spotlight

Bringing out Australia’s family-owned business, we are truly blessed to have Spotlight in our town! Besides, having two store locations helps us shop more accessibly. Also, they just started their online shop to keep it more accessible.

From having a wide variety of art materials, Spotlight also hallmarks their other products to help you kit your home! From bedroom to kitchen stuff, bet you’ll not just going to check out art stuff.

Without forgetting how their products are high-quality at a very reasonable price, checking out their online store can help you aid your shopping qualms! If you’re hesitating in having your order delivered at your home, Spotlight is offering Click and Collect – letting you check out online and pick it up at the store! Cool.

Customer Feedback…

Besides enjoying a wide variety of art supplies, customers are also looking at the available products to spice up their homes! Here’s what Julie had to say after her experience at the Spotlight:

“A place to find most of the art n craft materials. Lots of things to explore in this Plaza Sin outlet. A good shopping place for textiles, kitchen storage goods, artificial plants, decor home products etc.” – Julie Ang


Level 5, 68 Orchard Road, Dhoby Ghaut, Central Singapore 238839

Level 3 Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, Central Singapore 608532

Contact: (+65) 6733 9808/ (+65) 6259 6356

Golden Dragon Store

Golden Dragon Store School Art Supplies Inspiring Creativity
Image Source: Golden Dragon Store

Summer’s coming, are you ready for it? Aside from knitted sweaters for winter, you can also try and make swimwear crochets! No idea where to get crocheting materials? Fret not! Golden Dragon Store sure got you covered.

If you’re a newbie in this kind of art creation – especially if you’re using your creativity with clothes. Be it beads, needles, or fabrics, Golden Dragon can surely provide it all for you! Oh, not to mention having resin materials, you can definitely try a new hobby to make your time more productive!

Also, Golden Dragon is offering their wholesale services for your business needs! No need to worry about cost, they’ll surely help you grow your business while providing quality materials at a very cheap price.

Customer Feedback…

Clients love how shopping in the store went out. Besides having various materials for your needs, they’ll help you find high-quality products to fit your likings! Here is one of the reviews from Wendy:

“Great customer service! !! Great prices…….. I plan to shop with them online as well…… my in store experience was awesome!!!”

Golden Dragon Store, 101 People’s Park Centre #02-51 Upper Cross Street Singapore, Singapore

Phone: (+65) 6535 8234

Artisan Han’s

Artisan Han's is top 10 Online Art Supplies Stores To Channel Your Inner Artist
Image Source: Artisan Han’s

Aside from the said art shops, this hidden gem shouldn’t just be kept! Artisan Han’s promises to bring out the artist in you! Whether you’re a pro-artist or just wanting to try a new recreation, Artisan Han’s deliver you not only quality products but also art classes and services to fit your desires!

Mr. Han’s Philosophy process has helped clients have freedom with themselves, developing their personalities and creativity with arts. Plus, your confidence will never be the same as before as it boosts you to become better!

Besides, arranging art services for the people who need special attention and care makes this art shop more than just an ordinary shop! If you’re looking for a unique birthday bash for your children’s party, you should add Art Party to your option – bet your child and their friends will have their best times in creating artworks!

Customer Feedback…

Customers pretty much appreciate how Artisan Han’s provides activities more than just selling products. Here’s a review from Barbara, telling us how this shop can go beyond art shop:

“Best place to learn and appreciate arts beyond arts” Barbara

Artisan Han’s, 37 McNair Rd, Townerville, Singapore 328532

Phone: (+65) 9696 6048

Best Art Supply Stores Online

Besides looking for a wide range of art materials where you can gather all you need in one shop, checking out the brands’ availability is also a must! Of course, we all want to use quality in our artworks.

While searching for the best art shop is not that easy as you think, we have found the perfect places to get your art stuff! Hoping reading this article helped you find your art haven. Delight your eyes with these arts and crafts materials and redeem yourself! Get that confidence in producing artistic creations!

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