Thohirah Restaurant Menu 2023

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Thohirah Restaurant
258 Jalan Kayu, Singapore 799487
Open 24 Hours
Contact +65 6481 2009

Here is the updated Thohirah Restaurant Menu and Prices in Singapore.

Fried Rice Menu – Served All Day

Food ItemPrice
Fried Rice Seafood$6.80
Fried Rice Beef$6.80
Fried Rice Chicken$6.80
Fried Rice Crab Meat$6.80
Fried Rice Kampung Style$6.80
Fried Rice Salted Fish$6.80
Black Pepper Beef Rice$6.80
Black Pepper Chicken Rice$7.30
Ginger Chicken Rice$7.30
Paprika Rice$7.30
Pineapple Rice$7.30
Sambal Beef Rice$7.30
Sambal Fish Rice$7.30
Sweet-n-Sour Chicken Rice$7.30
Sweet-n-Sour Fish Rice$7.30
Pattaya Rice$7.30
Fried Rice Menu at Thohirah Restaurant

Noodles Menu – Served All Day

Food ItemPrice
Mee Goreng Seafood$6.80
Mee Goreng Ma Ma$6.80
Bee Hoon Goreng Seafood$6.80
Kway Teow Goreng Seafood$6.80
Mee Hong Kong$6.80
Bee Hoon Hong Kong$6.80
Hor Fun$6.80
Beef Hor Fun$6.80
Ipoh Hor Fun$6.80
Cripsy Noodles Hong Kong Style$6.80
Fried Cripsy Noodle$6.80
Char Kway Teow$6.80
Sinchoo Bee Hoon$6.80
Mee Goreng Pattaya$7.30
Bee Hoon Goreng Pattaya$7.30
Kway Teow Goreng Pattaya$7.30
Noodles Menu at Thohirah Restaurant

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Lunch/ Dinner Menu

Food ItemPrice
Plain Nann$1.90
Butter Nann$2.50
Garlic Nann$2.80
Cheese Nann$3.80
Onion Nann$3.20
Tandoori Chicken & Nann Set$8.90
Butter Chicken & Nann Set$10.80
Tandoori Chicken$7.00
Lunch/ Dinner Menu at Thohirah Restaurant

Menu – Murtabak

Food ItemPrice
Mutton Murtabak$9.00
Chicken Murtabak$9.00
Vegetable Murtabak$8.00
Sardine Murtabak$9.00
Tuna Murtabak$9.00
Remix Special Murtabak$12.00
Murtabak Menu at Thohirah Restaurant

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Menu – Prata

Food ItemPrice
Plain with Onion$1.80
Egg with Onion$2.80
Cheese with Egg$4.00
Strawberry Prata$3.50
Honey Prata$3.50
Cheese with Mushroom$4.80
Egg, Cheese & Mushroom$5.50
Banana & Cheese$4.80
Mushroom Egg$3.50
Milk Prata$2.50
Prata Menu at Thohirah Restaurant

Menu – Roti John

Food ItemPrice
Roti John (Mutton/Chicken)$6.00
Roti John (Cheese)$7.00
Roti John (Egg)$4.50
Roti John Menu at Thohirah Restaurant

Menu – Thosai

Thosai is a south indian savoury pancake that is typically made from lentils, rice, spices, and dal (lentil purée).

It can be served as an appetizer or main course. Most Singaporean enjoy it with dhal curry or yogurt sauce.

Food ItemPrice
Butter Thosai$2.20
Onion Thosai$2.20
Egg Thosai$2.50
Egg Onion Thosia$3.50
Masala Thosai$4.00
Cheese Thosai$4.00
Thosai Menu at Thohirah Restaurant

Menu – Rice

Food ItemPrice
Nasi Ayam$6.50
Nasi Lemak$5.50
Plain Rice$1.00
Plain Biryani$3.00
Vegetable Biryani$6.50
Biryani (Mutton/Chicken)$8.00
Dum Biryani (Mutton/Chicken)$10.50
Prawn Biryani$10.00
Rice Menu at Thohirah Restaurant

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Menu – Curry

When it comes to Indian food, Singaporeans have their own take on things – and that includes curry. Whether you’re looking for comforting comfort food at night or something for a more special occasion – Thohirah’s curry will not disappoint.

Food ItemPrice
Fish Curry$4.50
Mutton Masala$6.00
Mutton Curry$6.00
Sambal Prawn$6.00
Sotong Fried$5.00
Fried Prawns$6.00
Chicken Curry$5.00
Chicken Fried$5.00
Chicken 65 (Fried)$5.00
Chicken Korma$5.00
Chicken Masala$5.50
Fish Head Curry$26.00
Curry Menu at Thohirah Restaurant

Menu – Lunch / Dinner Set (2 Persons)

Food ItemPrice
Set A (For Two)1 Fish Head Curry + 2 Plain Rice + 2 pcs Tandoori Chicken.$35.00
Set B (For Two)1 Fish Head Curry + 2 Briyani Rice + Mutton Curry.$38.00
Lunch / Dinner Set (2 Persons) Menu at Thohirah Restaurant

Note: Prices for Delivery by Grab is $5 more than Dine-in or Pack on the spot.

Menu – Snacks

Food ItemPrice
Pisang Goreng (Kepok) (7 Pcs)$5.00
Pisang Goreng (Tanduk) (7 Pcs)$5.00
Mixed Pisang Goreng + Keropok Kepok-3pcs, tanduk-3pcs, keropok -3pcs.$5.00
Papadam 1 Pkt$1.00
Snacks Menu at Thohirah Restaurant

Drinks – Tea/ Teh

Food ItemPrice
Tea Halia$1.80
Tea-O Lemon Hot$1.90
Tea-O Lemon Ice$2.20
Tea Cino$2.00
Tea Cino Ice$2.50
Tea with Ice$2.50
Tea/ Teh Drinks Menu at Thohirah Restaurant

Drinks – Coffee/ Kopi

Food ItemPrice
Coffee Halia$1.90
Coffee Cino$1.80
Coffee Cino Ice$2.30
Coffee/ Kopi Drinks Menu at Thohirah Restaurant

Drinks – Milo

Food ItemPrice
Milo Hot$1.80
Horlicks Hot$1.80
Milo Cino$2.00
Milo Ice$2.80
Milo Cino Ice$3.50
Horlick Ice$2.80
Milo Dinosaur$3.50
Horlicks Dinosaur$3.50
Milo Godzila$4.50
Milo Drinks at Thohirah Restaurant

Drinks – Cold Ice Drinks

Food ItemPrice
Ice Limau$2.00
Honey Dew$2.50
Lemon Syrup$2.00
Longan Ice$3.50
Lychee Ice$3.50
Lemon Juice$3.00
Syrup with Longan$3.80
Syrup with Lychee$3.80
Blueberry with Longan$3.80
Blueberry with Lychee$3.50
Honey Lemon$1.40
Cold Drinks Menu at Thohirah Restaurant Jalan Kayu

Thohirah Restaurant Menu

Delicious Muslim Food – Thohirah Restaurant Menu (Image source: Tripadvisor)

Customer Review

My favorite go to place for prata and fish head curry. I will normally add a couple of papadams to my order for munching later on. Fish head is $25.50 and good enough for 3 persons if having with prata, and 4 peons of ordering with other dishes. Their menu is quite extensive so there is something for everyone.

– Colin Liew on Google

Contact with Thohirah Restaurant

If you have any questions or any suggestions on the Thohirah Restaurant Menu, please contact Thohirah Restaurant through their contact number listed below:

Thohirah Restaurant

258 Jalan Kayu, Singapore 799487

Open 24 Hours

Contact +65 6481 2009

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