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Last updated: January 2024

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The menu at Swensen included a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes and desserts, well known among Singaporeans.

What is Swensen’s known for?

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Happiness in a Box – Swensen Menu Singapore

Little did Earle Swensen know when he established his first ice cream parlor on Russian Hill in San Francisco in 1948 that Swensen’s would become a household brand for the most incredible, mouthwatering ice cream the world had ever tasted.

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Who owns Swensens Singapore?

In Singapore, the first comprehensive Swensen’s ice cream shop was owned and run by ABR Holdings Limited (“ABR”) in 1979.

Is Swensen halal?

Swensen Singapore Menu, swensen menu price, swensen's ice cream menu, swensen menu price, swensen menu price singapore, swensen's menu pdf, earle swensen menu, swensen promotion, swensen breakfast menu, Earle Swensen menu,
(Image Source: @swensenssingapore)

Swensen’s Best Selling Ice Cream – Swensen’s Menu Singapore

This eatery has a halal certification.

With Swensen’s favorite sundaes including Sticky Chewy Chocolate or Banana Split, you may finish your dinner on a sweet note!

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What type of restaurant is Swensen?

Swensen’s has grown over time to become a chain restaurant that provides not just ice cream but also enjoyable and welcoming casual dining with a variety of filling meals, desserts, drinks, ice cream cakes, and novelty items for takeout.

Does Swensens have Student Meal?

Yes! At Swensens, they offer students meal deal with soft drinks ($9.80/ $12.80) and option to add a dessert (+$2) after weekday lunch hours from 2:30pm to 4:30pm. So hurry in and take advantage of this great deal before it’s gone!

How many days in advance can you order Swensens cake?

Give yourself at least 3 – 5 days to place your purchase on a regular period.

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Kindly place your order at least 2 weeks in advance to prevent frustration because order lead times will be increased as during festive periods such as Christmas, New Year Day, Lunar New Year and Hari Raya holiday season.

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Swensen’s Menu Price Singapore

Popular Swensen MenuPrice
Spaghetti Aglio Olio$14.87
Deep Fried Mushrooms$8.45
Fish and Chips$18.73
Chicken Baked Rice$15.94
Mac ‘N’ Cheese$15.94
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks$10.59
Earthquake In A Box$25.47
What’s good at swensens?
Fried Chicken’ Ice Cream 🍗🍦🔥Price
(Single Flavour) ‘Fried Chicken’ Ice Cream Pint (2pcs)$11.80
(Single Flavour) Box of ‘Fried Chicken’ Ice Cream (8pcs)$42.80
(Double Flavour) Box of ‘Fried Chicken’ Ice Cream (8pcs)$44.80
Fried Chicken’ Ice Cream Menu

Combo with Coca ColaPrice
Family Set for 2$45.00
Family Set for 3$67.00
Family Set for 4$89.00
Family Set for 6$135.00
Family Set for 8$179.00
Combo Menu Swensens
Special Deals at Swensen SingaporePrice
Spaghetti Aglia Olio$9.66
No Meet U Pasta$10.41
Caesar Salad$7.94
Special Deals at Swensen Singapore
Ramadan and Mother’s Day SetPrice
Swensen’s Bagus Burger$16.91
Goreng PIsang Split$14.77
Jom Makam Set For 1$31.30
Jom Makam Set For 2 (UP 65.38)$55.57
Jom Makam Set For 4 (UP 156.43)$109.50
Ramadan and Mother’s Day Set
Ice Cream PintsPrice
Mao Shan Wang with Sea Salt Gula Melaka Ice Cream Pint$18.80
Ruby Chocolate with Strawberry Ice Cream Pint$12.80
Durian Supreme Ice Cream Pint$16.80
Sticky Chewy Chocolate Ice Cream Pint Tub$11.80
Cookies ‘N’ Cream Ice Cream Pint Tub$11.80
Choco Hazelnut Pint$11.80
Thin Mint Pint$11.80
Salted Butterscotch Crumble Pint$11.80
Strawberry Ice Cream Pint Tub$11.80
Mocha Almond Fudge Pint$11.80
Rocky Road Pint$11.80
Lower Sugar Chocolate Pint$11.80
Vanilla Pint$11.80
Maple Walnut Pint$11.80
Bandung Pint$11.80
Swensen ice cream pint menu price

A pint of swensens ice cream is typically about 16 fluid ozs (454g).

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Mega SundaesPrice
Goreng Pisang Split$14.77
Earthquake In A Box$25.47
Jumbo Banana Split$19.05
Topless 15$17.98
Chocolate Fantasy$16.91
Swensen ice cream menu price

Best SellersPrice
Deep Fried Mushrooms$7.38
Fish and Chips$16.69
Chicken Baked Rice$14.87
Mac ‘N’ Cheese$14.87
Baked Spaghetti Bolognaise$16.69
Swensen Best Sellers menu price
Impossible BurgersPrice
Build Your Own Impossible Burger $11.66
Swensen’s Impossible Burger $15.94
Rendang Impossible $17.01
Mushroom Impossible $18.08
Garlic Aioli Impossible $17.01
Swensen Impossible Burgers menu price
Hot U.S. Fries and Dips$6.42
Sweet Potato Fries$10.59
Chicky Cheese Fries$11.66
Breaded Shrimps$9.52
Calamari Rings$8.45
Spice ‘N’ Chic$9.20
Rodeo Wings$10.59
Buckaroo Wings$10.59
Meatballs in Tomato Sauce$10.27
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks$9.52
Deep Fried Mushrooms$7.38
Swensen Sides menu price

Main Course Swensen Menu Price

Baked RicePrice
Curry Chicken Baked Rice$15.19
Fish Baked Rice$15.19
Fisherman’s Catch Baked Rice$15.94
Salmon ‘N’ Mushroom Baked Rice$15.94
Chicken Baked Rice$14.87
Swensen Baked Rice menu price
Margherita Pizza$15.94
Pepperoni & Cheese Pizza$18.08
Hawaiian Pizza$17.01
Swensen Pizza menu price
Teriyaki Chicken Pasta$18.08
Oriental Chili Fish Pasta$18.08
Thai Curry Pasta$19.15
Black Pepper Pasta$17.76
Seafood Arrabbiata Pasta$17.76
Crayfish Pasta$19.15
Baked Spaghetti Bolognaise$16.69
Salmon ‘N’ Mushroom Pasta$17.16
Spaghetti Carbonara$13.80
Beef Lasagne$17.01
Mac ‘N’ Cheese$14.87
Go Green Lasagne$13.80
Swensen Pasta menu price
Fish and Chips$16.69
Battered Fish & Chips$17.01
Grilled Fish with Meuniere Sauce$18.08
Grilled Fish Sambal$17.01
Pesto Salmon$20.22
Swensen Fish menu price
MAIN COURSES (Beef/ Lamb)Price
Ribeye Steak$25.57
Sirloin Steak$23.43
Lamb Chops$22.36
We Meat Again Combo $26.64
Swensen Beef/ Lamb menu price
MAIN COURSES (Poultry)Price
Breaded Chicken$17.01
Crispy Cornflake Chicken$17.01
Chicken in the Basket$17.01
Farm Roast Chicken with Herbs Gravy$17.01
BBQ Chicken$16.69
Swensen Poultry menu price
Double Cheese Beef Burger$18.08
Swensen’s Ultimate Chicken Burger$16.69
Mega Burger$18.08
Sourdough & SandwichesPrice
Sourdough 49ers Chicken$15.94
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich $17.01
Swensen’s Chicken Sandwich $14.55
Rocket Salad with Honey Truffle Vinaigrette$14.87
Prawn and Fruit Salad$13.80
Smoke Salmon Salad$14.55
Caesar Salad with Breaded Chicken$13.80
Pulled Chicken Salad$13.80
Caesar Salad with Breaded Fish $13.80
Swensen Salads Menu
Shakes and BlendsPrice
Milk Shake$6.42
Malted Milk Shake$6.42
Fruzer Shake$8.03
Mango Tango Yogurt Smoothie$6.42
Strawberry Fields Forever Yogurt Smoothie$6.42
Berries Merry Yogurt Smoothie$6.42
Strawberry Cranberry Yogurt Blends$6.42
Zesty Mango Yogurt Blends$6.42
Mango and Lychee Ice Blended$6.42
Soursop Ice Blended$6.42
Swensen Shakes and Blends Menu
Ice Cream CakesPrice
Cookies N Cream Ice Cream Cake$55.00
Enchanted Blackforest Ice Cream Cake$55.00
Swensen’s Special Ice Cream Cake$55.00
Funfetti Ice Cream Cake$45.00
Nutty Hazel Ice Cream Cake$45.00
Mango-ificent Ice Cream Cake$55.00
Gift Me Ice Cream Cake$45.00
Ultimate Strawberry Ice Cream Cake$55.00
Sticky Chewy Chocolate Ice Cream Cake$55.00
Choco Hazelnut Ice Cream Cake$55.00
Black Forest Gateau Ice Cream Cake$45.00
Tropical Mango Ice Cream Cake$45.00
Swensen’s Rainbow Ice Cream Cake$45.00
Swensen ice cream cake price

Swensen Beverage Menu

Thirst QuenchersPrice
Hot Milo$4.49
Iced Milo$5.14
Root Beer$4.82
Orange Juice$4.28
Apple Juice$4.28
Hot Chocolate$4.82
Coca Cola$3.10
Swensen Beverage Menu
Gourmet CoffeePrice
Freshly Brewed Coffee$4.82
Cafe Latte$5.89
Iced Coffee$5.35
Iced Latte$6.42
Swenson Coffee Selection Menu
Hot Black Tea$3.96
Hot Chamomile Tea$4.82
Hot Earl Grey Tea$4.82
Hot Green Tea$4.82
Hot Peppermint Tea$4.82
Iced Lemon Tea$5.35
Iced Peach Tea$6.31
Swenson Tea Selection Menu

Swensen’s Ice Cream Mooncake Menu Price

Swensen’s Mochi-Snow Skin Ice Cream Mooncakes SetsPrice
Premium Mao Shan Wang with Sea Salt Gula Melaka Mochi-Snow Skin Ice Cream Mooncake$13.50
Durian King (D24) Mochi-Snow Skin Ice Cream Mooncake$11.00
Sticky Chewy Chocolate Mochi-Snow Skin Ice Cream Mooncake$11.00
Cookies ‘N’ Cream Mochi-Snow Skin Ice Cream Mooncake$11.00
Chempedak Mochi-Snow Skin Ice Cream Mooncake$11.00
Yam Mochi-Snow Skin Ice Cream Mooncake$11.00
Pulut Hitam Mochi-Snow Skin Ice Cream Mooncake$11.00
Sakura Lychee Mochi-Snow Skin Ice Cream Mooncake$11.00
Create Your Own Mooncake Set$43.80
Royal Set$52.80
Deluxe Set$48.80
Signature Set$43.80
Sweet Spot Set$43.80
Festival Set$43.80
Swensen’s Mochi-Snow Skin Ice Cream Mooncakes Sets Price List

Sale Period: 1 Aug to 11 September 2022

How many Swensen’s are there in Singapore?

Swensen’s is a well-known American ice cream and restaurant chain, and it is very common in Singapore.

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Currently, there are over twenty locations in Singapore. Some of each are at Suntec City, Vivocity, and Plaza Singapura, all of which are popular malls in town.

The restaurants offer a variety of ice cream flavors, as well as unique sundae creations, and basic American diner food.

Every year, more and more people flock to Swensen’s in Singapore to indulge in the unusually delicious treats.

Swensen Singapore Menu

In 1948, Earle Swensen opened an ice cream parlor in San Francisco, California.

Over time, the name of the company grew to be associated with exceptionally delectable ice cream.

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(Image Source: @swensenssingapore)

Jumbo Banana Split- Swensen’s Menu Singapore

Today, the shops provide more than 180 flavors of ice cream that are loved by people of all ages in places like the USA, Asia, South America and the Middle East.

They simply don’t establish themselves as a franchise based on their lone ice cream menu.

In an effort to keep their consumers coming back, they constantly update their menus and add new things.

Swensen Menu Singapore

Swensen Singapore Menu, swensen menu price, swensen's ice cream menu, swensen menu price, swensen menu price singapore, swensen's menu pdf, earle swensen menu, swensen promotion, swensen breakfast menu, Earle Swensen menu,
(Image Source: @swensenssingapore)

Swensen’s X Chilli Api – Swensen’s Menu Singapore

The brand’s overall concept has evolved over time, becoming a chain of restaurants that not only serves ice cream but also a welcoming environment for casual dining with a wide assortment of burgers, burgers, rolls, pizzas, pastas, other main dishes, desserts, drinks, ice cream cakes, and ready meal items.

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