High-Speed Japan Travel Data SIM Card with 3GB/5GB/10GB/20GB/30GB Options | Store Pickup | Valid for 5-30 Days


Get your Japan SIM Card now and enjoy high-speed data while traveling in Japan. Choose from various data options and pick up your SIM card at the nearest store. Don’t miss out on staying connected during your trip – buy your Japan SIM Card today!


Product Title: Japan SIM Card 5-30Days | Store Pickup | High Speed Japan Travel Data SIM Card

Product Description:
Experience seamless connectivity during your trip to Japan with our Japan SIM Card. Available in various data sizes ranging from 3GB to 30GB, this prepaid SIM card can be conveniently picked up from our store. Simply plug it into your device and enjoy high-speed internet throughout your stay.

Stay connected without any hassle using our NPN SIM card. It allows you to instantly download and use the SIM card, similar to a US SIM card. The SIM card is compatible with any device, making it easy for you to top up your mobile data with Singtel in Singapore. Enjoy the convenience of backing up both your phone data and static data with just one SIM card.

With Singtel Prepaid Top-up, you can seamlessly manage your data reset and avoid complicated data usage. Our SIM card also provides a convenient solution for those traveling to Malaysia. No need to worry about purchasing a separate prepaid card, as our SIM card can be used in both Japan and Malaysia. It offers instant data storage, lasting for 15 days with 10GB of data, and is plug-and-play for your convenience.

In most cases, the data SIM card will automatically connect to the internet once inserted in your device upon arrival at your destination. However, in some instances, you may need to set the Access Point Name (APN). If you encounter this requirement, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with the specific APN settings to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. Upgrade your travel experience with our Japan SIM Card and enjoy smooth, fast internet access wherever you go.


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