Philips Electric Toothbrush Singapore Review 2021

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Phillips’ new offering in the electric toothbrush category called the “Sonicare Protect Clean” has been on sale since July 2nd, 2018.

The product launch was held in Tokyo. Showa University’s dentistry department were present for the event.

Let’s breakdown the features of the product and find out why this toothbrush is perfect for people who haven’t used electric toothbrushes before!

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Guest announcer at the event, Makoto Takahashi

best electric toothbrush consumer reports
“Protect Clean” in two colors of choice, light blue and pastel pink

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The “Sonicare Protect Clean” series is a product for people who haven’t used electric toothbrushes before. There are three models up for grabs for your various needs. “Protect Clean” is the most affordable while the regular has “Protect Clean Plus“, and the premium offering is “Protect Clean Premium“. Use a toothbrush to see the dentist lesser!

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“Protect Clean plus” comes in three colors. White mint, Light blue and Pastel pink.

A Common feature in the series of electric toothbrushes is the “Overpressure prevention sensor” that suppresses the brushing force so as to not to hurt the gums, and there is a function with a chip on the brush head that notifies when the brush head should be replaced.

On top of that, tooth plaque between the teeth can be removed with the help of a feature called the sonic wave current which vibrates at high speeds of 31,000 times a minute that help to remove any stubborn plaque.

best electric toothbrush

The topmost model “Protect Clean <Premium>” comes only in white. The Black version will be released in the summer of 2018.

The entry level product Protect Clean has a Clean mode which is the normal mode with no additional features. In addition to the clean mode, “Protect Clean plus” is equipped with gum care mode that lets users polish the boundary between teeth and gums. The “Protect Clean Premium” has a clean mode, a gum care mode, and a white mode effective for removing stains (dirt). It’s also equipped with a function to recognize the brush head and set the optimum strength and mode.

Released on July 2nd, the Philips range costs “9800 yen ($86) for Protect Clean”, 10,800 yen ($95.68) for “Protect Clean plus” and for “Protect Clean Premium” it costs 14,800 yen ($131.12), which is the assumed market price (all tax excluded).

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Oral care is very important to prevent diseases within the body.

Ms. Hitoshi Aizawa of Marketing & BCD / Strategy Planning / Business Development General Manager of Philips Japan

At the event, the first speaker was Mr. Hitoshi Aizawa of Philips, Japan. He said “At Phillips, we aim to improve the health and living of 3 billion people in a single year by 2025. Our value chain for healthcare is divided into healthy living, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and home care.”

According to Mr. Aizawa, “Oral care is very important. It prevents periodontal diseases as well as diseases such as aspiration pneumonia and diabetes frequently found in elderly people. Oral care is also helpful in curtailing circulatory system diseases and arteriosclerosis. For that purpose, I wanted “Sonicare“ protection to help a wide range of people, with the help of electric toothbrushes.”

Sparklingly clean in just two minutes

best electric toothbrush consumer reports

After the event, I was able to actually experience the mid range product – “Protect Clean Plus”. It doesn’t take time to set-up. All you have to do is attach the brush head to the body and turn on the switch. Then you put the brush head in your mouth and lightly touch your teeth and gums. It might seem awkward initially, but you’ll get used to it.

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Demonstration with a tooth model. When lightly hitting a brush head that is vibrating at a high speed for about 31,000 times per minute, you can see that the water in the model moves rapidly. “Overpressure prevention sensor” notifies us with light and vibration if there’s too much pressure applied on the tooth or gums.

An effective way of brushing your teeth with this electric brush is to spend around two minutes for each section of your teeth. You should be done brushing in about 30 minutes in total.

When done brushing my teeth, I realised the surface of the teeth is smooth within two minutes. It’s quite surprising because it takes around ten minutes for my teeth to feel smooth when I use a normal toothbrush.

best electric toothbrush consumer reports

↑ This is the brush head replacement notification light. The RFID chip embedded in the brush head measures the number of times the brush has been used, the duration of use, the pressure level and lights up when it’s time to replace the brush head.

Although it is possible to use Sonicare’s brush head for all dental tasks, it may be better if you use different kinds of brush heads for different purposes. For example, brush head for gum care and brush head for stain removal are separate.

If you are one of those people who’d like to try using an electric toothbrush, but are worried it would hurt your gums, then you needn’t worry. With an overpressure prevention sensor installed, the Protect Clean series is gentle on your teeth and gums.

If you are thinking, “Electric toothbrushes are expensive”. The price of the main unit is reasonably priced at about 10,000 yen ($88).

If you want to stay healthy, an electric toothbrush from “Sonicare Protect Clean” series is recommended and is essential!

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electric toothbrush information

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