Best Free Outdoor Playgrounds in Singapore for Kids 2022

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These days going out might be quite a bummer, but bet you and your family still don’t want to stay at home and settle with just watching TV on the couch. Besides, your kids should be out there to have a break, especially after surviving school all week day long.

While Singapore is just a small red dot, there are still many different outdoor playgrounds to discover that can be relaxing and enjoyable for your kids, and also for you parents! No idea where to start? Fret not!

We have scoured the town and gathered some Free and Entertaining Outdoor Playgrounds in Singapore to spend your weekend with your kids. Sure they’ll have their best time and have fun there.

Top 10 must-visit Outdoor Playgrounds in Singapore

Tiong Bahru Park

Tiong Bahru Park is the Top 10 must-visit Outdoor Playgrounds in Singapore best Free playground Singapore
Image Credit: @raising_little_travellers

Located at the heart of Henderson, here lies the tranquil sanctuary of Tiong Bahru Park! Its theme of combining classics and modern style makes it look exciting and fun to visit.

Furthermore, Tiong Bahru Park features a tilted train structure that comes with several slides. Plus, here’s one of the few playgrounds with sand, that makes it more enjoyable for your kids. Just make sure to let them bring their digging toys to have them built sand castles. You can simply spend a few hours here.

The playground is conveniently located near the Tiong Bahru MRT Station, which makes it easier to access! After a good time, head over to chill at the cafes of Tiong Bahru! Not to mention that it is open to the public 24 hours, sure you’ll have your best times in here.

What visitors say…

One of the most beautiful parks in Singapore that I have come across. There’s a tilting train with numerous slides coming out on both sides of the train cabins. There’s also sand in the park and kids love to play in the sand and built sand castles! Surely one of the most fun parks for kids around. There are also two flying foxes set up and my first time seeing this in a playground! There are also other playground set up for toddlers as well as an exercise park for the elderly. Extremely impressed by this park set up. A ‘must’ visit for kids!!! And it’s free too.” – Alan Teo

Best for: Children aged 3 to 12

Location: 1 Henderson Rd, Singapore 159561

West Coast Park

West Coast Park is an outdoor Playground & Fun Activities for young children kids teens largest outdoor playground in Singapore
Image Credit: @travel.musings.activities

With the largest outdoor playground in Singapore, you may want to consider spending a full day of family time at West Coast Park! Besides having a gigantic playground for your kids to run, climb and play hide and seek, the park is pretty awesome to conduct any recreational activities – be it jogging or exercising; this park is perfect for your entire family!

On top of that, you can also play different sports and even set up a camping tent and picnic! Watching the tides come in and go out gives off a tranquil and soothing vibe and let you be mindful with nature. No need to worry about food as there’s a Mac in the park making it more worthy as a go-to place to visit on the weekend!

What visitors say…

Amazing park at the west coast of Singapore. Key attractions are beach volleyball courts, baseball fields, camping sites and the cycling trails. It’s a good place to spend the weekend with family.” – Mugilan

Best for: Children age 6 and up & teenagers

Location: W Coast Ferry Rd, Singapore 126978

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Gardens by the Bay Children’s Garden

Gardens by the Bay Children’s Garden is top 10 Best Playgrounds In Singapore That Are Absolutely free
Image Credit: Gardens by the Bay

With a splash pad and an adventure playground, the Children’s Garden located at Gardens by the Bay offers more than just plain fun! Let your child go crazy at the mini water park to cool off during the hot days of summer!

Just a friendly reminder to bring shovels and buckets to let your child have more fun with sand play as well! Aside from those, the garden features creative picturesque sculptures that are really eye-pleasing. Besides, the place is just near the Cloud Forest, making your day more fun!

Though entry to the park is free, online-booking is still strictly implemented now for the safety of everyone. After all, your health is definitely more important than convenience.

What visitors say…

Wonderful place… except for the 1 parent 1 child rule due to pandemic restrictions. But amazing that it is even open!” – Tariq S.

Best for: Children age 3 and up

Location: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953

Marine Cove Playground – Best outdoor playground for toddlers

Marine Cove Playground is safe and awesome Playgrounds in Singapore - best free-to-access- outdoor play.
Image Credit: @cafeandplay_sg

Having revamped and upgraded with various obstacles and slides, you don’t want to miss going to the Marine Cove Playground with your little ones! The amenities are indeed well taken care of for the safety of your kids. Having showers and toilets nearby makes it more convenient – don’t forget to bring clothes so they can change after playing.

Having said, the place is also a walk away from the sea! Your ultimate weekend getaway is just right here! Spending every minute promise greater fun and full of excitement!

Don’t forget to bring your cameras and capture good memories in this place to reminisce. Your family bonding time will not be wasted in this place! We insist.

What visitors say…

Many different kinds of stations for kids, it would be really fun to bring your kids here! You can even play at the beach after this! Recommended!” – Marcus Tay

Best for: Children age 6 and up

Location: 1000 ECP, Singapore 449876

The Oval at Seletar Aerospace Park

The Oval at Seletar Aerospace Park is a playground near you in Singapore, free outdoor playground singapore, playground for toddlers 
singapore,outdoor playground for kids
best outdoor playground, best playgrounds in singapore this year, playground in singapore, Top 12 soft play areas for babies in Singapore,
Image Credit:

Highlighting the rustic charm and history of this former airbase, this outdoor playground for kids shouldn’t be missed! Besides having a scenic view, The Oval at Seletar Aerospace Park offers a serene place for parents to unwind. Of course, your children will undeniably have fun racing each other at this play area!

Having a café nearby is a major plus! You can also have fun and unwind from a week of stressful work while having quality time with your kids. Also, its location is pretty much accessible with public transportations.

Not to mention having various restaurants and cafes nearby, dropping by this place is certainly worth it! You can definitely have fun in this place with a lot of picturesque spots!

What visitors say…

“An old-world charm with the spacious colonial houses with generous lawns. Tranquil and peaceful.” – Mark Tan

Best for: Children age 6 and up

Location: 15 The Oval, Singapore 797874

Admiralty Park

Admiralty Park is The Largest Playground In Singapore with most slides for family and intra generation bonding, free outdoor playground singapore, playground for toddlers 
singapore,outdoor playground for kids
best outdoor playground, best playgrounds in singapore this year, playground in singapore, new playground singapore 2021 2022 2023
Image Credit: National Parks Board

If you’re up for a much more complex playground with various obstacles for bigger kids, a visit to Admiralty Park will never disappoint both you, and your child! Having said that, the play areas are safe and interactive, and designers let loose all creativity in building an awesome playground among nature. We love visiting nature parks in Singapore.

Aside from featuring 26 slides (the most in Singapore), the play areas also underline the greenery environment, creating a breath-taking place to unwind and relax for parents while their children bounce around! Plus, having a separate play area for the smaller kids makes sure kids of all ages can enjoy an ultimate outdoor playground experience.

If you’re planning to commute to get to this park, you may take bus number 903. Besides, being open 24 hours makes it more flexible for busy parents to visit the place any time they want!

What visitors say…

While the bigger kids are playing, it’s a good place to clock your run. The trail goes 1 loop. Manage to clock 3km for 1 round. Very well maintained park. Lots of greenery on the trails.” – Rau A.K

Best for: All ages even the young at heart

Location: 6A Admiralty Rd, Singapore 732006

Pasir Ris Park Playground

Pasir Ris Park Playground is The best outdoor playgrounds in Singapore, Free playground Singapore with Sand, List of Free Outdoor Playgrounds in Singapore for Kids, Toddler playground Singapore,
Image Credit: National Parks Board

Aside from having several play facilities, this park from the east sure is not your ordinary outdoor playground! Having trees surrounded the play area allows your kids to play as much as they want without worrying about direct sunlight.

Besides any other exceptional amenities, it is also magnificently located near the beach! You can have a walk beneath the cold breeze the sea could give! Also, the place is easily accessible and open for 24 hours! You don’t want to miss the sunset with a breath-taking view.

Other than that, BBQ facilities are also just around! Visiting Pasir Ris Park Playground is pretty much enjoyable for both the parents and kids. Searching for a campsite with your family? You can also build your tents and set up a camp here! What more not to like right?

What visitors say…

“Great playground for all ages different areas cater to different age groups. Lovely setting right by the water with great views.” – Nicola Faulkner

Best for: Children age 6 and up

Location: 110 Pasir Ris Rd, Singapore 519113

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden – Best Secluded Outdoor Playgrounds In Singapore

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is the 10 Best Outdoor Playgrounds You Must bring Your Little Ones, Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is the Best Secluded Outdoor Playgrounds In Singapore
Image Credit: @charzykoh

Aside from the prevailing outdoor playgrounds, this nature-themed park with astonishing trails can guarantee your child to have fun! Also, it indeed makes a perfect spot to bond with your children.

Likewise, the place is just a 5-minute walk from the bus stops, making it easier to arrive at this place. Since they are strictly implementing safety protocols, they could pretty much accommodate 150 persons only in one visit. So make sure to go early as this place can also be packed-full.

Oh, by the way, this place is closed every Monday, you don’t want to be disappointed for not knowing about their schedule. They usually open at 8 am so be sure to arrive there early to let your kids fully have fun!

What visitors say…

“Great place for family with kids. The tree house with slides and sand was very popular. One can also have close encounters with chicken and pond animals. My son totally love this place.” – Malu Ker

Best for: Children age 2 and up

Location: 481 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 259769

Dragon Playground (A Singapore Heritage)

Dragon Playground (A Singapore Heritage) is the Best & free Outdoor Playgrounds of Singapore
Image Credit: @y_lyn

Despite being lesser known than the Toa Payoh one, the iconic Dragon Playground at Ang Mo Kio is an old playground still serving within the more modern HDB blocks. Those in their 30s can surely reminisce about the good old childhood times spent when they come to this ancient styled play area.

Plus, you may run into the ice cream uncle that sells ice cream sandwiches with a choice of bread/ waffles in the evening. Bet your kids will love it too! Aside from these, RC events are also held in this area occasionally! Of course, you also want to experience it with your children!

Having nostalgic vibes makes this place to be an iconic playground to visit. If you’re fond of taking pictures with incredible scenery, never take this place to be an ordinary park as it can give your kids an exceptional experience!

What visitors say…

“Quite old but my kids still love this place. One of the many places that we won’t get tired of. Every time we come here I feel so nostalgic and kids always have a great time here..” – Martin Onne

Best for: Children age 6 and up

Location: 570 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Singapore 560570

Canberra Park – Free Outdoor Playground Singapore

Canberra Park is Top Outdoor Playgrounds in Singapore for Kids
Image Credit: @kudoos

Apart from having many outdoor play areas for your kids to enjoy, this jewel located in the north shouldn’t be skipped! It features a vast playground that is perfect for everyone to visit.

If you’re looking for a great ambience, Canberra Park is indeed not a typical park – promising you a scenic view in the middle of the tall buildings. Besides, there are also public toilets available which make it more convenient.

Your children will surely enjoy different obstacles, from the easiest to the hardest. Conversely, since trees are not as many as you think to cover the whole playground, going to this park on a sunny afternoon is not advisable. Overall, you’ll still have your best times in here, especially your kids! We insist.

What visitors say…

“Swings, slides, jogging track, basketball court, fitness equipments, 2 bbq pits, benches, good for family and friends” – Siti Suhaila Rahmat

Best for: Children age 3 and up

Location: Sembawang Cres, Singapore 750325

Top Outdoor Playgrounds in Singapore for Kids

In searching for the best playgrounds to visit with your kids, checking out the park’s theme and safety is essential. Of course, we all want to let them have fun after staying at home for months.

Let your children enjoy and let loose once in a while! Besides, these playgrounds are mostly free of any entrance fee. Just keep in mind the health protocols and follow them, sure your kids are good to go!

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