Nippon Paint Prices in Singapore 2021

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So, you are thinking of getting new splash of colours for your home walls, maybe because it is a reno long overdue or something unexpected happened and the walls suddenly got damaged.

These reasons are quite valid for you to get a new paint job and start working on it. However, you are somehow stuck wondering, which is the best paint brand for the walls?

I’m telling you there are tons of brands that you can choose from in terms of paints for your home but there’s one that I think is the best one to get in terms of value for the money.

This particularly well known paint brand is, of course, Nippon Paint. Further into the article, we are going to take a look at the Nippon Paint Prices in Singapore so stay tuned for that. For now, let us share the story of Nippon Paint.

Why Buy Nippon Paint in Singapore

A little bit of history about the brand Nippon Paint. Stated by the name itself, it is a well-known Japanese company that manufactures and sells a wide variety of paint and paint products. The company is perhaps the seventh largest paint manufacturer in the world based on revenue.

It is a surprise to know that Nippon Paint actually established itself in the Singapore market during 1955 when Goh Chen Liang opened his paint shop and became the local distributor of Nippon Paint. Then in 1965, the first paint manufacturing plant for Nippon Paint was set up in Singapore. Nowadays, Nippon Paint not only produces their signature paints, but also their own paint brushes and tools.

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Where to Buy Nippon Paint in Singapore

This is great because Nippon Paint is no doubt a very reputable company that produces excellent, high quality paint products in Singapore. The question is, where can we get one? No frets, my friend because we have many answers to that, and we are going to take a look at them now. 

So, one way to purchase one of these is to head out to your local hardware store and look at the wide selection of Nippon Paints. Although this may be a good option to do, it is quite a hassle and maybe tiring for most working adults.

Fortunately, due to the rising popularity of the internet, many ecommerce shops such as Shopee Singapore, offers a wide variety of Nippon Paints products online.

In addition to that, these are delivered directly to your doorstep, so you don’t need to worry about going out and carrying all the heavy tins of paint.

Today, we will be taking a look at some of Nippon Paint’s huge but great line of products found in Shopee Singapore and make a comparison on each of them to see if they are worth over the others or not. Let’s get started.

Best Nippon Paints and their Prices in Singapore

1. Nippon Paint Odour-less Sealer

Starting off with the most affordable yet effective line from Nippon Paint. The Nippon Paint Odour-less Sealer is a great buy to get on a budget.

It is basically a simple white paint that is water based but has a low odor, making it ideal for long use with people who are sensitive to strong smell. The paint is also anti-fungus and algae resistance thus it is good for reinforcing rugged places.

Nippon Paint Odour-less Sealer

Get it at

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2. Nippon Paint All-in-1 Odour-less white paint

On the other hand, the Nippon Paint All-in-1 Odour-less white paint is a more premium version of the Odour-less Sealer. Despite being premium, it does live on the name All-in-1 due to having many features.

Nippon Paint All-in-1 Odour-less white paint

The most well-known feature of this paint is its superior formula that reduces Volatile Organic Compound or VOC levels to near zero emission. Other features include Ammonia-Free, Odour-less, Heavy metal free, Long-lasting colors and covers hairline cracks.

These features are great to apply on homes where occupants require special needs to cover their allergic reactions. It is also great for homes where kids are around too.

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3. Nippon Paint Matex

The Nippon Paint Matex is another type of Nippon Paint line that is the basic, simple, super affordable yet effective to use in many conditions.

It has some good features formulated within the paint itself like Anti-fungus/algae, maximum hiding power and coverage, wide range of colors, and it is economical and easy to use overall. 

Nippon Paint Matex

In terms of the price, the Nippon Paint is relatively affordable in 1L size at around S$9 which is huge savings compared to the Nippon Paint Odour-less Sealer, however, the Odour-less Sealer offers more features.

If you only require a simple paint and do not need the features from the first two paints, then this one may be right for you.

Get it at

4. Nippon Paint Easy Wash

This one is a great choice for many people, especially big homes for families. The Nippon Paint Easy Wash Paint is equipped with Teflon surface protector technology, allowing you to wash off dirt and stains easily and effectively without damaging the paint application. It is ideal to apply this on interior walls more than exterior. It is also low on odor and easy to apply.

Nippon Paint Easy Wash

For the price of this paint itself, a 1L paint costs around S$26. A very reasonable price given its unique feature and effectiveness indoors compared to the previous 3 mentioned.

Get it at

5. Nippon Paint Anti-Mould for Ceilings Paint

Like the Easy Wash Paint, this one is another specialized paint. The Nippon Paint Anti-Mould for Ceiling is almost the same as the Odour-less one but with an extra feature of anti-mould formula that protects against many species of mold growing. It is ideal to apply this one on ceilings as it is more prone to having molds, but with this kind of paint, it can be preventable.

Nippon Paint Anti-Mould for Ceilings Paint

The price for a 1L paint cost around S$22 which is fairly reasonable for a specialized paint. If you are getting one of these for painting the interior of your home, it is best to pair it up with the Easy Wash Paint.

Get it at

6. Nippon Paint Expresskote

The Expresskote paint is rather a different line from the rest. It does lean towards more features that are meant to strengthen the walls of your place. To start off, it is a water-based sealer that can be applied both interior and exterior. Applying this paint prevents chalking, minimizes hairline crack, and optimized adhesion. It is formulated with special styrene acrylic polymer that is used for excellent alkali and efflorescence resistance properties.

Nippon Paint Expresskote

The paint also has some of the most benefits from the other paints like good adhesion, anti-fungus and algae resistance properties. Its price for a 1L paint cost a good reasonable price of S$19 which is good enough given the price of it. It is best to apply this type of paint on outside surfaces.

Get it at

7. Nippon Paint Weatherbond

The Weatherbond Paint line is toughest one of the paints for outdoor use. It is made to withstand rugged conditions and last longer with high performance. Its benefits include enhances anti-streak marks, resistance to fungus and algae growth, and Anti-Carbonation formula to retain its colors from fading.

Nippon Paint Weatherbond

Of course, this is a premium type of paint, a 5L costs around S$109 which is a little hefty for paint compared to the rest of the paint line for outdoor usage. But this paint is recommended for homes that are facing more climate changes often. For the value of it, it is a great choice if you know what and where are you going to apply it.

Get it at

8. Nippon Paint Vinyl Silk

An ideal paint for indoors. Aside from having some benefits from the Easy Wash Paint, its textures are given a luxurious silky sheen finish. This makes this paint aesthetically pleasing when applied to wall. It is long-lasting, durable, anti-fungus which are great benefits to find it present on this paint line.

Nippon Paint Vinyl Silk

It’s reasonably priced which is good for a 1L specialized paint. This is great for people who can benefit from this specific silky finish on their luxury homes.

Get it at

9. Nippon Paint MozzieGuard

Another specialized paint that is great to have too especially in rainy climates and kids. It packs in an insecticide that is encapsulated in the polymer for interior use. It can knockdown mosquitos on contact making it ideal for places where people are more vulnerable to mosquito bites.

Nippon Paint MozzieGuard

It got a good price of S$29 for a 1L size but cost more than the other specialized paints on this list, but with the benefit of protections, this maybe worth considering.

Get it at

Recommended: You may also check out Nippon Paint Momento Toolkit. It is a great tool for you to get started on painting your awesome home.

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Price: $20.00

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Can We Buy Paint Online in Singapore

As you can see, there a lot of paint products from Nippon Paints, which one is great for situations you need and the value of it. For most basic and general types of painting, the Nippon Paint Matex is a great all-around paint.

It is affordable but has some minor drawbacks like it is not odor-less. But if odor is a major concern, then the Odour-less can be a great choice too. The rest of the paint has different uses and benefits so pick one that is right for you and will make the investment worthwhile.

So that concludes our in-depth comparison between the different Nippon Paint products and its prices in Singapore. If you have already bought one of these awesome paints, please let me know what your first impressions about it are and how it was able help turn your home great again. You may share your awesome tips and suggestions on how to apply these paints too.


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