Movie Ticket Prices in Singapore 2021

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Movies will always be one of the many social activities enjoyed by many. Even with all the streaming services available, nothing beats the experience of watching your most awaited film with popcorn and soda, a surround sound and the company of people you do not know enjoying the scenes with you. To help you with your next movie adventure we made a list of some of the best movie ticket prices offered around Singapore.

Most people go to the movies for leisure. Many cinemas are continually upgrading their spaces in order to attract customers. Investing in 4D and 3D screening, great indoor acoustics, IMAX screens and comfortable chairs are some of the improvements made in the modern cinema. Aside from these, one important factor to consider is the ticket price.

Here is a short overview of 2D Ticket Prices in Singapore.

Cinemas are now giving discounts for students and senior citizens. Most importantly, affordable ticket prices is a big contributing factor to people lining up and see their favourite stars on the big screen.

CinemaWeekday PriceWeekend PriceDiscounts
Shaw Theatres$9.00$13.50Students – $6.50 Weekdays (before 6pm)
Senior Citizens – $4.00 Weekdays (before 6pm)
Cathay Cineplexes$9.00$13.50Students – $6.00 (Tues All Day)/ $7 (Mon, Wed – Fri, before 6pm) Senior Citizens – $5.00 Weekdays (before 6pm)
WE Cinemas$8.50$13.50Students – $7.00 (Mon – Wed All Day, Thurs/ Fri Before 6pm)
Senior Citizens – $4.50 Weekdays (before 6pm)
FilmGarde$9.50$13.50Students – $7.00 Weekdays (before 6pm/ Only at Selected Cinemas)
Senior Citizens – $5.00 Weekdays (before 6pm)
The Projector$13.50$15.00Students – $13.00 (Daily)
Senior Citizens – $13.00 (Daily)
Golden Village Cinema$13.00$15.00Students – $7.00 Weekdays (before 6pm)
Senior Citizens – $5.00 Weekdays (before 6pm)
Eaglewings Cinematics$9.50$12.50Students – $6.50 Weekdays (before 5pm)
Senior Citizens – $5.50 Weekdays (before 5pm)
Carnival Cinema$11.00$18.90Students – $5.00 (Mon – Thurs All Day, Fri Before 6pm)
Senior Citizens – $5.00 (Mon – Thurs All Day, Fri Before 6pm)
Regular Ticket Price Table For Singapore Cinemas 2021

And here is a short overview of 3D Ticket Prices in Singapore.

CinemaWeekday PriceWeekend PriceDiscounts
Shaw Theatres (IMAX)$17.00$20.50Students – $12.00 Onwards Weekdays (before 6pm)
Senior Citizens – $12.00 Onwards Weekdays (before 6pm)
Cathay Cineplexes$16.00$16.00
WE Cinemas$11.00$14.00
Golden Village Cinema$11.00 onwards$14.00 onwards
3D Ticket Price Table For Singapore Cinemas 2021

Best Cinemas to go to for Price Worthy Movie Rates

1. Shaw Theatres

This theater is ran by the Shaw Organization and is one of the oldest cinema operators in the island. It is originally a film distribution company during the 1920s. The organization already have multiple cinemas not just in Singapore but also in Malaysia, Borneo and in Hong Kong. They are now operating over 70 movie screens in seven areas in Singapore.

Tickets prices are usually at $9.50 for regular movies and $10 for new movie releases from Mondays to Thursdays. Weekend movie prices is at $13.50. Students can enjoy movies at $6.50 and $4 for senior citizens from Mondays to Friday before 6 pm respectively.

You can visit their cinemas in the following areas: Shaw Theatres Lido in Orchard Road, Shaw Theatres Jewel in Changi Airport, Shaw Theatres Paya Lebar Quarter in PLQ Mall, Shaw Theatres Waterway in Waterway Point, Shaw Theaters Nex, Shaw Theatres in The Seletar Mall and Shaw Theaters JCube.

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2. Cathay Cineplexes

This cinema first welcomed moviegoers in 1939. They were the first to operate screenings with a comfortable chair and air-conditioned surroundings. The Cathay Cineplex operates in 8 locations in Singapore with 64 screens. They have operations in The Cathay, Causeway Point, AMK Hub, Cineleisure Orchard, Downtown East, West Mall, Jem and Parkway Parade.

They charge new release weekday movie tickets at $9.50 and $13.50 for the weekend. Regular movies are $0.50 less on weekdays. Students can catch their favorite films at $6 all day on Tuesdays and $7 on others weekdays before 6pm. Senior citizens can watch at $5 every weekday before 6pm.

Premium experience is from $28 per film. Children below 0.9 meters in height are free and can enter the cinema but a seat will not be a guarantee. Purchasing online tickets can be through the website or through the app.

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If watch movies also sian, we recommend the following activities:

3. WE Cinemas

Originally known as Eng Wah Cinemas, this Singaporean cinema operator previously has 11 locations in the island. It was the first cinema to have an SMS movie service and showcased a 4K Digital Cinema Technology in 2004. It is now operating at 321 Clementi Avenue 3 and has 10 screens with 728 seats.

Regardless of whether it is a newly released or not, movies are shown in WE Cinema at a flat rate of $8.50 on weekdays and $13.50 during the weekends. Last checked, they offer $1 discount promotions for those purchasing tickets using credit cards from UOB, Citibank, AMEx & Maybank. Passion card holders also enjoy the $1 discount. From what we see, WE Cinemas offers the cheapest movie tickets in Singapore.

They are now offering a first class movie watching experience from $25 to $30. There are times when a blockbuster film or opening films are offered. These film tickets costs slightly higher than the regular ones.

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4. FilmGarde

Make the most out of your movie budget in cinemas operated by FilmGarde. FilmGarde Bugis+ has state of the art cinema facilities which features 3D screening capabilities, Dolby 7.1 surround sound and comfortable seats with spacious legroom. FilmGarde is one of the first cinema that has family seats installed.

This exclusive designed seat allows two adults and two children seated together. They also have cinemas located in Century Square and Leisure Park Kallang.

They sell regular movie tickets $9.50 during Monday-Thursday, newly released titles are at $10. Fridays, weekends and public holidays tickets are at $13.50. They also have 3D screenings from $11 to $14.50. Senior citizen tickets are at $5 and student rate is at $7 (at selected theatre). Like other cinemas, kids below 90 centimeters can enter for free but is not entitled to seats. These discounts can only be availed from Monday-Friday before 6pm.

FilGarde has also installed self-service ticketing kiosk for faster ticket buying transactions for better customer sales experience.

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5. The Projector

Located at the Golden Mile Tower, this cinema is the perfect place for every film enthusiast out there. Its interiors are a perfect mix of vintage and minimalist décor. They normally show indie films and classic films such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The Projector cinema has three screen halls and can accommodate up to 100 seats each. Film enthusiasts will truly enjoy posing in the theatre’s every Instagram-worthy areas.

The Projector is selling tickets at $13.50 while the discounted price of $13 is for student, NSF and senior citizens. They still retained old school flip chairs and installed some beanbags for their non-conventional movie screening, re-creating the classic experience of watching movies in the 80s.

This movie theater is suitable for those who wants to learn more on or re-watch old-school cinema classics. Its retro and hip ambiance makes it a site for most independent film screenings in the area.

cinema prices

6. Golden Village Cinema (GV)

This might be one of the most accessible cinema in the island. Golden Village has over 14 cinema multiplex and 112 screens in the island and is currently the largest cinema chain in Singapore. It has cinemas in different malls and entertainment establishments in the area such as Plaza Singapura, Marina Square, Suntec City and Vivo City.

These theatres are one of those who have already upgraded their cinema for premium movie experience. GVMax lets you enjoy your movies at 22.4-meter screen, which is considered as one of the widest movie screen in Asia.

The have also installed leatherette seats that are more hygienic, has lumbar cushion support and recline feature. These seats also include a USB port that allows you to charge your phones.

Standard 2D screening is at $13 on weekdays and $15 on weekends and public holidays. Newly released movies are usually released at an additional $1 charge. Their 3D screenings starts from $11 on weekdays and $14 during the weekends.

Other Golden Village Cinema offers a premium cinematic experience. Gold Class and Gold Class Express ticket pricing is around $26 to $32 from Monday to Wednesday and $39 to $42 on Thursday-Sunday and during public holidays.

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7. Eaglewings Cinematics

Enjoy your favorite films at a premium and elegant location with Eaglewings Cinematics. They have a premium lounge with tables and sofas, which you can use when you order food and free flowing drinks.

The seats are reclined at an angle that perfectly aligns your eyes to the screen. This luxurious cinematic experience is at $26 on weekdays and $34 on weekends.

Regular cinema showing is at $9.50 on weekdays and $12.50 during weekends and public holidays. Both students can watch at a discounted price of $6.50 and senior citizens for $5.50 on weekends before 5pm. Children that are under 90 centimeters in height are free of charge.

Eaglewings Cinematics is loacated at KAP Residence Mall at King Albert Park. It has 4 cinema halls that has a total of 153 seating capacity. If you want a change of scenery for work related events, their theaters can also be rented out to hold official business function, private family events and corporate gatherings.

movies Singapore

8. Carnival Cinema

Whether you are new to Indian movies or simply catching up, Carnival Cinema offers exciting, amazing films particularly that of Bollywood and other regional blockbuster films.

They also offer different snack options found in the various regions of India. With its presence in the Singapore market, the Carnival Group sees it an opportunity to expand the world’s knowledge about the Indian heritage and culture.

Tickets prices starts at $11 for regular adult moviegoers. Students and senior citizens are charged $5 when they present their relevant IDs to enjoy their favorite movies. You may also download their Carnival Cinema App to enjoy special price for tickets.

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How Much is a Movie Ticket Now?

One of the most enjoyable social event is visiting the cinema to catch your favorite film with friends and family. It is a way for most people to get together and spend time relaxing and getting lost in the world of the big screen. Most teenagers hang out and romantic dates happen in cinemas making it still a profitable business in spite of films releasing in Blu-ray DVDs and in other streaming platforms.

Many cinemas are offering regular weekend prices for less than $10, the number of people expected to go out and take break from their busy schedules makes ticket prices go up for a few dollars.

Cinemas are also making an effort to give upgraded movie watching experience by providing a director’s club or premium lounges together with comfortable and reclined seats. These premium movie tickets usually costs double the usual amount. These movie houses listed above offers film showing at a price that would definitely not break you wallet.

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