Most Popular IKEA products to buy in Singapore 2022

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Being the largest retailer of ready-to-assemble furniture, IKEA features a curated collection of innovative and stylish products to improve everyday lives.

Well-designed home stuff at a very affordable price has been their name since then – no wonder IKEA has made it internationally!

This could be your one-stop-shop home decorations. All created in a genius way to make your lives easy!

Classic or modern, IKEA produces the finest interiors that will perfectly fit your taste! Get that minimalist or lively hue in your home.

Here, we have taken down a list of the most popular IKEA products, making your rooms look more aesthetic.

New house or a little renovation, IKEA got you covered! Check out these sophisticated home furniture – all you can get at a reasonable and affordable price!

The 12 Most Popular Ikea Products for This Year

1. Lidhult 3-seat-sofa

Most Popular IKEA products to buy in Singapore Lidhult 3-seat-sofa
image from Ikea Singapore

This 3-seat-sofa from Lidhult is not just your ordinary sofa, aside from having such a nice color to fit in your beautiful home, this sofa will provide you the coziest and comfiest feeling you keep on seeking!

This one of the Lidhult sofa series has made it to the most popular product you can get at IKEA. No need to wonder why, as it is made with quality materials to support the relaxation your whole-body needs. Plus, it gives a remarkable size without being too small or big!

You can lay your back and head comfortably as it is specifically designed for good support – armrest is a bonus, giving you full comfort while seating.

Get this sofa for only $1,290, incredible home furniture with a lot of relaxation benefits!

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2. Ervarli 2 Sections

Ervarli 2 Sections
image from Ikea Singapore

Looking for a minimalist wardrobe for your bedroom? With this Ervarli 2-section open storage, IKEA lets you make the most of the space from floor to ceiling!

These adjustable shelves can be your book storage, lovely display, or clothing racks, it’s all up to your needs.

The product comes in 22 packages which are definitely fun and exciting to assemble! IKEA lets you unleash your creative minds in creating your nice space.

Get this item for only $535, decorate your room with this simple chic white open storage and achieve that minimalist bedroom style.

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3. Raskog Trolley

Raskog Trolley
image from Ikea Singapore

Most people make it hard to organize kitchenware, that includes me. Despite putting it back to where it originally located, you’ll probably still going to miss it.

Having this nice-looking trolley from Raskog, guess you’ll never going to miss any kitchenware and seasonings in your home again!

Aside from having rollers which makes it easy for you to push anywhere you need it, consisting of a three-layer container available in three colors (black, white, grey-green, turquoise) it keeps all the essentials in the kitchen! No need to go around and round while cooking, just pull this trolley and you’ll have everything you need!

Get this for only $59, forgot where you put that salt and pepper? Never again with this trolley!

4. Nordviken Bar Table

Nordviken Bar Table
image from Ikea Singapore

If you want to add something to spice up your home, you should consider having this wooden, bar table from Nordviken!

This can be your intimate place for a little conversation and tea without being too formal. Also, a drawer and two hooks make it more useful to put your flatware to keep them near you.

Add a cool bar stool and you’re off to go! Get this Nordviken Bar Table for only $399, and choose your color style between a black or antique stain, both can make your little space more elegant and functional.

5. Trofast Storage

Trofast Storage - The most popular bestsellers from IKEA
image from Ikea Singapore

It is palpable for the kids to keep their toys scattered around the house, kids will always be kids, but it’s best to teach them how to take care of their toys after playing.

Trofast Storage makes it more convenient for you! Featuring a sturdy wooden frame with a combination of lightweight plastic boxes, this is indeed one of the must-haves to your child’s room!

Also, the frame has several grooves, making it easy to put the boxes and shelves anywhere you want it – change them anytime you want.

Get this Trofast storage for only $116, available in various colors to choose from!

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6. Micke Desk

Micke Desk
image from Ikea Singapore

Working-at-home setup may be the new norm right now. Sitting to the other parts of the house sometimes doesn’t add up to the overall productivity – that’s undeniably for sure.

Your working place doesn’t need to be spacious, with this Micke desk, you can have your Work-at-home setup clean and simple that will remarkably fit any part of the house!

Also, it offers a well-designed cable outlet to keep it from being messy. A full drawer is just great to organize working essentials.

Get this Micke Desk for only $89 and work comfortably at any corner of your home!

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7. Oxnoe Lindoeja Parasol

Oxnoe Lindoeja Parasol
image from Ikea Singapore

Hanging out with the family in the garden is truly fun. What makes it unenjoyable is the sun’s UV rays directing to you as it can be skin-damaging or a rain shower that keeps you from going out.

This Oxnoe Lindoeja Parasol will give you comfort even if it rains or shines! The Parasol itself can be titled so you can avoid the sun at any angle!

Not to mention the canopy being water-resistant and its fabric being machined-wash, your garden surely needs this parasol!

For only $250, you can enjoy staying in the garden without any fuss about the sunlight or rain!

8. Lillangen 2 door mirror cabinet

Lillangen 2 door mirror cabinet
image from Ikea Singapore

Knowing we spend our hygiene routine mostly at the bathroom, this 2 door cabinet with attached mirror from Lillagen is made just right to keep the room neat and tidy!

The mirror composes of safety film at the back, reducing the risk of any injury if the glass will be broken. Also, it has adjustable shelves – perfectly fits and accommodates your needs!

It can store make-up, med kits, shampoos, toilet paper, and much more!

Just a reminder that it needs a proper fixing device for different wall material types, making sure to fasten it firmly.

Get this product for only $95 and make your bathroom utterly clean and simple!

9. Nymane wall/reading lamp

Nymane wall/reading lamp
image from Ikea Singapore

Aside from a wide variety of creative furniture, IKEA is also a reliable source of lighting, this dimmable Nymane wall/reading lamp can nicely blend your cozy bedroom.

Lower your electric bill and read peacefully without disturbing your partner’s sleep. It features an adjustable light head for easy directing the light.

As light bulbs are sold separately. IKEA recommends getting an LED light bulb GU10 – this lamp can only be used with dimmable lights, be sure to use one for it to exquisitely work!

Get this lamp for only $29.90 and enjoy a read before going to bed without using too much energy.

10. Vardagen Jar with Tap

Vardagen Jar with Tap
image from Ikea Singapore

Planning a garden party or picnic with less trash? This Vardagen Jar with Tap will indeed make your picnic complete.

Cold lemonade or fruit punch, this jar with tap makes it easier to get your drinks! Be sure to open the lids slightly for the tap to work properly.

If you’re looking for a gift for your mom’s special day, this is the perfect one to buy – bet every mom out there will love this pretty jar!

Get this product for only $29.90, have an amazing get together with your family in the garden with this juice jar!

11. Lenda Curtains

Lenda Curtains
image from Ikea Singapore

Outside light may be disturbing or you need a little privacy from people who can see directly to your room, this Lenda Curtain available in lovely grey is just as seamless as it may look!

You can block annoying glares from your TV screen without being too much dark inside. Also, tie-backs makes it easier for you to lash up the curtains if needed.

On top of that, you can shorten the curtains without sewing them with the use of SY iron-on hemming strip! Definitely worth your every buck!

Get this wonderful curtain for only $29.90 and give your space a cozy vibe!

12. Knipsa Basket Seagrass

Knipsa Basket Seagrass
image from Ikea Singapore

Looking for additional memorabilia storage? You can never go wrong with this Knipsa Basket Seagrass!

Aside from having an inimitable design, it creates a rustic and warm vibe that you’ll surely love. Classic.

Each basket is woven by hand, creating a sturdy surface, deriving from a natural variation of colors to recreate your home!

If you’re also looking for a shelf to put this hand-crafted storage, you must also check Kallax shelving as it fits perfectly within.

Get this product for only $29.90, and amplify your home with this creative vintage storage!

What can I buy from Ikea Singapore?

There’s no denying that designing your home with the items that catch your eyes are so much fun to do – assembling them makes it more enjoyable to do.

IKEA gives you the honor of picking their creative pieces at a very affordable price to style your house!

How much is IKEA delivery Singapore?

At IKEA stores there are delivery and assemble options available:

Online Delivery for IkeaCost
Parcel Delivery (Up to 30 kg/ Volume 76L/ 1.7m in length)$15 per order
Truck Delivery (additional fee if there is no lift access)$70 per order
Assembly Service (Depending on item)10% – 15 % of retail price
Does IKEA SG deliver & assemble?

Check out thousands of their curated collection suited for any type of house – various choices to choose from.

No need to spend much to decorate your home, check these popular items to buy at IKEA and upgrade your home with their unique and convenient items that will brighten up your place.

(Cover Image from Ikea Singapore)

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