List of Urban Farms in Singapore 2022

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It is a common belief among many that Singapore mostly depends on imported food. But in its stride to rise up to the occasion of self-sustainability, there are many farming facilities that are scattered all around us. They not only are dedicated to organic or pesticide free produce but many have even opened up their doors for tours and visit. It is a great way to gain first hand exposure on how urban farming is conducted.

The 10 Urban Farms to Visit This Weekend

1. Edible Garden City

Edible Garden City is 10 Organic Urban Vegetable Farms In Singapore You Must Visit, How many urban farms are there in Singapore?, Where can I farm in Singapore?, Is Singapore suitable for farming?
Image Credit: Edible Garden City

Edible Garden City was created with the aim of reconnecting with nature and creating a sustainable food chain. They offer services where volunteers or urban farmers can choose to Build, Grow or Teach. Recipient of multiple awards, this initiative deserves all the accolades it received. Here you will find innovation to design, develop and at the same time maintain a fine balance of the resources created at this place. There are so many things to learn and appreciate. They offer tours to public which is a learning experience for many. They even have a residential project and the participants are all praise for the venture. In the words of PATRINA’S FRONYARD FARM

“Love the turnout of my edible garden. The plants are interesting and look great. After 1 month we started being able to harvest and use them in our cooking! Also love the passion and dedication of the team behind. Can’t wait to see how it progresses.”

Address: 60 Jalan Penjara, Singapore 149375

Telephone – 65 8817 4054

Website –

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2. Hydro-Urban

Hydro-Urban, Pesticide-free Vegetables Grown Locally, Vertical farming Singapore, Is urban farming profitable in Singapore?,
Urban Vegetable Farms in Singapore to Visit with the Kids
Image Credit: Hydro-Urban

If pesticide-free produce is your top-most concern, then this is the place to check out. Pure veggies, unadulterated, without any harmful chemicals is the best for our health. At Hydro-Urban they understand the growing need to eat healthy and thus they cater with the best quality produce. If you order one pack of Gyoza, you can even avail 20% discount. Pesticide free veggies are possible and they are great for nutrition, with this belief, they use technology that gives you nothing but the best of produce.

At the heart of Singapore, Hydro-Urban provides you veggies which will definitely have lower carbon footprint as they won’t have to travel from afar. A buyer had noted that “Vegetables are fresh, prompt delivery to your door step. Excellent service ! Highly recommend to purchase from Hydro Urban , especially during this period.”

Address – #03-09, 55 Ubi Ave 1, Singapore 408935

Telephone – 9228-1298

Website –

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3. Citizen Farm

Citizen Farm is top 10 Urban Farms In Singapore For Locally-Grown Vegetables, Citizen Farm wedding, edible garden city
Image Credit: Citizen Farm

This is another initiative by Edible Garden City. But it deserves its own mention due to the phenomenal involvement it has garnered. This initiative was in response to the growing demand of learning about farming. A knowledge base is in the process of creation to help shape the future of farming. Use of technological advancement is encouraged and taught at various levels for the benefit of not just vegetable consumers but also producers or farmers. Citizen Farm gives an employment opportunity to people with intellectual disability as well. A participant at the open house summarized her experience

It was a unique experience for me and fellow attendees during the farm’s fortnightly Open House whereby guests were given the opportunity to interact with the team who was in charge of maintaining the community farm, as well as learn about hydroponics and the sustainable yet riveting way of mini-scale agricultural processes. Citizen Farm offers a brief retreat from locals’ typical environment by welcoming one to embrace the simplicity and joy of contemporary cultivation; undoubtedly one of the recommended places to visit during the weekends.

Address – 60 Jln Penjara, Singapore 149375

Telephone – (+65) 8817 4054

Website –

4. Sky Green

Sky Green Vertical Farming, Sky Greens Vegetables, How to start urban farming in Singapore, Urban farming Singapore volunteer
Image Credit: Sky Green with Mr Jack Ng, chief executive of urban farm Sky Greens, with trays of vegetables that are grown stacked inside A-shaped frames, at the Sky Greens Farm on 25 August 2014

Sky Green use technology to the best possible way for agricultural benefits. One of their crucial contribution is managing food waste and recycling.

A visitor couldn’t help but noted that

“Futuristic farm.High tech vege farming suitable for countries short of land space.Can harvest a crop several times compared to the traditional farm, very high in productivity.Only one such vege farm in Singapore at the moment.Hope to have more.”


Address: 200 Lim Chu Kang Lane 3, 718804

Phone: 6898 4858

5. Bollywood Veggies

Bollywood Veggies
Image Credit: Bollywood Veggies

As a farming collective, Bollywood Veggies emphasize a lot on teaching to help sustain the process of urban farming. A visitor wonderfully sums up what you can expect from this place.

Location was serene. Never felt such as to be inside SG city life. Food was excellent and the portion was nominal for the price. Dessert suggested by in-house people was good. The Bollywood trial gives a pleasant walk outdoors through the various plots. Give a try if you want to have a peaceful surrounding away from regular Singapore city life. Many people have noticed that it is a great place to begin teaching children about how to start gardening or to inspire them about farming. It has a culinary school, a museum and a restaurant as well making it a great choice to learn and explore on gardening and farming benefits.

Address: 100 Neo Tiew Rd, Singapore 719026

Telephone: 6898 5001

6. Artisan Green

Artisan Green is 10 Farms In Singapore In 2021 To Uncover A Different Side Of City, Where is Artisan Green located?
Image Credit: Artisan Green

At Artisan Green the belief and commitment is not only on the quality of produce but also transparency of the process, this clearly sets aside their agenda. They use hydroponic technology and vertical farming principles to give you fresh produce.

Address – 16 Kallang Place #04-19/20, Singapore 339156

E-mail –

Website –

7. Urban Farm & Barn (Pocket Green)

Urban farm and barn is the 10 Urban Farms & Vegetable Farms to Visit in Singapore this year,Is urban farming profitable in Singapore,
Can you make money urban farming? its tough but also not impossible, since the current trend is to eat organic fresh, Singaporeans are willing to pay more for fresh produce especially when its home made
Image Credit: Urban farm & barn

If you have considered trying out on farming in the urban landscape, then Urban farm & barn is your place to consult. A beautiful secret place where the whole family can enjoy a tour as well. They will not only help you guide and teach you along the process, you can also adopt a plot and begin your journey as an urban farmer. In their own words a garden enthusiast can be benefitted by “Our step garden allows you to grow a cocktail of herbs, colourful salad greens and vibrant blooms. We can customize any size to suit your space. It’s so easy that you think you are working with an oversized planter on legs.”

Address: 201 Petir Road, Singapore 670201

Telephone: (+65) 8809 3829

Website ––barn

8. Comcrop

Comcrop edible garden city local farmers in singapore Singapore's urban farming pioneer that grow food on rooftops, How do I get into urban farming? apply at Singapore food agency
Image Credit: Comcrop

They give you an insight into the world of urban farming. You can not only have a tour but also get involved as a volunteer. There are many restaurant owners across the island who take great pride in being associated with Comcrop and the produce they get from this farm. Each bite of the freshly produced veggies is full of goodness and promise of health. The fresh produce from this place has a longer shelf life as well. This organization also takes responsibility by employing senior citizens and marginalized community and giving them an opportunity to earn employment.

A farming enthusiast cheerfully noted “Urban farming in the heart of Singapore’s Orchard Road area. On the first Saturday of the month, they host a free farm visit. Their farms are atop the terraces of the Scape mall, and it is intriguing to learn how it all started, their approach to sustainable farming, hydroponics and community engagement. A must visit to raise your and your family’s awareness. Support them by buying their (Comcrop) products on Redmart. Super helpful team facilitating the farm tour.”

Address – Roof Top, 15 Woodlands Loop, Singapore 738322

Website –

9. Citiponics Vertical Urban farm

Citiponics Vertical Urban farm Urban Farming in the Heart of Singapore, How many urban farms are there in Singapore?
Image Credit: Citiponics Vertical Urban farm

They not only use technology such as AOS but they are committed to the use of minimal water and electricity as well. It makes them a safe and sustainable produce choice that people can trust. A garden enthusiast couldn’t help but mention that it is a “Very good place to learn about hydroponics.”

Address: 700 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, Multi-Storey Carpark, Level 6, Singapore 560700

Telephone: (+65) 9777 0520

Website –

10. Pacific Agro Farm

Pacific Agro Farm Food suburbs Singapore Urban farms in every neighbourhood, Is there a farm in Singapore? there are farms  in singapore especially at tengah and kranji area
Image Credit: Pacific Agro Farm

It was established way back in 1977. You can take a tour around the farm for with a nominal fee. As a gardening enthusiast, you will not be disappointed by their workshops where you will get to learn a lot about gardening. You can even directly order for the produce from their website and enjoy fresh and healthy vegetables at no extra cost. The cherry tomatoes and sweet basil are the top favorites among many buyers. At the workshop you will learn a lot of new things for sure. A participant commented “Great place! Tons of gorgeous plants and very helpful staff that taught me how to make roselle tea and jam.” For any gardening and farming novice the workshop is the best place to develop skills and start the process of growing produce.

Address: 14 Bah Soon Pah Road, Singapore 769961

Telephone: 6758 1026

Website –

Urban Farming Singapore

How many urban farms are there in Singapore?

Though small in size, Singapore actually has 238 licensed farms in 2020. These farms include farms for fish, leafy vegetables, bean sprouts, poultry and goat, frog, shrimp and many others.

A farm license fee cost $100 per year, just apply to Singapore Food Agency (SFA) with your proposal after your plot of land have successfully received approval for farming.

What is urban farming in Singapore?

Urban farming is a type of sustainable agriculture that is done in Singapore city. Urban farming is done to reduce the reliance of import of food to the country. The urban farm relies on the local community to grow the food to supply their own needs.

In Singapore, urban farming practices the sustainable agriculture. It uses technology, engineering, design, and farming to grow the crops. In Singapore, urban farms use the natural sunlight and space to grow the crops. Crops are grown without using chemicals and fertilizers. Urban farming in Singapore can help the environment, society and human civilization.

Is urban farming profitable in Singapore?

Urban farming have become popular in Singapore during recent years and it has become a viable business. It is a sustainable form of food production which makes use of city spaces to grow plants and even, raise animals.

Urban farms and green houses located in urban areas can provide a wide range of products and services including food, herbs, and flowers. These urban farms in Singapore are set up on car park rooftops, inside buildings and backyards, converting otherwise unused land. The main goal of urban farming in Singapore is to help everyone live a more self-sufficient life.

If you are on the lookout at the supermarket, you will be sure to find veggies from these urban farms. These fresh produces are of high quality as they are mostly organic. Buying them will let you have not just healthier food but also you will have the scope to support local businesses as well.

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