Where can I learn pottery in Singapore 2022

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What is Pottery Making?

Pottery making is the process of transforming clay or other materials into a workable material that can be used for art.

There are many different techniques and methods that potters use, but the most common ones involve either hand-building or wheel throwing.


When you’re starting out, it’s important to learn about various firing schedules and temperatures in order to create ceramics with consistent results.

And finally, don’t forget about design – whether you aim for organic shapes or bold graphics, your pots will come alive when they’re fired in an oven and glazed with a special slip agent.

Pottery Singapore

Pottery is indeed a fun thing to do that has a therapeutic feeling as much as other leisure activities.

If you’re looking for a new recreation on your next free day, might as well add clayware making to your bucket list and get your hands dirty crafting with clays!

Knowing how famed pottery is in Singapore, you should not miss a chance to sculpt your own ceramic masterpiece that can beautify your homes.

Skip that clichéd ceramics in the market and start learning how to assemble your own!

Before anything else, let’s first have a little introduction about Pottery and the kinds of pottery clays you can use, without further ado, let’s begin.

A little History about Pottery

Looking back to the start of pottery, here’s one of the most ancient human creativity that is being kept up until now.

One fun fact of why people from the past invented pottery is simply because they didn’t have any storage to hold liquid stuff such as water or olive oil.

Moreover, people also considered pottery as an artistic expression which led them to decorate each craft with various forms and designs!

Different Kinds of Pottery Clays in Singapore

Pottery clays come in various kinds that produce different outputs. Below is the list of different clays and what they can make:

Known as common clay, Earthenware is what we usually see as pots in a rust color that is composed of little rocks and sand in its raw state.

This type of clay is labeled to be the easiest one to work with your hands so it is no wonder beginner-friendly. During these times, it has been enhanced that you can see different designs formed using this type of clay!

Ceramic bowls, vases, and plates typically use Stoneware Clay which can be seen as gray in its raw state. This clay type originated from China during the early time of Pottery.

Still and all, it may be quite difficult to distinguish porcelain and stoneware because of its glassy texture.

If you’re pretty much caught up with how fine porcelain is, that is because of Kaolin Clay.

Aside from creating exquisite porcelains, this white soft clay is also used by Chinese as part of their skin care routines!

Top 10 Pottery Classes you can take in Singapore

Going forward, here are the top 10 classes of Pottery that you can take in town! Check out these pottery classes and choose to attend the one that can meet your needs and demands.

1. Ceramic House – Pottery Class for Kids

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Image Source: ceramichousesg – Pottery in Singapore

If you’re looking for a new hobby to try, why not experience the knack of pottery? Ceramic House is indeed one of the best Pottery Studio you can visit to attend any pottery classes!

Various classes are offered from beginner to advanced levels. Besides, they also have a trial class for those who want to give pottery a shot.

Take your hobbies into the next level with pottery and have the best times of your life. Also, this pottery studio has a shop where you can buy different pottery from their master potter!

On top of this, they offer different language classes – be it English, Chinese, and Japanese to make sure what you’ll be paying is totally worth it!

Courses Available (3hrs Long)Rate
Handbuilding Trial Class$70 for 1 lesson
Throwing Trial Class$80 for 1 lesson
Children’s Classes$70 for 1 lesson
Beginner Classes$480 for 10 lessons
Advanced Classes$580 for 10 lessons
Bonding Classes$70 for 1 lesson
Firing Charges (Glazing your ceramics)$0.04 per gram of clay at a min. of $3
Price Guide for Ceramic House

Customer Review

Had an amazing throwing trial experience with Rebecca! She was very patient and knowledgeable, and thorough in her teaching! Definitely recommend for all beginners and those interested in pottery!

Lyon Teh on Google

Location: 9004 Tampines Street 93, SG#02-102, Tampines Industrial Park A, Singapore 528838

Phone: (+65) 6784 0024

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2. Clay Cove – Pottery for Children Age 5 & Up

Clay Cove is a good place to get Intro to Pottery Workshop, best Pottery class for children, Kids Programmes for throwing, Pottery making for kids, fun pottery classes during school holiday singapore
Image Source: claycove – Pottery in Singapore

Take a break and give pottery a try! Clay Cove has been serving everyone who is interested in Pottery since 2002, with over 19 years of experience; they have enhanced their techniques in teaching pottery based on every client’s needs!

Allow your kids to unleash their creativity and produce their own masterpiece in Clay Cove! Foundation Pottery Course for kids starts at $180 for 4 sessions.

With their team of passionate master potters, you’ll surely have your best times in learning how pottery works.

Don’t lose out a chance of attending their current summer pottery courses!

Customer Review

Nice and friendly teachers. My daugther have fun and enjoy the class. 🙂

Lim Choon Eng on Google

Location: 402 Orchard Rd, #04-05 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876

Phone: (+65) 6733 8129

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3. Arudio Studio

Arudio Studio is 10 Best Pottery Classes in Singapore 2021 you can take, Singapore Pottery classes and kits to try at home, Arudio studio review, Pottery class Singapore SkillsFuture
Image Source: arudioceramic – Pottery in Singapore

Providing a sensory experience and emphasizing people at the core, Arudio Studio makes Pottery accessible for everyone, including beginners!

Founded by a professional ceramic artist in 2014, the classes offered in their studio are surely good to get hands-on with clay works. Make your own bowl or cup that you can show off to your friends.

Don’t wish to attend physical classes or get stuck at home?

Fret not as Arudio has been handling the situation we live in well and decided to let you mould your own vase while staying at home! Check out their Stay at Home kit ($140)!

Customer Review

Excellent place if you’re looking to not just do some pottery but also have fun and learn while doing so. The instructor allows us to practice and play with the clay after we have done with our own products! Really had a very good time messing around with the clay

Ethan Lim on facebook

Location: 11 Woodlands Cl, #09-30, Echoinox, Singapore 737853

Phone: (+65) 9797 4064

4. Sam Mui Kuang Pottery

Sam Mui Kuang Pottery is 10 Best Pottery Class Studios in Singapore, Classes for all ages - Pottery Studio in Singapore, Best Singapore Pottery Classes with Cheap Pottery Lessons, One time pottery class Singapore
Image Source: smkpottery – Pottery in Singapore

Owned by a family who loves Pottery, you know you’re in good hands with these lovely people! Sam Mui Kuang Pottery highlights sundry pottery courses that are flexible to meet your desired schedule!

If you’re interested in Hand Building and Wheel Throwing, Sam Mui Kuang offers these courses and will be taught by master potters that have over 30 years experience in Pottery!

If you want to take Pottery seriously, this ceramic studio also offers supplies and tools that you can buy! Plus, having after-sales service for your kilns is such a good advantage!

Leave with your own innovative masterpiece after the class.

Courses Available (2.5hrs Long)Rate
Handbuilding Class$480.00 for 10 lessons
Wheel Throwing  Class$550.00 for 10 lessons
Price Guide for Sam Mui Kuang Pottery

Customer Review

Attended a handbuilding/coiling course that had 10 sessions and where you learn to make 7 items. It’s really good because it teaches you the fundamental techniques of clay works from easy items (cup) to progressively difficult (chinese teapot with lid and teacups). I booked all my sessions with Lynn, as she’s a great teacher.

Diane F on google

Location: 22, Jalan Kelulut Off Yio Chu Kang Road, Singapore 809039

Phone: (+65) 6482 2424 / (+65) 6482 2525

5. Studio Asobi – 1 day pottery class Singapore

Studio Asobi is top 10 pottery classes in Singapore to sink your hands into, one time pottery class Singapore, Beginner Classes (Handbuilding only), Ad Hoc classes for making own cup, where to make my own clay vase, clay cup, clay bowl, DIY Clay kiln
Image Source: studioasobi – Pottery in Singapore

If you’re keen to discover and explore Japanese Pottery, attending pottery classes at Studio Asobi will never be a mistake!

Derived from its name Asobi which means Play in Japanese, you’ll be able to experience a sensory experience while creating your pottery masterpieces!

From regular Pottery Class, they also have one day pottery workshops open for everyone! If you’re looking for a unique team building leisure, considering pottery classes are indeed a must.

Always attend your classes with an open mind and enjoy yourself! It’s important not only learn new techniques but also have fun while making your own pots!

Along with this, they are also open for adults and kids which will be a good family bonding next weekend!

Location: 705 Hougang Ave 2 #02-265 Singapore 530705

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6. School of Clay Arts

School of Clay Arts is 10 Best Ceramic Classes To Make Your Own Pottery in Singapore, Pottery class for kids, Pottery Classes & Workshops Singapore, Cheap Pottery Class for Kids
Image Source: schoolofclayarts – Pottery in Singapore

Whether you have a pottery experience or none, their 2.5 hour classes are just right for you to learn pottery! School of Clay Arts focuses on providing rookie-friendly approaches to help them learn pottery in a simple yet productive way!

Looking for an exceptional gift to offer with your loved ones? SOCA features gift certificates to let your loved ones indulge with the power of pottery!

Besides, they also have studio membership which can help you save some bucks if you want to know more pottery lessons.

You don’t want to miss the various programs they offer which can be fun! Check out their website for more info!

Location: 10 Ubi Cres, UbiTechpark (Lobby B) Unit 07-33, Singapore 408564

Phone: (+65) 9177 5764

7. The Potter’s Guilt – Pottery Class for Couples in Singapore

The Potter's Guilt is the top Pottery class Singapore couple, potter's wheel singapore, 10 Couple Workshops in Singapore to Spend Quality Time with your loved one, Couple workshop Singapore 2021 2022 2023
Image Source: thepottersguilt – Pottery in Singapore

Looking for a cozy pottery studio to visit with your friends next weekend? Drop by The Potter’s Guilt and enjoy learning pottery with some passionate teachers!

Located right at the heart of Singapore’s town with their well-experienced artist, learning pottery will never be the same as before!

Oh! This place is in fact a good spot to bring your partner and create a matching cup that will give you a sweet memory! Different courses are open even for children.

Also, their studio has an Own Time Own Target designated for their alumni who want to level up their knowledge in pottery. Who wouldn’t love that right?

Location195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #01-03, Singapore 168976

8. The 8th FLOOR Creative Space – A Pottery Studio for Corporate Team Building

The 8th floor creative space is the private pottery studio space for team bonding, review for 8th floor creative space, Cheap pottery class Singapore, The best ceramic classes in Singapore to make your own pottery
Image Source: the8thflr – Pottery in Singapore

Focusing to offer you courses of ceramic art, The 8th FLOOR Creative Space introduces traditional art just by using clays! Want to skip hand building lessons?

Fret not as they offer beginner courses that don’t require any lessons beforehand!

What makes them unique with other pottery studios is that they are a pioneer in providing a progress-monitoring and customization system for those who already have a pottery experience! Enjoy a free pottery tool kit when you sign up for their Pottery Course!

Don’t miss out this chance and enroll now with their class.

Location: 37 Lor 23 Geylang, #08-03 Yu Li Industrial Building, Singapore 388371

9. Goodman Ceramic Studio

Good Man Ceramic Studio is top 10 Pottery Classes In Singapore You Can Take To Make Your own clay pot, Wheel throwing classes, Pottery studio rental, Ceramic Studio Singapore
Image Source: goodmanceramicstudio – Pottery in Singapore

Bring art into life and create treasures in a form of clay! Goodman Ceramic Studio curates different programs for every one – making pottery freely accessible to anyone!

With the help of their professional pottery instructors, you’ll surely learn to unravel your creativity without any limit.

Worried about studio closure during holidays? No need to fuss as they also offer holiday classes to make your vacation creative and productive.

Just a 15 minute drive away from the city and a 3 min walk to the MRT, this place is truly a hidden gem that you shouldn’t skip!

Address: 90 Goodman Rd, Block G #01-37 Goodman Arts Centre, Singapore 439053

Phone: (+65) 6346 6351

10. Mud Rock Ceramics

Mud Rock Ceramics is 10 Pottery Classes In Singapore You Can Take To Make Your own cup, vase, How much does pottery cost?, Why are pottery classes so expensive?, What should I make for pottery class?
Image Source: Mud Rock Ceramics – Pottery in Singapore

With over 14 years of pottery experience, founders found home in creating ceramic masterpieces that they want to share with the public.

Sport your creativity with clay and explore the work of art that you can make! A good thing to note is that the clays used here are food safe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe.

Mud Rock Ceramics is not only serving local but also going international which made them to be one of the leading pottery class providers in Singapore.

Aside from having various clients, they also offer consultations for any ceramic projects.

Over and above, they also have their own shop where you can buy pottery tools, ceramics, glazes, and even kits for an ultimate pottery experience!

Courses Available (2.5hrs Long)Rate
Beginner Class  (Includes usage of tools, materials and firings of up to 4 pieces)$315 for 5 lessons
Advance Glaze Making Course$300 per pax
Little Mud Rockers (6 – 12 years old)$180 for 4 lessons
Ad Hoc Course$83 per pax
Price Guide for Mud Rock Ceramics

Location: 85 Maude Rd, Singapore 208357

Phone: (+65) 6291 1186

Where to Find the Best Pottery class in Singapore

Now that you’ve come across different pottery classes you can take in Singapore, sure you’ll be able to find the right class for you.

This list has various pottery classes to offer from beginners to advanced, Japanese and Chinese Pottery, Children Workshops and many more!

Never stick with dull moments, create memories with your family and friends! Enroll now and learn pottery while enjoying the moment.

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