Top Laundry Services in Singapore 2022

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Everyday laundry is surely a never-ending chore we all agree. Washing the dirty clothes can simply be too tiring to include in our weekend checklist after a hectic job week – that’s if you do it once a week.

Instead of adding another pile of work at home, of course, everyone would love to have an extra hour to relax on a lazy weekend.

Whether you have a washing machine to wash your clothes, or not, the laundry services should never be missed.

Here we have listed 10 Laundry Services Outlets in Singapore to help you minimize the pain of this household chore. Allow yourself to rest for a little while. Try these laundry shops and relax the rest of the day!

Top 10 Laundry Services in Singapore Islandwide

1. Astoria Dry Cleaning

Astoria Dry Cleaning is Top 10 Laundry Services in Singapore Islandwide
Image from: Astoria Dry Cleaning

Astoria Dry Cleaning – Laundry Service Singapore

Astoria is not only a launderette for washing, folding, and ironing your clothes. They collect, clean and deliver as well.

This shop also offers repair and mending services for your clothes’ issues, be it a broken zipper or long pants to be shortened – this business is indeed a total one-stop-shop for your laundry services needs!

Not only that, Astoria also features their cleaning service for your deluxe bags and shoes. Before beginning their cleaning process, they first start with a manual inspection and keep you updated about the whole cleaning process and outcome.

Being a fourth generation family-owned venture, no wonder they know how to take care of your belongings! They promised what you see is what you get. Here is one of the feedbacks from a client who experienced their service:

My experience with them was awesome. Accidentally left my jacket with them for 3 months (oops), but they still manage to keep their calm and help me find it. Super friendly.” – Lee P.

Astoria, 17 Defu Lane 10, #01-342, Singapore 539198

Phone: (+65) 8338 5131

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2. Orchid Laundry

Orchid Laundry is the best laundry service in Singapore at an affordable price
Image from: Orchid Laundry

Orchid Laundry – Laundry Service Singapore

Together with DryclynExpress and DrycleanExpress, Orchid Laundry has been operating for many decades now, owned by Tohly Investments & Holding Pte Ltd, no wonder it offers a premium laundry service of your needs – knowing how everything works.

Looking for a laundry company to wash your linens? Orchid Laundry is one of the excellent spots!

They make sure to combine traditional and advanced machines to ensure that your linens are clean without any worry. You can have your clothes cleaned here as well!

Orchid Laundry highlights its diversified, trusted clients from different industries – be it high-class restaurants, notorious airlines, famed fitness clubs, service apartments, or spa. This laundry shop is indeed one to beat.

Orchid Laundry, 3 Gul Link, Singapore 629373

Phone: (+65) 6861 5933

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3. Laundry Mart

Laundry Mart is Best automatic self service laundry services in Singapore
Image from: Laundry Mart

Laundry Mart – Laundry Service Singapore

In a rush to clean your clothes? LaundryMart has gotten your back! This self-service and coin-operated launderette is undeniably one of the go-to places to wash your clothes – especially if you have the time but don’t have a washing machine.

Oh! Did I mention that it’s a 24/7 laundry shop? Sounds impressive, right? Whenever you have time to wash your clothes, you can bring just $10 and get 15kg of dirty garments cleaned here in 30 minutes!

No time for its self-service machines? Ask their staff to do it for you and pick your clothes after an hour or two! You can also go shopping while waiting for your clothes to get cleaned.

Customers love the convenience LaundryMart provides. Here is one of the feedbacks from their previous customer:

Attendant very helpful and took about an hour to wash my clothes. Had the option to leave it with the Attendant to wash for 12SGD and for it to be ready in 2hrs. Very Happy.” – Andrew B.

LaundryMart, Various Outlets

Phone: (+65) 6294 2256 

4. Cloud Story

Cloud Story is top 10 Laundry Services With Home Delivery & Pickup For Busy Working Singaporeans
Image from: Cloud Story – Home Delivery & Pickup For Busy Working Singaporeans

Cloud Story – Laundry Service Singapore

If you’re looking for a pick-up cum delivery laundry service, Cloud Story is the perfect spot to go! Convenience is part of their service.

No need to fuss about going to the shop to have your clothes get cleaned. They make sure to put tags to keep clothes organized.

Besides specializing in regular clothes to wash, they also provide services for gowns and suits cleaning! If you’re running out of time to get your dress cleaned, book their services online.

Not to mention that their services are affordable, people love to come back and avail their services again!

Here is one of the proofs why Cloud Story is a must-try:

“Good service at affordable price and the dress was well-cleaned with care. The service was attentive and responsive as well. While the item was picked up and delivered on time, it would be better if the customer could be informed of the return delivery date and time earlier. Would be using their services again!” – J C.

Cloud Story, at Eunos & Ang Mo Kio

Phone: (+65) 9689 6045

5. Sunday Laundry

Sunday Laundry is 10 Best Singapore Laundry Services to Order via App
Image from: @sundaylaundrysg

Sunday Laundry – Laundry Service Singapore

In search for upholstery cleaning and stain removal? Sunday Laundry can do the work for you! Never let any unwanted stain stress you up.

This launderette can surely find a way of cleaning the stains and remove your worries all at once!

Furthermore, Sunday Laundry features affordable packages for those on a limited budget. Check out their website for more promotions. On top of that, their laundry team is amiable to listen to all your concerns.

Combining technology and good work, Sunday Laundry created an app for your real convenience! You can arrange different cleaning services that cater to all of your needs.

Here is one of the testimonies proving why Sunday Laundry is one of the best laundry services in town:

“Used Sunday 3 times already. Easy to use the app to arrange delivery and make payment. On-time and friendly staff.” Glenn W.

Sunday Laundry, 53 Ubi Ave 1, #03-43, Singapore 408934

Phone: (+65) 6255 4222

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6. Ultimate Laundry

Ultimate Laundry is the 10 Best Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services in Singapore
Image from: Ultimate Laundry

Ultimate Laundry – Laundry Service Singapore

Looking for the best laundry service in town? You may also want to consider the Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service of Ultimate laundry! While some laundry shops only focus on washing your clothes, Ultimate laundry also offers house cleaning services at a very affordable price range!

Not to mention the free pick-up charge for over $45 order, this is indeed a service provider worth considering. Also, they feature professional staff – Your garments will be safe and sound after the cleaning process – no frills.

No need to wait for over a week to get your garments, Ultimate Laundry provides efficient services to get your garments as soon as possible!

This place has gathered praises from its regulars for the quality of service they provide over time. Here’s feedback from one of the clients:

Prompt and friendly service” – Loganathan R.

Ultimate Laundry, 37 Kallang Pudding Rd, Tong Lee Block B, Singapore 349315

Phone: +65 9857 3303

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7. Cleaning Compare

Cleaning Compare is a Quality Laundry Service in Singapore
Image from: Cleaning Compare

Cleaning Compare – Laundry Service Singapore

Cleaning Compare is one of the quality sites where you can source for the services you’re looking for, especially when you require laundry services.

Here at Cleaning Compare, All you gotta do is fill out the form, and boom, the list of the service you want to avail of is filtered by its cost!

Laundry is just one of the services that they provide.

Whether you want your office or your house to be cleaned when you’re out of energy to do it, Cleaning Compare can help you get the best cleaning professionals in town!

8. Absolute Cleaning

Absolute Cleaning is Laundry Delivered in 24 Hours. - Best Laundry Service Singapore
Image from: Absolute Cleaning

Absolute Cleaning – Laundry Service Singapore

Searching for a service that doesn’t only focus on clothes cleaning can be challenging. Absolute Cleaning bet to disagree! They can do almost all of the chores for you! Most especially in cleaning your carpet.

Did I mention that they’re a 24-hour service? Quite efficient! Not to say that they are open even on the holidays, you can celebrate and not worry about anything. This is one of the excellent services to avail that is really worth your every buck!

Oh, are you looking for an aircon cleaner? Absolute services got your back! You can have your whole house cleaned in just one appointment!

Regulars have been praising them for the wonderful cleaning experience that they have availed at Absolute Cleaning. Here’s the feedback from one of their patrons:

“Happy with Service of the @bsolute Cleaning; I get a regular cleaning service from them for the last few months. Would surely recommend them and thank the staff member – J who comes to our place for assistance.” – Unmukt Y.

Absolute Cleaning, 61 Kaki Bukit Ave 1 #03-05 Singapore 417943

Phone: (+65) 8488 8444, (+65) 6844 8444

9. Pressto

Pressto Is a laundry service that's definitely worth it
Image from: Pressto

Pressto – Laundry Service Singapore

A global brand from Spain to Singapore, our city is indeed honoured to have a Pressto outlet here! Aside from the assurance that garments are well taken care of, they make sure to use advanced technology equipment to make cleaning more expedient.

Also, this laundry shop upholds excellence and makes sure to have well-trained staff in the team to continue its legacy wherever they are in the world! No wonder they have over 500 outlets in different countries, their services are too good to resist!

No need to strain yourself with all the stains you have, however old it is, Pressto will try their best to remove it without any damages to your clothes!

People are loving their services for quite a while. The best stain cleaner is just right here in town! Here is the feedback from the previous clients, proving their expertise in stain removal:

Excellent job cleaned some old stains where other cleaners had failed” – Owen J.

Pressto, Bukit Timah, Marina Bay Link Mall, Scotts Square

Phone: +65 6466 8612

10. Super Clean Laundry & Services

Super Clean Laundry & Services is The 10 Best Laundry Services in Singapore
Image from: Super Clean

Super Clean Laundry & Services – Laundry Service Singapore

A busy day can make you forget to do your laundry. Well, you can have your garments cleaned any time of the day with Super Clean!

Not to mention having a 24/7 service featuring drop-off box and collection lockers, Super Clean is indeed one to beat! You can drop off your garments and pick them up in your free time. Also, they are offering pick-up and delivery services for your convenience.

People loved the services that they experienced at the laundry shop whatever the situation is. Here are some of the feedback from their previous clients:

“Good service and price” – Health H.

“Positive: Professionalism. It is opened for business despite CB enforcement!!” – Lee K.

Super Clean, 1 Claymore Drive #02-13 Orchard Towers Singapore 229594

Phone: (+65) 8345 6407

How much is laundry service in Singapore?

Starting from $4 per kg for launderette and $5 for 10kg at self-service laundromats. Searching for the laundry shop where you can get the services that you need can be challenging – not anymore! We have done the work and explore where you can get the best clothes cleaning services on the island.

Check out these laundry services that can provide you an exceptional cleaning experience you’ll ever encounter! Plus, some of them are offering other cleaning services that you may also want to avail yourself.

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