10 Smartwatches to Buy in Singapore 2021

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Looking for the latest smartwatch to buy? Throw away your old watch and get yourself a snazzy smartwatch. It does not matter if you are looking for a timepiece that executes payments or one that tracks your fitness stats, this review has got you sorted out. Here are the best smartwatches to buy in Singapore.

Top 10 Latest Smartwatches to Buy in Singapore

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch is an upcoming smart watch in Singapore Buyer's Guide to the Best Smartwatches in Singapore

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is the best timepiece you can purchase right now. While many expected it to be named something like Gear S4, Samsung chose to call it Galaxy Watch. It is the latest model in the Gear series, following after the Gear S3 series and the 2017’s Gear Sport. This one has seen a lot of improvements.

The smartwatch features a large battery that can give you up to four days of battery life, even when you are using it all the time. This is an impressive feature especially given the fact that many smartwatches last for about 24 hours from a single charge.

Another highlight of the Galaxy watch is the rotating bezel. It moves are the Tizen OS on the device. Also, the interface is user friendly.

However, the apps are more limited as compared to watchOS or Wear OS, but still offers the basics and the manufacturer as developed a timepiece that is good at fitness and sporting an impeccable design and plenty of functionality.

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2. Apple Watch 5

latest smart watches

Even the apple did not steal the show in this review, it is still the best timepiece you have if you use an iPhone 12. The Apple Watch 5 is a seamless smartwatch and works well with the iPhone.

Watch 5 it borrows much of its features from the Apple Watch 4, with some minor upgrades such as the always-on display feature, meaning you do not have to raise the unit to see your stats, but rather, it will display all the relevant information on a dimmed screen.

It has the same design as the Apple Watch 4, which is a pretty nice design. Thus, you have a bigger display than before. It is also available in 40mm and 44mm sizes. Other notable features include GPS tracking, ECG monitor, and heart rate monitoring.

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3. V8 Bluetooth Touch Screen Smart Watch

V8 Bluetooth Touch Screen Smart Watch is best fitness smartwatch in Singapore, sports user, active look, distance gps for runners

This particular wearable will appeal to those who are not into the square watch face. The V8 Bluetooth Touch Screen Smart Watch is a must-have. The highlights of this smartwatch include a sleep monitor and notification beams.

You also get over 20 functions in this small device. The V8 has Bluetooth capitals, so you can always transfer your files, listening to music, or do anything with it that involves Bluetooth.

Moreover, it sports a 1.3-megapixel inbuilt camera and supports web browsing. Thus, you can always stay connected whenever and wherever you are.

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4. Huawei TalkBand B2

Huawei TalkBand B2 is new smartwatches for 2021 2022 this year 2 in 1 activity tracker, wearable with blue toothheadset

If you like style and practicality, you will appreciate the Huawei TalkBand B2. This smartwatch is the simplest there is on the market. some of the notable features of the TalkBand B2 include fitness tracker functions and phone notifications.

One special feature of this timepiece is its easy-to-detach body, which can be used as an earpiece. And even though it looks classy, it is affordable. It is the perfect choice for teenagers or people who want a reliable device that can offer more than just showing time.

Generally, you get a smart device that can notify you of emails, plans, answer calls, and track your workout sessions. While the timepiece does not have a classy LED touchscreen, it still offers some key basics without looking too cheap.

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5. Fossil Sport

smart watch forum

Fossil has designed much expertise in the wearable industry space in the last couple of years, and the company has made a name for itself in the smartwatch world.

This particular smart wearable is a high-end watch with a low price tag. The watch sports GPS features, a high capacity battery that can last you up to 48 hours from a single charge. It also has a thin and sleek design.

The watch packs a Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset, the latest that Qualcomm offers. This ensures smooth to use.

There are no unique features though, but the package is still a good watch. It is especially ideal for people who are looking for a timepiece with Wear OS software, plus it will still look decent on your wrist when you are out and about.

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6. TicWatch E2

upcoming smart watches

If you are looking for a cheaper brand with impressive features, consider shopping for the TicWatch E2. This device is manufactured by a small company called Mobvoi but has caused quite a stir in the smartwatch world in the last couple of months.

To begin with, this watch is waterproof and boasts great battery life, all at a pocket-friendly price. You are more likely not to fall in love with the design- it does not look too premium, but guess that is what you get with the cost.

The watch features an effective heart rate sensor, a built-in GPS, and sleep tracking. However, unlike the other watches we have reviewed here, this one does not do contactless payments because it lacks NFC.

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7. Apple Watch Series 4

latest smart watches

The Apple watch series 4 is an evolution of classic design, with curved corners, and a larger display. It is thinner than most smartwatches but a beast in the making the narrow borders allow for a wider view.

What about functionality?

There is the Digital Crown that ensures smooth navigation all through. The apps are organized in a honeycomb-like manner. Your work is to look for your app, tap it and use it. The dial buttons are designed for panning out and zooming in.

This smartwatch allows you to customize your home screen- the apps, screen layout, and weather display. There are 12 watch faces to choose from. You can include widgets or remove- whichever works for you.

Interestingly, the watch lets you share your daily endeavors with friends. It includes a message and calls notification features, podcasts, apple music, and Siri.

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8. Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Pace Smart Sports Watch

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Pace Smart Sports Watch is the best fitness smartwatch, What is the best inexpensive smart watch?, Is it worth buying a smartwatch?, ECG smart Watch Singapore

If you are looking for a cheap fitness smartwatch, the Amazfit Pace smartwatch is a model to consider. The company behind this watch is Huami, which is an affiliate of Xiaomi. Amazfit studios is another of their popular model.

Wearing this smartphone is a smooth experience. Coming at only 54.7 grams, the Amazfit is one of the lightweight smartwatches on the market. The watch also features advanced chip controls with plenty of features. You can use the watch for heart rate tracking or fitness tracking. Play and control your music with your iPhone and Android phones.

The only problem with this watch is that you cannot swim with it. It is only IP67-rated, meaning it is resistant to water only for a depth of 1 meter. But it is a great budget option for cycling, running, and other fitness activities.

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9. Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch

Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch is new smartwatches 2021, Is fitbit ionic being discontinued?, Is the Fitbit ionic a good watch?, What does the Fitbit ionic watch do?

Are you a sporty individual who’s crazy about health and fitness? Then you will like the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch. This one boasts the most accurate tracking system. It will tell you how far you have run, walked or jogged or how much you have slept. It is also comfortable to wear.

The timepiece features perfect apps and tools that can enhance your workouts. Additionally, it comes with high storage capacity, letting you store over 300 songs to keep you psych up at all times when exercising.

But just like other smartwatches, it also doesn’t lack some flaws. We noticed that the interface lags. While it does not do this all the time, it is a bit disappointing, given its price. Nevertheless, it works without any issues and you can pair it with iOS and Android.

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10. TicWatch Pro

 TicWatch Pro, smart watch forum

The TicWatch Pro is one of our favorite Wear OS watches. It is also compatible with Android and iPhone phones. You may not have heard about this watch, but it is the latest from the manufacturer and it is a high-end piece featuring a unique dual-screen.

As aforementioned, this was features two displays, one layer on top of another. The top part houses a transparent LCD that shows time, heart rate, and battery power information

And then there is a bold full-color bright OLED screen that has all the benefits of Wear OS. Thus, you have a standard smartwatch, that can last you 48 hours from a single charge or a watch to use when your battery is low. Moreover, the low power mode lasts up to 30 days.

There are other tones of features such as Google Play, NFC, GPS, Bluetooth. That is not all, the watch is powered by the all-powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset. Apart from all these features, there is the price, it is more affordable than most of the watches we’ve reviewed here.

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Where to Buy the Latest Smartwatches in Singapore

We have come to the end of our review, we hope by now, you have already decided on which of these incredible timepieces is the perfect watch for you.

Note, However, when choosing a smartwatch, you should always balance your options and consider each choice with fairness. Take your time as you shop and value on your expenses.

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