iPhone 12 Singapore Price and Review 2023 (Updated)

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It’s the middle of 2020, and tech enthusiasts around the world know that means: it’s almost time for the release of the latest and greatest smartphones from Apple, Inc.

Ever since Apple skipped the iPhone 9 and went straight to the iPhone X, it’s gotten a little more difficult to predict the name of the next generation of iPhones, but this year it looks like the tech-giant will be launching the new iPhone 12.

updated: 10th Feb 2023

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Best Price for iPhone 12 without contract in Singapore

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iphone 12 best price singapore

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updated: 24th August 2022

It seemed our predictions were 80% similar to what Apple had launched.

Here are some summary on what to expect for iPhone Prices in Singapore this 2023.

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iPhone 12 Series in Singapore

4 types of phones were being launched – iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

iPhones 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are made available from 23/10/2020 in Singapore stores!

Latest: iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro max is on sale now around the island.

SpecificationsiPhone 12iPhone 12 MiniiPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro Max
Display (Super Retina for All)6.1-inch XDR OLED5.4-inch XDR OLED6.1-inch XDR OLED6.7-inch XDR OLED
OS & ChipsetiOS 14, A14 BioniciOS 14, A14 BioniciOS 14, A14 BioniciOS 14, A14 Bionic
Storage64GB, 128GB, 256GB64GB, 128GB, 256GB128GB, 256GB, 512GB128GB, 256GB, 512GB
Main Camera12MP + 12MP Dual Camera12MP + 12MP Dual Camera12MP + 12MP + 12MP with TOF 3D LiDAR scanner12MP + 12MP + 12MP with TOF 3D LiDAR scanner
Front Camera12MP12MP12MP12MP
Battery Charging18W Fast Charging18W Fast Charging18W Fast Charging18W Fast Charging
Stand-By Time17 hours15 hours17 hours20 hours
iPhone 12 Singapore Specs

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iPhone 12 Prices in Singapore

Here we review the top 3 telcos mainly Singtel, M1 and Starhub.

Singtel Singapore iPhone 12 Prices


  • Free 12 months Apple iCloud 50GB for XO and Combo plans
  • Free 12 months Apple TV+
  • Free 3 months Apple Music
  • 4100 off if you pair with Fibre Entertainment Bundle

Singtel iPhone 12 Pricing Plans

Singtel Plans / iPhone 12iPhone 12 (64GB)iPhone 12(128GB)iPhone 12 (256GB)
XO Plus 50 – 5G$748$808$968
XO Plus 68 – 5G$618$688$838
XO Plus 88 – 5G$398$458$718
XO Plus 118 – 5G$128$188$348
XO Plus 168 – 5G$0$0$0
Combo 2 – 5G$788$848$1008
Combo 3 – 5G$598$658$818
Combo 6 – 5G$388$448$608
Combo 12 – 5G$0$0$0
Singtel iPhone 12 Pricing Plans (Phone Price)

Singtel iPhone 12 Mini Pricing Plans

Singtel Plans / iPhone 12 MiniiPhone 12 Mini (64GB)iPhone 12 Mini (128GB)iPhone 12 Mini (256GB)
XO Plus 50 – 5G$608$668$828
XO Plus 68 – 5G$478$548$698
XO Plus 88 – 5G$258$328$478
XO Plus 118 – 5G$0$58$218
XO Plus 168 – 5G$0$0$0
Combo 2 – 5G$648$718$868
Combo 3 – 5G$458$528$678
Combo 6 – 5G$248$318$468
Combo 12 – 5G$0$0$0
Singtel iPhone 12 Mini Pricing Plans (Phone Price)

Singtel iPhone 12 Pro Pricing Plans

Singtel Plans / iPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro(64GB)iPhone 12 Pro (128GB)iPhone 12 Pro (256GB)
XO Plus 50 – 5G$1,058$1,218$1,518
XO Plus 68 – 5G$938$1088$1,388
XO Plus 88 – 5G$718$868$1,168
XO Plus 118 – 5G$448$598$898
XO Plus 168 – 5G$8$158$458
Combo 2 – 5G$1,108$1,258$1,558
Combo 3 – 5G$918$1,068$1,368
Combo 6 – 5G$708$858$1,158
Combo 12 – 5G$0$18$318
Singtel iPhone 12 Pro Pricing Plans (Phone Price)

Singtel iPhone 12 Pro Max Pricing Plans

Singtel Plans / iPhone 12 Pro MaxiPhone 12 Pro Max (64GB)iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB)iPhone 12 Pro Max (256GB)
XO Plus 50 – 5G$1,198$1,348$1,648
XO Plus 68 – 5G$1,078$1,228$1,528
XO Plus 88 – 5G$848$1,008$1,308
XO Plus 118 – 5G$578$738$1,038
XO Plus 168 – 5G$138$288$588
Combo 2 – 5G$1,238$1,398$1,698
Combo 3 – 5G$1,058$1,208$1,508
Combo 6 – 5G$838$998$1,298
Combo 12 – 5G$58$158$458
Singtel iPhone 12 Pro Max Pricing Plans (Phone Price)

M1 Singapore iPhone 12 Price Plans


  • $200 off for switching to M1
  • 12 months free Apple TV
  • 12 months free VIO
  • Discount for new sign-ups: $300 for 65GB plans & above, $200 for all other plans
  • Base Plans start from $50.95

M1 iPhone 12 Plans

M1 Plans / iPhone 12iPhone 12 (64GB)iPhone 12 (128GB)iPhone 12 (256GB)
Bespoke Flexi Plan$1,234$1,301$1,462
Bespoke Base Plan$680$740$890
Base Plan + $15$472$532$692
Base Plan + $28$352$412$572
Base Plan + $40$282$312$502
M1 iPhone 12 Plans (Phone Price)

M1 iPhone 12 Pro Plans

M1 Plans / iPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro (128GB)iPhone 12 Pro (256GB)iPhone 12 Pro (512GB)
Bespoke Flexi Plan$1,567$1,728
Bespoke Base Plan$1,020$1,170$1,470
Base Plan + $15$880$1,030$1,330
Base Plan + $28$760$910$1,210
Base Plan + $40$690$840$1,140
M1 iPhone 12 Pro Plans (Phone Price)

Starhub Singapore iPhone 12 Price Plans


  • 12 months free Apple TV+
  • 3 months free iCloud Storage 50GB
  • Free Caller ID
  • 12 months free Starhub TV+

Starhub iPhone 12 Mobile Pricing Plans

iPhone 12 (64GB)iPhone 12 (128GB)iPhone 12 (256GB)
Mobile+ S$65$579$649$799
Mobile+ S$95$329$399$549
Mobile+ S$155$0$0$19
Biz+ Lite$619$689$839
Biz+ Premium $149$219$369
Biz+ Pro$0$0$0
Starhub iPhone 12 Mobile Pricing Plans (Phone Price)

Starhub iPhone 12 Pro Mobile Pricing Plans

iPhone 12 Pro (128GB)iPhone 12 Pro (256GB)iPhone 12 Pro (512GB)
Mobile+ S$65$899$1059$1399
Mobile+ S$95$649$809$1109
Mobile+ S$155$119$269$569
Biz+ Lite$939$1099$1399
Biz+ Premium $469$629$929
Biz+ Pro$0$0$79
Starhub iPhone 12 Pro Mobile Pricing Plans (Phone Price)

Is iPhone 12 cheaper than 11?

iPhone 12 or iPhone 11: Which iPhone should you buy?

Unfortunately, no. The iPhone 11 base variant starts at $699 SRP (although now, since the launch of the iPhone 12, we’ve seen it drop to $599), whereas the iPhone 12 starts at $699 for the Mini version. The base iPhone 12 model starts at a pricier $799, so the answer is: no, the iPhone 12 is not cheaper than the 11. Check out the table below for a more detailed comparison:

ModelPrice (USD)
iPhone 11Starts at $699
iPhone 11 ProStarts at $999
iPhone 11 Pro MaxStarts at $1,099 
iPhone 12 MiniStarts at $699
iPhone 12Starts at $799
iPhone 12 Pro MaxStart at $999
iPhone Price Table 2021

Why is iPhone 12 so cheap?

Although the iPhone 12 is being offered at the same premium prices we’ve come to expect from Apple, the new iPhone 12 Mini is a refreshing, more affordable alternative to the company’s flagship line of smartphones. The iPhone 12 Mini is smaller, so it costs less to make, and is therefore available for cheaper than the standard variant. Plus, compared to competitor flagships, the iPhone 12 and its variants are among the most affordable flagships, especially compared to the $1000+ Samsung Galaxy S Series Ultra phones.

In which country iPhone 12 is cheapest?

If you’re looking to buy an iPhone 12, then consider checking out the countries where it’s sold for the lowest prices. The cheapest iPhone 12’s in the world can be bought in Japan (~USD705), the United Arab Emirates (~USD816), and the U.S (USD799).

If you want to avoid too much overpaying, then don’t buy an iPhone in India where it’s sold the most expensive.

Is the iPhone 12 made in China?

Technically, yes. The iPhone 12 is partly made and assembled in China, but it’s also partly made and assembled in several other countries like Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam all take part in the manufacturing of iPhones. As part of Apple’s global supply chain, iPhones travel all over the world for assembly, so to say that iPhones are made in China is inaccurate.

Is iPhone 12 dual SIM?

The iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 Mini are all Dual SIM! All three models can take a single physical nano-SIM and another single digital eSIM, so you can enjoy multiple lines on your iPhone 12 just like with the iPhone 11.

However, there are some caveats. While there are plenty of advantages to dual SIM – like having multiple lines, varied service availability, and separate service options, your iPhone 12 and its variants will only be able to access 5G when only a single SIM is installed.

Where is My iPhone 12 Charger & Headphone?

The latest iPhone 12 doesn’t come with a power adaptor in the box as an effort to reduce package wastage. The iPhone 12 can be charged with Apple’s new wireless MagSafe charging ($59, sold separately) and is compatible with current Qi wireless charging pads. But for those who miss the adaptor, its still available for sale at $29.

oh, if you noticed, the standard headphone is also missing in the box. Its still available for sale at $29 as well.

iPhone 12 Singapore Release (rumour)

updated: 12th October 2020

iPhone 12 Release Date on October 13

We may see iPhone 12 arriving – 3rd week of October 2020 in Singapore.

Kindly refer to price range (non official) in the table below.

iphone 12 2020 singapore prices

However, due to the increasingly difficult circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, production on the new iPhone – as well as other products that Apple has in the pipeline – has seen more than its fair share of production delays and obstacles.

With all the unpredictable variables surrounding this year’s product launches, it’s understandable why Apple has yet to confirm or deny any of the rumors circulating around on the internet. Understandable as it may be, it doesn’t change the fact that there are millions of people right now who are trying to figure out what’s true, what’s not, and what’s possible.

In Singapore, Apple dominates the smartphone space with an impressive 33% market share – a full five points above Samsung. With its popularity and demand in Singapore, we’ve decided to cut through rumour and baseless conjecture to bring you the latest news on the iPhone 12 Singapore based on reliable leaks and inside information. Of course, nobody can be 100% sure of anything right now, but hopefully we can bring you as close to the truth as possible.

Read on to find out more about what we know so far about the iPhone 12 and its variants, as well as some potential features and design possibilities that we are likely to see when that product finally launches, hopefully by the end of the year.

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What We Know So Far on iPhone 12 Singapore

Article updated: 25th September 2020

Many sources stated Apple is holding a launch of iPhone 12 in the 2nd week of October 2020. That means we may see iPhone 12 Singapore arriving in the store this 3rd week of October.

However not all 4 models will be launched together.

What we know is it is going to be iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max coming in follow by the Max version.

iPhone 12 Price Ranges (non official)

2021 25th June USD – SGD = 1.30

ModelScreen SizeStorageBatteryPrice
iPhone 12 64gb5.4inch64gb, 128 gb, 256gb2227mAhS$892+
iPhone 12 Max 64gb6.1inch64gb, 128 gb, 256gb2775mAhS$1029+
iPhone 12 Pro6.1inch128 gb, 256gb2815mAhS$1374+
iPhone 12 Pro Max6.7 inch128 gb, 256gb3687mAhS$1511+

Nobody outside of Apple really “knows” what’s going on with the Apple 12 (and it’s probably a safe bet that a lot of the folks at Apple are having a hard time figuring that out too with all the issues brought about by COVID-19), but the information presented below comes from reliable industry sources, so based on that: here’s what we know about the iPhone 12 so far.

iPhone 12 Variants and Pricing Leaks

iphone 12 pro launch date singapore

One of the most prolific leakers surrounding the release of the iPhone 12 is Front Page Tech’s Jon Prosser, who made a name for himself as a reliable industry source thanks to his accurate leaks regarding the iPhone SE and the MacBook Pro 13.

According to information he acquired from an inside source at Apple, Inc. the iPhone 12 will be available in four variants: the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Max, the iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Judging from the naming system used, we can determine that the base variants (the 12 and 12 Max) will feature the same performance and internals while having a different-sized screen, with the 12 Max having a larger screen.

Similar to the last year’s iPhone 11, the iPhone 12 will apparently also come with Pro variants, typically featuring larger, better displays and internals as well as improved performance and expanded features.

Last month, Prosser tweeted this image showcasing the different prototypes for the iPhone 12 and its variants.

1. iPhone 12 (Available in 128GB & 256GB Storage Options)

According to the leak provided by Jon Prosser, the base iPhone 12 comes with an aluminum body and a 5.4-inch display. The images also show that the iPhone 12 and all its variants will come with a smaller notch than the previous-generation, possibly a response to the resounding negative feedback it received due to the iPhone 11’s large, obtrusive notch. If the leaked information is to be believed, the base iPhone 12 will come with a two-camera setup, and will be powered by Apple’s most powerful chip yet, the A14. The base iPhone 12 will also come with 5G capability.

The iPhone 12 base model is expected to hit the market in two storage options, with a price tag of S$900 ($649 USD) for the 128GB version, and S$1,040 ($749 USD) for the expanded 256GB version.

2. iPhone 12 Max (Available in 128GB & 256GB Storage Options)

Featuring similar specs as the base iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Max apparently features the same smaller notch, aluminum body, and camera setup as the base iPhone 12, albeit with a larger 6.1-inch display compared to the base 5.4-inch. It’ll also be powered by the A14 chip and come 5G-ready right out of the box.

Similar to the base iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Max will be available in two internal storage options, with the 128GB variant set to be available at S$1,040 ($749 USD), and the 256GB at S$1,180 ($849 USD).

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3. iPhone 12 Pro (Available in 128GB, 256GB, & 512GB Storage Options)

Designed for higher-end power-users just like the iPhone 11 Pro variants were, the iPhone 12 Pro ditches the aluminum used in the base models for a more robust stainless steel body, if the leak is to be believed. It comes with a 6.1-inch display so it will most likely have the same size and form-factor as the iPhone 12 Max, but since it’s a Pro variant, you can expect the similar-sized display to have better quality and performance just like with the Pro variants of the iPhone 11. Unlike the base models, the iPhone 12 Pro will have a three-camera setup complete with a LiDAR sensor. It’ll have 5G capabilities (possibly better than the base models) and will be powered by the A14.

Featuring more powerful internals and improved features, the iPhone 12 Pro starts at S$1,390 ($999 USD) for the 128GB version, and S$1,529 ($1,099 USD) for the 256GB version. The iPhone 12 Pro will also be available in a 512GB version, at an expected price of S$1,808 ($1,299 USD).

4. iPhone 12 Pro Max (Available in 128GB, 256GB, & 512GB Storage Options)

Featuring a massive 6.7-inch display, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will come with the same high-end features as the 12 Pro – including a stainless steel body and a three-camera setup with LiDAR. Like the other iPhone 12 variants, it’ll be 5G-ready and will be powered by the new A14.

With a larger display and all of the high-end features of the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will undoubtedly be the most expensive in this year’s line of iPhones. Prices are expected to start at S$1,529 ($1,099 USD) for the 128GB version, S$1,669 ($1,199 USD) for the 256GB version, and a whopping S$1,940 ($1,399 USD) for the 512GB version.

While the information presented above regarding the iPhone 12 variants and pricing was leaked by Jon Prosser, other sources contradict the information provided. Prosser has proven himself a reliable source in the tech industry, but other leaks indicate that all variants of the iPhone 12 will have the three-camera setup.

If these sources are to be believed, then the difference between the base models and the Pro models will likely only be the inclusion of LiDar sensors on the back camera setup.

iPhone 12 Design Leaks

iphone 12 concept

While Jon Prosser has already leaked some big changes to the iPhone design, including the possibility of a smaller notch compared to that of the iPhone 11, it seems that this design alteration may be the first in a long list of changes. The smaller notch in itself is unsurprising – it just tells us that Apple listens to its customers.

After all, the release of the iPhone 11 last year was wrought with many customers expressing concern or disappointment regarding the top notch, which was larger than those of other phones released in the same year and was definitely far more obtrusive. This time around, a smaller notch might just make up for last year’s design faux pas.

Apart from the notch, however, sources from Mac Rumors suggest that Apple is taking the iPhone design language in an entirely new direction. Deviating from the typical rounded-edge designs that we’ve been seeing for the past few years, the new iPhone 12’s might feature sharper edges and a boxy, flat-edge design similar to the older iPhones, like the iconic iPhone 4.

Although we’re not sure about other features – such as whether it will come with a hardware Home button or whether it will feature an embedded fingerprint sensor instead – chances are the design language for the iPhone 12 will be far different from what we’ve seen in recent generations.

iPhone 12 Tech Specs Leaks

iphone12 singapore leaks

While we can trust in the fact that this year’s iPhone 12 models will be the latest and greatest yet thanks to the groundbreaking technology that went into the A14 chip as well as in the inclusion of revolutionary 5G capabilities, there are several leaks online that point to some more detailed tech specs that we can expect from the latest line of iPhones.

1. Display

Recent leaks suggest that the iPhone 12 and its variants will all come with OLED displays, a feature typically reserved for iPhone Pro variants, as observed in last year’s iPhone 11’s.

Although it seems like pure speculation at this point, an insider source has revealed that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max will come with BOE OLED Super Retina Displays, although issues with the Chinese supplier BOE might cause Apple to use LG OLED panels instead. For the Pro variants – the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max – Apple is expected to use the higher-end Samsung OLED Super Retina XDR Displays, potentially with the inclusion of ProMotion dynamic refresh rates and the revolutionary Y-OCTA technology from Samsung. If ProMotion does come included with the Pro versions, users will be able to experience dynamic refresh rates up to 120Hz for a distinctly smoother visual experience.

2. RAM

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max are expected to have 4GB of RAM available, while the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will reportedly have 6GB.

3. Battery

Although it’s still pure speculation, sources anticipate that the iPhone 12 line of smartphones will come with larger batteries than their predecessors, up to 4,400 mAh.

iPhone 12 Singapore Release Date Leaks

iphone 12 2020

Apple, Inc. has yet to confirm or deny any claims on the internet regarding the iPhone 12’s release date. While some sources report that Apple is currently in the final phases of Engineering Validation and Testing which is said to conclude by the end of June 2020, other sources report otherwise.

If the EVT is on track and everything goes well, then Apple will most likely proceed to production sometime in July, and have the iPhone 12 Singapore ready to ship before 3rd week of October 2020. However, this scenario is extremely optimistic, and doesn’t really take into account the delays brought about by COVID-19.

The Spill on Release Date of iPhone 12

Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech says even an September launch isn’t guaranteed, with an October or even November launch looking more and more likely, with a release date in early 2021 even being considered as a possibility.

However, consumers can rest assured that Apple is pulling out all the stops to get iPhone 12 out by the end of the year, and our educated guess is that we’re likely to see the iPhone 12 Singapore hit the shelves soon!


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