How to Get Free Baby Samples in Singapore 2021

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Getting products that are right and safe for your babies may take a few trials and errors. With babies’ sensitive skin and immune systems that are not fully developed yet, purchasing products in huge amounts may cause you more money than saving it. It is a good thing that many Singapore baby care companies are willing to give out sample products for your babies.

Free Baby Samples Singapore 2021

In this article, we will feature some of the baby stuff that you can get for free.

1. Abbott Milk Products

We all know that breastmilk is the best for babies, but sometimes moms got to take a break too and there are times that breastmilk production is not enough for the always hungry baby. When it comes to milk high-quality milk, the Abbott group will have one for you.

Abbot Group gives out milk samples for children ten years old and below. You can choose to get samples from Similac, Isomil, Grow, and PediaSure milk formula. They also give out ready to drink milk which makes a fun way for your slightly older kids to drink milk especially if they have become picky eaters.

free baby samples singapore 2020
Samples from Abbott

2. Enfagrow

free goodie bags for pregnancy singapore 2020

Get milk samples from pregnancy until birth if you sign up and join Enfamama A+ Club. You can receive samples of their Enfagrow A+ Stage 3-5 and Enfamama A+ for your pregnancy and/or lactating needs. Aside from free samples, club membership also entitles you to deals and discounts to their partner brands.

3. Friso

Not sure what to give your babies aside from milk? Friso Gold’s multigrain banana, rice-based, and wheat-based cereals are a perfect way to help your kids transition to solid foods. It is also a good alternate snack in between breastmilk and milk formula.

free samples baby products

Aside from the cereals Friso’s free samples also include maternal milk supplement and formulated milk powder for toddlers. This company sourced its milk from high-quality cows that are bred and highly taken care of in the Netherlands.

4. Bellamy’s Organic

free samples singapore 2020

Start giving more healthy options to your kids at a young age with Bellamy’s Organic baby products. They provide free samples of their organic products for babies that are over 12 months of age. Other than milk formula, they give out a sample of their baby food products.

They have organic biscuits, fruit snacks, different kinds of pasta, vegetable and fruit pouches, and of course, cereals. They have different dietary options such as gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and soy-free food products.

5. Nestle Baby & Me

If you are not sure if your baby will not be used to Nestle products, you can subscribe to their samples of NAN milk products and their Cerelac Infant Cereals. Their Nan Optipro 3 contains probiotics that help keep your child’s digestive system healthy. Hypoallergenic formula is also available in NAN Optipro H.A 3.

free samples baby products

You can have these kinds of milk partnered with their nutritious cereal meals. From pregnancy to newborn to toddlers, Nestle has a free sample for your baby. A New Mums Gift and weaning bag will be given for eligible members of the club.

6. Karihome

Not all babies have the stomach for cow’s milk. When all mainstream milk formula sourced from cow’s milk, Karihome gave new parents an option to try goat’s milk. Goat’s milk is a good substitute for babies that are found to be lactose intolerant because it contains less lactose and has fine milk proteins that makes it much easier to digest and absorb.

free baby samples singapore 2020

By signing up on their website, you can have a sample of Karihome’s Growing up formula for ages 1-3 years old and their Pre-school formula appropriate for ages 3-7 years old. You can also get a sample of Karihome Sweeties, these are chewable treats made from their milk powder formula and is available in fun different flavors.

7. Drypers

Aside from baby food and milk formula, diapers are one of the most essential baby products. Drypers is sending out free samples from their wide range of diapers. It does not matter if its tape diapers or pull up pants, these diapers that come in different sizes can be requested for a sample.

free baby samples singapore 2020

The Drypers Wee Wee Dry is exclusively offered here in Singapore. This line of diapers keeps your baby’s skin dry and comfortable, it effectively secures leaks and fits your baby perfectly. If you think this diaper is not for your baby, you can try Drypers Touch or the Drypers Drypants which is only available in size medium and up.

8. Huggies

Here is another trusted brand that allows you to sample their products before deciding on making a commitment to them. Signing up for the Huggies Club not only allows you to receive useful newsletters and exclusive invites to baby events, but it also gives you an option to receive a free sample.

free huggies samples

They are offering samples for Huggies Platinum for newborns, toddlers, and Huggies Platinum Pants. This line of Huggies diapers has ZeroFeel Technology thin and breathable and gives your child total comfort. You can also request to get a sample of Huggies Pure Clean Baby Wipes.

9. MammyPoko

As one of the leading diaper brands in Asia, MammyPoko is dedicated to giving joy to moms and their newborns. Their free sample program allows them both to experience the fun in using diapers and make child-rearing and raising less burdensome for parents.

They are currently offering samples for their AirFit Tape Diaper that is suitable for newborn’s comfortability and the ExtraDry Tape Diaper for the extra gentle care for your newborn’s delicate skin. The AirFit Pants gives no gap for leakages. This one is perfect as overnight diapers or for playing time.

free samples baby products
free samples baby products from Mamypoko

10. Merries

The tape diapers available for samples come in newborn, small, medium, and large sizes while the pants are offered in medium and large sizes only. Their diaper pants line fits your baby perfectly and releases heat using the Air-through system that allows your baby to feel dry and airy even after hours of active play. free samples singapore 2020

With its mission to bring smiles to babies by providing gentleness and comfort, Merries diaper brand gives out samples of all their tape and pants diaper variants. Their diapers are a result of their continuous and extensive skin research that focuses on relieving stuffiness and make the diapers ultra-soft and absorbent.

11. Pee-Ka-Poo

When two dads were not completely satisfied with the existing diaper brand’s performance, they sought out and did an extra mile to produce their own version, this results in Pee-Ka-Poo. They have discovered to make baby wipes out of bamboo.

free goodie bags for pregnancy singapore 2020

These bamboo wet wipes with honeysuckle extracts are non-toxic, durable, and most of all eco-friendly. It is specifically made with the baby’s sensitive skin in mind. It has aloe vera that helps keeps your baby’s skin moisturized. With Pee-Ka-Poo, you can now have a sample of the market’s first-ever bamboo fiber dry wipes and wet wipes.

12. Cetaphil

Getting the right product when it comes to baby’s skincare is tough, Cetaphil as a brand is known for its formula that protects and strengthens sensitive skin. Now, with their Cetaphil Baby line, they have taken up the notch in making products that are safe for your little ones.

free cetaphil samples singapore 2020

With baby’s skin requiring special attention and skincare, Cetaphil Friends and Membership can give you access to a sample of Cetaphil Baby products such as their moisturizing shampoo, daily lotion, baby cream.

13. Parent Step by Step

Got no one to turn to when it comes to parenting and baby advice? Parent Step by Step is an organization that aims to give tips and advice from getting pregnant to retirement. Aside from giving away a fitness tracker, company also gives either a pack of Huggies Platinum Newborn Diapers or a pack of Huggies Baby Wipes Gentle Care.

free baby samples singapore 2020

There are times that parents, grandparents, or even your child caretaker would need help when it comes to taking care of your little one. An organization such as Parent Step by Step will be a great help in making child care less worrisome.

14. SG Baby Club

Here is another parenting partner you can turn to when you need one. The SG Baby Club is a community where you as a parent can share and learn a thing or two about the fun and joy in parenthood.

free goodie bags for pregnancy singapore 2020

It gives special guides, shopping perks, and rewards and access to different parenting and pregnancy programs and activities. As a welcome gift, they are giving options for you to receive an SG Baby Club Gift Pack or free 6 months of AIA Baby Insurance.

Getting free samples for your baby in Singapore

When it comes to baby care, it is very crucial to provide a product that they will be comfortable with and will help them grow into healthy, fun, and loving kids. These sample products whether it is a milk formula or diapers, can make a huge impact on your baby’s health and upbringing. So before heading on to purchase that family pack, go ahead and check these brands and sample their products, after all, there is nothing much to lose as these are usually free.


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