Gym Membership Prices in Singapore 2021

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If you have been putting off that getting fit and healthy New Year’s resolution, then I suggest to start as soon as you can and you are able to. After all, only 30% of the year, has passed already and there is still enough time to catch up on your healthy living goals. To help you with your journey, we have listed the different gym prices in Singapore.

Having a regular exercise routine and moderately intense workout every week can help you achieve healthier and long life. A lot of gym offer competitive offers and prices they are also strategically located in many areas in Singapore giving you less reason to ignore them at all.

Some gyms even offer wellness programs so that you can have not just a strong body but also a healthy mind. We summarized useful information from gym around the city in order to help you with your fitness journey.

Top 10 Gyms in Singapore and their Rates

GymFeesFacilitiesOperating Hours
Anytime Fitness$98 – $190state of the art gym equipment, free weights, exercise classes, private showers, sauna24/7
Active SG$30$15 (off-season)$2.50 (pay per entry)basic gym equipment, cardio fitness machine, showers, swimming pools and sports centerMonday – Friday7AM – 10PM
Virgin Active$230 – $300 $105 (one time activation fee)state of the art gym equipment, group exercise classes, indoor wall climbing, spas, Weekdays6:30AM – 10:30PM
Weekends & PH8AM – 8PM
Fitness First$190 – $245gym equipment, different exercise classes, cycling area,  swimming pool (at selected branches), boxing ring, sauna, showers and lockersWeekdays6AM – 11AM
Weekends & PH7AM – 9PM
Gold’s Gymvaries depending on the training class enrolledfat loss training program, rehabilitative training, pre/post natal training, pre-wedding weight losstraining classes are on by appointment schedule
Ritual Gym$329 – $369$32 – $43 (per session)
Off season rate$199 – $249$20 – $30 (per session)
basic gym equipment, HIIT equipment, lockers, showersWeekdays6:30AM – 9PM
Weekends9AM – 3PM
GymmBoxx$60 – $85        (1 month)$150 – $225   (3 month)$270 – $420   (6 months)$480 – $780   (12 months)
$30 (joining fee)$16 (pay per entry)
state of the art training equipment, customized personal training, power racks, cardiovascular equipment, free weights, lockers and changing rooms24/7
The Gym Pod$9.90$7 (per session)traditional gym equipment, free weights, cardio machine, 24/7
The Loft Gym $89 – $109$59 (access key tag fee)$99 (one time joining fee)
$30 (pay per entry)
basic gym equipment, one-on-one personal training sessions, group exercise classes, body composition analysis, 24/7
Contours Express$89basic gym equipment, circuit training, vibration training, weight loss programWeekdays8AM – 9PM
Saturdays8AM – 2PM
Gym Membership Prices Singapore

1. Anytime Fitness

Speaking of strategic locations, Anytime Fitness has over 60 branches in Singapore and almost 4,000 branches and counting all over the world. They offer a variety personal training, group classes and cardio workouts that you can easily join depending on the membership fee that you paid for.

Membership starts at $98 to $190 depending on your location, amenities and membership type. Your membership gives you 24-hour access to their state of the art gym facilities, including private showers and worldwide access to all their branches.

2. ActiveSG

Another reason not to slack of in going to the gym is that knowing the country together with the other citizens are encouraged to do so. Every Singaporean and permanent residents of Singapore are given $100 of ActiveSG credits. Membership normally costs $30 and goes up to $15 for off-season rates. You can also choose to pay per entry rates at $2.50.

Your membership allows you to use free weights, cardiovascular machines, other basic gym equipment and sports facilities such as swimming pools and tennis courts. ActiveSG’s operating hours are 7 AM – 10 PM. There are over 20 ActiveSG gym branches all over Singapore and is considered as one of the best affordable ones.

3. Virgin Active

If you are feeling more luxurious in achieving your fitness goals, Virgin Active gives 6 months, 12 months, and flexible weekly plans that range from $230 to $300. There is also a one-time activation fee of $105. Some membership includes a complimentary personal fitness trainer and fitness class depending on what your body needs.

Depending on the gym branch your own they also have recovery and relaxation spaces that you can use after an intense workout session. These facilities include Himalayan salt inhalation room to cleanse your respiratory tract, sleep pods, cafes and lounges, and other pampering treats like facials, manicures, and pedicures. It might be expensive but with these facilities, you will surely get a fit body and a healthy mind at the same time.

4. Fitness First

Depending on the your membership you plan to avail, Fitness First offers the use of their gym facilities for $190-$245. The longer you will commit will give you the lowest rate. They have it offered in 1-month, 4-month and 12-month gym contracts.

It currently has 19 fitness clubs in Singapore, that you can all access at 6 AM to 11 AM on weekdays, and 7 AM to 9 PM. Some of their branches have swimming pools, cycling studios and boxing areas. All branches on the other hand gives you complimentary towels, workout attire and toiletries making it less worrisome for those who uses unavailability of gym clothes as an excuse to skip workout sessions.

gym membership

5. Gold’s Gym

Make a conscious choice in targeting what kind of training your body really need, Gold’s Gym charges depending on the training program you avail. You can choose between fat loss training program, bulking up, pre/post natal training, pre-wedding weight loss, and rehabilitative training. A free trial for an hour is available for free to let you set your goals, customize your workouts and assess your body specific needs.

They also offer training for children, teenagers and group trainings for companies and organizations. Unlike other gyms in the city, Gold’s Gym is on a by-appointment basis to ensure that you achieve your fitness targets based on your program schedule.

gym membership singapore

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6. Ritual Gym

If you are using time as an excuse for not working out, Ritual Gym’s 20-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) composed of rotating daily workouts will give you that healthy boost you need for the day or week. Ritual Gym is one of the most time-efficient gym that give you optimal results. They also provide members with workout clothes, complementary toiletries and meal shakes.

Ritual gym has different membership plan. You can choose a per session, 6-month or 12-month commitment. The price also vary depending if it is on off-season or not. Standard membership prices ranges from $329 to $369 and $32 to $43 for per session workouts. During off-season, $199 to $249 is charged for the monthly membership and $20 to $30 for workouts per session. This maybe one of the most expensive here on the list but paying a premium for time and accessibility that would produce favorable results in the future will definitely be worthy.

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7. Gymmboxx

The gym that started out in a car park in Bedok Reservoir has now expanded to 6 gyms in Singapore. They offer flexible membership plans offered in 1-month contract for $60 to $85, 3-month contract for $150 to $225, 6-month contract priced at $270 to $420 and a 12-month contract for $480 to $780. There is also a joining fee of $30 and a reactivation fee of $15 if you swayed from your fitness track for a time and want to come back.

If you have not decided which plan to get, you can always pay a per entry rate of $16 to gain access to their gym facilities for 3 hours. Most of their branches are open 24/7 which means you can go to the gym with any time your schedule permits it. Gymmboxx also makes their gym accessible for students, adults and even for senior citizens who are interested in making a healthy lifestyle choice.

gym membership singapore

8. The Gym Pod

Have you ever heard of a smart gym? This container gym lets you book and gain access to their facility using their app on your phone. If you are someone who gets anxious of doing workouts in front of other people you can book the whole gym pod alone or with some of your trusted friends.

You can train using this gym pod for as low as $9.90 per month or $7 per hour session. It is operational 24/7 which gives you even more freedom in working out in privacy at your own schedule. Your gym pod membership gives you access to traditional gym equipment or you may opt to join their spin classes.

gym membership

9. The Loft Gym

One of the best up and coming gym in Singapore is The Loft Gym they also have state of the art facilities, expert personal trainers and scheduled classes that are comparable to big time gym facilities but offer it a lower price point. The gym is located at Middle Road, GSM Building which is only a few block away from Bencoolen Station.

They have a one-time joining fee of $99 and an access key tag for $59. Membership plans vary from $69 to $109 per month depending on your chosen gym contract. They also operate 24/7 which makes it more accessible even for those who want to get fit but has irregular work hours.

gym membership singapore

10. Contours Express

This gym branded themselves as a “fitness boutique” dedicated to make women work out comfortably without making them feel self-conscious. This women-only facility offers fitness program tailored especially for the physique of a woman’s body.

They have circuit training, vibration training, weight loss programs and group classes like yoga and Zumba if you are not confident enough to work out in public. Membership starts at $89 a month and you can choose from their eleven branches on the island. Their 30-minute circuit training is perfect for women who only gets a few breaks all throughout the day.

gym membership

Finding the Right Gym for You that Fits Your Budget

Getting a healthy body takes time and discipline. Gym facilities are there to help motivate you and get into the fit and proper body condition that you have always wanted. Most gym are operational 24/7 so that time will not be much of an excuse to visit them.

They have also offered different training classes that suit your body needs because sometimes there are people who find no interest and does not find heavy gym equipment appealing and motivating.

Many gym facilities give flexible membership plans and discounts based on your ability to commit. They usually offer lower rates and gives you more freebies the longer you want to commit in taking your fitness journey with them. These gyms in Singapore are only some of the best and most reliable when it comes to helping you become the healthy and fit person you have always wanted to be.

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