Cheapest Car Park Rates in Singapore 2022

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With the number of newly registered vehicles increasing yearly, many major developing and developed cities such as in Singapore use car-parking facilities to avoid traffic congestion caused by cars parked on the street. In this article, we will feature some of the cheapest car park rates in Singapore.

To solve the shortage of parking spaces in major cities, urban plans now include designated parking areas and parking structures in most places where there might be concentrated with office buildings, other commercial establishments, and tourist places. Currently, parking rates in Singapore vary depending on the time of the day, if it is a weekend or a public holiday. We have listed some of the car parks in different areas in Singapore that does not go over $5.

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1. Orchard Road

One of Singapore’s busiest area is Orchard Road. Here is where most shopping malls, digital tech stores, restaurants and entertainment happen. Singapore’s Orchard road is truly a shopping haven and a one stop shop for items that you need. In fact, the cheapest parking space you will find is also within the famous shopping malls in the area. Let’s check them out!

Where to park in Orchard?Weekday Parking in OrchardWeekend/ PH Parking in Orchard
The Cathay8.00am – 9.59am: $1.40 per 30 minutes (or part thereof)
10.00am – 5.59pm: $1.40 per hour (or part thereof)
6.00pm – 7.59am: $3 per entry
8.00am – 5.59pm: $1.40 per hour
6.00pm – 7.59am: $3 per entry
The CentrepointEvery Day: $2 for First hour
Subsequent 30min or part thereof: $1.50
Every Day: $2 for First hourSubsequent 30min or part thereof: $1.50
Far East Plaza8.00am – 5.00pm: $1.61 for 1st hour 
Subsequent 30min or part thereof: $1.07
After 5.00pm: $3.53 per entry
For Sat 8.00am – 5.00pm: $1.61 for 1st hour 
Subsequent 30min or part thereof: $1.07
After 5.00pm: $3.53 per entry
For Sun 8.00am (Whole Day): $4.07 for 1st 3 hours Subsequent 30min or part thereof: $1.07
ION Orchard8.00am – 4.59pm: $2.67 for First hour and $1.28 for subsequent half hour
5.00pm – 11.59am: $3 per entry
12am – 7.59am: $1.07 per hour (or part thereof)
For Fri 8.00am – 5.59pm: $2.56 for First hour and $1.88 for subsequent half hour
6.00pm – 11.59am: $3.74 per entry
12am – 7.59am: $1.07 per hour (or part thereof)
8.00am – 5.59pm: $2.56 for First hour and $1.88 for subsequent half hour
6.00pm – 11.59am: $3.74 per entry
12am – 7.59am: $1.07 per hour (or part thereof)
The Heeren8am – 11pm: $1.61 per half hour8am – 11pm: $5.35 for first 3 hours and $1.61 for subsequent half hour
Lucky Plaza7.00am – 4.59pm: $1.93 for First hour and $1.28 for subsequent half hour
5pm – 6.59am: $3.38 per entry
For Sat 7.00am – 4.59pm: $1.93 for First hour and $1.28 for subsequent half hour
5pm – 6.59am: $3.38 per entry
For Sun 7.00am – 9.59pm: $1.93 for First hour and $1.28 for subsequent half hour
10pm – 6.59am: $3.38 per entry
For Public Holiday that is not a Sunday: $4 per entry
Orchard Central12.00am – 5.59pm: $3.10 for 1st 1½ hour
Subsequent 30min or part thereof: $1.50
After 6.00pm: $5.03 for 1st 2.5 hours
Subsequent 30min or part thereof: $1.82
12.00am – 11.59pm: $5.03 for 1st 2½ hours
Subsequent 30min or part thereof: $1.82
Plaza Singapura12.00am – 5.59pm: $1.60 for 1st hour
Subsequent 15 min or part thereof: $0.50
6.00pm – 11.59am: $3 per entry
For Sat 3.00am – 5.59pm: $3.00 for 1st 2 hours
Subsequent 15min or part thereof: $0.50
6.00pm – 11.59am: $3 per entry
*SCAPE7.00am – 4.59pm: $2.05 per hour
5.00pm – 6.59am: $5.15 for 1st 3 hours
For Sat All Day: $2.05 per hour
For Sun 7.00am – 4.59pm: $2.05 per hour
5.00pm – 6.59am: $5.15 for 1st 3 hours
Shaw House3.01am – 6,00pm: $2.00 for 1st hour
Subsequent 30 min or part thereof: $1.50
6.01pm – 3.00am: $4 per entry
3.01am – 6,00pm: $2.00 for 1st hour
Subsequent 30min or part thereof: $1.50
6.01pm – 3.00am: $4 per entry
Tangs OrchardAll Day: $2.00 for 1st hour
Subsequent 1 min or part thereof: $0.05
Full Day Parking (at least 12 hours from 6am to 6pm): $18
Overnight Parking (6pm to 6am): $6 per entry
All Day: $2.00 for 1st hour
Subsequent 1min or part thereof: $0.05
Full Day Parking (at least 12 hours from 6am to 6pm): $18
Overnight Parking (6pm to 6am): $6 per entry
Parking at Orchard at a Glance

a. Lucky Plaza Parking Rates

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Located at 304 Orchard Road this parking garage has almost 500 car capacity and is operating all day from Monday to Sunday. They are equipped with and electronic parking system that allows you to use card as as form of payment. This lighted garage parking has a height restriction of 2.08 meters.

Their hourly car park rates are as follows:

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b. The Centrepoint Shopping Center Parking

This structure is famous for housing different types of restaurants that serves different types of cuisines. The area also includes educational/entertainment playgrounds, health and medical centers and other wellness clinics.

It is located at 176 Orchard Road and the carpark can accommodate up to 350 cars. It has a designated space for those with disability and a different space allotted for motorcycles. Security will never be an issue because it has light and CCTV installed. Its height restriction is at 1.85 meters.

They charge parking rates per hour based on the following:

c. Plaza Singapura Carpark Rate

This shopping mall at 68 Orchard Road is strategically located near the North-South Line, the North-East Line and the Circle Line of MRT. It is considered as of the oldest malls in Orchard Road. It currently has a 7-story carpark with 2.10-meter height restriction. It also has allocated spaces for the disabled and for motorcycles. This indoor parking garage is equipped with CCTV, Wi-Fi, and lights.

As of Jan 2022 here is their current hourly rate for car parking:

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2. The Quays Area

If you are looking for a nice place for a night out, the three quays namely Clark, Boat and Robertson Quays is the perfect spot for you. There are different pubs, restaurants, Instagram-worthy sidewalks, and gift and specialty shops. Good thing is that there also many car parking spaces that can secure and protect your car while enjoying Singapore’s coolest and hip area.

a. Village Residence

This serviced apartment situated at banks of Singapore River, Village Redidence Robertson Quay has the perfect access to shops, supermarkets, entertainment areas and cafes. It is also a walking distance away from public transportation.

It has a car space open all day from Monday-Sunday and has a 2.20 meters height restriction. Lights and CCTVs are strategically installed to ensure your car’s protection. You may check their hourly garage parking rates below.

b. Clarke Quay

Experience a mix of colorful traditional and modern Singapore culture, Clarke Quay was used historically as shop houses and warehouses during the 19th century. Today, it is restored with art deco inspired structures to become some of the best wine bars, restaurants that attract locals and tourists for many years.

Located at 3 River Valley Road, this mall has a carpark that allows up to 400 cars and is open 24 hours from Monday-Sunday. It is equipped with lights, Wi-Fi, CCTV and designated spot reserved for the disabled. Here are the current hourly rates of using their car-parking garage:

c. Robertson Walk

Expand your palate and knowledge about food in Robertson Walk located at 11 Unity Street. It gives you a nice and romantic Mediterranean ambiance making it a perfect place to have an intimate dinner with your special someone or spend a chill night out with friends.

Their garage car park has 336 spots for vehicles, some of it allotted for those with disability. It has a height restriction of 2.20 meters and is equipped with light and CCTV. Like most parking spaces they are open 24/7 and uses electronic parking system (EPS) to receive payments. Here is Robertson Walk’s car park amenities rate.

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3. Downtown Area

Enjoy famous tourist places in the heart of this city-state. Downtown is where you will see many government offices and other attractions such as the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It may be the most expensive area in Singapore but you can still actually spend your day in Singapore’s Central Business District without bothering where to park your car with these cheap car parks rates.

a. Marina Square

Marina Square is top 22 Singapore Shopping District Carparks For Cheap Parking, How much does parking cost in Singapore?, Is parking free today Singapore?, Where is the cheapest parking in Raffles Place?, How do you save on parking in Singapore?

One of the first infrastructures built in the reclaimed Marina Centre, Marina Square is a shopping, dining, entertainment and cultural hub at the heart of the centre. It is surrounded by world class hotels and is accessible to famous tourist attractions such as the Singapore Flyer, Gardes by the Bay and Esplanade Theater.

Its car park has a designated are reserved for the disabled and for motorcycles. It has a height restriction of 1.90 meters and has lights and elevators installed. They take security seriously by making the car space gated and placed CCTV. They have also made lunch parking for free if you parked in at 12NN and went out at 2 PM. You can check their hourly rates below.

b. Prince Edward Road Car Park

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Located at Prince Edward Road, Downtown Core this one of the few parking spaces in the area that are in open space. It does not have any height restrictions, which makes it accessible to many types of vehicles.

It has 10 allotted spaces for motorcycle parking and gives free exit for those who are only staying for 10 minutes. Lights and strategically placed CCTVs makes the area safe and secure. Their rates are as follows:

4. Buona Vista

If you are planning on looking at Singapore’s much calm side, Buona Vista might peek your interest. It is a small residential area on the south west part of the business district. It is considered a science and technology hub, it is also a place where a lot of research and development complex are built.

If you are aiming for a nostalgic photo walk, you can visit Queenstown where there are different places and housing areas that are not yet renovated and properly maintained, giving it a more authentic rustic aesthetic feel for your feed. Here are some cheap car park rates in Buono Vista that would surely help you on the trip.

a. The Star Vista

cheapest parking in buena vista, star vista parking,free parking at star vista,star vista parking fee,star vista free parking lunch,

Another mall developed by CapitaLand, the Star Vista is a shopping mall with a 5,000-seater auditorium. It is located near Buona Vista MRT Interchange making it easily accessible to other main roads and highways.

Their car parking space provides a reserved area for motorcycle and for those with disability. Its height restriction is is at 2.10 meters. The car park is equipped with lights, elevator and Wi-Fi. You can check their hourly rates based on the following:

b. Biopolis

Biopolis Carpark & Parking Rates Guide Singapore, Directions to Biopolis 1 Carpark, Season parking at Biopolis

This international research and development center focuses on research on biomedical sciences. This area houses different government agencies and research facilities and institutes. There are also laboratories, office and retail operations. There are also a few restaurants, cafes and pub around the area.

The car parking facility has 2.20 meter height restriction. It has spaces offered specifically for disabled and those who drive motorcycles. Lights are properly installed, has CCTV and an elevator. Since it is situated in a research center, what makes this their car park facilities different is that they have a specific area for charging electrical cars. They are operational from 7AM to 5PM from Monday to Saturday; and opens all day every Sunday. You can check their rates below:

Where to Park Free in Singapore

Owning a car is not cheap in Singapore, so its always good to save a little for parking. Here is a list of some places where you can have free parking all over town!

Free Parking in SingaporeTimingRemarks
East Village Upper Changi12pm to 2pmLunch Time Free Parking
IKEA Tampines7am – 11pm
Giant Hypermarket Tampines24/7 All-day
Courts Megastore Tampines24/7 All-day
Gillman BarracksAfter 5pm to 8.30am (next day) on Weekdays
All day (Sat, Sun, PH)
214 car lots
14 motorcycle lots
Jewel Changi AirportMon – Thur (till 31 March 2022)Free 2hr Parking with min. spend $50 ($100 for supermarket)
Jewel / Terminal 1 carpark levels B3 to B5 only.
For Changi Rewards members with the iChangi App.
Changi Airport Terminal 310am – 11pm Daily
(Til 10 October 2021)
No min. spend required
Down Town East12.00pm to 2.00pm (Mon – Fri)
9.00pm to 5.00am (Mon – Sun)
Free Lunch Time Parking for Weekdays and Night Time Daily
Pasir Ris ParkAfter 10pm to 8:30am (next day) daily
Dempsey Hill24/7 All-day
The Grandstand24/7 All-dayOver 3800 Lots
IKEA Alexandra3 hours free between 7am – 11pmWith min. purchase of $5 (members)/ $15 (non members)
Labrador Nature ReserveAll Day Free2 Carparks
Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC)12.00pm to 2.00pm
6.30pm to 11.00pm (Weekdays)
7am – 11pm (Sat, Sun, PH)
Mount FaberAll Day FreeCar B & C
888 Plaza @ Woodlands12pm to 2pm
Mandai Orchid Garden24/7All-day
BreadTalk Building6.00am to 11:59pm DailyFirst 1 hour
Midview City @ Sin Ming LaneAfter 7pm to 11.59pm (Weekdays)
7am to 11.59pm (Sat, Sun, PH)
Mustafa CentreFirst 1 hour FreeSubsequent $0.50/ 30 min
City Square Mall10am – 9.45pm2 hours Free Week Day with min. spend of $30
Zhongshan MallFree 2 hoursWith min. purchase of $50
IMMFirst 1 hour free Weekday (excluding PH)
Jurong PointFirst 30 minutes
(Til 18 August 2021)
Per Entry Waiver for Motorcycle
TradeHub 21After 7pm to 11.59pm (Weekdays)
Full Day (Sat, Sun, PH)
The Rail Mall24/7 All-dayLimited Space
OUE Downtown GalleryAfter 5pm Weekdays
All day (Sat, Sun, PH)
With min, spend of $10
Esplanade12pm – 3pm and 6pm – 10pm every dayFree Lunch and Evening Parking
Clarke Quay12.30pm to 1.30pm (Lunch Time)
7.00pm to 8.00pm (Dinner Time)
Free 1 hour from Mon – Fri (ex. PH)
Here are some Places to Park Free in Singapore

As one of the leading countries in Asia, Singapore is definitely one of those who actually found a solution to lessen the traffic and pollution caused by the growing amount of cars owned by people.

By putting a safe and secure area for parked cars, it helps reduce traffic congestions. Having cars parked in a paid parking space actually discourage drivers to use their cars unnecessarily so that they can get the most out of their payment. These cheap car park rates in Singapore are helpful for both tourists and employees who do not have enough parking spaces at work.

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