Cheap Haircuts in Singapore 2023 that are Actually Good

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When talking about getting a trim or new hairstyle, going to expensive salons may be a big no to some.

Aside from having unnecessary high-prices, they pretty much have the same cutting styles as the affordable salons in town.

You might have started to think and search for salons which can offer you a first-class haircut but at a very affordable price. Stop the search and fret not!

We have searched the town to give you the salons to provide you services that you’ve been seeking.

Take a glimpse of these 10 affordable hair salons in Singapore and pamper yourself without being broke.

After all, finding the perfect hairdresser to attend to your haircut needs at a very competitive price can save you a lot of bucks.

Top 10 Salons to Get Affordable Haircuts in Singapore

1. Kimage Hairdressing School – Haircuts from $6

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Image Source: Kimage Hairdressing School – Cheap Haircuts Singapore

Cheap haircut from $6. By entering Kimage salon, it’s not self-evident that the place offers cheap and affordable hair services.

Be stunned by the unique story of Kimage! Operating for over 2 decades now, Kimage takes pride in producing hairdresser professionals ready to plunge into the world of hairstyling.

Aside from those, Kimage offers courses for aspiring hairdressers! Students are not just learning everything by the book, but rather taking real models to ace their haircut styling tricks!

When talking about their rates, you can already get a classic shampoo & blow set for as low as $6. No need to worry about getting a haircut from novices, we are sure Kimage produces passionate learners to give you the best.

Do note that prices are higher when the haircut is done by graduates instead of the students.

Customer Feedback…

Sally had a wonderful experience in getting service from Kimage. From bringing her the quality and value she expected, her heart is so full in the outcome of the stylist’s work. Here’s a comment from her:

“Professional and dedicated to customer service. Good teamwork among stylists to help speed up process. Always has customer’s interest at heart”

Shampoo & Blow / Set$6 – $14
Shampoo & Cut$7 – $16
Cold Perm + Cut (Depending on hair length)$26 – $31 – $36
Cold Perm + Cut + Post Perm Treatment$39 – $46 – $54
Digital Perm + Cut + Post Perm Treatment$50 – $64 – $78
Mens Perm + Cut$36 – $50
Rebond + Cut + Treatment$48 – $60 – $73
Price List at Kimage Hairdressing School

Kimage, 6 Raffles Blvd, #02 – 09, Marina Square, Singapore 039594

Phone: (+65) 6883 2700

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2. Kcuts – $12 per haircut

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Image Source: Kcuts – Cheap Haircuts Singapore

Affordable haircut in Singapore at just $12.

Unleash your inner Korean spirit and get that Korean haircut style in just 10 minutes. Yes, you read that right! Getting your dream haircut doesn’t have to take you an hour or more.

With the help of Kcuts’ skilled hairstylist, your Korean dream hair will not be stuck as a reverie. Besides, having several outlets island-wide makes it more comfortable for you!

Just keep in mind that weekends and holidays may be packed full so avoid these times if you don’t want to wait that long.

Having said that, Kcuts hallmarks its pioneering technology, your 10-minute haircut promises to deliver quality hairstyles! Also, they feature their regularly trained stylists to make sure to give you the haircut your money deserved.

Customer Feedback…

Andrew liked how amiable and professional the staff are in performing his desired haircut. Here is a review from him:

“Just visited k-cuts Plaza Singapura branch and had a great haircut. Showed Wendy Ho what hairstyle i wanted and she did a really great job. She’s also very friendly and provided very good service. Keep up the good work!” – Andrew T.

Locations & Contacts

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3. Snip Avenue – Professional Haircut from $3.80

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Image Source: Snip Avenue – Cheap Haircuts Singapore

Really affordable haircut in Singapore from $3.80.

Taking their claims as a place where beauty begins, Snip Avenue takes pride in providing quality services to its valued clients. Their humble beginnings bring them to be one of the best affordable hair salons in town!

Ensuring to provide you a tailored hair service, Snip Avenue provides local and international training for their stylists! Aside from those, Snip Avenue highlights its well-known brands of products for healthy and beautiful hair.

On top of that, you’ll get bits of advice on how to take care of your hair properly to avoid any damages and for your hair to remain how you wanted it to be! Having several locations island-wide makes it easier for you to pamper yourself!

Customer Feedback…

Aside from being an affordable salon, customers love how swift the haircut process is with amazing results! Here’s what Rezal can say about her whole experience at Snip Avenue:

“$3.80 haircut within 10mins. Awesome. Recommended” – Rezal R.

Locations & Contacts

4. Hair Buzz Salon – Haircut from $15

Hair Buzz Salon is  top10 Budget Hair Salons In Singapore That Charge Even Less than $10
Image Source: Hob Oh – Cheap Haircuts Singapore

Cheap haircut at $15.

Despite being a small salon compared to other haircut spots, Hair Buzz Salon is indeed one to beat! Aside from having affordable haircut rates, Hair Buzz pride itself in providing remarkable service as a whole – pleasing your every appointment with them.

Likewise, Hair Buzz aims to guarantee a haircut to fit your style. Plus, having a friendly conversation with their staff can make you feel at home rather than just having a trim at the salon.

No frills in getting the haircut you desire without costing you a lot! Hair Buzz makes sure to help you pamper yourself! No idea about what hairstyle is suited for you? No worries, their well-trained hair stylist can pretty much transform you into the best version of yourself!

Customer Feedback…

Donna had a wonderful experience with Hair Buzz Stylist Sabrina about the haircut outcome. Here is what she had to say after a visit to the salon:

“Sabrina is so friendly and so nice. She even gave suggestions how to take care my hair. I like the haircut result and will definitely come back again :)” – Donna C.

Hair Buzz Salon, 10 Kensington Park Rd, Singapore 557262

Phone: (+65) 6280 2520

5. QB House – Haircuts from $18

QB House is top 10 good and affordable hair salons in Singapore that you should go to for your next hair appointment
Image Source: QB House – Cheap Haircuts Singapore

Haircuts from $18.

From Japan to Singapore, we are truly blessed to have QB House Outlets scattered all over the island! QB aid to be your 10-minute refreshment, other salons may take you 15 minutes and above to get a haircut but QB beg to differ as efficiency is their name!

They value your time and money by providing innovative systems to provide better service when it comes to haircuts. Plus, your safety is their top priority! Different combs are used for each customer and give you the comb after the service.

Just to give you a heads up, QB only specializes in providing you quality haircuts so there is no other available hair service other than that.

Customer Feedback…

As QB makes sure to keep their promise in providing exceptional haircut services at a very affordable price! Customers are loving the overall swift experience they had. Here is feedback from one of them:

“Fast, cheap and chirpy haircut by nice and accommodating hairdresser. What’s there to not like?” – B T.

Locations & Contacts

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6. New Star Hairdressing Saloon – Haircuts at $10

New Star Hairdressing Saloon is Best & Affordable Neighbourhood Hair Salons
Image Source: New Star Hairdressing Saloon – Cheap Haircuts Singapore

Haircuts from $10. Apart from being a renovated salon to provide much greater haircut services, New Star Hairdressing Saloon is your family hair salon in town! They also do haircuts for babies.

Still and all, this place is a gem that shouldn’t be just hidden and kept. Professional hairstylists are all passionate about taking their hearts to every haircut they make. Visiting this place only means you’re getting your money’s worth!

The salon is open from 9 am – 9 pm daily except for Tuesday as they are closed that day. Just a friendly reminder to book an appointment to avoid any future disappointments.

Customer Feedback…

Previous customers are pleased to have hair services at this incredible salon, leaving satisfied reviews all over the web. Here is one of the feedback from them:

“reasonable price as per the quality of products and services 👌👌👌 must visit for stylish haircut” – Mukesh G.

Location: 43 Campbell Ln, Singapore 209915

Phone: (+65) 6291 4759

7. Kojimaya – Haircut at $12

Kojimaya is top 10 salons in Singapore that offer the cheapest haircuts, cheap haircuts in Singapore, affordable barber shops & hair salons,
Image Source: Grace Chong via Google Images – Cheap Haircuts Singapore

Featuring a $12 all-in haircut, Kojimaya has been known to provide affordable quality hairstyles to fit your desired cuts!

Aside from having a well-experienced and detail-oriented hairstylist, Kojimaya is indeed one of the no-frills affordable salons in town!

By the way, their payment method is a machine that only accepts the exact amount for a haircut.

Be sure to have a $10 and $2 bill in your pockets for a faster and hassle-free transaction. Also, keep in mind that lines can be long at times, especially during peak hours so avoid visiting the salon during these times.

Kojimaya salon’s location inside a shopping mall makes it more convenient to do shopping while pampering yourself!

Customer Feedback…

Trond was satisfied with the haircut service he had at Kojimaya, despite having a long queue, the outcome is still in quality. Here’s what he has to say about his overall experience at the salon:

“Great haircut shop. Affordable and the stylist cut to your requirements. Queue maybe long during peak hour but the turn around is quite fast. Can always go for a meal or shopping then come back.”

Kojimaya, 6 Eu Tong Sen St, #B1-03 The Central, Singapore 059817

Phone: (+65) 6535 6492

8. KIMarie Hair & Beauty Training Centre

KIMarie Hair & Beauty Training Centre is the Top 10 Affordable Hair Salons in Singapore
Image Source: KIMarie – Cheap Haircuts Singapore

Haircut with shampoo and blow from $9 onwards. Bringing Malaysia’s largest hair salon and training center, KIMarie charms in their cheap yet award-winning services! From cheap classic haircuts to other hair services, KIMarie is undoubtedly your go-to pamper salon in Singapore.

Over and above, high-skilled hair professionals are well-trained to meet your hair demands! You shouldn’t waste any of your energy with unnecessary ruffle packages from other salons, KIMarie values you by providing haircuts with great results.

Customer Feedback…

Anna had a wonderful encounter with KIMarie by experiencing an outstanding hair service. Besides, meeting friendly staffs adds up to the overall great experience:

“Very good service and very professional. Price reasonable. All the staff so friendly. Definitely will come back to KIMarie. Highly recommended 👍”

Location: 10 Sinaran Dr, #B1-134 Square 2, Singapore 307506

Phone: (+65) 6222 4446

9. AM Salon – Fast & Easy Cut

AM Salon is Top 10 Salons to get affordable haircuts
Image Source: Jiawang Heng – Cheap Haircuts Singapore

If you’re looking for a quick and easy salon but still want to get the haircut you like, going to AM Salon should be your initial option! Of course, you don’t want to waste your time and money getting what you didn’t want in the first place right?

Aside from having well-experienced hairdressers, AM Salon features its very affordable hair service packages to enjoy! You can also refer them to your friends to get exclusive benefits. What more not to like in here?

Besides, the hairstylist is more than just doing their jobs, but giving you detailed attention to achieve the hairstyle you want! Just a little reminder to book an appointment first to avoid waiting in a long line outside.

Customer Feedback…

Cheng enjoyed the outcome of the hairstyle that he requested. Plus, amazing deals and discounts are also in the house! Here’s a statement from him:

“The shop features SGD 6 per cut, 5 cut free 1 cut. I just tell the barber I want short hair, then she straight away cut my hair short, very easy.”

AM Salon, 36 Beo Cres Singapore, Singapore 160036

Phone: (+65) 6274 0895

10. Ezen Hair, Nail and Beauty – Member Price at $5

Ezen Hair, Nail and Beauty Cheap Hair Salons In Singapore Starting From $3 Per Cut
Image Source: Ezen Hair, Nail and Beauty on Facebook – Cheap Haircuts Singapore

Affordable haircut in Singapore from $8.00. Nothing can beat more than decades of operating salons!

Aside from competing for a long period, they’ll probably provide you the best of the best. In line with this, Ezen Salon shouldn’t be skipped!

For only $8, you’ll get to experience a haircut from well-trained professionals.

Besides, offering nails and beauty services aside from haircuts makes them more of a one-stop-pamper spot to get relaxed at times.

If you’re truly high-maintenance when it comes to haircut and visit salons almost twice a month to get a trim, you can try their yearly membership package! Ezen features its $25/year promo which can half the price of a haircut for your every visit!

Not only do you get quality haircuts and trims, but also saves you a lot of money in doing twice a month haircuts.

Customer Feedback…

Besides having exceptional haircuts, most customers love how comfortable and cozy the ambiance Ezen gives. Here is a review from Victor:

“A very humble hair salon with all down to earth hairstylist. Very lovely and comfy atmosphere. I’ve been getting my hair cut there for over two years.”

Ezen Salon, Fajar Rd, #01-542 Blk 445, Singapore 670445

Phone: (+65) 9272 3833

Cheap Haircut Near Me in Singapore

How much does a man haircut in Singapore cost?

For man, a haircut at the neighbourhood barber shop usually costs from $8 to $15. Some salons, especially those situated in shopping malls, offer package deals that include a shampoo and scalp massage.

The services offered by salons in your neighborhood should also be considered as many of them are very good at what they do. In short, there is no simple answer to this question. The price you pay is going to depend on the location, services, and the reputation of the salon.

How much does a woman haircut in Singapore cost?

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Women’s haircut can cost you anywhere between $30 to $70 depending on the hair salon and the location. However, the price would increase if you would like your hair to be colored or treated.

How to get a haircut on a budget?

Getting a haircut on a budget can be tricky, but it is possible. Here are a few tips to help you save money on your next haircut
– Do some research ahead of time and find a salon that offers affordable pricing.
– See if there are any discounts or promotions available from the salon you’re interested to go.
– Consider getting your hair cut at a beauty school, which can offer cheaper rates.
– Think about getting a shorter haircut, which will take longer to grow back, require lesser maintenance and be less expensive over time.

How often should you cut your hair?

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It all depends on your hair type. There is no general rule because hair grows at different rates and each person’s individual hair growth pattern is unique.

However, most experts recommend getting a haircut every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain your hairstyle. If you have curly or wavy hair, you may need to get a trim more often (every 4 to 6 weeks) to help keep your locks looking polished and frizz-free.

And if you have coarse or thick hair, you can go even longer between haircuts (every 10 to 12 weeks).

Whatever your schedule, remember that it’s important to find a stylist you trust and who understands your hair type and the style you want. That way, you’ll be able to develop a good rapport and receive a satisfactory haircut everytime.

If you’re on a tight budget but really a high-maintenance person when it comes to haircuts, resorting to a cheaper salon is, by all means, a must! Check out these affordable salons and get the haircut that you desire.

No need to spend a lot to get a great haircut, finding the best salon with friendly rates should be your first choice. Hoping this article helped you find the best salon suited to your hair needs. Indulge yourself in getting your hair in its good shape.

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