Best Yoga Mats in Singapore 2022

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If you’ve ever been to a gym or searched about fitness and meditation, you have probably come across Yoga. Since the early 1900s Indian Yoga masters have been spreading their practices to the entire world. And for decades it was frowned upon, or perceived as more of religious practice.

However, this all changed when it’s realized that Yoga, with its complex, possess and twists had several health benefits for the mind and body. Now millions all over the globe practice daily yoga, or join yoga classes in gyms. But which are the Best Yoga Mats in Singapore to help you with your daily meditation and posses?

Is a Yoga Mat Worth it?

Yoga mats are essential in the practice of yoga. Whether you practice yoga in your living room or at a gym yoga mats will help you stay in position. These mats are often made to be anti-slip and provide some insulation between your body and the ground.

It keeps your body warm, improves your balance and stability, and prevents any injury and discomfort. Yoga mats also give us a sense of solemnity in our own little sacred space.

There are more than a hundred different yoga types and schools, regardless they all focus on promoting your body’s health and wellness. Yoga is a great practice for your mind and body.

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Should I be doing Yoga?

The physical benefits of yoga are greatly encouraged even by physicians. Yoga increases your body’s flexibility and muscle strength, tones the body, improves vitality, energy, and respiration, it helps with weight reduction and helps your body maintain a balanced metabolism, circulatory, and cardiovascular health.

What a brilliant idea. Yoga integrates meditation in each session, thus it helps calm your mind. Yoga and meditation allow us to relieve and handle our stress while preventing the physical manifestation of our insecurities.

Yoga is an ancient practice that is known to decrease your stress levels because it eases your body while promoting relaxation and peace of mind. If you’re struggling with anxiety yoga can be a great way for you to cope with your emotions. The routines give us a sense of control and order in our lives.

Other than mental health, yoga is also known to reduce inflammation that may result in heart diseases and diabetes. It could significantly improve your heart health by stimulating blood flow that carries nutrients to the rest of the body.

A more obvious benefit is that yoga greatly improves your body’s sense of balance and flexibility. With all these benefits wouldn’t you want to start your yoga journey today? The only thing you need is a good and reliable yoga mat.

Top 10 Yoga Mats in Singapore

1. Manduka ProLite 71” Yoga Mat

singapore best exercise mat

Manduka ProLite 71” Yoga mat is one of the most popular yoga mats in Singapore. They are proud to provide you the exact amount of padding you need without being too clunky and thick.

Whether for daily stretches or yoga Mandukas 4.7mm padded mat will keep your feet, hands, and knees well cushioned against the hard floor while providing ample back support to relax you.

Despite not being the cheapest yoga mat in the market, the Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat is made out of sustainable materials that are structured to have closed-cell surfaces that wick away dirt, sweat, and moisture.

The Manduka ProLite 71” Yoga Mat brings you unparalleled comfort and cushioning for your practices without wearing out. Its a mid-sized yoga mat that you are sure to love.

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2. Sportsco Extra Thick Yoga Mat

best yoga mat

Yoga wasn’t designed to be easy, it takes a lot of effort and focus. One way to achieve additional support and comfort during yoga is getting yourself a thick yoga mat. Sportsco Extra Thick Yoga Mat is 20mm thick, you’ll instantly feel the difference during the first use.

When delivered it has a mesh bag that makes it easy to carry around. Though thicker mats aren’t for everybody, you are sure to enjoy the additional support it provides. Further its good to be used as a mat to sleep on.

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3. Watson Yoga Mat

exercise mat singapore

Watsons is a popular health and wellness outlet, but you might not be aware that they also have their own line of yoga mats. The Watson Yoga mat is lightweight and is available in PVC or TPE material.

If you’re just starting out in yoga the Watson Yoga Mat will be a great company for you. With the option of an economical PVC mat that is half the price from the TPE models or a more quality TPE yoga mat, Watsons has you covered. Both types of yoga mats give you great value-for-money.

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4. Camel Non-Slip Yoga Mat

singapore best exercise mat

If you’re on the search for a mat that’s portable and has extra cushioning. Camel Yoga Mat is 15mm thick for additional support without being bulky. It is also very easy to clean, just run it under running water and let dry.

Get yourself a thick supportive anti-slip mat at a very reasonable price. Camel Yoga mats are perfect whether you’re a beginner or a pro at yoga.

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5. Camel Yoga Mat Beginner 10mm

best yoga mat

When you’re just starting yoga it can be a bit overwhelming. With hundreds of poses and stances that can be difficult to perfect when you haven’t memorized them yet. Thankfully Camel offers a line of yoga mats for beginners.

Camel Yoga Mats Beginners 10” is just the thing you need to keep your poses and stance tight and in order. With markings on the mat to help you remember your poses and do them properly. With 10” of cushioning support, you’ll be comfortable throughout your meditation.

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6. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

exercise mat singapore

Most yoga mats are designed for women, for the men who want to try out yoga you’d be delighted to know that Jade Yoga Mats are specifically designed to accommodate your body and provide comfort and support.

Made in USA, Jade Harmony Yoga Mats are specifically designed with an extended length and width for men. It is sure to provide ample support with its thick and sustainable natural rubber cushions.

With maximum grip and stability its the perfect yoga mat if you sweat a lot. To make it better Jade Harmony boasts that not only are their yoga mats sustainably sourced but they are also the best eco-friendly yoga mats in the market.

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7. Gaiam 2-Color Yoga Mat

singapore best exercise mat

There are times that our active lifestyles and on-the-go schedules clash with our desire to be fit. Good thing that yoga can be done in and out of the gym. Whether you’re at home or traveling you don’t’ have to worry about missing your yoga sessions with Gaia 2-color Yoga Mat.

This reversible and durable lightweight yoga mat gives you 4mm non-slip cushioning to support your poses wherever you may be.

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8. Nike Fundamental Yoga Mat

best yoga mat

Designed with a high-quality textured form that gives you maximum grip that’s soft to the touch for all your practice and training sessions. Nike Fundamental Yoga Mat is the perfect company to your everyday yoga routines.

Made from 75% thermoplastic elastomer and 25% ethylene vinyl acetate its 3mm textured foam padding provides cushioning and stability like no other. Complete with a string for easy transport. Simply hand wash and it’s good as new.

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9. Yoga Mat with Free Elastic Strap

exercise mat singapore

Yoga mats can be expensive if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option this yoga mat with elastic strap is a good choice.

With a 10mm thickness, this cheap yoga mat is perfect for different types of workouts. Have comfort and stability without breaking the bank.

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10. Lixada 72x24IN Non-slip Yoga Mat

singapore best exercise mat

Lixada Yoga Mats give you just the right amount of thickness to feel the ground while working on your routine. This NBR mat is eco-friendly and long-lasting perfect for everyday use.

With 6 colors to choose from the Lixada Non-Slip Yoga Mat is one of the best budget-friendly non-slip yoga mats in the market. Keep calm and focused as you practice your routine and meditation with this simple and functional yoga mat.

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Where to Buy Yoga Mat in Singapore

Yoga is all about finding your center as you tone your mind and body. It offers a wide range of benefits from effectively toning and shaping your body, to calming your mind and controlling your anxiety.

It is a well-known fact that for those who struggle with cardiovascular and mental health that yoga can be a great tool to curve your lifestyle to a healthier one. The best yoga mats in Singapore give you support, grip, and maximum comfort from every price point.

All you have to do is select one that fits your lifestyle and activities more. If you’re always on the go traveling near or far, then a thinner more portable yoga mat would suit you best. However, if you’re aiming for comfort and cushioning, a thicker yoga mat is sure to delight you.

Before, the question was where to buy yoga mats. But with the rise of technology you can easily select the best yoga mat for you from online shops in Singapore. So many choices to help you go through, your yoga routine at your fingertips.

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