Best Wireless Security Cameras in Singapore

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Do you ever feel like your home or your place feels unsafe at times? Or maybe you are completely worried about what will happen to it when you are gone to work every day. This might be the right time for you to secure your house even further.

If you are looking for a way to protect your home, having security cameras around is the way to go. But why do you need security cameras around the house? These security cameras (also called surveillance cameras) keep an eye on your home 24/7, capturing everything that happens around. There are security cameras that you can place indoors and outdoors.

However, finding the right camera can take a lot of time and research given that there is already a vast selection of security cameras around the market.

Today, I’ll be giving you 10 best wireless security cameras in Singapore. The best part is that with technology nowadays, these types of cameras not only has wireless capabilities but also are compact and have unique features altogether. Let’s begin!

Top 11 Wireless Security Cameras in Singapore

1. HWZZBCC Solar Powered Wireless Home Security Camera

Starting with the HWZZBCC Solar-powered security camera. This is one of the most unique security cameras on this list.

One amazing feature is that it can charge the device’s built-in batteries through the solar panels located on top of the camera. Having a feature like this is a big plus for many as you don’t need to worry about finding a way to power the device and cost-effective in electricity bills.

HWZZBCC Solar Powered Wireless Home Security Camera
Price: S$220.60

However, might need to do a little bit of installation work like screwing it in your chosen location plus considering where it can power charge by itself.

This camera can record Full HD at 960p both day and night (through night vision feature) to a removable micro SD card. It has a smart motion detection alarm where the camera will send you a notification through the downloadable app of any unusual activities.

This is a great security camera for outdoor use. A camera with a solar panel can sustain itself while keeping an eye on your home.

2. Wistino 960P Robot IP Security Camera

This is the odd yet fun looking one you can place around the house. The Wistino 960P Robot IP Camera is a security camera ideally as a baby monitor but you can use it like every other security camera. Its unique and kid-friendly design makes it an excellent choice for monitoring your kid’s room or play area.

Wistino 960P Robot IP Security Camera
Price: $76.00

The Wistino Robot IP camera can record up to 960p with night vision to a micro SD card, giving you that clear resolution recording of your home. Its camera placement is surprisingly on the robot head itself plus surprisingly it can move.

You can rotate the robot head around 355 degrees and tilt upwards up to 45 degrees. The robot’s face is a digital time display. Like every other security camera on this list, it can be accessed through its Wi-Fi interface.

3. Fanping Wireless Doorbell Security Camera

The Fanping doorbell security camera is designed to be placed in front of your home or any important rooms for that matter that may require the first line of defense. Its small and compact design makes it simple and easy to install.

This wireless doorbell security camera has many awesome features that might be worth getting. One of the features is that you can have a two-way talk from your connected smartphone to the camera. That way, you can interact with the person in front of the device. However, unlike the previous two security cameras that can record up to 960p, this one can record on 720p with night vision to a micro SD card and detect motion.

Fanping Wireless Doorbell Security Camera
Price: S$86.11

Going to what’s inside the package. It contains the device itself however it does not have any included batteries. The device needs 18650 model rechargeable batteries which are easily obtainable on many shops online.

Overall, this is a must-have camera if you have a small space like a condominium or apartment but also a good choice for big houses too. It gives you surveillance and first defense on your main door plus you can see and interact who’s behind it without looking through the peek-hole.

4. Xiaomi Youpin IP Camera

The Xiaomi Youpin camera belongs to Xiaomi’s series of smart surveillance cameras. The design of the Xiaomi Youpin as I would describe it as a ‘small one-eyed alien’. But it is a tiny, minimalistic and premium looking camera.

Xiaomi Youpin IP Camera
Price: $27.29

Youpin Camera surprisingly can be placed both on a flat surface or be hung up to a wall (via strong adhesive on the bottom of the stand). In terms of recording and storage, it can record up to 1080p to either cloud, SD or NAS storage, an excellent feature. You can access the camera’s settings and recordings through their ‘Mi Home App’

The YouPin Camera is a great small surveillance camera for your home. Although it does not have any huge features such as camera movement and weather sealing, it does make up for its minimalistic design and easy to setup.

5. Nexcraft 360, Wincoo 360 and Lightbulb Wireless IP Panoramic Cameras

You may have probably heard of 360 panoramic security cameras. Now, what do these 360 security cameras are? Unlike a traditional security camera where it can only monitor a certain part of your home, this one is directly attached to the ceiling, giving you that 360-degree surveillance view of your home.

So, I’ll be combining three cameras in this section since they have several similarities with each other but slight differences.

6. Lightbulb Wireless IP Panoramic Camera

Let’s begin with the Lightbulb Wireless IP Camera. This camera is the most unique and innovative looking one among the 3 panoramic cameras here. Judging from the appearance and shape, this security camera looks like a light bulb.

The Wireless Light Bulb IP Panoramic Camera has a 2MP CMOS sensor that can record to 1080p resolution. It has a fish-eye lens hence, giving that 360-degree view. It also has built-in microphones and sensors that can easily record audio and detect action respectively.

In terms of power supply, the camera can be easily attached and powered to a standard E27 mount (also known as the lightbulb socket). The Wireless Light Bulb also works as an ordinary lightbulb too. It has an LED bulb surrounding the camera thus giving that hidden camera style.

Wincoo 360 and Nexcraft 360

On the other hand, Wincoo 360 (left) and the Nexcraft 360(right) has the same basic functions as the Lightbulb except that these are designed more to be attached directly to your ceiling via screws and plugs.

7. Wincoo 360

8. Nexcraft 360

 Nexcraft 360
Price: $56.00

Another feature worth mentioning is that it is powered through its micro USB port. This is a good advantage over the Lightbulb since these kinds of cables and plugs are easily accessible everywhere.

So overall, these 360 panoramic Cameras is a great choice for someone who wants to cover an entire place with just one security camera instead of investing in multiple ones. Plus, a bonus feature for the lightbulb is the blub-like appearance and functionality. It is a security camera in disguise.

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9. Yoosee APP Camera

Yoosee Camera is another security camera that is worth looking at. Although it may look minimal and supports only a pair of antennas, it is a capable surveillance camera. It is easy and quick to set up like every other one on this list.

Yoosee APP Camera
Price: $36.79

For starters, this security camera can be placed on desks or flat surfaces. An example would be I have three of these in my apartment placed on my desk, shelf and kitchen.

It can record again to 1080p which is great thus giving you that clear resolution. Finally, it can move its head around a near 360 degrees and it can tilt its head upward.

One minor disadvantage, these cameras are sometimes it’s a bit lagging when you try turning its head through your mobile app but overall, this is one of the great affordable security cameras out there on the market.

10. Xiaomi Mijia IP Camera

The Xiaomi Mijia Camera is kind of like Xiaomi Youpin Camera’s bigger brother. It has most of the features you have seen from the Youpin like the wireless capabilities and 1080p recordings but more. I’ll briefly explain to you these unique features that I’ve found on this camera.

Xiaomi Mijia IP Camera
Price: S$51.99

Firstly, the Xiaomi Mijia can now fully rotate 360 degrees and tilt upright, giving you a full view of your home (finally!).

Second, unlike the Youpin where you can position it almost anywhere you want, this one, however, can be installed either upright or inverted only. It has a better light intake due to the lens having a larger aperture thus increasing visibility both day and night.

This is another security camera from Xiaomi if you need a little bit more features than the Xiaomi Youpin Camera.

11. Netgear Arlo Pro 2 

This is Netgear’s second generation of their well-known home surveillance cameras. The Netgear Arlo Pro 2 is perhaps my most recommended security camera system due to its excellent features and build quality.

The difference between the Arlo Pro 2 from its predecessor is the video resolution and the field of view. It can record to 1080p as opposed to 720p and its field of view is now around 130-degrees.

The Arlo Pro 2 cameras do not have built-in storage or an SD card slot, but rather it records wirelessly to an Arlo Pro 2 base station.

Arlo Pro 2 usually comes in with a base station that connects with your Arlo Pro 2 cameras. It has some of the important features such as storage backup and smart siren. The cameras also can run with its built-in battery however, if it is attached to an external power supply, it can unlock more features.

Each battery can surprisingly last for about 3-5 months despite it being small and compact. Like any other wireless camera, the Arlo Pro 2 can be accessed through their mobile applications.

You can choose a variety of packages of the Arlo Pro 2 such as a 2-camera system, a single camera system, etc. There is also an expansion option whereas if you have the base already and you wished to purchase another camera, you can do so.

Why having a Security Camera is a good investment

Overall, these security cameras serve as your long-time companion in securing and maintaining an eye on your home.

Although most of these are different from one another, they all serve a specific purpose for everyone like you.

If you have bought any of these awesome security cameras, let me know and what’s your experiences about it.

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