Guide to Best VPN for Singapore 2021

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The online shopping model has already taken a good shape leaving the brick and mortar behind. Be it shopping for a product or making the bookings for flights, hotels, etc.; online shopping has widened its domain. This model definitely is filled with amazing upsides but still hold a few risks. It is the Virtual Private Network, VPN, that you need essentially to shop online and stay protected from the frauds. If used right, you can also make it to the best deals while shopping.

Wondering how? This article will help you with all the tips!

Top VPNs available in Singapore

Before we start – What is VPN?

Before you start using the VPN to make it to the best deals, you should be aware of the basics. When you make a purchase online, the website tracks the IP address of your device. Depending on the location, the prices vary. Many times, we end up finding products not available to our location. We are likely to miss on the offers and discounts too based on the area. To override such limitations, it is ideal to use a VPN service and have a comfortable online shopping.

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How do websites command prices?

Websites do not treat all its customers the same. The prices differ in terms of locations, customer behaviour and much more. They use dynamic pricing methods to make the most out of their sales.

However, using a VPN lets you connect to the servers of different locations across the world. Thus, you end up finding better deals, saving huge and that too with securing your online network.

How Singapore VPN helps in Saving you money?

The VPN behaves as a tunnel between the site and your device. The VPN lets the website detect your real location and securely connects you in another area. For example, if you stay in New York and you wish to opt for offers of the UK location, the VPN lets you access the UK specific website such as or

The VPN secures your connection and makes sure that the network you are connected to does not record spy or log in to your sensitive information online.  

Saving money on hotels

Booking hotels is again not a hassle with the online websites which serve hotel bookings. The same VPN trick works in this case too. These sites use your IP address and plan the pricing structure based on your actions.

Take a look here

Results on UK Site

save money using singapore vpn

Results on US Site

save money using singapore vpn

So just start off by checking the prices of the hotels where you plan to stay. Now if you change the location you are browsing from, you are likely to get different rates. Choosing a location near to the location you plan to stay is ideal to get a lower price since hotels offer more reasonable rates to locals and tourists to make sales.  

What about Singapore?

Yes it is the same, in fact you can save much more as compared to the 2 prices of US and UK sites.

What more should you know to save smartly using VPN

Studies according to Expedia and Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) mention that booking flights on Sunday will fetch you the cheapest rates of the flights. On the contrary, Fridays will always bring you the most expensive tickets.     

Another way to save when shopping is to add products to the shopping cart and then leave them for a few days; probably a day or two. Lifehacker reports mention that the companies often send customers tempting them to make the final purchase of the products.

While these hacks work in real life, VPN gives added advantage of your savings. You can start experimenting with different sites and use the tips mentioned above along.

However, these are merely studied observations and may not be true always. Thus, there is no guarantee that you make it to saving online when shopping for products or opting for services from the E-commerce platforms. So how can you still work on maximizing your chances to reap the saving benefits?

Let’s find out!

How to maximize the chances of a Singapore VPN working?

  • Choose the right VPN

There are different types of VPNs, and not all VPNs will work efficiently. The primary reason being a VPN may not have a server in a country from where you plan to purchase. Thus, you need to find out if a specific VPN works in that particular country you are surfing for. Make sure you always check this before using a VPN service. Generally, paid VPN services offer their services to more countries compared to the free options. One of the ideal choices to look up to is IP Vanish. You will always find the availability of amazing VPNs with maximum possibilities of every VPN working.

  • Use VPN software or application

We either use a smartphone or a PC to purchase things online. VPNs are available in both the cases. You can use the VPN software or app per your choice. However, the latter does not provide complete functionality as that of a software.

  • Check for VPN Privacy

Online privacy is as important as saving money when shopping. Thus, make sure you check VPNs logging privacy. There are VPNs that do not capture user data at all.


You need to be vigilant when choosing your VPN service. Analyze the VPN before you select one for your shopping. You will find VPNs at various price ranges that let you select the one suitable for your budget. A small investment will only get you huge savings. Thus, instead of a waste of money, it is all about gaining extra worth from a small investment.

How to find out if a VPN is working or not?

Identifying is a VPN is working or not is pretty simple. VPN works only if it is connected to a different location.

Check your IP address. If you see that you are connected to a different location at your IP address, this means that the VPN is working. If it doesn’t, then it’s not.

How does the VPN actually work to keep your personal information safe?

The Identity Theft Resource Centre, ITRC, mentions that the number of credit cards exposed from the year 2016 – 2017 increased by 88%. While the shopping online introduced benefits of one-click pay options then, the instances of theft and security issues arose equally. Fortunately, one can keep their online accounts safe by keeping a few points in mind.

  • Firstly, make sure you choose only HTTPS websites.
  • Set up the two-factor authentication
  • Keep your passwords different for everything.

These are some of the effective ways that keep your data protected and away from hacking.

Final Words; Choose your VPN wisely.

Here we have the top VPNs we love to use in Singapore.

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Don’t you feel in danger of using a public browser? I mean who wouldn’t, right? If you’re looking for a sign to switch with a VPN for safer online surfing, then this must be it! Rather than risking your valued information to the public, using a more secure web browser can let you heave a sigh of relief from various internet threats and dangers.

While there are a lot of choices when getting a VPN, we have scoured the town to give you a list of the best possible VPN available to meet your desires and needs. Whether you’re considering the subscription plan, internet speed, or P2P-supported servers, we got you all covered!

Take a look at these top 10 VPN to use in Singapore and take internet browsing to the next level to a worry-free surf!

Top 10 VPN to use in Singapore for Secure Internet Browsing


ExpressVPN is 10 Best VPNs For Singapore this year n 2021, 2022 2023, Can you be tracked if you use a VPN? yes one can still be tracked if ne uses a poorly configured vpn, What is a VPN and how do you use it?, a vpn uses a secured connection to link you with the internet. with information going through an encrypted virtual tunnel, ur location is invisible
Image Source: ExpressVPN

Although different VPNs promise the same security when it comes to private browsing, sticking with the trusted VPN provider will always prevail among any other private networks.

Available to over 100 locations in different countries all over the world, ExpressVPN will let you access limitless servers and allows you to use it wherever you are while keeping your personal information protected!

Aside from those, ExpressVPN pride itself in being the number 1 trusted VPN in Singapore! Giving you the privacy you deserve without any hitch, they have made sure to never keep your logs as they value your personal affairs as well.

Despite not being the cheapest VPN available in Singapore, it is best known to have a fast download speed which definitely is the best VPN for those who love watching movies! Be it Netflix, games, or even just songs, its P2P sharing enables you to access these sites without any bugs and trouble!

IPVanish VPN

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Image Source: IPVanish VPN

Besides using a VPN for personal or business purposes, you might be looking for private browsing for the whole family. If so, then IPVanish is the right VPN to subscribe to!

No need to keep yourself worried about various backlogs as IPVanish supports the use of 10 devices all at once which makes it more perfect as a family VPN! Plus, you can enjoy an advanced encryption system that most government and security agencies are currently using for only $9.99 a month!

Anxious to encounter some trouble with their VPN? Fret not! They have 24/7 live chat and phone support to answer all of your issues and resolve them promptly. What makes their VPN worthy is you can use it anywhere as it covers over one thousand servers to make sure that your data is protected.

Private Internet Access

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Image Source: privateinternetaccess

If you’re looking for complete digital privacy without limitations, considering to get a VPN from Private Internet Access will never disappoint in giving you the privacy that you need!

Alongside this, their VPN offers simultaneous access into 10 devices by availing of only one subscription! Besides, PIA is also one of the private browsing providers that offer a cheap yet provide the best anonymity and privacy at all times. Unlimited contents are also available without any restrictions to anywhere you live, making it more worthy to give a try.

Besides being trusted by well-known companies and millions of satisfied clients, PIA VPN indeed provides outstanding private browsing available to 78 countries! Check out their website to avail their current VPN promos. Make sure not to miss their current deal and save up to 73% off!

CyberGhost VPN

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Image Source: cyberghostvpn

If you’re more on considering the budget in purchasing a VPN subscription, I would highly suggest proceeding with Cyberghost! Various cheap plans await you that are within your means.

In spite of not being P2P-supported, Cyberghost recompense by providing an excellent connection with almost all of the operating systems available! Plus, being supported by various protocols allows a more secure data encryption system to keep your files protected!

Get any of your concerns addressed by their 24/7 live customer support willing to resolve your VPN issues as smoothly as possible. Never entrust your info with some free VPN as it could still obtain your information without you knowing.


PrivateVPN is the Best VPN Service for Singapore this year in 2021 2022 2023, Why do I need a VPN in Singapore?, Should you use a VPN?, Is Singapore VPN safe? using vpn in singapore is not illegal
Image Source: privatevpn

Get unlimited bandwidth at maximum speeds with PrivateVPN! Indulge yourself with limitless browsing without worrying about clicking viruses and threats that can steal your personal information.

What makes PrivateVPN unique from other private browsing providers is their support as they treat their clients as more of a family. Talk directly to one of their in-house developers and have your issue resolved quickly without needing to talk with VA!

On top of that, they are offering a full 30-day money-back guarantee if their promise high-speed standard, unlocking geo-restricted media, and security don’t seem to fit. They are still currently expanding to serve you better with their exceptional VPN subscription promos.

Vypr VPN

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Image Source: vyprvpn

Striving to provide you with the utmost private internet browsing, Vypr VPN offers the best service to keep your data protected from any malicious online threats that public surfing can bring.

Get the fastest and most secure VPN with one of the leading VPN service providers that hallmark powerful features to give you the privacy and streaming speed that you desire. Besides securing your personal data, Vypr VPN also uses an engineered technology known as Chameleon™ which bypasses network restrictions and keeps your browser open to any site while keeping your data protected!

Alongside these exceptional benefits of Vypr VPN, it also automatically connects and disconnects to ensure that your information is well secured and private.

Proton VPN

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Image Source:

Regardless of being located in Switzerland, Proton VPN is still one to beat with other leading VPN services in Singapore with its very own distinctive features that you’ll indeed revel in.

If you’re just looking for a daily VPN service for your simple everyday browsing, Proton also offers a free VPN that promises a no catch, ads, and hidden selling of your browsing history unlike any other free VPN available! If you like, you can also upgrade this with their paid VPN service which offers other outstanding features that you can’t resist!

What makes it more remarkable is that it is multi-platform support that is compatible with any devices you have. Plus, implementing a strictly no logs policy makes it more comfortable to use their VPN.


NordVPN is 10 Best Free VPN In Singapore For Boundless Online Access, freedom of information and individual rights, Virtual Private Network (VPN) for US netflix content
Image Source: Nordvpn

If you’re currently updated with the VPN trends, you may have already taken a little glimpse of the world’s largest VPN server available during our times! NordVPN did redeem its name with its double-data encryption system that allows people to get extra data protection and privacy.

Although the connection per subscription is only limited to 6 devices, Nord makes up for it by offering a fast connection and unlimited bandwidths to enjoy! Besides, major streaming websites are also accessible by using Nord where buffering is not experienced!

Several plans are available according to your needs so better check out their website to take a full idea of what you should buy. Regardless of which deal you choose, I believe that your money will not go to waste.


Norton is the Best Singapore VPN App for Fast Network, VPN Singapore Free Unlimited download, Free VPNs For 2021,Totally Free No Payment, where to find free and fast vpn, How Do I Watch Singapore Netflix From Another Country
Image Source: Norton

Other than just a simple VPN, Norton offers full device protection from antivirus, password manager, and a whole lot more! If you’re looking for a comprehensive data protection service, Norton offers a single solution for all of that.

Who wouldn’t want bank-grade data encryption right? It may be more expensive than other VPN available but still, it features a lot of qualities that you may be looking for in a VPN. Norton uses an internet shield to prevent any danger that can harm your personal information!

Not only that but Norton also offers a 75GB Cloud Backup that allows you to store your information and serves as a preventive measure against data losses from drive failures and ransomware. Never worry about slow browsers as Norton got your back in giving a smooth and safe online internet surfing.

Surf Shark

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Image Source: surfshark

As public internet browsing can let others determine your IP address that can often lead to deprived circumstances, enabling Surfshark VPN can help you prevent such situations with its favorable benefits in protecting your data!

Being the Top-rated VPN, it comes as no surprise to fully secure your digital life as it covers a lot of features compared to other VPN available!

If you’re still hesitating about their VPN service, a 30-day trial period is being offered to make sure that you can try their VPN first satisfactorily before availing of their monthly subscription. Just a little reminder that choosing long-term plans can save you some bucks as they have a promotion that is still running.

Which is the Best Secured VPN to Use in Singapore

When getting the best VPN, it’s not puzzling to see several virtual private networks that offer the same security when it comes to internet browsing that you are seeking. For that very reason, taking precaution in choosing the VPN to use is very essential!

I hope going through this list of the best VPNs to use in Singapore has made up your mind in picking the right VPN that you can fully use. Go ahead and purchase the ones that can help you be safe and sound while browsing the internet.

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