Best Unlimited Data Plan in Singapore 2021

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People have really come a long way in terms of communicating and connecting with each other. From sending out pigeons and waiting for responses for days up until mobile phones connected everyone anytime and anywhere. Today’s smartphones enables us to stay in touch in other ways other than calling and texting.

Social media apps has become a huge part in our daily interactions, and in order to enjoy these electronic interactions one must have a reliable internet data plan. In this article, we have listed some of the best unlimited data plans offered in Singapore.

Top 8 Unlimited Data Plans in Singapore

In a world where most phones are practically useless when not connected to the internet, mobile technology companies are now offering data plans at competitive prices. Let us face it, most of the phones in the market today rely so much on being connected to the internet.

These plans lets the users enjoy using data whether it is for working, updating and scrolling through social media profiles, playing mobile games and streaming their favorite music, TV series and movies online. Unlimited Data Plans are also useful for homes and establishment that are not equipped with wireless home connection yet.

Let us go through each of them one by one.

1. Circles.Life

One of the fastest growing telecommunications company in Singapore, Circles.Life has been providing 4G+ coverage in the island since 2016. They are offering unlimited data for $20 per month as add-on to their plans. You can choose to avail $18/month base plan that already include 20GB of data, 100 mins of talk time and 25 SMS.

The unlimited data can also be added to their $38 per month base plan that has a 4G rollover and has no daily speed restriction. You can avail their services using s sim-only plan and a combo plan which lets you enjoy the latest gadgets together with their affordable data plans.

You can no enjoy data heavy apps such as Netflix and YouTube without worrying about low quality playback and lag times.

Circles.Life is the best unlimited data plan in Singapore, best 4g data plan for students

2. Zero1

Be connected anytime, anywhere with Zero1’s unlimited data plans. This telecommunication company understands how important it is to stay connected and not run out of data. It lets you connect and surf the internet without excess data charges and no contract requirement.

Zero1 offers their unlimited data plans for $24.90 per month, which gives you 1GB 4G speed per day of unlimited data. It is also offered for $9.90, which gives access to 1GB of 4G per month of unlimited data.

It has added perks such as 200 minutes of talk time for outgoing calls and 200 free local outgoing SMS and free caller ID.

Zero1 is cheapest unlimited data plans in Singapore,

3. M1 Data Plan

If you are someone who travels a lot as a hobby or for work this data plan from M1 might be the perfect one for you to stay in touch with your loved ones or to keep your social media feeds updated. M1 has an unlimited data roaming plans that suits your needs.

They charge $10 daily for UAE destinations, $15 for nearby countries such as Malaysia, Hongkong, Macau, Cambodia, China, Thailand, Taiwan Saudi Arabia and USA. Meanwhile they charge $25 for Philippines, Japan and South Korea destinations. It has no subscription required and is eligible for all their mobile broadband plans.

M1 also offers an Unlimited Weekend Data Plan as add-on for $6 per month for those with a base plan of $25 and above. It gives you unlimited mobile data on Saturdays and Sundays. This mobile data plan is suitable for those who travel a lot and needs to be updated at the same time.

 best unlimited data plan for one person

4. Singtel

As one of the major mobile network companies in Singapore, Singtel gives a wide range of internet data add ons. You can get the unlimited data plan for $29.90 per month over a pre-existing base plan.

You can choose from Combo 3, Combo 6 and Combo 12. These combo plans already has 3GB, 6GB and 12GB respectively and unlimited calls and SMS.

The unlimited data plan or Data X Infinity has a 24-month subscription contract. SIngtel also offers other range of services such as data plans for streaming online music, movies and TV shows.

You can also opt get the latest gadgets through their flexible postpaid plans. The Data X Infinity is subjected under the fair usage policy of data plans.

best unlimited data plan

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5. StarHub

Starhub offers their unlimited data plans differently than other mobile network company. The unlimited plan can be enjoyed during weekends only. This is perfect for your weekend bonding movement with your friends and family. You can have it added to your base plan for only $6 per month.

Aside from unlimited weekend data, StarHub also gives an option to use certain apps non-stop such as LINE. WeChat and WhatsApp for $6 per month. Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat gives you unlimited pass for $10 per month.

If you want to catch up on your favorite series and movies you can subscribe for a $10 per month access to Netflix, HBOGo, and MeWatch. They also give 50GB data for $20 per month. This add-on lets you stay connected non-stop at a flat rate.

An unlimited data roaming plan can also be considered for frequent travelling individuals. It is charged at $19 per day depending on the place of destination. StarHub is supported in almost 230 countries worldwide.

unlimited data plans starhub

6. Zero Mobile Unlimited Data Plan

Never worry about losing data connection with Zero X and Zero Xs Unlimited Data Plans from Zero Mobile. This digital mobile service operator gives their users more freedom in using their app driven smartphones. The Zero X plan gives an unlimited 4G data, calls and texts for $59.95 monthly.

If you rely so much on mobile data and not so much on calls and texts, you may opt to get the Zero Xs plan, which offers unlimited data and only 100 minutes of calls and 100 text messages for only $49.95 a month. Both mobile data plans has free number porting, free caller ID and does not have a lock in contract.

As of the moment, Zero Mobile is offering $120 discount for those who want to switch our port their numbers to the network. They are also waiving $20 for the SIM Card fee and sign-up fee.

best unlimited data plan for one person

7. MyRepublic

In a time where everything and everyone is connected via the internet, it is important to have a data plan that you can rely on. MyRepublic is giving it users an option to be connected through the internet, calls and text messages. Their unlimited data plan is priced at $48 per month. They also give an option to avail this plan together with some of the latest handsets today.

In compliance with the Fair Usage Policy, their unlimited data is managed after a certain speed and data usage is spent for the day. At the moment they have it at 4GB per day, after this data is consumed the user can still connect, surf the web and stream online using a slower connection speed. This helps the consumer decide how much data can they consume without worrying on extra charges.

best unlimited data plan

8. RedOne

If you are someone who is not a heavy social media user but needs to be updated with your emails, news and other basic internet functions RedOne offers three amazing plans that has unlimited basic internet capabilities. You can choose between a monthly $8 plan that has a 3GB data included, a monthly $18 plan with 6GB data, or $28 per month with 10 GB data. All these are in 4G LTE connections.

Aside from the mobile data these plans have a 1000 minute calls to redOne Singapore users. If you are not satisfied with the unlimited basic internet connection, you can always add-on 1GB of data for $5 per month, 5GB for $15 a month and 10 GB for $25. One-time add-ons are priced at $6, $20 and $30 respectively. This data plan offers the most basic data subscription for your phone.

unlimited data plans

Nowadays a good and working phone should function using different mobile apps that shape our lives. Many telecommunications and mobile companies are offering unlimited data plans at reasonable charges. In order to maintain smooth sailing connections, most of these companies follow the fair usage policy on consuming mobile data. Others are offering unlimited data use based on your social media consumption or during a specific time only such as weekend data plans.

Are Unlimited Data Really Unlimited?

Is 30GB Enough for 1 Month in Singapore?
My plan has unlimited data, is it really unlimited?

The short answer is: sometimes, so make sure you always read the fine print. Most of the time, when telco companies offer ‘unlimited data’, what they really mean is that you’ll get a sizable data allocation for the month in which you can enjoy high-speed data. Once you go over your limit, you won’t have to pay overage, but your speed will be capped unless you buy more data.

That said, there are also unlimited data plans that are actually unlimited (or give you a much larger maximum data allocation that can’t be reasonably reached by the average person) so make sure you specify or ask for details before you sign up for an unlimited data plan.

Is 30GB Enough for 1 Month in Singapore?

On average, 30GB of data can get you access to up to 18,000 web pages, over 10 million emails, 60,000 content-rich messages, 6,000 songs, 15 hours of HD streaming, 120 hours of video calls, and more, according to Ken’s Tech Tips. Check out the table below for more details:

Internet ActivityWhat You’ll Get With 30GB of Data
Web SurfingApproximately 360 hours (18,000 pages)
Plain Text Messaging/EmailOver 10,000,000+ messages
Content-Rich Messaging/EmailApprox. 60,000 messages
Music StreamingApprox. 6,000 songs
SD (720p) Video Streaming60 hours of playtime
HD (1080p) Video Streaming15 hours of playtime
Online RadioApprox. 480 hours
App Downloads and UpdatesApprox. 750 Apps
Voice Calls900 Hours
Video Calls120 Hours
How much data does each activity use?

Depending on how much you use your data, 30GB should be plenty for most productivity tools, social media applications, email, and more. However, if you plan on streaming videos the entire period while you are on the train or bus, then 30GB might not cut it for a whole month of consumption.

A side note, a standard 480p Youtube video uses around 264MB every hour, while a higher quality HD video uses up to 1.65GB in an hour.

How Much Data Does the Average Person Use per Month in 2020?

According to the OFCOM Communication Market Report, the average person used 3.6GB of mobile data per month in 2020. For mobile users, data consumption typically stays low since mobile data communications that are utilised in messaging, social media, is more or less streamlined. However, for non-mobile data internet consumption, numbers in the U.S. show that the average person went through around 250GB of data per month when they have a wired broadband subscription in their home or office. If you’re looking for a mobile data connection for your home use, make sure you take note of the data allocation?

Where to Find the Best Unlimited Data Plan in Singapore

Internet accessibility makes most of our day-to-day transactions. Paying the bills, shopping for clothes and groceries, home-based jobs and even catching up with friends are now possible using a phone connected on the internet. Mobile data helps you stay connected when Wi-Fi is not available.

Getting a subscription for unlimited plan becomes your safeguard in not going over your monthly data cap especially since some apps remain consuming data in the background. These unlimited data plans offered by telecommunication and mobile companies are geared towards accessing your phone apps whenever and wherever.

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