Best Things to Buy on Shopee Singapore 2021

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Save time and money whenever you choose to shop on Shopee. This awesome platform offers a wide variety of items from clothes, food, gadget accessories, bikes, furniture to household items. It is basically a mall accessible through our mobile devices. We have come up with this short list of items that you should buy on Shopee Singapore.

Online shopping has been very useful especially during this time that we are facing this COVID-19 situation. With most malls inaccessible under the circuit breaker last year, the Ministry of Trade (MTI) considered online retail as essential services. Logistics partners were also continuing their operation, so there was no need to worry then whether you will receive your order or not. Now, let us go through our favourite things to buy on Shopee one by one.

Top 12 Things to Buy on Shopee

1. Foldable Laptop Table

When offices suddenly shifted on a work from home setup, some people might not be able to prepare a good office space at home. This foldable laptop table is perfect if you want to work at the comfort of your own bed or while lounging on your sofa.

It is available in lightwood, black and pink variants. You can also choose if you want a basic table or you can opt to get a version with a phone/tablet and cup holder. The non-slip leg helps the table stand even on smooth surface.

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2. Type C Charging Cable

Aside from laptops, our phones are what keeps most of us connected and entertained while staying at home. It is important to have your phone batteries full and of course have a working charger cable to do it.

This fast charging USB cable features an intelligent over charging protection to prevent your phones in overcharging and overheating. It is compatible with iPhone and Android type C devices. The charging cable is made from woven nylon material which makes it much durable than regular cable chargers.

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3. iPhone Liquid Silicone Case

Make your phone look fab and stylish with these shock absorbent, shatterproof and anti scratch silicone cases. It is available in different colors that would definitley suit your personality. These phone cases are made from lightweight materials and does not add too much weight when installed on your phones.

These cute cases have efficient cushioning ang comprehensive anti-fall protection that keeps your phone from being damaged when accidentally dropped. It is flexible, durable and easy to remove. This dirt resistant iPhone cases is compatible in iPhone 5 to iPhone 12 models.

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4. Wireless Earphones

Working out and doing household chores while listening to your favorite music playlist was made easier with wireless earphones. These earphone has a built in microphone which allows you to make phone calls. Listening to music and talking to friends and family can last up to 55 hours.

Another good thing about these wireless earphones is that they are sweatproof and waterproof making it suitable during workouts. The noise cancelling feature also lets you focus on your music or on your conference call, this feature useful if you are easily distracted by the sound in your surroundings.

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5. Yoga Mats

Temporary closure of gyms and limited outdoor activities should not stop you from getting into shape. Yoga mats are going to be one of your workout buddy while at home. It is made from waterproof non-toxic materials which makes it non absorbent to sweat and more hygienic to use.

No need to worry on your mats moving during workouts, its 3D patterned designed helps the mat be more stable and adhesive while in use. You can choose getting the mat in one solid color or getting a two toned one. These yoga mats will be one of your essentials while you follow home workouts on the TV.

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6. Storage Organizer

This would be the perfect time to get into that spring cleaning you’ve been putting off for months now. Storage organizers like these helps keeping your place neat and tidy. It is multifunctional which lets you store multiple items like shoes, clothes and toys.

These storage organizers are durable and is made from strong quality PP material. It is also available in different sizes suitable for items you need to store. Getting your things organized will be much easier whether it is in your bedroom, bathroom, living room and even your office area.

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7. Tote Canvas Fabric Bag

Getting a reliable and sturdy tote bag will be handy each time you go out and buy your household supplies. Since the circuit breaker was implemented going out is limited to only buying food and daily essentials. These eco friendly bags will be a great help if you need to buy a number of things especially since going out alone is encouraged.

You can also use the bag to express your creativity as you can have it painted and personalized according to your own style. This would be a good statement bag that can go well with your outfits. It is also designed in neutral colors in which you can choose between black, beige, green and brown bag variant.

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8. Under Armour Polo Shirt

If you are having trouble on deciding what to wear on your next conference call, you may want to check out these short sleeve business shirts on Shopee. Its soft and quality material lets suits your comfortable yet formal setting during zoom meetings.

These shirts are available in black, blue, red, dark and light gray colors meanwhile, shirt sizes are offered from medium to 3 XL size variant. Sportswear in Singapore are trendy must-have nowadays.

Look your best even at home with these polo shirts.

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9. Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

As most of your time will be spend at home, keeping an essential oil diffuser and humidifier will make your house smell good and much more relaxed to stay in. A humidifier also lets you avoid getting sore throat, dry skin and cough from having dry air.

This Muji inspired diffuser and humidifier has 8 warm lights and 7 colorful LED lights that you can use as a night light during bedtime. It can carry up to 600mL of water and can run on 14 hours of mist diffusion. When you purchase this product you will get a free 30 mL of essential oil to help keep your rooms more relaxing.

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10. Etude House Therapy Face Masks

One of the good things that this circuit breaker may cause is giving your skin the proper care it deserves. Staying at home lets your skin breathe away from the city’s stress and pollution. That is why this is the perfect time to amplify your skin care routine.

After fully cleaning, toning and moisturizing the face putting on a face mask while you lounge around the house binge watching the latest tv series can help restore health and glow to your skin. These masks have a lot of variants to choose from such as green tea, pomegranate, argan oil, cherry blossoms and more.

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11. The Singaporean Dream Card Game

If you seem like you have ran out of things to do at home with your friends or family during the circuit breaker, you can always try this super fun game called The Singaporean Dream Card Game. This card game encourage you and your housemate spend some more personal quality time.

When you get tired of scrolling through your social media accounts and have felt like you’ve watched every show and movie on your streaming platform, a good card game will surely lift your mind of from boredom and stress of working and or studying at home.

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12. Non-stick Silicone Cookware

With most of your favorite restaurant closed during the current situation, maybe its time to practice your skills in the kitchen. Having a complete and reliable set of cookware will help you prepare food for you and your family.

This cookware can be bought as a set or individually depending on what you need on your kitchen. It is made from high quality BPA free silicone materials that are easy to clean and store. Its stylish mint green color also makes a good accessory in documenting your cooking journey on instagram.

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What should I buy at Shopee Singapore?

Online shopping platforms such as Shopee has been a great avenue for us to have sense of normalcy in the current pandemic situation. Who would have thought that you could now get the items you need without actually leaving your home. Shopee has millions of variety of things that you would not even thought you need.

They offer a shopping experience where buyers and sellers could build a community and transact seamlessly. With the circuit breaker ongoing, many sellers are now offering a pre-order option so that customers can manage their expectations on when to receive their items.

With technology catching up on every aspect of our lives, online shopping is truly an efficient way for us to do order and receive our essential needs at the comfort of our own homes. These items included in the list are some of the best items you will find on Shopee Singapore.

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