Best things to buy in Charles and Keith Singapore 2022

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Known for being a brand that showcases stylish and trendy fashion items, Charles and Keith has a variety of curated shoes, bags, wallets, and accessories that caters to the modern woman.

Founded by brothers Charles and Keith Wong in 1996, these two expanded their family shoe business into a worldwide luxury brand. They now have different stores in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and USA.

They are one of the earliest brands that saw a great opportunity in e-commerce and at the same time offering unique designer items at a more affordable price.

Here are some of the best fashion pieces we found on their website that would surely elevate your OOTDs.

13 of the Best Buys in Charles & Keith Singapore

1. Charles and Keith Heels

The one we like: Pleated Ankle Tie Stiletto Pumps

Find yourself slaying these pumps with pleated design and lace up straps. This pair can be an paired with your favorite ankle cut jeans or your best Sunday dress.

The ankle straps acts as an added accessory for your whole outfit.

Its added height will also bring you added comfort. With these lovely pumps will give you that feminine element in every outfit you choose.

Once you own this pair of comfortable stiletto pumps, it will guarantee you confidence in every step.

charles and keith bags sale
Price: S$49.90

Pleated Ankle Tie Stiletto Pumps – Charles & Keith Singapore

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2. Charles and Keith Crossbody Bag

The one we like: Girl’s Bandana Print Bow Crossbody Bag

This stylish and functional cross body bag gives your little one’s outfit a fun and bold element which is perfect for sunny stroll outside.

This Charles and keith bag is made from strong, recycled and natural material making it a part of Charles & Keith’s sustainable collection.

You can choose to get this wonderful bag in butterscotch yellow, pink and red colors. Crossbody bags can be considered a practical handbag choice.

It distributes the weight of the bag on both sides of the body and allows you to use both your hands freely.

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Price: S$39.90

Girl’s Bandana Print Bow Crossbody Bag – Charles & Keith Singapore

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3. Charles and Keith Sunglasses

The one we like: Wire frame Aviators

charles and keith shoes sale
Price: S$59.90

Wire frame Aviators – Charles & Keith Singapore

One way to accessorize your look while at the same time protecting yourself from the harmful rays of the sun is to invest in a good set of aviators.

These metal frame sunglasses are designed with colorful tinted lenses and nose pads for comfortability.

These glasses were first introduced to provide eye protection for pilots flying combat planes during World War I, and since then became one of the most important pieces in eye fashion accessory.

4. Pearl Finish Stone Floating Locket Matinee Necklace

charles and keith promotion
Price: S$19.90

Pearl Finish Stone Floating Locket Matinee Necklace – Charles & Keith Singapore

Whether it’s a formal or casual event, you can never go wrong with pearls as an accessory. This fine jewelry can be worn daily at home or at the office. It has a floating locket with pearl finish stones and brass chain. The iridescent pearls gives your outfit a classic sophisticated look.

Pearls as the oldest gemstone gives a simple and classic element that makes your entire look pristine and elegant. Get this timeless piece at a 26% discount when you add it to bag right away.

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5. Criss-cross Slip-on Sneakers

Charles and keith shoes singapore
Price: S$37.70

Criss-cross Slip-on Sneakers – Charles & Keith Singapore

Avoid the fuss of laces, Velcro or zippers when in a hurry with these criss-cross slip-on sneakers. It molds around your feet and the woven fabric makes it much more comfortable to move and run around. It also has breathable lining.

These sneakers are perfect for that casual laid-back look. Your fitted jeans and graphic shirt would go well with this sneakers. This pair is also made from lightweight materials and does not take a lot of room when in storage. It is available in grey and black colors.

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6. Metallic Accent Mini-Short Wallet

charles and keith bags sale
Price: S$39.90

Metallic Accent Mini-Short Wallet – Charles & Keith Singapore

As part of our bag essentials, every woman must have a classic wallet. This metallic accent mini short wallet may be compact in size but it can store bills, coins, credit cards and membership cards. Its size also make it much easier to bring wherever you go.

Using a small wallet makes it much easier to prioritize which cards and how much money you’ll bring all the time. It also lessens the chance of it being stolen because it is not as eye candy to thieves. This wallet is made from faux leather and has a magnetic closure.

7. “FUTURE IS WOMEN” Acrylic Necklace

“FUTURE IS WOMEN” Acrylic Necklace – Charles & Keith Singapore

Embrace the strong independent woman in you and own it with this statement acrylic necklace.

You can opt to wear this with the most plain tee or outfit that you have to make the jewelry speaks for you. This necklace literally puts “statement” in statement necklaces.

Spice up your outfit once in a while with unique and inspiring pieces and feel the positivity as you go through your day with distinct pieces such as this from Charles & Keith.

The website offers variety of necklaces that would enhance your over all look.

8. Metal Accent Slip-on Loafers

charles and keith shoes sale
Price: S$49.90

Metal Accent Slip-on Loafers – Charles & Keith Singapore

Slip on and no heels? Get the most comfortable footwear you will have with this loafers. It completes a laidback chill style while being classy and stylish at the same time.

These go well with jeans such as skinny jeans, cropped jeans, dresses and skirts.

Did you know that loafers were inspired from a traditional footwear worn by native people in Northern America? The design and comfort that it gives to them inspired the Americans and English to recreate this shoe that is suitable for everyday footwear.

9. Croc-Effect Structured Bag

charles and keith promotion
Price: S$89.90

Croc-Effect Structured Bag – Charles & Keith Singapore

This might look like the go-to office lady work bag that gives of an authoritative and sophisticated aura but a structured bag that has a cross-effect instantly elevates an outfit.

A simple shirt and jean shorts paired with a structured handbag gives you a more poised and elegant style.

A good structured bag creates a polished and more serious silhouette especially when worn with blazers, blouse and office trousers.

You can also create a minimalist and structured look by wearing skirts and dresses with this bag.

10. Metal Frame Cat-Eye Sunglasses

charles and keith shoes singapore
Price: S$49.90

Metal Frame Cat-Eye Sunglasses – Charles & Keith Singapore

In for a retro-vintage style? Cap of your look with these cat-eye sunglasses that gives your face a more feminine silhouette. Go for that sassy and sleek look while having your eye protected from the sun.

Enjoy feeling like Audrey Hepburn and wear your best pinup outfits to complete the 60s vibe. These frames are ideal for most face shapes and will always keep you stylish.

Cat eye sunglasses are one of those pieces that made a comeback.

With fashion industry bringing around trends from the previous decades, owning a few classics such as these sunglasses is definitely a good fashion investment. These cute eyewear are is available in peach, green and orange colors.

11. Printed Long Wallet

charles and keith bags sale
Price: S$39.90

Printed Long Wallet – Charles & Keith Singapore

Long Wallets are sometimes just the only thing you need when you go out. Its extra compartments allows you to put in your phone and some keys in it.

It basically doubles as a purse or a clutch that matches your get up. Other essentials such as your favorite lipstick when a touch up is needed while you are enjoying a night out with friends.

They say, “the bigger the wallet, the bigger the fashion statement” this printed wallet is definitely saying something about bringing out your fun and wilder side.

Unlike what it is for men, women’s wallet have to be both functional and fashionable. You could also check out the other long wallets in croc-effect style in black , blush and cream colors.

12. Chrysocolla & Pyrite Gemstone Teardrop Cuff Bracelet

charles and keith Singapore, Is Charles and Keith a Singapore brand? Shop Women's Bags Online - CHARLES & KEITH Singapore
Price: S$29.90

Chrysocolla & Pyrite Gemstone Teardrop Cuff Bracelet – Charles & Keith Singapore

Surround yourself with positive vibes and maintain a stylish image with this cuff bracelet adorned with chrysocolla semi-precious stones that helps reenergize, cleanse and calms the aura. It also helps improve communication and encourage self-awareness. Pyrite gemstone on the other hand promotes good health and wellbeing.

Aside from having a better outer appearance, gemstones and semi-precious stones incorporated in different accessories and jewelry helps you achieve a more positive outlook and lessen negativities in life.

13. Rope Cylindrical Heeled Sandals

charles and keith shoes sale, Is Charles and Keith good quality?
Price: S$53.90

Rope Cylindrical Heeled Sandals – Charles & Keith Singapore

These rope cylindrical heeled sandals makes wearing heeled shoes more bearable. Cylindrical or blocked heels provide more support.

The adjustable strap keeps this faux leather heels stay and won’t slip off. Make your outfit more feminine with these roped sandals that could go well with cropped jeans or your flowy boho dress.

This pair of heels will be the perfect footwear for your summer time cocktails and brunches. Feel fun, flirty with these sandals that are comfortable to wear for hours.

Head on to the website now and choose between the black, white and nude color styles of this sandals.

Where to Buy Charles and Keith in Singapore?

Is Charles and Keith Singapore brand?

Singapore-based company Charles & Keith is well-known for its women’s accessories and footwear.

Charles & Keith began in 1996 as a shoe business in Amara Shopping Center, founded by brothers Charles and Keith Wong.

The business has expanded into a global network with about 700 stores worldwide by the end of 2021.

Is Charles and Keith cheaper in Singapore than Overseas?

The prices of Charles and Keith bags and shoes are unquestionably lower than that of most of their overseas stores.

The prices are even lower than the rest of the city stores if you purchase from their airport outlet! Good selection at quite low costs!

Which is the Biggest Charles and Keith store in Singapore?

With 27 outlets in Singapore, the Biggest Charles and Keith store in Singapore would be the City Link Store with a new spacious area of 2556 sq ft.
Address: CityLink Mall, 1 Raffles Link, #B1-32/34, 039393

Charles & Keith Singapore

Scrolling through Charles & Keith you will see perfectly curated fashion pieces that are classic and very fashion forward.

Some items were very avant-garde but at the same time aesthetically pleasing and would look like something that you normally see in fashion week.

These high-end designs are offered in affordable prices, which makes this brand much more accessible, and of course, successful.

It is no wonder why Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams and model Lottie Moss were seen sporting this luxury brand.

American super models/fashion influencers Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber were also spotted rocking the croc-effect mini bag.

With the brand’s commitment to reinvent fashion, Charles & Keith will continue to be one of the prominent local brands in the fashion industry around the world.

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