Best Stand Desks in Singapore 2022

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With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging on around the world, and nationwide quarantines still heavily in effect, more and more of our professional workforce are staying in – using their homes as makeshift offices, their living rooms as temporary office spaces. If you’re among those who are getting started with the ‘new normal’ of working from home, then you’re likely looking at ways to transform your home into a productive working environment. Maybe you’ve invested in some powerful new hardware, and maybe you’ve purchased items to add a layer of comfort and ergonomics to your home, and if so, what’s the next step?

If you’re looking to transform your space into a workable office with all the comforts of home, you’ll need to invest in some desk space. A good desk can make or break a workstation – it’s where you keep the tools of your trade – your computer, your documents, your stress balls, etc. – and deciding on which one to get can be painstaking. There are a ton of options available right now for anyone looking to buy a desk for their home office, but one alternative does stand out from the rest: stand desks.

Unlike traditional desks, stand desks are workstations that make it necessary to stand upright to use them effectively – in stark contrast to how most desks would have you sit in front of them for hours at a time. Of course, standing all the time might not appeal to everyone, so what’s it all for?

Why Get Stand Desks?

There are plenty of reasons why stand desks are getting more and more popular today, but most of those reasons revolve around two things: health and productivity. Here are just a few examples of how stand desks can benefit your health and make you more productive overall.

Reduces Health Risks

It’s a well-known fact that a sedentary lifestyle – one where you spend most hours of the day sitting in front of a desk – can lead to a lot of health problems later on. When you use a standing desk, you significantly lower the amount of time you spend sitting down, and in turn, reduce your risk of acquiring myriad health conditions down the line, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, colon cancer, and more.

Improves Circulation

When you sit down, blood doesn’t flow around your body as smoothly or as efficiently, which in turn screws up a lot of other bodily processes related to your health. With a standing desk, blood flow isn’t cut off, promoting a healthier lifestyle with myriad long-term health benefits.

Boosts Mood and Energy

Studies have found that using a standing desk – or even just standing upright while working, which a standing desk calls for – can significantly increase vigor and performance while boosting your overall mood and energy levels. Standing desk users report less stress and fatigue after a day’s work compared to those who spent most of their day sitting.

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Top 5 Best Stand Desks in Singapore

If you’re looking for a standing desk either as an addition or as the centerpiece to your office space – whether it’s at home, at work, or at your place of business – then you’ll find no shortage of options available on the market today. That’s why we’ve curated this list of the best stand desks you can buy right here in Singapore – from portable countertop fixtures to standalone desks – so you can find the best standing desk for your needs and your budget. Check out the list below to find out more.

5 Stand Desks in SingaporeBest Deal
INXUS INX119 Height Adjustable Table$499.00
ECOLUS Standing Desk$159.00
Flight LITE Height Adjustable Stand Desk$579.00
LEVIT8 Folding Portable Stand Desk$25.00 – $31.00
VIVO Height Adjustable Workstation$162.48
Which stand desk is the best to buy in Singapore?

1. INXUS INX119 Height Adjustable Table – Stand Desks

INXUS INX119 Height Adjustable Table

When it comes to office furniture, INXUS is never far from the top of the list. Delivering the best build quality, solid smart technology, high-quality materials all mid-range prices, you can’t go wrong with INXUS. Their height-adjustable table, and our top pick for anyone looking for a solid stand desk for their home or office, is the INX119 Height Adjustable Table.

Using top-of-the-line technology, the INX119 delivers solid performance whether you’re looking for a stand desk or even just a regular desk. The motorized height adjustments are easily controlled through the avant-garde LED display that includes height level, height adjustment controls, and four programmable height presets so you can adjust and shift table height at the touch of a button. In terms of safety, the INX119 also comes with a smart anti-collision system so that the height adjustments will never accidentally collide with anything.

The 18mm thick Wooden Top panel is furnished with Formica laminate for a premium feel and smooth surface, and is capable of bearing loads of up to 50kg.

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2. ECOLUS Standing Desk

ECOLUS Standing Desk

Although it’s not as well-known as some of the other brands mentioned on this list, ECOLUS office fixtures offer plenty of value thanks to their solid build quality, simple design, and quality materials. If you’re looking for a tabletop standing desk that you can place on any office surface for a makeshift standing desk, the ECOLUS Standing Desk is a simple, straightforward option available at affordable prices.

The ECOLUS Standing Desk is a portable and lightweight product designed for ultra-slim functionality and ease of use. It’s fully and freely height adjustable so you can set and lock the height at any level. The handle makes it extremely easy to carry around as well as set up, and the 10KG load capacity makes it ideal for laptop use and other minimalist desk settings.

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3. Flight LITE Height Adjustable Stand Desk

Flight LITE Height Adjustable Stand Desk

It might not have been the brand “that started it all”, but when it comes to the standing desk hype and excitement, no brand was able to deliver as much value as Flight. With the Flight LITE Height Adjustable Stand Desk, you get a standing desk that’s been built on top of layers of research and development to find the ideal ergonomics for a healthier, more productive you.

Although it’s pricier than most other standing desks, the Flight LITE Height Adjustable Stand Desk offers some of the best quality and ergonomics around. The motorized height adjustable frame is capable of 460mm of adjustment at 25mm per second, as controlled by the intuitive and advanced memory display. With a maximum load bearing capacity of 100 Kgs, the Flight LITE Stand Desk is a versatile choice whether you’re looking for a full-time office desk or just a height-adjustable alternative to shake things up. It’s also one of the best motorized options out there with minimal noise emissions (less than 50 dB), and comes with a ton of great features like Anti-Impact, extra-thick top panel (25mm), chamfered edges, and other great German engineering implementations.

Overall, the Flight LITE is one of the best height-adjustable stand desks money can buy, if you can spare the expense.

4. LEVIT8 Folding Portable Stand Desk

LEVIT8 Folding Portable Stand Desk

If Flight is the top-dog when it comes to height-adjustable standing desks, then its portable counterpart would have to be LEVIT8. Polished and refined to such a fine degree, the LEVIT8 Folding Portable Stand Desk is a simple idea taken to new height through sheer build quality, intuitive mechanisms, lightweight materials, and a very attractive price tag.

Originally crowdfunded on Kickstarter, the LEVIT8 Folding Portable Stand Desk uses intuitive origami-like design that makes effective use of folding panels to create a portable product that can turn any desk or office surface into a bonafide sit-stand desk, without the hassle of assembly or installation.

On Kickstarter, the LEVIT8 Folding Portable Stand Desk was fully funded in just two days, and received worldwide accolade from top technology authorities for its superb quality and ingeniously simple but effective design.

5. VIVO Height Adjustable Workstation

VIVO Height Adjustable Workstation

Portable and lightweight is fun and all, but when you want a heavy-duty height-adjustable workstation that can bear a solid load, give you the space you need for the tools of your trade, and with all the ergonomics you could ask for, we highly recommend the VIVO Height Adjustable Workstation.

Height-adjustable to up to 20” (from 4.5”), the VIVO Height Adjustable Workstation is versatile as it is reliable. Capable of supporting up to 33lbs of weight, this desk riser/standing desk sits comfortably on top of your office surfaces while still providing enough room for your laptop, peripherals, and even a second display. Made of high-grade steel and designed for minimal assembly and installation, the VIVO Height Adjustable Workstation is a solid fit for any home or office space that you want to benefit from the perks of active standing.

In place of a motor to control height adjustment, this stand desk instead makes use of an intuitive vertical lift function. Plus, the lack of motorized parts makes it a solid option for those on a tight budget.

Where to Buy a Standing Desk in Singapore

Whether you opt for international pioneering brands like Flight or LEVIT8, or choose a trusty local option from brands like MYSEAT Singapore and the like, we hope that list of the best stand desks you can buy in Singapore helped you find the right standing desk for you, your needs, and your budget.

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