Best SportsWear Brand in Singapore 2022

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Sportswear is quite usual – be it going to a gym, taking jog rounds, or even just casual wear to use in our daily lives, we can’t deny the comfort that we can feel in wearing those homey apparel!

If you’re struggling in finding the right clothing to use, fret not! This buying guide will help you find the best brands which can provide you top-quality sportswear for your comfy workout garb.

Sometimes, it all takes perfect sportswear to keep you motivated in your workouts. If you want to look good while doing your daily drill, you should consider upgrading your sports gear! Take a look at these Top 10 Sportswear Brands in Singapore and choose the shop where you can get your most suitable activewear.

Top 10 SportsWear Brand to Buy Stylish Apparel


Top 10 SportsWear Brand to Buy Stylish Apparel is Decathlon
Image Credit: Decathlon

Be it running, swimming, or even hiking and camping, you can get your essential things at Decathlon! Featuring astonishingly over 5000 products of different sports range, sure you’ll have your best times shopping for your sporty needs!

Not to mention that they offer free delivery for orders above $60, online shopping is surely never more fun than before! Plus, having their own application can make your ultimate shopping experience hassle-free!

They also have multiple store locations of 2 different kinds! You can visit their experience store or “click and collect store” with exclusive benefits each! Sounds exciting, right?

Customer Feedback…

“All in one. Great shopping experience with everything sports related under the sky. Ample parking space. Bring your own bag.” – Angie Ho

Store Locations

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Fitta Activewear

Fitta Activewear is a sportswear in Singapore to look good while you sweat it out at the gyms or at home
Image Source: Fitta Activewear

Enabling women to indulge in a more active lifestyle, Fitta Activewear offers their wide assortment of sportswear from sports bra to fitness bottoms! Their designs are carefully designed and developed to provide an outstanding feeling while wearing.

Its materials are resilient and lightweight for more comfortable wear! Be it classic or unique, its sportswear designs are surely exquisite at a very affordable price! By the way, they are also offering free shipping without any minimum purchase!

If shopping outside still worries you, you can have their pair of pants delivered to your door! Not residing in Singapore? No need to fuss, they also offer delivery worldwide, free of charge if purchased more than $100!

Customer Feedback…

“Fantastic gear, staff and service….will definitely go again when I need more sports gear : )” – Lucy

Location: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #04-119A, Singapore 228213

Phone: (+65) 9685 6307

Vivre Activewear

you can get and buy sportswear online at Vivre Activewear, Where can I buy active wear in Singapore?
Image Source: Vivre Activewear

Looking for yoga essentials? This one-stop-shop might be what you’re looking for! Vivre Activewear hallmarks its collection of curated sportswear and accessories with creative designs and sizes that are perfectly fit for you.

Besides, the materials used in their pants are anti-stink and stretchable for the most comfortable wear! When talking about yoga mats, they are vegan and travel-friendly so you can bring them hassle-free!

They are currently expanding their store in Asia so you can have their activewear delivered to your door! The activewear styles are exclusively made for Vivre Active so you’re sure that their clothing is unique and special for you!

Customer Feedback…

“Loved the design and quality of their products.One can find everything in this store for their yoga journey.I got yoga Mat and clothing from this store, I must say they are at par with big brands.” – Xama Mahale


Adidas is the best brand of workout clothes for men and women in Singapore, singaporean favorite sportswear brand
Image Credit: Adidas

Aside from being one of the leading brands when it comes to athletic shoes, Adidas prides itself to provide quality sportswear – from clothing to accessories. You’ll surely find the best attire for different kinds of sports!

They have different locations islandwide for your ultimate convenience. Delivery, pick and collect are also available so whichever is more suitable for you, Adidas got your back!

Looking for sportswear for your kids? No need to worry! Adidas also provides something for your child! Whether the purpose is for sports or just wanted to style your outfit, you can never go wrong in choosing from Adidas’ collection of original designs on-trend.


Nike is where you can buy sportswear in Singapore, Budget Friendly Activewear for gym go-ers
Image Credit: Nike

Whether it’s for his or hers, Nike features its wide selection of sportswear to meet your desires and needs. They offer sports attire from head to toe at the best quality!

Not to mention that it has thousands of locations worldwide, Nike has made it to be one of the leading sportswear brands that manufacture shoes and apparel to style yourself up.

You can also shop on their website for more exclusive deals and discounts at a very good price! Knowing how expensive Nike’s product is, sure you can save a lot of bucks while getting the best sports outfit.

Glowco – Modest Activewear

Glowco - Modest Activewear is 10 Affordable Women sportswear Brands In Singapore As Fashionable, Affordable Activewear Brands In Singapore That Can Rival Lululemon, What is the best workout brand for muslim women,
Image Credit: Glowco

From the house of sportswear with hijab, Glowco focuses on providing stylish athletic clothing to satisfy the comfort that you need in a sports outfit!

Pioneering in modest sportswear all over the island, Glowco still keeps the style to pump up your confidence in doing your workout routines. Whether you’re looking for turbans or sports tights, Glowco can gratify your sports apparel at a very affordable price without sacrificing the quality of the clothes!

You can visit their physical store or have the activewear of your choice delivered to your home! Check out their website and explore their marvelous collection of sports wardrobe!

Customer Feedback…

“Fast and Responsive as always! Products are of high quality fabric and stitching. 90% of my workout apparels are from them ❤️ Highly Recommended!” – Rose A. Sher

Location: 1 Tampines North Dr. 1, #09-46 T-Space, Singapore 528559

Phone: (+65) 9139 5357


Kydra is top 10 local athleisure brands to check out for stylish sportswear, Best Cheap Workout Clothes for Women
Image Credit: Kydra

As some of us have a busy work schedule, it is undeniable that we need to wear flexible and comfortable apparels that we can use in our after-work gym or yoga. With Kydra’s collection of a sporty array, no need to sacrifice comfort while wearing stylish tank tops and shorts to move snugly!

Sweat all you want with Kydra’s quick-cool fabric! Its materials are made of lightweight and breathable components to give you the comfort that you need. First time hearing Kydra? Order on their website and get up to a 15% discount on your first purchase!

If you want to gift your loved ones but not sure what kind of activewear to give, you can purchase a gift card instead! Bet your loved loves will highly appreciate your present.

Customer Feedback…

“Quality of the clothes was very good and comfortable! The cross back tee and the leggings fit very nicely and makes you look ultra good! Once wearing it makes you feel the motivation to work out” – Sheryl Gsh

Location: 33 Ubi Ave 3, #02-31, Singapore 408868

Phone: (+65) 8823 3127

F Brand

F Brand is 10 Stylish sportswear Brands For women In Singapore
Image Source: F Brand

Another online sportswear boutique that offers quality and stylish athletic apparel, F Brand features its first-rate collection to fit your preference! It highlights its distinctive designs that you can surely adore.

Looking for some comfy everyday pants? Check out their pants collection and be fond of their wide assortment of colors to choose from! You can scrutinize their delivery option for a hassle-free and convenient shopping experience!

You can also visit their website and enjoy exclusive discounts and benefits on your first check out! Upgrade your gears and be motivated in doing workouts. Get that dream figure of yours and be confident!

Under Armour

Under Armour is top 10 Stylish sportswear Brands For men In Singapore
Image Source: Under Armour

Despite the fact that their products are quite expensive, Under Armour ensures to empower athletes by providing excellent quality sports gear. Aside from that, iconic athletes like Dwayne Johnson and Stephen Curry are their so-called ambassadors which made them known all over the world.

Also, they feature its collection of men and women sports apparel that is surely on-trend and of superior quality, delivering you an exceptional feeling while working out! You can conveniently visit their physical store near you or shop on their website. They are also offering some discounts and coupons to enjoy!

Customer Feedback…

“Their women sports collection is exceptional especially sports bras” – Anna Louise

“Helpful, friendly and helped me in confirming my purchase. Keep up the good work! Great footwear for strength training.” – Hoo Cheong Fong

Store Locations

Rangoon Active

Rangoon Active is best sports brand Singapore
Image Source: Rangoon Actives

From Capri pants to shorts, and even sports accessories, Rangoon Actives have them all to cater to your sporty needs! In finding the perfect workout outfit, considering the style and comfort it can provide is essential, of course, we all want to move freely without any worries about our gears.

Rangoon actives promise to provide top-notch garments of best fit and good-looking styles to keep you moved in doing your everyday workout routine! Plus, the materials used can withstand wear and tear so you’ll be using their sportswear in the long run!

Wherever parts of the world you are, they are offering worldwide shipping! Though they do not have a physical store, their products are surely made with excellent materials to help you be more flexible.

Where to Find Sports Brand in Singapore for Women and Men

When shopping for the perfect sportswear, it may be quite a challenge to some, especially for the first-timer. But with this sportswear buying guide, fret not! You can shop for your workout essentials without any worries!

Considering the price range and its quality are important, always invest in products of good quality to achieve its maximum advantage! If you’re on a tight budget, we also listed some affordable stores so you can still get the best quality without costing a lot!

Hoping this blog helped you find the perfect store to gather all your workout essentials. Happy Shopping.

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