Best Souvenirs in Singapore 2021 – What to Buy in Singapore for Overseas Friends

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So, you probably read this awesome post because of these two reasons. First, you are about to do a shopping spree while on a tour in Singapore but do not know what souvenirs to buy. And second, you or anyone you know loves Singapore and wants to buy a souvenir for them.

Any other reasons are also welcome because we all know Singapore is in fact one of the most well-known countries in Southeast Asia. It is also a well-known destination for many tourists around the world with its amazing attractions such as the Merlion Statue, Marina Bay Sands and the famous theme park, Universal Studios Singapore.

Speaking of souvenirs, did you know that you can also purchase your favourite souvenirs on many online stores such as Amazon Singapore and Lazada Singapore? Yes, you can! This is very beneficial especially if you are in Singapore too. That way, you are able to explore more of Singapore while your purchased souvenirs are shipped directly to your place. This is awesome!

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Top 10 Things to Buy in Singapore as Souvenirs

Here are the best souvenirs in Singapore that you can make a purchase online right now. These are great buys because they highly represent what you can really find and explore around Singapore.

Let’s get started.

10 Best Souvenirs in SingaporeBest Deal
Straits Preserves Singapore Sling Marmalade$15.00
Merlion 3D Magnets for your Refrigerator door$3.65
Funko Pop! Icons – Merlion$25.90
3DRose Singapore Flag keychainAmazon
AMOCAN Singapore White Laksa Complete Cooking Kit$4.80 for 170g
Singapore My Travel Diary$18.36
Singapore Desk Calendar$4.20
Mlesna Singapore Tea Collection$9.50
Merlion Golf Ball Set$21.00 – $36.00
Singapore Flag Erasers$3.65 (International) for 48pcs
Which souvenir is the best to buy in Singapore?

1. Straits Preserves Singapore Sling Marmalade

Marmalade is one of the most well-known fruit preserves made from many flavors of fruits combined with sugar and water then boiled to perfection. This one in particular is different from the rest.

Straits Preserves made an awesome innovation in the marmalade industry by turning the well-known cocktail drink, the Singapore Sling, into a marmalade form.

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The Straits Preserves Singapore Sling Marmalade is an award-winning and Halal-certified tropical marmalade from Singapore. It is made from pure natural ingredients which makes this one particularly healthy to eat.

In addition to that, it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike. So, who is this for? It is an ideal gift for young adults and friends who can handle or loves the taste of Singapore Sling.

Straits Preserves also made other marmalade flavors that maybe worth taking a look at such as Ginger Garden, Spice Island, Tropical Calamansi and Pineapple Tart.

Experience the culture and cuisine anytime and everywhere. Even at the comfort of your own home. The Straits Preserves Singapore Sling Marmalade is the one.

Get it at

2. Merlion 3D Magnets for your Refrigerator door

These Merlion 3D Magnets are common souvenirs to buy around Singapore. Now you can buy it right online. It comes in at many designs and colors therefore you can choose many.

Most Singapore themed 3D magnets feature either the infamous Merlion statue or the Marina Bay Sands. So, if you are looking for a simple souvenir that does not cost much and looks nice, this maybe the one for you.

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Price: S$24.13

Decorate your beloved refrigerator with the Merlion 3D Magnets. These 3D magnets are available currently at

3. Funko Pop! Icons – Merlion

If you are into Funko Pop, then this is the one for you! The Funko Pop! Icons – Merlion is one of their great additions to their iconic series. This one is miniaturized version of the Merlion statue therefore making it cute and fits perfectly well in the Funko Pop series.

So, who is this for? Definitely for you if you have a Funko Pop Collection sitting around and also great as a small gift for your friends and family especially your best friend or siblings who are also into the Funko Pop Collecting.

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Add this awesome one to your Funko Pop collection. The Funko Pop! Icons – Merlion is one of the best choices for you.

It is available now at

4. 3DRose Singapore Flag keychain – Best Singapore souvenirs for overseas friends

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Price: S$27.67

This is also one of the best souvenirs that you can buy for the value. It is ideal as an accessory for your home or car keys. It is also a perfect gift for people who is into Singapore and car industry altogether or not. Overall, it is a great buy for you!

Get it now!

5. AMOCAN Singapore White Laksa Complete Cooking Kit

AMOCAN Singapore White Laksa Complete Cooking Kit

A taste of Singapore. The AMOCAN Singapore White Laksa kit is one of the things you need right now if you are highly in love with Singapore local food. This complete cooking kit is made for those who wants to enjoy a good bowl of Sg Laksa at their own comfortable home. It is relatively easy to prepare with the simple instructions included so that there is no need to be an expert in cooking.

Taste the Singaporean Cuisine at the comfort of your own home with AMOCAN Singapore White Laksa Complete Cooking Kit.

Get it at

6. Singapore My Travel Diary

The Singapore My Travel Diary is a simple, yet effective notebook designed for recording your daily life in Singapore. It is an ideal gift for kids and young teens due to its cute yet powerful designs in cartoonish form.

The designs made by artists are based on the different iconic places and Singapore itself. So if you have kids back home, this is a great purchase as a gift for them.

things to bring from Singapore
Price: S$18.23

Write your journey and your favorite travel destinations in Singapore with the Singapore My Travel Diary. Ideal gift also for kids.

Get it now!

7. Singapore Desk Calendar

Singapore Desk Calendar is an amazing Souvenir in Singapore

These 2021 Singapore Desk Calendar contains your favorite designs and attractions exclusively from Singapore. Like every calendar on the market, this is a versatile calendar that can be placed everywhere you want. It can be placed in the bathroom or your living room.

Each month of the calendar has different high-quality pictures of your favorite attractions and places. Plus, it has a bonus image that can be found too. So, who is this for? It is a great gift for anyone who constantly uses a good calendar but also want to see the different places in Singapore.

Get it at

8. Mlesna Singapore Tea Collection

what to bring from Singapore
Price: $12.90

The Mlesna Singapore Tea Collection is one of the souvenirs you can get if you are into tea collection. Now what kind of tea is included in this collection? Well it is the Ceylon Tea. I’ll briefly tell you what a Ceylon Tea is.

Ceylon Tea came from the highlands of the well-known country Sri Lanka. It is a kind of tea that has a delicate look but with a distinctive flavor and beautiful golden color.

It also has a rich amber brew that fills your mouth with an invigorating, satisfying and delicious burst of awesome flavors that is brisk palate. It is tingling yet refined kind of tea from the highlands of the country of Sri Lanka.

Inside the package contains premium loose Ceylon tea presented in three amazing vintage cloth bags. These cloth bags have iconic designs reminiscent of that of Singapore’s famous attractions such as the Merlion, the Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore floating gardens.

Enjoy the morning with a cup of Mlesna Singapore Tea Collection right at the comfort of your own home or your personal office space.

Get it at

It also comes in 8-pack assorted flavor versions called the Mlesna Singapore Collection 8 Assorted Tea Set.

singapore souvenirs

Inside the package comes in these flavors starting from the top we have Vintage Tea, Tropical Delight, English Breakfast Tea and Earl Grey Tea. At the bottom of the package, we have the Mango Tea, Strawberry Tea, Peach Apricot Tea and Apple Tea. With this package, you have more choices in choosing your next best tea to drink in the morning.

Get it at

9. Merlion Golf Ball Set

The Merlion Golf Ball set is one of the good souvenirs that you can get if you are into sports like golf and wants to have a souvenir that is very reminiscent of Singapore but also can reminds you of your favorite sports.

In the package itself, it comes in 3 pieces of Merlion golf ball that is tightly contained inside a plastic display like transparent case. From the looks of it, it looks sturdy and can last for a very long time.

But the most prominent feature of this set is the Merlion logo embedded into the golf balls themselves. So, who is this for? It is for people who are into golf and wants to bring home a souvenir that is reminiscent of Singapore.

things to bring from Singapore

Get your first set of Merlion Golf Ball for your next game today.

Get it at

10. Singapore Flag Erasers

What is the best souvenir from Singapore?Singapore Flag Erasers is the best cheap souvenir from Singapore for children

Singapore Flag Erasers are fond memories of Singapore kids, and play a significant part in their childhood. This eraser is definitely meaningful and practical. Experience a battle of the countries with erasers of other flag and start a world war of your own, winner takes all!

Get it at

Where to Buy the Best Souvenir in Singapore

The souvenirs we have seen are great and are worth the value for the money. They are also great purchase for your friends and family as a gift.

And if you are into Singapore, its culture and attractions then this list is also great for you. If you have already bought one of these souvenirs, please let me know about it and what’s your experiences.

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