Best Rice Brands in Singapore

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As Singaporeans, we cannot admit how important rice is to our daily meals. Aside from noodles, our meals cannot be completed without rice. If you’re looking for your new favorite brand of rice in the market, you are right on track because we will be listing down the Best Rice Brands in Singapore. Let us go!

Every one of us would surely want to enjoy our Hainanese Chicken Rice with the best rice that we could ever find in the market. This is why rice has become the staple food in Singapore. Alongside the colorful and delicious meat and vegetable dishes, Singaporeans are living the motto, “Rice is Life!” because of our abundant consumption of rice.

Top 13 Rice Brands in Singapore

1.SongHe Whole Kernel Thai Hom Mali Rice (New Crop)

Enjoy every meal with the SongHe Whole Kernel Thai Hom Mali Rice. This brand has been producing quality rice since the 1990s, and they pride in their first and only chilled rice warehouse in Singapore. Having this high-quality storage area makes the rice less susceptible to rice weevils, which are one of the main concerns of the consumers.

With the SongHe Whole Kernel Thai Hom Mali Rice, you will be welcomed with the fragrance and quality taste of freshly milled grain new crop rice.

Key Features:

  • Net Weight: 5 kg
  • It comes in vacuumed or non-vacuumed packs.

2. Royal Umbrella Fragrant Rice

Wake up to the smell of your fragrant rice every morning with the Royal Umbrella Fragrant Rice. It is made with the highest quality 100% whole kernels of Thai Hom Mali Rice.

Awarded as the Best Rice at the World Rice Conference in 2009 and Super Brand in 2003-2011, it is no doubt how the Royal Umbrella Rice Company has boomed in the market.

This brand also is the first and only packaged rice that had a satisfaction guaranteed symbol, with a 100% return if you are not satisfied with the product. Relish your love of rice every day with the Royal Umbrella Fragrant Rice.

Key Features:

  • Net Weight: 5 kg

3. Golden Peony Jasmine Rice

Bring the best rice into your homes with the Golden Peony Jasmin Rice. The soft and fluffy texture of the rice would delight your family in every meal that you make. The Golden Peony Jasmine Rice has been the top seller among the other rice varieties of the Golden Peony company, which has been running in the industry for 20 years. You surely will have a fantastic spoonful of rice with this 100% whole kernel rice!

Key features:

  • Net Weight: 5 kg

4. Golden Phoenix Thai Hom Mali Fragrant Rice

Have superior quality rice into your plates with the Golden Phoenix Thai Hom Mali Fragrant Rice. This rice variety of Golden Phoenix has gained its popularity because of its distinct taste and natural fragrance.

The rice is slightly sticky and fluffy when cooked. To give you a tip, this rice is best when steamed because steaming will fluff the rice up while retaining its fullness and aromatic flavor. This Golden Phoenix rice can be used for a wide variety of cuisines and recipes.

Key Features:

  • Net Weight: 10 kg

5. Kangaroo Australian Low GI Rice

If you have diabetes and you are concerned with your blood sugar, the Kangaroo Australian Low GI Rice is for you! The fluffy light grain rice has a glycemic index of 54, which is classified as having low impacts on your blood sugar.

This rice brand has been exclusively grown in Australia without any additives and preservatives. The Kangaroo Brand also promises to use the best practice farming methods to give the consumers safe, delicious, and wholesome rice. Who said diabetic persons could not enjoy their rice meal?

Key Features:

  • Net Weight: 2 kg
  • GMO-free

6. Golden Pineapple AAA Thai Premium Fragrant Rice

Get the perfect choice for your meals with the Golden Pineapple AAA Thai Premium Fragrant Rice. This rice has been cultivated with an ideal climate and geographical conditions in the mountains of Thailand to give outstanding quality in every cup of rice.

This brand is a pantry essential to every Singaporean household because of its best quality shape, aroma, and texture once cooked. You can enjoy the long and slender grains that give out an aromatic ambiance to your dining experience.

Key Features:

  • Net Weight: 5kg

7. Paddy Land Jasmine Fragrant Rice

Serve your family with the best quality rice with the Paddy Land Jasmine Fragrant Rice. This premium jasmine rice has been all the way from Vietnam to give Singaporeans the delightful taste of its slender grains with an aromatic and delicate flavor.

This rice is a variety of the Hong Liam Gim Kee company, which is also the producer of the Golden Pineapple AAA rice as listed above.

The company has been venturing the rice markets since 1995 and has made its way to become one of the major rice importers in Singapore.

Key Features:

  • Net Weight: 5kg

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8. Jin Huang Thai Fragrant Rice

Another well-established rice brand in Singapore is Chip Seng Impex Company, which has the Jin Huang Thai Fragrant Rice variety. The Jin Huang Thai Fragrant Rice has been their first house brand, which has been loved by Singapore households.

They have been supplying quality rice and excellent services since 1970, and in this article, they have the Kangaroo Australian Low GI Rice under their company too.

Key Features:

  • Net Weight: 10 kg

9. Harmuni Thai Hom Mali Rice

Selected from 100% Thai Hom Mali crop that is only harvested once a year from the Northern Regions of Thailand, the Harmuni Rice would bring your family closer together in every meal. It gives out a unique aroma, which is due to the most stringent quality controls by the rice experts.

With an experience of 30 years in the Singapore market, the Harmuni Thai Hom Mali Rice would satisfy your everyday meals.

Key Features:

  • Net Weight: 10 kg

10. Gitangkim Superior Rice

Gitangkim Superior Rice
Price: $9.40

Fill your bowls with the Gitangkim Superior Rice. You will get the value for your money in every spoonful of this rice. Coming from the same company as Jin Huang Thai Fragrance Rice, the Gitangkim Superior Rice indeed is processed with superior quality manufacturing.

You will unquestionably enjoy the fragrance of the long grain Jasmine Rice that has came all the way from Vietnam.

Key Features:

  • Net Weight: 5 kg

11. RedMart Thai Hom Mali Rice

Make every bowl count with the Redmart Thai Hom Mali Rice and have an awesome rice day! This rice brand is packed with Jasmine Rice that is grown from the ideal weather conditions of the North Eastern Region of Thailand, where rice is widely grown in optimum manufacturing.

The rice stays fluffy, and the fragrant Jasmine aroma will always welcome you once it cooks.

Key Features:

  • Net Weight: 5 kg

12. Sakura Japonica Short Grain Rice

Bring the goodness of Japan into your home in Singapore with the Sakura Japonica Short Grain Rice. If you are looking for a bowl of excellent rice for your homemade sushi, or you just want to have some delicious porridge, this is your go-to rice.

The rice came from Thailand, but this is a well-known brand in the food stalls and restaurants in Japan. Get a bowl of restaurant-quality rice right at your home.

Key Features:

  • Net Weight: 5 kg

13. Udhayam Ponni Rice

The thought of consuming rice isn’t just loads of carbohydrates. Once you eat the Udhayam Ponni Rice, you will be ensured that your bowl is filled with fiber, low cholesterol, and low glycemic index rice. If you are battling against diabetes and hypertension, reward yourself with this nutritious rice without hurting your diet.

Another great feature of this rice is its extended shelf life so you can store it longer than regular rice. It also gives out an enticing aroma, silky texture, and a rich nutty flavor. Enjoy your every bowl with a promise of a healthy meal!

Key Features:

  • Net Weight: 5 kg

Getting the Best Rice Brand

Rice would always be a part of the food culture in Singapore. It is because rice complements the unique and wide array of delicious Singaporean dishes that every household and tourists love. Rice is a staple in the whole country, so each kitchen has its rice cookers everywhere!

In choosing the best rice brand in the market, it is crucial to consider the quality of the grains. The grains should be uniform in size and shape. It is also vital that the grains are free of fissures, pests such as rice weevils, and contaminants like stones and weed seeds.

Being a part of everyday meals in Singapore, the rice in every household should be of superior quality to ensure the adequate nutritional composition that every owl of rice provides to our family.

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