Best Resistance Bands in Singapore 2022

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Exercising is an important thing if you want to achieve fitness. However, if you are someone who travels a lot for some reason, then exercising is something that can be difficult to do. Fortunately, there is equipment that you can use to get fit and can also serve as your travel buddy — a resistance band.

At first look, you may think that resistance bands are all the same. But the truth is this exercise tool differs in areas, such as length, tension levels, and styles. As a matter of fact, the colors of these bands are an indication of their resistance level. On the other hand, the length signifies a proper form. Lastly, the size depends on the type of exercise that you want to do.

If you want to know more about resistance bands, then read on as we will discuss the things that you should know. We’ll also be sharing the Best Resistance Bands that you can purchase in Singapore.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Resistance Bands

Regardless if you’ve been working out for a long time or you are still a beginner, resistance bands are something you should have on your equipment list. Here are the reasons why:

Helps with stabilization and core activation

The continuous tension from resistant bands provides you with the stabilization that your body requires. Meaning, you will need to engage your core to achieve balance. The need to control your core so that the bands will not snap back into place means greater strength and stimulation all over the muscle’s full range of motion.

Gives greater muscle stimulus

When you are using resistance bands, your muscle is getting greater resistance at its strongest point. As a result, it receives enough resistance that will then stimulate your strength adaptations better.

More workout options

With exercise equipment like foam rollers, dumbells and barbells, your body is limited to certain positions and can only do a vertical plane of motion. But with resistance bands, the exercises that you can perform can be both from the horizontal and vertical plane. For instance, you can perform a back row or chest press while standing instead of using a bench.

Best Resistance Bands in SingaporeBest Price (SGD)

Fit Simply Resistance Loop Bands


SPRI Xertube Resistance Bands


Theraband Resistance Bands$3.82

Sportsco Mini Loop Resistance Band Set


Perform Better Exercise Mini Band


Rigorer Calisthenics Resistance Band


Aolikes Resistance Band


EMC Resistance Bands


Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands$34.00

Sportsco Resistance Loop Band


Where to Get Resistance Bands in Singapore?

The Top 10 Resistance Bands that You Can Get in Singapore

1. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Bands – Best resistance bands for pull ups

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The 10 Best Pull Up Assisted Bands to Buy this year, Do resistance bands build muscle?,How do I choose a resistance band size?

These resistance bands are the best for a wide range of fitness exercises. It caters to all the users’ fitness levels and offers high quality for both experts and beginners.

In addition, the Fit Simply Resistance Loop Bands are made of natural latex. Meaning, it is designed to withstand both heavy and light exercises. They can also be beneficial for athletes who are suffering from an injury. In fact, physical therapists recommend these resistance bands to them.

Get these resistance bands for

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2. SPRI Xertube Resistance Bands – Best for flabby arms

SPRI Xertube Resistance Bands is best for beginners, Best for flabby arms, Can resistance bands help with flabby arms?, How long does it take to tone arms using resistance bands?,Do resistance bands work for bingo wings?, How can I tone my flabby arms fast with resistance bands?,

For people who are looking to strengthen their upper body, this resistance band is something to check out.

The SPRI Xertube Resistance Bands come with handles. For this reason, they can be a perfect choice if you are working on strengthening your arms. In addition, using this resistance band will make your chest, shoulder, and back muscles stronger.

This product is resistant to tear and abrasions. Meaning, you can bring them anywhere you go as they will withstand heavy use.

Get this product at

3. Theraband Resistance Bands

Theraband Resistance Bands is Best Resistance Bands in Singapore

Most of the resistance bands in this list are made of latex. But the Theraband Resistance Bands are different because they are made of thermoplastic rubber. This material is flexible enough for you to use for pilates and yoga exercises.

In addition, these resistance bands aid you in improving your muscle lines and curves. On top of that, it can help in treating body aches, including muscle soreness. This workout equipment can also make your biceps stronger.

Get this product for

4. Sportsco Mini Loop Resistance Band Set

Sportsco Mini Loop Resistance Band Set can gain muscle mass and tone efficiently

This one is the best resistance band for beginners who are aiming to do a daily workout routine. Specifically designed for beginners, the Sportsco Mini Loop Resistance Band Set can assist you during your early pull-up exercise phases. In addition, it has different levels of resistance, so it will help you in doing progressive body training.

Apart from that, this resistance band set is perfect for powerlifting, pull-up, and CrossFit. For this reason, it will work best in strengthening and toning your muscles.

Get the Sportsco Mini Loop Resistance Band Set

5. Perform Better Exercise Mini Band

Perform Better Exercise Mini Band is top Resistance Band in Singapore – Buy the Premium Resistance band at good price cheap, Best Resistance Bands to Pack in Your Gym Bag, The Best Resistance Bands for Any Type of Workout, 10 Best Resistance Bands of 2021, According to Fitness Trainers

The short length of this resistance band will make you think that buying it is not practical. But contrary to that, this exercise equipment stretches up to almost twice its length.

For that reason, the Perform Better Exercise Mini Band is considered one of the best of the best in Singapore. With its four resistance levels, you can use it to do lateral steps, so you can enhance your shoulder and leg stabilization. In addition, you can use it for hip and shoulder exercises.

Get this product for

6. Rigorer Calisthenics Resistance Band

Rigorer Calisthenics Resistance Band is the one to get Buy high quality Resistance Bands in Singapore

This resistance band set is perfect for people regardless of their needs. The Rigorer Calisthenics Resistance Band has three different elasticities and thicknesses that can all cater to your needs. You can identify the level of resistance based on the color of the band. The blue one is the lightest, with only a resistance level of 7 to 15kg so it is the best choice for lighter exercises.

Meanwhile, the grey (heavy) and orange (medium) bands are more suitable for more intense resistance training.

These bands are made from 100 percent latex, so they will not snap no matter how much pressure you exert on them.

Get these resistance bands for

7. Aolikes Resistance Band

Aolikes Resistance Band is The 10 Best Resistance Bands In Singapore For Travel or at Home

While you might doubt hip resistance bands due to their size, they are made from a thicker material, proving them durable. In addition, they are very useful for abdominal and lower body exercises.

The Aolikes Resistance Band is a wallet-friendly option for building up your hips’ strength. It comes in eight colors and medium, large, as well extra-large sizes. The medium size has the highest resistance, so it is perfect for people who have been working out for so long. On the other hand, the two remaining sizes are recommended for beginners.

Get this resistance band for

8. EMC Resistance Bands

EMC Resistance Bands is the top 10 Best Resistance Bands This year According To Trainers

hip bands are excellent equipment for making your lower body stronger and fitter. If you are looking for some good hip resistance bands that you can use during your gym trips, then the EMC Resistance Bands are a must-have.

One of the best features of these resistance bands is that they have inner latex strips. For this reason, you will never have to worry about these bands slipping down your legs. Another good thing is that they are gentle on the skin, making sure that you will not have any rash from using them.

You can get the EMC Resistance Bands for

9. Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands – Best for legs

Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands is resistance bands  you should buy. check out different colors for different tension level, best is to progress gradually. Do resistance bands burn fat? yes they do burn fats pretty fast, Can you build leg muscle with resistance bands?, Which type of resistance band is best for glutes?, 10 Best Resistance Bands Still Up For Grabs Online, 10 Best Resistance Bands for At-Home Workouts WFH SIngapore

The Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands provide users with numerous fitness purposes. That includes resistance training, weight loss, injury rehabilitation, as well as postpartum recovery.

In addition, these loop bands are made of latex. But despite its material, it is non-toxic, durable, and odor-free.

You can get the Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands for

10. Sportsco Resistance Loop Band

Sportsco Resistance Loop Band is a high quality resistance to get in Singapore

For people who are looking to work out their entire body, the Sportsco Resistance Loop Band is the perfect option. It has five different band options depending on the exercise that you want to do. If you are looking for one with the least resistance, then the red loop band has it. On the other hand, if you need higher resistance for pull-ups, then the blue, purple, and green options will work best for you.

Moreover, each of these bands from Sportsco has 15 layers of natural latex, a material that is environmentally-friendly. In addition, it has a high quality that will be able to withstand years of use.

Get this resistance band for

Where to Buy Resistance Bands Online Singapore

Exercising is an important task to do if we want to keep our bodies fit and healthy. For this reason, it is important that we invest in equipment that can help us work out better. That being said, resistance bands are a perfect option for people who are looking for exercise equipment that can tone up all their muscles. They are also easy to carry, so you can bring them anywhere you go.

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