Best Potato Chips in Singapore 2021

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Potato chips are the best go-to snacks whether you’re binge watching your favorite Netflix series, chit chatting with your best friends, or having something to munch on while working. Chips can never go wrong!

There’s a never ending list of potato chip brands and some might even just be sitting in your pantry, waiting for you to grab them. But sometimes, you’re looking for some specific flavor and aroma your stock of potato chips won’t give you.

You don’t want to settle with boring munchies especially if you have so many options available out there. So sit back and check this complete list of best potato chips in Singapore for you to have an idea on what to pick when craving for one.

10 Must-try potato chips in SingaporePrice

Aroma Truffle & Co. Black Summer Truffle Potato Chips


Calbee Potato Chips

$3.60 for 80g X 2

Kettle Brand Potato Chips


Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips


Twisties Chipster Potato Chips


Lay’s Potato Chips

$2.50 – $3.20

Ruffles Potato Chips


Haitai Honey Butter Chips

$5.60 for 4

Nissin Cup Noodles Tom Yam Potato Chips


The Golden Duck Gourmet Potato Chips


Which potato chips are the best in Singapore?

Top 10 Best Potato Chips in Singapore

There’s nothing more boring than sitting on your couch, munching nothing while streaming your favorite series. And sometimes, you crave for something salty, tangy flavor which all boils down to one snack–a good potato chip.

Above is the list of top 10 best potato chips in Singapore with their prices. Some are affordable while some are expensive. But it all depends on your taste preferences. These potato chips have their own unique taste and texture that differentiate themselves from one another.

Now, it’s time to get some potato chips. You have so many options in the market that you’ll get torn on what to pick. However, there are some specific brands that offer a taste just the way you like it. Curious enough to learn more about it? If you’re looking for potato chips brands and variants, you’ve come to the right place.

Aroma Truffle & Co. Black Summer Truffle Potato Chips

Aroma Truffle & Co. Black Summer Truffle Potato Chips is the Top 10 Best Potato Chips in Singapore, thick and crunchy ridge-cut potato chips are smothered with the finest grade of olive then sprinkle with truffle, taste of truffle is really strong and deep

Aroma Truffle & Co. Potato Chips is probably one of the best potato chips ever made. In its name itself, its aroma boastfully goes out of each packet as you open it. Also, these potato chips will surely satisfy your cravings even longer as you munch on each bag. This Aroma Truffle & Co. Potato Chips is indeed a top of the line snack you can get with every bite delivering a punch of a slight garlicky flavor.

You can never go wrong with this brand. It’s available in different flavors so you can definitely satisfy your craving with these chips anytime. If you’re looking for an aromatic and flavorful potato chip, this is the best option for you. It’s also available in different variants.

Get this bag of chips at

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Calbee Potato Chips

Calbee Potato Chips is top 10 Potato Chip Brands In Singapore we tasted, Potato Chips, Potato Chips, Potato Chips Crisp · Kataage Potato, Pizza Potato,  calbee potato chips seaweed, hot and spicy

Compared to the other brands, Calbee Potato Chips is lighter. But the catch in this brand is that it doesn’t easily crumble and stays crispy for long. With this potato chip, you can surely enjoy binge watching without the feeling of being full because of snacking!

This potato chip is perfect for those who don’t want to munch on a strong flavored chip. Calbee also has a lot of different variants you can choose from! They have meat and veggie skewers, hot pot and ramen. What else can you ask for? This light potato chip is boasting a lot of interesting flavors!

Get your Calbee Hot and Spicy Potato Chips at

Kettle Brand Potato Chips

Kettle Brand Potato Chips are the best in Singapore, Are Kettle Brand Potato Chips Healthy? Who makes Kettle brand potato chips? kettle chips are actually part of the campbell soup group, though chips are not as healthy since most of them are fried or baked, but kettle baked chips are the most healthy among all the chips

Kettle Brand Potato Chips stand out from the crowd because its bag of chips are all cooked straight from the kettle. This gives thicker texture to the chips and oozing flavor in every bite. Plus, it just has the right amount of salt that is not too strong in taste.

Nothing is better than indulging in a potato chip which imitates a homemade one. Enjoy binge watching with Kettle Brand Potato Chips!

Get this kettle-cooked potato chip at

Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips

Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips is the number 1 selling chips in Singapore, formulated by our expert chefs in Singapore, made in singapore food product, popular addictive chips, fish skin salted egg

Who would have thought that salted egg would taste that good in a potato chip? Combined with red chilli peppers and curry leaves, Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips is surely a must-have especially if you’re looking for a snack to munch on while chit chatting with your friends.

This potato chip has so many variants for you to choose from. But of course, nothing beats the original.

Get this tangy-flavored potato chips at

Twisties Chipster Potato Chips

Twisties Chipster Potato Chips are the most popular chips in Singapore today, Must-try potato chips in Singapore: Salted egg to mala, perfect corn-based snack that are baked instead of fried

If you’re looking for a potato chip you’ll not get tired of munching on even for the whole day, Twisties Chipster Potato Chips is the one for you! This brand gives you a satisfying crisp you’re looking for a snack, but doesn’t give you too much saltiness in each bag.

The potato chip you’re looking for that tastes just right is here. Don’t miss having this one. It’s available in different flavors! You can never go bored indulging in these delicious potato chips.

Get 60g X 10 now at

Lay’s Potato Chips

Lay’s Potato Chips are Must-try potato chips in Singapore, Frito-Lay, What are Lays potato chips made of? potatoes, vegetable oil and salt, walkers, crisps

Of course, Lay’s Potato Chips will never miss this list. Who doesn’t love this brand by the way? The right amount of saltiness and crisp makes this potato chip a top notch brand. If you’re looking for a classic, great taste, go for Lay’s Potato Chips and you’ll surely won’t regret it.

Lay’s Potato Chips also has so many variants. Depending on your preferences and cravings, you can select from a long list of different flavors which suit almost all taste buds. This snack is perfect for storing in your office where you can easily grab it and munch on while working.

Don’t miss this chance to get an exact taste of a potato chip you’ll surely love!

Get this bag of flavorful potato chips for

Ruffles Potato Chips

Ruffles Potato Chips are salted classic, thicker, sturdier potato chips, 10 awesome Potato Chips Flavours That You Can Get In Singapore

If you’re looking for a salty snack for your next barbeque party, Ruffles Potato Chips is the best go-to brand you should look for. The original flavor of this brand is so addictive that you won’t want to stop munching on it.

Ruffles Potato Chips is very crispy and has a fresh taste in every bite. Plus, its distinctive ridged texture makes it more appealing to the eyes. Indeed, this brand is one of those who set high standards when it comes to potato chips. It also comes in other delicious flavors that will surely satisfy your potato chip cravings.

Grab on your Ruffles Potato Chips now and enjoy it with your family and friends!

Get this top notch potato chip for only

Haitai Honey Butter Chips

Haitai Honey Butter Chips is top 10 Potato Chip Flavours You've Never Heard Of And Where to Buy, Are honey butter chips rare? this chip has been selling out worldwide, they are delicious, with a blend of sweetness and saltiness.

With all the salty and tangy flavored chips mentioned above, let’s go to something sweeter this time. The combination of honey and butter in one flavorful chip makes a perfect snack with a touch of crisp and sweetness in one.

Haitai Honey Butter Chips is definitely a go-to chip if you’re looking for something that’s not too salty. Come on and spoil that sweet tooth now!

Get this honey butter chips for only

Nissin Cup Noodles Tom Yam Potato Chips

Nissin Cup Noodles Tom Yam Potato Chips is the No.1 Singapore Cup Noodles flavour is now in Potato Chips, best for those who love junk food, enjoy instant noodle flavor in potato chips

If you’re looking for an internationally recognized potato chip, Tom Yam is one of the best options you can pick. This brand makes a good combination of saltiness and spiciness in one amazing bag of chips. For those who love spices, this is the perfect snack for you. This chip is spicy enough for most Singaporeans and tastes exactly like the Nissin Tomyam instant noodle.

It’s a great go-to snack while working, or even enjoying it with your friends. Indeed, you can never resist munching on this one.

This brand also appeals to all seafood lovers out there! Who would ever imagine you could find a seafood flavor in a bag of chips? Plus, its ridge texture makes it even more indulgent.

Get this seafood-flavored potato chips for only

The Golden Duck Gourmet Potato Chips

The Golden Duck Gourmet Potato Chips is the 10 Best Local Snack Brands To Try in Singapore,

Speaking of the love for salted eggs, here’s another local brand that will surely satisfy your potato chip cravings. These ridge-shaped potato chips are complexly flavorful and bring an amazing salted egg aftertaste in every bite. If you’re a fan of salty and sweet combinations, this one’s definitely for you.

The aroma of the salted egg is gao (soul searchingly deep) and we love it. Stop lickin’ them fingers at the end, and don’t be last on the line for a packet of this!

Get this indulging potato chip for only

Where to Buy Potato Chips in Singapore?

There are so many potato chip brands available in the market, but they all have their own uniqueness that makes them stand out from the crowd. Of course, all brands mentioned above are great and it might be difficult for you to pick the best one.

In this case, you must assess your preferences. First, do you prefer salty or sweet? You might also want to look for specific flavors you’re craving for before deciding which brand to pick. And of course, budget matters. There are brands that cost more than the other and this is one of the factors you should consider if you’re looking for a budget-friendly bag of chips.

These simple steps will help you decide on picking a potato chip brand. But whatever you choose, we guarantee you that you’ll have an amazing time munching on any brand mentioned above. Whether you’re working, binge watching or just bored and want something to snack on, potato chips will never go out of style.

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