Best Playpen Brands in Singapore 2022

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Here are the Best Playpen Brands in Singapore! Playpens are the perfect companion of parents when it comes to keeping their babies safe and secure while they have something else to do. There are tons of variations when it comes to playpens, and parents are usually confused about which playpen to get. No worries, moms and dads!

Why Do I Need A Playpen for My Baby?

Every parent needs a playpen for their baby. A playpen can cut parents some slack while they perform some other tasks for a few minutes. This provides parents a much needed peace of mind and some rest while the child plays under their supervision in the fence. And babies need all kinds of stuff!

Top 10 Playpen Brands in Singapore

A playpen comes in the form of a playard or a travel crib.

We are tackling both playpen types mentioned above, so you can choose from the top 10 playpen products below. If you’re ready to make your baby’s nursery, get your shopping carts ready now!

10 Best Playpen in SingaporeBest Deal
Bonbijou S3 Playpen$189.00
RaaB™ Family Foldable Playpen$139.00
Hexagonal Baby Playpen$20.55
BROTISH Foldable 2-Layer Playpen$399.00
Jolly Baby Smart Playpen$108.00
Graco Pack N’ Play Playpen With Reversible Napper & Changer$244.61
Lucky Baby® S7™ Square Playpen$129.00
Joie Kubbie Sleep Bedside Playpen$209.00
IFAM Shell Baby Play Yard$270.00
Mamakiddies Happy Dino Baby Playpen$158.66
Which brand is the best playpen in Singapore?

1. Bonbijou S3 Playpen – Best Playpen for Babies

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We know that many people tell parents that bed-sharing can be dangerous to little babies. So, to keep them safe and sound, you can get a co-sleeping crib like the Bonbijou S3 Playpen. This playpen is a pack and play type because you can easily fold it compactly and transport is almost everywhere.

You can bring this playpen next to your bed, with half of the partition lowered down so you can easily feed your baby at night beside your bed. This playpen is suitable for newborns and toddlers that weigh up to 20kg.

When your cute baby grew up, he can still use this playpen and play on his own as you go around doing other chores around the house!

Other Features:

  • 3 level drop side
  • Comes with a changing table
  • With pockets to store accessories
  • With two wheels and brakes
  • Carrying bag included

Get this playpen at

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2. RaaB™ Family Foldable Playpen – Best Playpen for Crawling

10 Best Playpens in Singapore for Your Little Ones is the RaaB™ Family Foldable Playpen, Is it worth buying a playpen?, 5 best playpens for Singapore mums

Let your baby play comfortably and get some peace of mind knowing that he is safe and sound inside the RaaB™ Family Foldable Playpen. This playpen is made from safe and non-toxic materials that will never harm your baby’s health.

You can choose from 8 to 20 doors, depending on how large you want the playpen to be. Some sets also come with mats, so you don’t have to buy separate ones. If you also need customized panels, you can simply reach out to the seller to help you achieve your child’s dream playpen.

The best thing about this foldable playpen is that this is pre-assembled already; no need for tedious installation! You can also pack and fold this playpen whenever you and your baby are going on a vacation.

Other Features:

  • With child lock
  • Non-slip foot mat
  • Comes with educational toys

Get this playpen at

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3. Hexagonal Baby Playpen – Best Playpen for Beach

Hexagonal Baby Playpen is the best Playpen fence singapore, top 10 Best Playpens in Singapore for Your Little One to play safely,

If you need a less bulky playpen for your little one, the Hexagonal Baby Playpen is for you! What’s great about this is that this is fantastic for indoor and outdoor use. You can fill up the playpen with tons of balls for your kids to play with.

This playpen is made from high-quality materials that are all safe for babies. If your baby is getting too big on his crib to play, this playpen can give him adequate space to roam around safely. This playpen is also portable and lightweight, which makes it perfect for traveling too.

Other Features:

  • Foldable
  • Portable

Get this playpen at

4. BROTISH Foldable 2-Layer Playpen

BROTISH Foldable 2-Layer Playpen is a place your little one can play safely

Price: $199.00

The BROTISH Foldable 2-Layer Playpen can be your child’s bed and play area too! Since it has two layers, you can use the upper part as his bed, and you can also lower the side panel and put the playpen beside your bed. During the day, you can lower down the bed for your child to crawl, play, and learn how to walk.

This playpen has tons of other functions like being a rocking bed too. You can simply install the rocker at night, so you can rock your baby to sleep. It also has a changing table that you can install whenever your baby needs a nappy change. Everything that your baby needs is on this one playpen, so this is truly worth every penny!

Other Features:

  • Portable
  • No complex installation
  • Supported by thick steel pipes for safety

Get this playpen on this link.

5. Jolly Baby Smart Playpen – Best Playpen for Twins

Jolly Baby Smart Playpen 6 panel Hexagonal Playpen Rounded edges and corners for added safety plus Quick and easy to assemble

Price: $ $108.00 – $228.00

Do you have endless chores at home that you can’t always finish because you need to check your unattended baby? The Jolly Baby Smart Playpen would help you so much, stay at home mommy! This playpen gives your baby a large safe place to play and walk around without any hazard. Perfect if you have twins or even triplets!

This playpen is made from solid pine wood frame, which makes it sturdy and secured once your baby is inside. To add more stability, it is also manufactured with durable corner connectors. It also has round edges and corners to prevent your child from bumps and bruises.

Other Features:

  • Convertible into any shape desired
  • Easy to assemble
  • Anti-slip

Get this playpen on this link.

6. Graco Pack N’ Play Playpen With Reversible Napper & Changer

Graco Pack N’ Play Playpen With Reversible Napper & Changer

Price: $209.47

Babies need a bed, a diaper changing station and a playpen and all these are made accessible in just one playpen, the Graco Pack N’ Play Playpen With Reversible Napper & Changer. The only thing I can say is that this playpen would be useful for your newborn and until he becomes a toddler!

It creates a very comfortable bassinet for your newborn, and you can transform it into a play yard when he gets older. The Signature Graco® push-button makes it easier to open and close the playpen in a hassle-free way.

Another thing that I love about this playpen is that it has a diaper changer that comes with wipe-clean fabrics. This means that you no longer need to worry about poopie stains anymore! This Graco playpen is a life-saver especially to new parents, so this is a must-have baby playpen!

Other Features:

  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Removable full-size bassinet

Get this playpen on this link.

7. Lucky Baby® S7™ Square Playpen

Lucky Baby® S7™ Square Playpen. Baby PlayYard, Playmat Singapore

Price: $59.90 – $129.00

When your baby starts moving around, we must admit that we get super excited and scared at the same time. It’s all because our babies are now more prone to accidents all over the house, no matter how we watch over them! When your baby starts crawling, you can get him the Lucky Baby® S7™ Square Playpen.

This playpen would give him more space to crawl around, play, and discover things. It is also made with a low-gravity design, which makes it durable even for toddlers. Keep up with all your work and chores inside the house as your cute baby plats safely on the Lucky Baby® S7™ Square Playpen.

Other Features:

  • Complies with European Standards
  • 360-degree breathable mesh design

Get this playpen on this link.

8. Joie Kubbie Sleep Bedside Playpen – Best Playpen for Sleeping

Joie Kubbie Sleep Bedside Playpen is the best playpen to buy in Singapore

Price: $209.00

Enjoy cuddling with your baby as he sleeps beside your bed using the Joie Kubbie Sleep Bedside Playpen. Once he wakes up, you can lower down the mattress so he can play comfortably all-day. This playpen has a breathable mesh design and a zipper, making it easier for you to interact and get your baby out of the crib while he plays.

The mesh design also offers adequate ventilation for your baby, and keeps bugs away too! This playpen comes with a tidy travel bag, so you can simply pack and store this playpen whenever you travel.

Other Features:

  • Removable mattress
  • Full-size bassinet
  • Simple and stylish design with exposed tubing
  • Convertible into a bedside cot

Get this playpen on this link.

9. IFAM Shell Baby Play Yard

IFAM Shell Baby Play Yard is the Top 10 Easy to Fold Baby Playards in Singapore

Price: $270.00

Let your child have his dream play yard with the IFAM Shell Baby Play Yard! This playpen comes with 9 panels and a door; keeping your child away from dangerous appliances and things around the house. He would surely enjoy playing all-day because he can move around freely and learn how to crawl and walk too.

The design consists of beach-related items, which your child would love looking at. It is also easy to assemble, and you won’t need tools to install it. You can also order more or fewer panels, depending on how large the playpen area applies to your home.

Other Features:

  • Certified by CE & SGS Korea for baby safety material
  • No sharp edges
  • Door comes with a child lock
  • All panels come with two anti-slip pads

Get this playpen on this link.

10. Mamakiddies Happy Dino Baby Playpen

Mamakiddies Happy Dino Baby Playpen is The 10 Best Playpens For Babies in Singapore

Price: $114.74 – $132.18

As your baby grows, he surely would have more time to play each month. The Mamakiddies Happy Dino Baby Playpen is here to help you nurture and care for your child from birth up to his toddler years. It comes with a removable and convertible bassinet, a removable changing station, and also a canopy shade for mosquitos.

When your cute baby plays, you can always see him through the mesh fabric around the playpen. The zipper closure makes it easier for you to get your baby from inside the playpen too. This playpen is also made with soft padded boards for extra comfort and protection for your active little one.

Other Features:

  • Compact and easy to fold
  • Comes with soft hanging toys
  • With two lockable wheels
  • Weight capacity is a maximum of 15kg

Get this playpen on this link.

Where to Buy the Best Playpens in Singapore

Playpens should always provide the number one thing that parents and babies’ need: safety. Before buying a playpen for your kid, make sure to choose a brand that is well-established and is known to create high-quality and durable playpens.

Keeping our children safe is honestly one of the most important peace of mind we could ever have. So, choose any of these playpens above and let your baby learn and discover new milestones safely!

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