Cheap & Fun Nintendo Switch Games in Singapore 2022

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Nintendo Switch is one of the most well known portable and tv video game console hybrid on the market right now. It is perhaps one of Nintendo’s strongest gaming console that competes with Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

The Nintendo Switch is a gaming console that can be used as either a portable gaming console or a tv video game console by docking it onto an included base.

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You are probably reading this article because you have a Nintendo Switch lying around your house or you simply got a new one this holiday 2021 and are looking for new games to play for 2021.

Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games in Singapore

So today, we are going to look at the best Nintendo Switch Games for the year 2022. These games are awesome to have around in your Nintendo Switch Game collection and it has some of the most awesome gameplays around.

Let’s begin!

1. Just Dance 2020 Standard Edition

Just Dance 2020 is a new successor of the Just Dance 2019 version. It features 40 more awesome tracks to dance to which is awesome to always hear about Just Dance series.

Some of the well-known tracks included are ‘Taki-Taki’, ‘Old Town Road’, ‘Kill this Love’ and, ‘7 rings’. Just Dance 2020 even included ‘Into the Unknown’ from the 2019 movie, Frozen II.

best nintendo switch games 2020

Just Dance 2020 has many new game modes that are awesome to play with. There’s the ‘All Stars Mode’ and the ‘Kids Mode’. The ‘All Stars Mode’ enables you to be immerse with the Just Dance universe.

On the other hand, the ‘Kids Mode’ brings in all kid-friendly features that enables the youngest members in your family to play. This includes eight new songs for kids.

You also have the option to subscribe to Just Dance Unlimited. From there, you’ll have access to 500+ more tracks to dance with. Each Just Dance 2020 game may include 1-month free access which is a good starting point to try out the subscription service.

So, if you are looking for a fun and family friendly game that involves dancing and moving. This maybe for you.

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2. NBA 2K20 Standard Edition

The NBA 2K20 is new successor to the previous NBA 2K19. The game follow similarly with its predecessor but with new added in-game features.

To start off, NBA 2K20 now included six more teams to the game, a new feature that many people with appreciate. And, they also implemented 12 new teams from WNBA, a first in every NBA 2K games.

nintendo switch mature games list

The game modes are also retained from its predecessors but with new additions such as the MyCareer and MyTeam modes. MyCareer mode is a great game mode as it makes the game more personalized for the player.

The game is surprisingly returning the old game modes like the MyGM and MyLeague. So, if you are in a market for a Nintendo Switch game and that you are a fan of NBA, this is worth looking at.

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3. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is perhaps one of the most praised game here on the list. Of course, this game serves as a sequel to The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

It is a great open-world game where you play as Geralt of Rivia. The game is well known for its great story and animation and graphics. The game even earned numerous Game of the Year awards.

best story games on switch

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt also has two expansion packs released alongside like the Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine.

Overall, this is a great game to get if you want to experience. But with the release of Netflix’s The Witcher series starring Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, I think it is not worth skipping this awesome game.

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4. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Finally! LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is perhaps one of the most anticipated games in 2020. It is another great game that greatly resembles that of LEGO Star Wars:

The Complete Saga and the LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens combined. This LEGO style game interpretation is a culmination of all three Star Wars trilogies which are the Episodes 1 to 9.

best nintendo switch games for adults

You can participate and play in the Battle of Hoth, witness Obi-Wan and Anakin duels and see Kylo Ren and Rey fights off the Elite Praetorian guards. Each Star Wars episodes will have a 5 level missions thus making it a total of 45 levels.

The game features a ton of characters from the Star Wars universe than any other of its predecessors.

So, if you are a big fan of Star Wars or has already seen the new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, this game is a must for you as it explores everything within the Star Wars universe.

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5. Resident Evil Triple Pack

The Resident Evil series is one of the most well-known games on this list and on pop culture. It has been known for actions and thriller moments. But they also release a game series about it too. Luckily Nintendo Switch got their Resident Evil games too although in collection sets like this one.

best nintendo switch games 2020

The Resident Evil Triple Pack includes three games which are Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6. So far, only Resident Evil 5 can have a two-player mode locally while Resident Evil 6 does it online.

The triple pack also included great maps, special costumes and awesome game modes. This game is overall great to consider getting one.

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6. Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive is a new game released by Bandai Namco. It is a great game that is based on Digimon Series and it is a feature a role-playing game mode.

The player has several choices to choose from that will advance the story to several endings depending on what they choose. Looks like a great game for any Digimon Fan out there.

nintendo switch mature games list

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7. Nintendo Switch Fitness Boxing

This one is a perfect game if you have a great interest in boxing and fitness. This game lets the player uses the Joy-con controllers for boxing movements like the boxing game in the Wii Sports.

However, the Nintendo Switch Fitness Boxing offers you several exercise game modes and daily workout. It also keeps track of your progress such as age and calorie burn depending on height and weight of the player.

Nintendo Switch Fitness Boxing is the best story games on switch

So, if you are in the market for something that is beneficial for you while at the same time it is fun and easy to use without any gym equipment, then this might be worth considering on your list.

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8. Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training

Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training game is one of the most well-known puzzle games since Nintendo DS first came out. This Japanese made game challenges the player onto a variety of puzzle and math solving levels.

Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training is the best nintendo switch games for adults
Classic games for adults

Although it is a game about math and puzzles, I highly recommend this awesome game to those who are looking for more challenge on their academics or simply just want to have their brain simulated on some challenging puzzles.

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9. Nintendo Switch Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

This is a gamechanger for many Mario and sonic related games. This game features characters from both Super Mario and Sonic franchise where they play compete in playing different sports inspired by the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.

Nintendo Switch Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is the best nintendo switch games 2021

Nintendo Switch’s version has more variety of features when it comes to gameplay as they require you to use motion controls with the Joy-Con.

It also has a 2D Mode where it is primarily inspired by the previous older Olympic games. This is a great game for any fan of Mario and Sonic and wants to experience the Olympics.

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10. Tokyo 2020 Olympics The Official Video Game

This is the official Nintendo switch game that is primarily based on Tokyo 2020. This one is a big hit this coming 2020 especially for fans of both Olympic Games and Nintendo Switch.

nintendo switch mature games list

For this game, the player is able compete in a variety of sports based on the Olympic Games. These sports ranges from basketball, swimming, volleyball and more.

So, like the Mario & Sonic Olympic Games, this one is a great game for fans who are waiting to experience what’s liked to compete within the Olympics.

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Is it better to buy physical games or digital Nintendo Switch?

Is it still worth buying a Nintendo Switch in 2021
Digital vs physical Switch games: Which is better?

There are advantages to both, so it depends on what you value more. Physical games don’t require large downloads over the internet, so you can start playing right away. Physical copies can also be shared with friends, and are ideal for collectors. Digital games, on the other hand, are easy to get – just pop on over the Nintendo Online Store and take your pick from every single Switch title ever made – and they’re easy to store, too, since you’ll never lose them as long as you have access to your account.

Is Nintendo eShop available in Singapore?

The short answer is: yes! Though Singapore isn’t listed on the available Nintendo regions, you can definitely still download games onto your Nintendo Switch using their digital online store, the Nintendo eShop. YHowever we recommend first to change your country of residence to one of the supported countries like Japan or the United States.

Which console games are cheaper?

Another thing to consider when deciding which console to choose is how much games are going to cost. Over the course of their lifetime, a console can incur a lot more expenses than you expect simply because of the cost of the games you want to play. Between today’s current-gen consoles – the Xbox, the PlayStation, and the Nintendo Switch – the Switch wins by a landslide in terms of affordable games, with Xbox coming in second, and PlayStation with the most expensive titles.

And there you have it! These are the best Nintendo Games that you can buy and play in 2021. Nintendo Games are known to be great and have excellent gameplay and unique controls that can be done only with a Nintendo Switch.

But if you have already one of these on your collection, let me know what your experience with it are and why that game is awesome!

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